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Jerks Corner: Bike Advice From The Pros Live HOA for Bikers

The Hangout On Air for bike Lovers

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Pawn Boys: Live HOA Pawn Show From Midvale Utah W7

The Hangout On Air for Pawn Shops

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00:00:23- Dennis Duce: Alright, apparently we’ve been live for a little while here.

00:00:26- Ryan Minor: Really?

00:00:27- Dennis Duce: Technical difficulties.

00:00:28- Ryan Minor: Wow.

00:00:31- Dennis Duce: Welcome to the show. We’ll be on in a second, you just talk for a while, I need to get the picture back up.

00:00:37- Ryan Minor: I was looking around at your equipment, and is it true Dennis that about 90% of the equipment that we use to produce this show was purchased from the pawnshop here? Clapping noise in the background.

00:00:52- Dennis Duce: Yes, about 90% of my equipment has come from Lightning Pawn.

00:00:59- Ryan Minor: Lightning Pawn. I was just commenting on how sharp that image looks of us.

00:01:06- Dennis Duce: Yeah, it’s a pretty good image. Certainly can’t complain. Oh, we’ve dropped a camera, which one?

00:01:12- Ryan Minor: You got the image of the Pawn Shop there, is that the one you dropped?

00:01:17- Dennis Duce: Yeah, we dropped the Porsche. We didn’t get a close up of it earlier on.

00:01:21- Ryan Minor: I guess the most important part is in here.

00:01:23- Dennis Duce: Yeah. We’re gonna get more of the Porsche later.

00:01:24- Ryan Minor: Are we good?

00:01:26- Dennis Duce: We’re kinda up and running. When we start to the show.

00:01:29- Ryan Minor: And have been for awhile.

00:01:31- Dennis Duce: It was a little hiccup, it was not telling my computer that it was there, so I  had to refresh the page. Fun and games of producing HOA’s.

00:01:40- Ryan Minor: Hey, it’s just like we imagined last week, it’s just raw, good footage.

00:01:45- Dennis Duce: Just having a good time.

00:01:46- Ryan Minor: Absolutely. Hopefully you guys caught the show last week, we had a great time. A lot of it was unexpected.

00:01:55- Dennis Duce: Very unexpected. We had people coming in and pawning stuff, you ended up having to leave because you were busy pawning.

00:02:02- Ryan Minor: Oh yeah, but I think that that kind of footage is excellent, it kinda impromptus stuff.

00:02:12- Dennis Duce: There’s somebody behind us.

00:02:14- Ryan Minor: What’s going on, my friend?

00:02:15- Customer (Kirk Sherad): You think I could get some help?

00:02:17- Ryan Minor: You betcha. Watcha totin’ there my friend?

00:02:20- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Well, I got this. I picked it up.

00:02:26- Ryan Minor: Was kind of skull is that?

00:02:29- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Well, it… you know I think it’s a buffalo skull.

00:02:31- Ryan Minor: I’ve never seen one before. Did you shoot that yourself?

00:02:37- Customer (Kirk Sherad): No. I just picked it up.

00:02:40- Ryan Minor: Okay. And you’re bringing it in, did you wanna sell it? Did you wanna pawn it?

00:02:43- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Yeah, I wanna get some money for it.

00:02:46- Ryan Minor: Is that something you had hanging up in your house?

00:02:49- Customer (Kirk Sherad): No, I just got it man.

00:02:51- Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:02:52- Customer (Kirk Sherad): I just found it.

00:02:53- Ryan Minor: Alright, alright.

00:02:53- Customer (Kirk Sherad): It was just laying around.

00:02:54- Ryan Minor: Okay. My name’s Ryan by the way.

00:02:56- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Hey Ryan, I’m David Swenson. (Drawled out)

00:02:59- Ryan Minor: Okay, alright. That is a pretty neat looking skull, I odn’t think I’ve ever seen a buffalo’s, have you ever seen a buffalo’s skull before?

00:03:05- Dennis Duce: I haven’t. Hey, we’re actually live here. Could I show the world this cool buffalo skull?

00:03:11- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Are you gonna give me some money for it?

00:03:13- Dennis Duce: Well that’s up to him man.

00:03:15- Ryan Minor: We’ll talk about that man. I like it.

00:03:16- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Okay. Here you go.

00:03:18- Dennis Duce: We gotta show you guys- woah! that thing is heavy? I’ve never held a buffalo skull before. So, uh, yeah. David Swenson wanted to pawn this bad boy, look at those teeth. RAWR RAWR RAWR.

00:03:33- Ryan Minor: That’s some great sound effects man.

00:03:35- Dennis Duce: You like that?

00:03:38- Ryan Minor: Is that a sound that a buffalo actually makes?

00:03:43- Customer (Kirk Sherad): I dunno, I’ve never met one before.

00:03:45- Dennis Duce: RAWR RAWR. Look at the picture! It’s like RAWR RAWR RAWR! It’s eating my head. Oh my gosh!

00:03:51- Ryan Minor: Now we’re gonna have to buy it, you just knocked a feather off of it.

00:03:53- Dennis Duce: I broke it.

00:03:55- Ryan Minor: It’s alright man, it’s alright.

00:04:00- Ryan Minor: He’s got the feather in his hat.

00:04:02- Customer (Kirk Sherad): I think those are turkey feathers in there. I think that’s what they are.

00:04:08- Ryan Minor: Well, that’s a pretty… Did you decorate that yourself or did you buy that thing like it is?

00:04:13- Customer (Kirk Sherad): No, I kinda decorated it myself, I got some feathers and some indian jewelry and I just put it together.

00:04:21- Ryan Minor: Now Dave, I noticed that it has a Harley Davidson belt buckle on there, you ride motorcycles?

00:04:26- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Oh yeah man, back in the day man, I used to roll with some bad cats.

00:04:34- Dennis Duce: You sure you didn’t roll with bad buffalo?

00:04:36- Customer (Kirk Sherad): No, no they were too big.

00:04:40- Ryan Minor; Well, let me ask you something Dave. How much are you looking for on that thing?

00:04:47- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Aw man, I need to just get some money. Yeah, I need to get some money for, you know, just stuff, you know? So, life stuff. Probably, I dunno, what do ya think? Like 600 bucks?

00:05:01- Ryan Minor: You know? That sounds probably a little steep. You know, to be honest with you Dave, I don’t- I’ve never had a buffalo skull come in here, so I’m not sure what.. does it have like guts and stuff in the back?

00:05:17- Dennis Duce: It’s like sticky. Dave, can you take it back?

00:05:23- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Yup.

00:05:26- Ryan Minor: So, Dave’s looking for 600 bucks on that thing.

00:05:29- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Let me get that feather back too. Cuz’ that goes on there.

00:05:32- Dennis Duce: Oh yeah, here ya go.

00:05:33- Kirk (Sherad): Let me place that back where I had it.

00:05:34- Dennis Duce: Sorry I knocked your feather off Dave.

00:05:38- Ryan Minor: And you put it in your hat.

00:05:39- Dennis Duce: I tried to. The band is actually glued on.

00:05:43- Customer (Kirk Sherad): I can get you one of these, you know. I can get some more of these feathers.

00:05:47- Dennis Duce: Can ya?

00:05:48- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Yeah.

00:05:49- Dennis Duce: You probably want 200 bucks for one.

00:05:50- Customer (Kirk Sherad): No no no, these you can buy them for next to nothing.

00:05:55- Ryan Minor: Well, I dunno if 600 bucks is gonna be realistic, my friend, but I dunno, we could probably throw 50 bucks at ya.

00:06:04- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Well, that’s a lot less than I thought it was probably worth. I think these beads are worth that much. These beads on here are quite old. They’re made out of ivory, and I dunno, some kind of bone stuff.

00:06:18- Ryan Minor: Yes, nice looking beads.

00:06:22- Dennis Duce; They’re probably not made out of ivory though. Wrong kind of indian Dave.

00:06:26- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Oh, that’s right, probably not.

00:06:28- Ryan Minor: What kind of indians would make ivory?

00:06:31- Dennis Duce: Any that has access to elephants. Right? Ivory is made from tusks. You could get inuit, inuit could make ivory, but I’m pretty sure plain indians didn’t see too many elephants.

00:06:46- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Well, I dunno where these indians are from, you know, plains, or Detroit, I dunno, but they were from somewhere. All indians are from somewhere.

00:06:56- Ryan Minor: I like the skull… Is something funny Dennis?

00:07:02- Dennis Duce: Oh, all indians are from somewhere. I’ve been trying to hold a straight face for this whole thing. I don’t know why that was the funniest thing, but I lost it.

00:07:19- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Does that mean I’m gonna get some money?

00:07:21- Ryan Minor: He’s not laughing at you.

00:07:24- Customer (Kirk Sherad): That’s okay. A lot of people laugh at me. Mostly not to my face.

00:07:34- Ryan Minor: I dunno, what’s the least you’ll take for it?

00:07:39- Customer (Kirk Sherad): 600 bucks.

00:07:43- Ryan Minor: I’ll tell you what, if you want- I don’t usually do this- but if you wanna leave it with me like on a consignment or situation, we can put it up on the wall, display it in front of a bunch of people and see if we can get you 600 bucks out of it, what do you think about that?

00:08:05- Customer (Kirk Sherad): How long do you think that would take?

00:08:08- Ryan Minor: Who knows? You just gotta get the right guy on it. You never know, some guy could walk in.

00:08:13- Dennis Duce: We may have the right guy watchin’ right now.

00:08:15- Ryan Minor: Yeah.

00:08:16- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Oh yeah? Well I’ll tell you what-

00:08:18- Ryan Minor: Anybody watching us that has always wanted a buffalo skull, this is your opportunity because this is no ordinary buffalo skull.

00:08:27- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Alright, well, how about I leave it, and then I come back, and when I come back you give me 600 bucks?

00:08:39- Ryan Minor: That could be a possibility: I need to try to sell it for that much.

00:08:41- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Okay.

00:08:42- Ryan Minor: So, 600 bucks, is the least you’re gonna take for that thing?

00:08:45- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Well, I dunno man, maybe like, I dunno, maybe I’d take like 500?

00:08:50- Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:08:51- Customer (Kirk Sherad): I dunno, is it worth 500? Is something like that worth 500? 600 bucks?

00:08:56- Ryan Minor: You know, I’ve always spent on stuff like that, it’s worth what somebody is willing to pay for it. If they’re willing to pay 500 bucks, it’s worth 500 bucks.

00:09:05- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Right, right.

00:09:07- Ryan Minor: We can try though.

00:09:08- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Yeah, let’s see what we can get for it, you know. Let’s see what happens.

00:09:13- Ryan Minor: I think it would look good hanging on my wall. I’ve got a bunch of cool things on my wall, I think that would add to it.

00:09:19- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Alright, let’s hang it. Where do you wanna put it?

00:09:22-Ryan Minor: Um, I think I’m gonna put it right close to my boss hog steer horns up there.

00:09:27- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Oh yeah, I see that.

00:09:30- Dennis Duce: Oh yeah, you can see those, they’re like right there.

00:09:35- Ryan Minor: Somebody could walk out with those for 100 bucks.

00:09:37- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Wow.

00:04:39- Ryan Minor: That would look right nice on their cadillac.

00:09:41- Dennis Duce: You don’t have 76 white cadillac convertible handy though, do you?

00:09:44- Ryan Minor: I don’t

00:09:L45- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Yeah, I got one parked right outside, that’s what I drove here in.

00:09:48- Dennis Duce: 76?

00:09:49- Customer (Kirk Sherad) Well, I dunno. Something.

00:09:51- Dennis Duce: So you got that big 500.

00:09:52- Customer (Kirk Sherad): I dunno.

00:09:54- Dennis Duce: That’s what’s in-

00:09:55- Custoemr (Kirk Sherad): No, I need 500 for this.

00:09:57- Ryan Minor: Well, we can trade you. We can trade you for those steer horns.

00:10:02- Customer (Kirk Sherad): No man, I gotta get some money.

00:10:04- Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:10:05- Customer (Kirk Sherad): I gotta get some money, but I could maybe buy those after I get a little bit of money. Like if you get 600 for this I could give you 100 for that, and then I could take the 500.

00:10:15- Ryan Minor: 500 in the pocket.

00:10:16- Customer (Kirk Sherad): For whatever I need.

00:10:19- Ryan Minor: (?)

00:10:22- Dennis Duce; Nah, I don’t do that anymore.

00:10:24- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Alright, well here, I’ll leave this with you.

00:10:26- Ryan Minor: I’ll take this.

00:10:27- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Do you need my ID or anything?

00:10:29- Ryan MInor: You know what? I’m gonna have my lovely assistant up there take your information, and uh…

00:10:38- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Okay.

00:10:42- Ryan Minor: Leave her with your phone number and information to get a hold of you.

00:10:47- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Okay, I’ll do that. Then I’ll come back. So you’ll tell me when you sell it?

00:10:54- Ryan Minor: Yes.

00:10:56- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Alright,

00:10:57- Ryan Minor: Or if I get an offer on it I’m gonna call ya.

00:10:59- Customer: You’re gonna call me? Well, okay.

00:11:01- Ryan Minor: Yeah.

00:11:02- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Well I’ll leave you both my numbers then.

00:11:04- Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:11:06- Customer (Kirk Sherad): I got two.

00:11:07- Ryan Minor: Will you make that sound again? Dennis?

00:11:09- Dennis Duce: RAWR RAWR RAWR.

00:11:11- Customer (Kirk Sherad): I dunno, I think they may have been louder than that.

00:11:15- Dennis Duce: I think.

00:11:16- Customer (Kirk Sherad): How does that sound go again?

00:11:18- Dennis Duce: RAWR RAWR RAWR.

00:11:19- Customer (kirk Sherad): I’m gonna try and remember that, and when people ask me what a buffalo sounds like I’ll tell them this guy with the hat on knows.

00:11:25- Ryan Minor: Does a great buffalo impression. Well, I like it, I appreciate you coming in.

00:11:30- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Oh yeah yeah, anytime, anytime.

00:11:32- Dennis Duce: Dave Swwwwwwenson.

00:11:33- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Yup.

00:11:35- Dennis Duce: Love to invite you- I’ve got a show this afternoon, do you like bikes?

00:11:39- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Yeah, I like bikes.

00:11:42- Dennis Duce: Okay, well, I’d think you’d be a perfect fit for Jerks Corner.

00:11:46- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Okay.

00:11:47- Dennis Duce: So, if you wanna come be our guest jerk for the day, we would love to have you join us. So, Jerks bikeshop is where you need to be.

00:11:57- Customer (Kirk Sherad): At 1 o’ clock? I dunno man, I’ve got other stuff

going on, and I don’t have any money, so I gotta figure out what I’m gonna do about this money thing.

00:12:07- Dennis Duce: Well you know, you might wanna talk to Kirk Sherad, because I think he pays people to come on his show.

00:12:12- Customer (Kirk Sherad): What? Oh, alright.

00:12:15- Dennis Duce: SO yeah, so call Jerks Bikeshop.

00:12:16- Customer (Kirk Sherad): So how much do you think I could get if I went on the show?

00:12:19- Ryan Minor: Kirk is big time now, isn’t her? He’s paying people to come on the show.

00:12:22- Dennis Duce: I think you could get 600 bucks from him.

00:12:25- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Really?

00:12:25- Dennis Duce: You gotta call him up. Call Jerk’s Bike Shop, see if he’ll pay you to be on his show. He’s a bit of a celebrity.

00:12:30- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Okay, I’m gonna do that. Call him and see if I can get 600 bucks from him.

00:12:36- Dennis Duce: From the Jerk. I mean, Kirk the Jerk.

00:12:39- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Okay. I’ll do that.

00:12:41- Dennis Duce: Okay.

00:12:42- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Where do I get a hold of this guy again?

00:12:45- Dennis Duce: Jerks Bike Shop.

00:12:47- Customer (Kirk Sherad): That’s the name of the shop?

00:12:48- Dennis Duce: Yeah.

00;12:49- Customer (Kirk Sherad): What kind of guy is he? He’s not gonna treat me bad or anything, is he?

00:12:53- Dennis Duce: No, actually I think he calls it Jerk’s Bike Shop because he thinks he’s funny.

00:12:57- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Oh.

00:12:58- Dennis Duce: He’s actually, it’s like, amazing customer service, because I get my bikes fixed there, and-

00:13:03- Ryan Minor: You have bikes?

00:13:04- Dennis Duce: I do. Not very good ones. Just ask Kirk.

00:13:08- Ryan Minor: I’m gonna change that. I’ll have to call Kirk and ask him about that.

00:13:12- Dennis Duce: Alright, Kirk.

00:13:13- Ryan Minor: Kirk is not a jerk he’s a really good guy.

00:13:15- Dennis Duce: He’s a good guy, so…

00:13:16- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Okay, well I gotta go,

00:13:17- Dennis Duce: Alright, thanks Dave Swwwwenson.

00:13:21- Customer (Kirk Sherad): How come you do that when you say my name?

00:13:24- Dennis Duce: Isn’t that how you pronounce your name?

00:13:25- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Well, I have a little bit of a- you know, sometimes words just don’t come, you know?

00:13:30- Dennis Duce: Oh, I thought that was proper pronunciation for your last name.

00:13:33- Customer (Kirk Sherad): No, that was just me, I’m getting old.

00:13:35- Dennis Duce: I thought you had 4 ‘a’s’ in your name.

00:13:38- Customer (Kirk Sherad): No, it just doesn’t come out sometimes.

00:13:40- Ryan Minor: I was gonna say, what origin is that?

00:13:43- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Is this on? Are you guys doing a show, is that what this is all about? So this is what I’m gonna go do, if I call that guy at the Jerk’s Bike Shop I’m gonna go?

00:13:53- Dennis Duce: You’re gonna go on a show like this.

00:13:54- Ryan Minor: Except I don’t pay here.

00:13:56- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Well apparently. I tried to get 600 bucks for my buffalo head and I didn’t even get any money for that. Do I even get 10 bucks for being on the show? That would help me out.

00:14:06- Ryan Minor: You know what? Talk to my assistant up there, see what she says.

00:14:11- Dennis Duce: She’s in charge of the money.

00:14:12- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Okay, alright. I’ll go talk to her.

00:14:15- Dennis Duce: So it’s Swenson, not Swwwwwenson?

00:14:18- Customer (Kirk Sherad): No man, sometimes it just doesn’t come out the way I want it to, you know?

00:14:23- Dennis-Duce: Alright.

00:14:24- Customer (Kirk Sherad): You know, when you’re trying to say something and you’re thinking about something else, you get that adlkhgoigkwgr, whatever that AD… I dunno, I probably had that.

00:14:33- Dennis Duce: Probably.

00:14:34- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Alright, I’ll see you guys later.

00:13:37- Ryan Minor: Thank you Dave, we’ll get in touch.

00:14:40- Dennis Duce: Wow. You get some characters in here.

00:14:43- Ryan Minor: All types, from A-Z, but you know what? I love it. I love the people I deal with from A-Z. I’m not sure what letter he is, but.

00:14:57- Dennis Duce: I don’t think there is a letter for Dave Swenson. I think I like his last name better the way I was pronouncing it.

00:15:02- Ryan Minor: Not only all types of people, but all types of things, apparently. I mean, I’ve never seen a buffalo head before.

00:15:09- Dennis Duce: The dude comes in here trying to pawn his head.

00:15:12- Ryan Minor: That’s one way of putting it. Absolutely.

00:15:16- Dennis Duce: That’s like way more than the shirt off your back.

00:15:18- Ryan Minor: Do you think he was satisfied with that alternative?

00:15:23- Dennis Duce: I gotta tell you man, that was just, I’m not sure about where your head is. ‘Yeah, we’ll put it up there and-’

00:15:31- Ryan Minor: I wanna put it up on the wall but I didn’t wanna pay 600 dollars for it, so.

00:15:35- Dennis Duce: So you’ve got it for a little while.

00:15:37- Ryan Minor: Yeah, I think it’ll look cool up on the wall, people will ask about it, ‘Where did you get that?’ How much, and yeah. I have some cool things up on my wall, you gotta come see them.

00:15:46- Dennis Duce; You do have some cools things up on your wall. You got the horns, I pointed those out earlier, they’re right here. How tricky is that? Right there, those are the horns guys.

00:15:59- Ryan Minor: The boss hog cadillac horns. For all those 80’s kids.

00:16:04- Dennis Duce: Yeah. Those are awesome. So if you’ve got a 76 cadillac eldo convertible white, with a 500 cubic inch engine.

00:16:14- Ryan Minor: That thing is sweet, man.

00:16:15- Dennis Duce: That is a beautiful car.

00:16:16- Ryan Minor: Love it.

00:16:17- Dennis Duce: I really do love that car. So then, here’s what you need to complete it. And then over here,

00:16:26- Ryan Minor: Snowshoes.

00:16:28- Dennis Duce: We highlighted those.

00:16:30- Ryan Minor: I actually sold a pair .

00:16:31- Dennis Duce: Oh did ya?

00:16:32- Ryan Minor: Yeah, I sold one pair of those.

00:16:33- Dennis Duce: Oh look what I’ve been blocking the whole time. It’s the Tony Hawk board from last week that I rode.

00:16:38- Ryan Minor: That’s a classic.

00:16:40- Dennis Duce: Yeah.

00:16:40- Ryan Minor: I’ve got a fender guitar up there on the all, that’s a classic.

00:16:44- Dennis Duce: Speaking of guitars, can I safely pull this thing outta here?

00:16:47- Ryan Minor: You can.

00:16:49- Dennis Duce: It says don’t touch.

00:16:50- Ryan Minor: Well, that’s for the average… you ain’t not average guy.

00:16:55- Dennis Duce: Okay, check this out, now I don’t play, okay?

00:17:01- Ryan Minor: That is a Jimmy Page Cheap Trick epiphone dual guitar.

00:17:10- Dennis Duce: Special.

00:17:12- Ryan Minor: You like the voice fluctuation there?

00:17:15- Dennis Duce: Special.

00:17:18- Ryan Minor: It’s a cool guitar man, that thing is bad A. Love it.

00:17:23- Dennis Duce: Look, it can RAWR RAWR RAWR.

00:17:31- Ryan Minor: Somehow it makes the same sound effect as the skull.

00:17:33- Dennis Duce: RAWR RAWR RAWR.

00:17:41- Dennis Duce: Do you need something man?

00:17:43- Customer: (?)

00:17:44- Ryan Minor: Okay man, let us know if you have any questions or if you need to-

00:17:49- Dennis Duce: Oh that reminds me, we haven’t done this in a couple of weeks. The Spanish Lightning Round.

00:17:54- Ryan Minor: Oh, okay. Or, since the opening show.

00:17:58- Dennis Duce: Yeah. So, let’s- you remember we were gonna talk about- you’ve got Valentines Day coming up so you were needing some stuff. So let’s do that piece, first in spanish, and then in english, and just a note for our transcriber, yeah, again, you don’t need to try and transcribe this spanish stuff, I’ll get to that later.

00:18:23- Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:18:25- Dennis Duce: Your transcriber doesn’t speak Spanish. I need to find one that’s good at both English and Spanish for your show.

00:18:29- Ryan Minor: Yeah.

00:18:30- Dennis Duce; We’ll work on that.  If you wanna transcribe his show, call me. 435-565-1278.

00:18:37- Ryan Minor; Does that go right to your cell phone?

00:18:38- Dennis Duce: That’s my cell phone.

00:18:42- Ryan Minor: That is good service right there.

00:18:43- Dennis Duce: You bet. You bet. Okay, so let’s talk about that Valentine’s special thing that we need.


00:20:34- Dennis Duce: I don’t think the ‘plata’ joke is gonna work in English.

00:20:37- Ryan Minor: That wasn’t really that funny,

00:20:39- Dennis Duce: It got you laughing.

00:20:40- Ryan Minor: Yeah, I know. I know, but it’s just, I understand it. For those in English, right now, I’m really looking for anything jewelry that you might have, I love buying gold jewelry, I love buying silver jewelry too, but gold jewelry, you can get much more money out of that. Anyway, I love buying diamonds, I love buying broken jewelry, it doesn’t matter,

00:21:05- Dennis Duce: Look at that, you got horns dude, no sit back, can’t you see that? You go horns! I didn’t do that on purpose! You got horns, man.

00:21:15- Ryan Minor: See, the best things are by accident, as we do know by last week’s show, so. Um, anyway, bring me your jewelry, I love buying jewelry, I really need to buy it right now, I’m paying really good money for it.

00:21:26- Dennis Duce: You gotta build up your inventory since we’ve got Valentine’s Day right around the corner.

00:21:31- Ryan Minor: Absolutely, absolutely. It’s a couple weeks away, so.

00:21:33- Dennis Duce: Buyers are coming in regularly looking to buy the stuff, so.

00:21:37- Ryan Minor: Love it, love to buy them. I’m paying really good on it right now, so.

00:21:41- Dennis Duce: And in two week she won’t be paying so good.

00:21:43- Ryan Minor: Well, I always pay pretty good, but I’m a little more motivated right now, so better prices now than in general I guess. So, bring it to me!

00:21:55- Dennis Duce: So, we’re gonna do something really fun.

00:21:57- Ryan minor: Okay.

00:21:59- Dennis Duce: We’re gonna try doing a live auction.

00:22:03- Ryan Minor: He kinda hit me with this this morning, this idea that he had, and I think it’s a good one.

00:22:09- Dennis Duce: Me and crazy ideas.

00:22:10- Ryan Minor: Yeah, but you know, this is what we like to do. Try new stuff out on the show. You wanna explain that?

00:22:18- Dennis Duce: Yes! So, we’re gonna do the porsche, right? We’re gonna sell it between now and the show?

00:22:22- Ryan Minor: Yeah, I think so. i’ll think we’ll try and do that.

00:22:25- Dennis Duce: We’ll do a couple other things, we’ll talk each week about some of the things that are gonna be on the auction. I think we should do the first auction 6 weeks out.

00:22:34- Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:22:34- Dennis Duce: We need some time to promo the things.

00:22:36- Ryan Minor: Yeah, I think so too.

00:22:37- Dennis Duce: So, in like 6 weeks, we’re gonna have an auction where we’re going to sell a bunch of stuff live on the show.

00:22:46- Ryan Minor: Starting with a 1986 porsche 934.

00:22:52- Dennis Duce: Really nice car. We’ll drive it next week for ya so you can see this thing. We’ve got a potential buyer, in fact, the real Kirk Sherad, not David Sweson, might be a buyer on another car you’ve got, but if not, we’ve got a pontiac grand prix that we will put on the show as well if he decides not to go with it.

00:23:17- Ryan Minor: Both are great little cars, just need a good home.

00:23:21- Dennis Duce: And we’ll have some other things on that show. You’ll be able to come live and you can be here for the auction. We’ll have you in a special room, because here’s the problem: If you’re actually here bidding live, like standing in the room with us, there’s about a 40 second delay, so that wouldn’t be fair, so.

00:23:39- Ryan Minor: We need to make it fair for everybody.

00:23:41- Dennis Duce: Yeah, so we’re gonna have them inside a closed room, anyone who wants to come down, but that way you can see the stuff before the auction, touch it, feel it, you know, even start it up, all that kind of stuff, and then you’ll be watching a time delay in one of the rooms here at the- actually, your tool room. We’re gonna have to move your golf clubs though.

00:24:03- Ryan Minor: Yeah, we could probably make that happen.

00:24:06- Dennis Duce: Maybe we should auction one of them. You’ve got a lot of them in there.

00:24:09- Ryan Minor: I’ve got so much stuff in there. As soon as the weather gets warmer that stuff will start going. Good clubs. I don’t wanna get off track, but one thing we have down here is we’re kinda golf club stop, so we have name brand, current model golf clubs. You’ walk in a lot of pawn shops and they just have junk, so it’s awesome. Good stuff.

00:24:31- Dennis Duce: We should do a golf show.

00:24:32- Ryan Minor: You know what? That’s what we do when we get Steve here, because he is my business partner. He is the golf guru. It’s gonna take some coaxing to get him on here, but I think he’d do it.

00:24:42- Dennis Duce: We should do it from a golf place. Take the golf clubs to a golf course.

00:24:46- Ryan Minor: I know an assistant pro up at Alpine Country Club.

00:24:53- Dennis Duce: Let’s go do a show live from Alpine Country Club before season.

00:24:56- Ryan Minor: He does business with me. He buys stuff from me, and so I see him a couple times a month. I think that would be awesome.

00:25:05- Dennis Duce: That would be fun.Wouldn’t that be fun? Would you  guys like that?

00:25:08- Ryan Minor: Yes! Where’s the clapping and hollering?

00:25:09- Dennis Duce: Oh, the clapping, I forgot about that.

00:25:11- Ryan Minor: Would you guys like that?

00:25:15- *APPLAUSE*

00:25:19- Dennis Duce: So yeah. So we’ll do a golf show in the next couple of weeks. We’re gonna have the auction show so watch for that.

00:25:24- Ryan Minor; People are thinking about that. People are thinking about golfing right now. They’re getting ready, so I think that would be a great time to do that.

00:25:32- Dennis Duce: So maybe what we should be doing instead of auctioning off your golf stuff we should auction off some of your ski stuff that’s gonna be sitting.

00:25:38- Ryan Minor: You know, I’ve got some stuff, I sold those one skis.

00:25:41- Dennis Duce: The powder skis?

00:25:42- Ryan Minor: Yeah, I sold those last week. But I have some stuff left. Snowboards and skis and… yeah.

00:25:49- Dennis Duce: Yeah, cu’z that season kinda starting to-

00:25:51- Ryan Minor: Wind down a little bit. People are thinking warmer weather right now.

00:25:54- Dennis Duce: They are. Especially since January was so warm here in Utah. So that’s some of the stuff we’ve got coming up on Pawn Boys.

00:26:02- Ryan Minor: We’ll let you know. It’s gonna be fun, I think this auction thing could be really kickin it up on some of you guys.

00:26:10- Dennis Duce: Did I note, no one has used the hangout on air platform for auctions?

00:26:15- Ryan Minor: We’re all about firsts here.

00:26:16- Dennis Duce: We are. I’m gonna push this to some of my connections, on that particular show, see if we can’t get some Google+ heavy hitters, maybe even get them to pop in and out and in and out on the film strip there at the bottom. That would be kinda fun. Have some Google+ celebs come in and talk about each of the things that we’re selling. We could make this an event.

00:26:39- Ryan Minor: Oh,  awesome. Again, I would love to hear feedback from people that are watching out there, the stuff that you might wanna see here. We’ll try to get in on. That’s the idea anyway, when we first started this thing up.

00:26:52- Dennis Duce: It was. Yup.It’s all about you, it’s all about your feedback. So yeah.

00:27:00- Ryan Minor; Yeah, I think we’ve got some good stuff coming up that we’re gonna put together. We’ll let you know dates, times, and see if you can be there.

00:27:08- Dennis Duce: Big auction. Should we do the auction on a Saturday?

00:27:11- Ryan Minor: Can. I can, I think you might get people more freed up. You know, a lot of people have work.

00:27:16- Dennis Duce: That’ll be a special show. Special thing. You’ll see, keep watching your feeds, and you’ll see it both on my personal feed, you’ll see it on Ryan’s personal feed, and of course, you’ll see it on Lightning Pawn’s feed. And you’re gonna be seeing invites in your email. If you’ve ever interacted with this show at all, you’re gonna see invites. Oh, quick, tell that story about the dude that came in from watching the show.

00:27:43- Ryan Minor Oh! Yeah! So I’m sitting here going about my business, my daily stuff, and I have this guy come walking in, and he comes up to me and he’s like ‘Man.’ He puts his hand out, ‘Glad I finally get to meet you!’ And he shakes my hand. I’m like ‘Okay, did you see me somewhere?’ and he’s like ‘No, dude, I have been watching you for days and days on your Google+ HOA’s.’ He didn’t say that, but anyway, he’s been watching this on that and youtube, and I feel like somewhat of a celebrity, my friend.

00:28:23- Dennis Duce: I making you a celeb. We’re gonna dominate. Pawn Stars, here we come.

00:28:28- Ryan Minor: Anyways, it got him to come down, and I love it. I mean, I don’t necessarily wanna be a celebrity, but you know, if that happens, that’s alright.

00:28:37- Dennis DUce: If it happens, it happens. But, the key thing is, you got a client to come down. He was looking at some particular things. He’s more of a buyer than a pawner.

00:28:46- Ryan Minor: And that’s just fine, I need buyers just as much as I need pawners, and vice-versa, but cool stuff, I love hearing that, I love hearing the people approve of what we’re doing here and enjoying it. Hopefully you’re enjoying it. Hopefully we’re doing what you wanna see.

00:29:04- Dennis Duce: And I love it because hey, I produce the HOA and I want you to succeed or you’re gonna fire me.

00:29:10- Ryan Minor: Yeah, so, watch it.

00:29:14- Dennis Duce: Watch the show?

00:29:15- Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:29:17- Dennis Duce: Okay, I will. I’ll watch the show.

00:29:19- Ryan Minor: You’re doing a good job.

00:29:21- Dennis Duce; Thank you, thank you so much. Alright, so watch for some of the notifications, we’re gonna have some really cool stuff going on in the next few weeks.

00:29:30- Ryan Minor: And who knows, maybe we’ll come up with some other ideas in the meantime.

00:29:32- Dennis Duce: Alright, I like the idea of dropping something off.

00:29:35- Ryan Minor: We’re gonna do it.

00:29:37- Dennis Duce: Can we do it next week? We haven’t told them what we’re doing next week. What do ya say?

00:29:40- Ryan Minor: Okay, yeah.

00:29:42- Dennis Duce: Let’s do this, you tell them about next week, ready?

00:29:44- Ryan Minor: Okay, next week we are going to throw an Apple computer off the roof of this place.

00:29:54- Dennis Duce: Live.

00:29:55- Ryan Minor: Watch it break into a million pieces. It should be awesome.

00:30:00- Dennis Duce: You know, I think the noise that it’s gonna make when it hits the ground isn’t PFFFF, it’s gonna go RAWR RAWR RAWR! RAWR RAWR RAWR!

00:30:20- Ryan Minor: I hope everybody else thinks that’s funny, I don’t ever know.

00:30:27- Dennis Duce: Well, at least we’re having fun.

00:30:28- Ryan Minor: At least we are.

00:30:29- Dennis Duce: So, we’re gonna blow up an apple computer live. This is an old something, right?

00:30:34- Ryan Minor: Yeah, it’s an old something. It still works, but I think it’s better served hitting the ground, you know, terminal velocity, I don’t know. Nevertheless, it will be a…

00:30:49- Dennis Duce: A first.

00:30:49- Ryan Minor: First, live action, drama, as we wanna say it.

00:30:53- Dennis Duce: We’re gonna have so much fun. So, 10 o’clock, next week, we’re gonna drop a mac.

00:31:00- Ryan Minor: Off the roof.

00:31:01- Dennis Duce: Glad you added that.

00:31:02- Ryan Minor: It was fun. Like he said, 10 o’clock. We’re now at 10 o’clock instead of 9:30, right?

00:31:08- Dennis Duce: And there’s a reason why we went to 10 o’clock.

00:31:10- Ryan Minor: We like the element of surprise, I guess you could say,

00:31:18- Dennis Duce: I like the word serendipity.

00:31:19- Ryan Minor: Yeah, stuff happening, or-

00:31:24- Dennis Duce: People coming in.

00:31:25- Ryan Minor: People coming in that I didn’t expect, so, we like that part of the show. It worked last week.

00:31:33- Dennis Duce: It worked last week, yeah. I mean, David was not really a pawner. Just in case you didn’t pick it up. That’s Kirk Sherad from Jerk’s Bike Shop.

00:31:48- Ryan Minor: He plays a good pawner guy though.

00:31:50- Dennis Duce: He does.

00:31:51- Ryan Minor: We were cracking up and he held a straight face.

00:31:52- Dennis Duce: I don’t know how he does that, I lost it. But we would love real guests, so if you were thinking of coming down and checking out Lightning Pawn and you’re in the Salt Lake City area, you’re in northern Utah, you’re in Midvale, anywhere around here, come on down and check out the shop.

00:32:15- Ryan Minor: You’ll have fun. People stay in here for some time, just looking at the stuff that I’ve got. It’s a fun place to be.I’ve you’ve ever wondered what goes on in a pawn shop, come hang out, I don’t care, check it out. The stuff you see on TV is not unlike we did earlier, it’s kinda staged, but if you wanna see what really happens in a pawn shop, come on down.

00:32:40- Dennis Duce: Come on down.

00:32:41- Ryan Minor: Pick it up. It’s fun. I love coming to work everyday. And you can hear.

00:32:49- Dennis Duce: Oh you do?

00:32:50- Ryan Minor: If you wanna hear his sound effect live, it’s much better live than-

00:32:55- Dennis Duce: RAWR RAWR RAWR! So for all of you 80’s people that love

SCTV- you ready?- I can’t hear this phrase and not think of this skit. ‘Come on down to Texan Edna Boils Curio Emporium.’ Anyway…

00:33:14- Ryan Minor: What is that?

00:33:14- Dennis Duce: That’s from SCTV.

00:33:15- Ryan Minor: Oh, okay.

00:33:17- Dennis Duce; It’s one of their skits, they had these people that did these horrible commercials, and they’re pretty much like your show.

00:33:23- Ryan Minor: Nice.

00:33:24- Dennis Duce: So come on down to Lightning Pawn.

00:33:28- Ryan Minor: Love to see ya, I really would. We’ll have fun.

00:33:31- Dennis Duce: See ya next week!

00:33:32- Ryan Minor: Thank you!

00:33:33- Dennis Duce: Bye.

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Join The Fantasy: The Journey to FantasyCon 2014 An HOA Adventure

Weekly Behind The Scenes HOA for FantasyCon

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Modern Marketing HOA for Westminster MBA Students

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Modern Marketing for Westminster College MBA Marketing Class

1. What is Social Media. Definition and explanation of the power of transparency and engagement

2. Why Facebook, Twitter and other Web 2.0 tools are more “media” than “social”

Important thoughts by Joshua Berg on Google+

Great insight by Mark Taphagen on Search Engine Land

3. The Unbranding on America. How personal brand trumps corporate brand and why companies/organizations need to embrace the personalities of their team instead of trying to create “One Voice for the brand”

4. Web 3.0/Semantic Search how this changes both marketing and business practice in general.

5. The role of marketing agencies or departments in the future personal relationship economy.

See the last presentation I gave at Westminster in November 2013 on Google+ Check ou the conversation I have on a Hangout On Air with David Ameralnd earlier this week.

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ABC’s of Google Plus: How To Create a Dynamic Profile Live HOA

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Jerks Corner The Hangout On Air All About Bikes

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White Dress Shirts on Bikes: LDS Missionary Stories from Real Life

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Join The Adventure: FantasyCon HOA

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From the Mouth of Babes: The Teens of Google+ HOA

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How to Create a Lower Third or Custom Overlay for G+ HOAs

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