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Dennis Duce The Search Consultant:

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I have been training people with SEO and Online Image Management for over 6 years.
SEO Utah Twitter Feed
Utah SEO Manger on LinkedIn

Dennis Duce The Green Vlogger

I love doing things to help the environment but I still belive it is important to make sure we protect our pocket books.
Utah Green Tips Twitter Feed
Going Green in Utah Facebook Page

Dennis Duce The Sales Trainer:

I have been in sales since 1988 and have trained on sales techniques in Canada, USA and Argentina.
Sales Tips From a Veteran on SalesGravy

Dennis Duce The Ice Dam Expert:


Icicles-Hanging-from-an-Ice-Dam__165222 (Photo credit: Public Domain Photos)

Having worked as a roofer in Park City Utah from 1994 to 2010 I knew there had to be a better way to solve ice dams. In 2006 I invented the Sol-Ice Building Integrated Ice Dam Solution SubDynoMelt and later improved on it by creating a hydronic radiant roof melt solution called SubHydroMelt.

Founder/CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) Sol-Ice Building Integrated Solutions
Ice Dam Expert Twitter Feed
Ice Dam Engineer Facebook Page

Dennis Duce The Solar Thermal Inventor:

My Inventions in the Ice Dam world lead me to develop a line of Building Integrated Solar Thermal products call SubSolarThermal as well as a PVT (Photovoltaic/Solar Thermal) solution that fits inside of any PV panel call CoSolarThermal
Solar Thermal Insights Blog

Dennis Duce The Night Sky Radiation Cooling Expert:

In 2011 We discovered that our line of Building Integrated Solar Thermal and PVT (photovoltaic/Solar Thermal) products could be used as a replacement for Air Conditioning and Swamp Coolers by integrating into the mechanical room design the ability to take advantage of Night Sky Radiation Cooling techniques.
Night Sky Radiation Cooling Experts Blog

Dennis Duce The Copper Artist:

Sample of My Woven Copper Art

As a roofing contractor I discovered a talent I did not know existed. In 2007 I found a use for all of the scrap copper left over from roofing projects in Park City Utah. I have since created copper art which has been collected in Europe, North America, The Caribbean and New Zeland.
Woven Copper Art Facebook Page
Reclaimed Copper Art Web Site
Tweets About Copper Art

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