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HOA ABout Love/Affection – NWRT

Hangout On Air all About Love and Affection on Network Roundtable

Who Are You? The Micro HOA that answers that simple question along with the 3 Whys

Monday, February 9th 2015
12:42 pm MST (2:42 pm EST, 1:42 pm CST, and 11:42 am PST)

This Weeks Guests:
This Weeks #PlusOneSuperHero    +Christine L Bowen
This Weeks #PlusOneSideKick     +Jessica Dewell

Mobile Link:
Watch on Google+:
Watch on YouTube:
Watch on my Blog:

Network Round Table is back for the Season of Values!

This is our simple trailer HOA. We will be live asking the “Four Questions” Who are you? Why? Why? Why? Join us as we dig deep into who our guests are and why they believe the things they believe.

Core values are as vital as goals to our success. If we are a#solopreneur   #SmallBusinessOwner   #entrepreneur  or part of one of the  #fortune500companies  we need core values to help us chart our course. Season three of NWRT will be all about the values we hold to and how we can uncover them to get a clearer picture of where we are going.

So  #SuperTroopers    keep the comments coming and help us create a show that will educate you about each of the 23 values we have selected to cover this season.

Get the conversation started on the event page, and of course, post any questions you’d like to have answered during the show!

This week’s #plusonesuperhero   is  +Nicole Levac

This week’s #PlusOneSidekick  is   +Cheri Valentine

This season our #TeamTroupers  includes (in no particular order):
+Gail Harris +Elaine Nieberding +Leslie Wagstaff-Wilson +toni holder +Aaron Segal +Katrina Pfannkuch +Nora Whalen +Shawndra Higgins  +Gina Fiedel and +Jessica Maynard

Handling tech… +DENNIS N. DUCE and the teams #PlusOneSidekickfor the season is +Kristin Drysdale

Check out upcoming or past episodes:
Communication 1/9/15
Who Are You:
Competition 1/16/2015
Innovation 1/23/2015 Affection/Love1/30/2015
Recognition 2/6/2015
Decisiveness 2/13/2015
Effectiveness 2/20/2015
Friendliness 2/27/2015
Happiness 3/6/2015
Hopefulness 3/13/2015
Open-Mindedness 3/20/2015
Respectfulness 3/27/2015
Mid Season Break 4/3/2015
Curiosity 4/10/2015
Dependability 4/17/2015
Diversity 4/24/2015
Flexibility 5/1/2015
Honesty/Integrity 5/8/2015
Loyalty 5/15/2015
Productivity 5/22/2015
Prosperity/Wealth 5/29/2015
Quality 6/5/2015
Security 6/12/2015
Simplicity 6/19/2015
Spirituality 6/26/2015
Variety 7/3/2015
Two Week Summer Break 7/10/2015-7/17/2015
First week of Season Four 7/24/2015

#NWRT    #gombocme   #MicroHOA   #WhoAreYou

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HOA Website Review of myPreDiabetes – #GPlusDNA

Hangout On Air Review with Mitch Nelson on WRBPS Radio HOA

Web Site and Web Presence Review by +Mitch A Nelson. This weeks review is In the HOA Hot Seat we have +Tannen Graham founder of +myPrediabetes 

Take advantage of +Mitch A Nelson‘s +Biz Ingenuity offer

Thanks for watching. As our gift to you get your Free Video Training Series* “12 Things You MUST Do To Create An Effective Online Presence That Gets Results”*

Tuesday February 10th 9:02 am MST, 11:02 pm EST, 10:02 am CST, 8:02 am PST (Just for our guest from England 4:02 pm GMT)

Engage with Mobile:
Engage on Google+:
Engage Live on YouTube:
Catch It Live on +DENNIS N. DUCE ‘s Blog:

Hangout On Air Production by Dennis N. Duce of +GomBoc.Me

#GPlusDNA   #HOADNA   #EngagementDNA   #AskTheDuce    #WebReady   #AreYouWebReady

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Google+ About Page How-To Guide

All About The G+ About Page


Step One: Watch This HOA “All About The About Page on Google+”


Step Two: Paste the following outline into your “Introduction” section of your about page and fill in the questions


You will find an indepth explanation of what you should put under each question.




Start Copying Here


Get directions on Google Plus and Hangouts on Air with Gomboc.meGet directions for using Google+ and HOAs from

What can you expect from my Google Plus Profile?


Want to Learn More about me? Check out my “Who are you? Video with Dennis N. Duce:


Here are my circle suggestions:













How do I fill my days?

Get Directions from on making the most of Google+ Hanout On Air Production   Get Directions from on making the most of Google+ Hanout On Air Production

Stop Copying Here

What should I put into each section of my About Page on Google+?

What can you expect from my Google Plus Profile?


Keep this to one short sentence followed by two longer sentences. This is a hook so they will stay around and read more about you.


Want to Learn More about me? Check out my “Who are you? Video with Dennis N. Duce:


Who are you is a video series that I ask a pre set group of 12 questions. It is a cool exercise and will help you to get your message out easily. This is a great tool to insert into your About Page. I will show you how to insert a link into Your About Page in this video ( Check out a few of the Who Are You Videos here:


My Who Are You Video:


The Who Are You Play List:


This #MicroHOA is my gift of gratitude to you for joining me on your Google+ Journey and purchasing the #GPlusDNA Starter System


Here are my circle suggestions:


Below is my list as of Dec 8th 2014. I believe it is important to show your personality. I am tongue in cheek most of the time so I have included a few that are quirky. If you are serious be serious, funny than funny, intelectual…you get the point.


People want to know what they are going to find behind the profile. On google Plus being who you really are “Authentic” is vital. If you advertise you are one way in your introduction and turn out to be something altogether different the Plussers (those who love Google Plus) will take you out of their circles. A dropping number of followers shows badly and will cause your page to stagnate.


  1. Hangout On Air Producer
  2. Fedora Lover
  3. Auto Awesome Addict
  4. Google+ Evangelists
  5. Artist/Photographer
  6. Keynote Speaker
  7. Online Marketing
  8. Social Media Fan
  9. Skateboarders Over 40
  10. Music Promotion
  11. Public Relations
  12. Branding Through Stories
  13. Canadian
  14. Spanish Speaker
  15. Copper Artist


How do I fill my days?


This is a good place to post some of the things you do every day. Mix this up with work items and personal things. This is NOT a resume it is a close look into “WHO YOU ARE” Include links to various types of content you have created like Blog Posts, Articles, White Papers as well as articles and awards you have received. Check out this video if you did not watch it earlier (


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How-To Create a Hangout On Air

to Promote Your Business

Join +DENNIS N. DUCE and +Ammon Johns  as they explains the first steps of How-To Create Your First Hangouts On Air

Thanks for watching. As our gift to you get your Free Video Training Series* “12 Things You MUST Do To Create An Effective Online Presence That Gets Results”*

Thusday December 11th 10:02 am MST, 12:02 pm EST, 11:02 am CST, 8:02 am PST (Just for our guest from England 5:00 pm GMT)

Engage with Mobile Link:
Engage on Google+:
Engage Live on YouTube:
Catch It Live on Dennis’ Blog:

This is going to be a live audience broadcast or “Hangout On Air In Person” Dennis will be presenting live in front of an audience of business owners. Questions will be taken from anyone watching or engaging in the HOA.

We will talk about these How-To steps:
1. Creating Your Event
2. Banner Best Practices
3. Creating your Plan
4. The Description
5. Reusing your content
6. Creating Your Theme


About +Ammon Johns

Marketer, SEO, and Pioneer
The common view I get from what others say about me is that I’m a long-timer of Internet marketing, well respected, and described as a mentor, expert, and guru, especially in relation to SEO and search marketing.
(See for what others say at and )

Sometimes I feel I could describe all that to myself in one word: Old :o)

I’ve been commercially involved with the web since 1995 when I started building websites, first for myself and later for pay.  Through 1996 and ’97 I was spending more and more time on working out how to get traffic and custom to sites.

Following demand (what people were actually hiring me to do rather than what I advertised I did) I shut down my web design business in 1997 and became a full-time specialist in web promotion.

By 1998 I’d started to attract something of a following for my advice, help and general observations in one of the big forums of the day – MarketPositionTalk – which was run by Web Position Gold.

Later, I moved over to a new forum my old friend +Kim Krause Berg was starting at and there met a lot of new friends and seemed to gain even more of a following.
Bragging rights
Internet Marketing Consultant since I was the only match for those words together

#GPlusDNA   #HOADNA   #EngagementDNA   #AskTheDuce    #WebReady   #AreYouWebReady

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