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HOA ABout Love/Affection – NWRT

Hangout On Air all About Love and Affection on Network Roundtable

Who Are You? The Micro HOA that answers that simple question along with the 3 Whys

Monday, February 9th 2015
12:42 pm MST (2:42 pm EST, 1:42 pm CST, and 11:42 am PST)

This Weeks Guests:
This Weeks #PlusOneSuperHero    +Christine L Bowen
This Weeks #PlusOneSideKick     +Jessica Dewell

Mobile Link:
Watch on Google+:
Watch on YouTube:
Watch on my Blog:

Network Round Table is back for the Season of Values!

This is our simple trailer HOA. We will be live asking the “Four Questions” Who are you? Why? Why? Why? Join us as we dig deep into who our guests are and why they believe the things they believe.

Core values are as vital as goals to our success. If we are a#solopreneur   #SmallBusinessOwner   #entrepreneur  or part of one of the  #fortune500companies  we need core values to help us chart our course. Season three of NWRT will be all about the values we hold to and how we can uncover them to get a clearer picture of where we are going.

So  #SuperTroopers    keep the comments coming and help us create a show that will educate you about each of the 23 values we have selected to cover this season.

Get the conversation started on the event page, and of course, post any questions you’d like to have answered during the show!

This week’s #plusonesuperhero   is  +Nicole Levac

This week’s #PlusOneSidekick  is   +Cheri Valentine

This season our #TeamTroupers  includes (in no particular order):
+Gail Harris +Elaine Nieberding +Leslie Wagstaff-Wilson +toni holder +Aaron Segal +Katrina Pfannkuch +Nora Whalen +Shawndra Higgins  +Gina Fiedel and +Jessica Maynard

Handling tech… +DENNIS N. DUCE and the teams #PlusOneSidekickfor the season is +Kristin Drysdale

Check out upcoming or past episodes:
Communication 1/9/15
Who Are You:
Competition 1/16/2015
Innovation 1/23/2015 Affection/Love1/30/2015
Recognition 2/6/2015
Decisiveness 2/13/2015
Effectiveness 2/20/2015
Friendliness 2/27/2015
Happiness 3/6/2015
Hopefulness 3/13/2015
Open-Mindedness 3/20/2015
Respectfulness 3/27/2015
Mid Season Break 4/3/2015
Curiosity 4/10/2015
Dependability 4/17/2015
Diversity 4/24/2015
Flexibility 5/1/2015
Honesty/Integrity 5/8/2015
Loyalty 5/15/2015
Productivity 5/22/2015
Prosperity/Wealth 5/29/2015
Quality 6/5/2015
Security 6/12/2015
Simplicity 6/19/2015
Spirituality 6/26/2015
Variety 7/3/2015
Two Week Summer Break 7/10/2015-7/17/2015
First week of Season Four 7/24/2015

#NWRT    #gombocme   #MicroHOA   #WhoAreYou

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Music on the Plus Live with Daria Musk

My Music Hangout with Daria

Open Mic Nite & Party
Daria Musk live on My Music Hangout Open Mic NightORIGINALS/TRIBUTES/COVER SONGS
Friday, November 21st, 9PM-MIDNITE ET
All musicians welcome and we will rotate you in as seats become available! Get here early to reserve your seat as this is going to be a full house!

Host: +Christine DeGraff
Special Guests & Co-Hosts: +DENNIS N. DUCE & +Aaron Young

Watch live on YouTube:


My Blog:

We Need Sponsors/Support!

If you enjoy what +My Music Hangout is doing to help support and showcase indie musicians and want to continue seeing shows like this, please consider supporting our efforts by becoming our sponsor or patron.

#MyMusicHangout #music #openmicnight

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The Walking Dead Zombie Meme

CodeBreakers are Talking Dead

Why do some items go viral while others remain unseen, unread, and unshared forever?

Wednesday November 5th 10:02 am MDT, 9:02 am PDT, 11:02 am CDT, 12:02 pm EDT, 5:02 pm BST


Join our team of #CodeBreakers  each week as we open up various Meme’s and show you why they went viral or died on the vine.

This week we’re talking about the virility of The Walking Dead

Zombies have been around for a long time so why do we love the show The Walking Dead so much? Why’s it catching on like wildfire? Why hasn’t it just blended into the background like many other zombie/apocalyptic fads?

Tune in as we try to answer some of these questions!

Meet the #CodeBreakers :
(In alphabetical order)

+Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales
Super Power -> Communication

+Ammon Johns
Super Power-> Search Engine Optimization

+Christopher Vogelmann
Super Power -> Gamification

+Craig Calvert
Super Power -> Physiology

Super Power -> Engagement, Creativity, and Speed Cubing

+Eric Enge
Super Power -> Analysis

+Grizwald Grim
Super Power -> Analysis

Michael Sutton
Super Power -> Entrepreneurship

+Nicholas Cardot
Super Power -> #psywarrior

+Phil Bowyer
Super Power ->

+Stephanie Sims
Super Power -> Numbers


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The Hair Cut Hangout On Air

The HOA  Hair Cut Event

Tuesday March 4th, 2014
2:00 pm MST (4:00 pm EST, 3:00 pm EST, and 1:00 pm PST)

Want to learn more about having a Hangout On Air produced for your small business? Contact the Hangout On Air Producer Dennis N. Duce at 801-879-0243 or fill in the form below.

I made a Promise…Now It Is Time To Keep It

Tuesday March 4th 2014
2:00 pm MST (4:00 pm EST, 3:00 pm CST, and 1:00 pm PST)

Watch Live on Google+:
Watch Live on YouTube:
Watch Live on Facebook:
Broadcast Your HOA on Facebook:
Watch Live on my Blog:

Many of you watched the Valentines Special I produced a few weeks ago. I promised to get my hair cut on that show but ran out of time because +Kirk Sherrod took all of my HAIR time getting a Jedi Braid!

Watch the FUN replay +Mark Seydel made about the show:
Watch the entire episode:

SO I am finally going to be getting my hair cut live on air. There has been talk of +Craig Fifield possibly joining in on the HOA to also cut his hair. No pressure Craig I know you and +Christine DeGraff are way busy with the +Circloscope role out)

In the original HOA we had a few fun people pop in. None of them have agreed to be on this show but…I am going to invite them all to join in on the event. This is not SPAM…just a public invitation. 😉 so don’t hate me when I ping you all…but…here goes!

+Mia Voss, +Stephanie Sims, +Sherrill Duce (Happy Day One of your Birthday…and Day 6 on the event,) +Mark Seydel, +Rhonda Green,+Sandra Watson. I had a great time “Hanging Out” with you all on the Valentines Special and would love to have you join in on PART TWO…or as I might want to call it Part DUCE!

I am going to be live from Marie & Company Salon ( in Draper Utah (One of the newest members of the +Draper Area Chamber of Commerce) for this live hair cut HOA event.

Hope to see you all there!

See this weeks Why! on Wednesday on my blog:
See ALL of the Why! Episodes Here:
See the Why! On Wednesday Playlist on YouTube:
See all the Hangouts On Air Gomboc Produces on YouTube:

Learn more about our hosts
Dennis N. Duce
Bill Rappleye:

Production by

Did you miss an episode of Why on Wednesday? See the entire blog feed here

Want to go back and watch another HOA Produced by Gomboc that you missed? You can see that list here.

This is a +GomBoc.Me produced Hangout On Air by Executive HOA Producer +DENNIS N. DUCE

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