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Giving your HOA a Searchable Title

HOA Engagement How Too

Daily Quick Tips on HOA’s

Thursday October 16th at 2:02 pm Mountain, 4:02 pm EDT, 3:02 pm CDT, and 1:02 pm PDT

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Today I will explain the importance of creating a title that will help your YouTube video get found later.

Each day I will go live for 2 minutes to explain different tips on how to make the most out of your HOA. Join me this week as I explain how to set up your banner image and other graphics for maximum benefit to your business, cause, or personal brand.

HOA Tips Episode One:
How do I create a banner that is best suited to my Hangout On Air? This short video will show you the first step I take in creating a banner for a new Hangout On Air.

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HOA Tips Episode Two Giving Your Banner Graphic a Searchable Title:
Why is it important to create a good title for the banner of your HOA/Hangout On AIr.

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HOA Tips Episode Three: Setting UP your HOA “The Old Way” for maximum Google Maops exposure.

There are a number of steps to setting up your first HOA. I will start going through some of the things that I do when I set up and HOA event. This episode will help you if you are a Brick and Mortar business to increase your Google Maps ranking.
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How Can I Use a Hangout On Air to Promote My Event

Live Video Feeds For Events, Expos and Keynote Addresses


See what other Hangouts on Air Dennis N. Duce of is Producing in the coming weeks. Hangout On AIr Scheduale 

What Does it Cost to Produce a Live Hangout On Air?


If you would like to have Dennis N. Duce give you a quote to produce a live feed from your event call him at 801-879-0243 or fill in this form

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