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LiveDrive Event Promo Fiat of Salt Lake City

Come Test Drive the Fiat 500 Abarth



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Network Roundtable: Weekly HOA to Motivate Small Business Owners

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Pawn Boys: Live Pawn Utah Style a Hangout On Air Pawn Event

We will be live here at 9:30 am today



Time Stamp Fomr Pawn Boys

0:17 Ryan Minor from Lightning Pawn Explains His Dream For Pawn Boys.

0:27 Ryan explains that he hop[es to ansawer any questions people might have about the pawn industry

0:50 Dennis explains that we will start each episode highlighting sun glasses that Lighting Pawn has avalible.

1:10 Ryan Explains All of the designer sunglasses they have avalible, Oakly, Rayban,

1:17 Dennis Rants on a pair of Rayban sunglasses that have driver lenses

1:45 Dennis Rants about a pair of 80’s Raybans at Lighting Pawn

1:57 Ryan invites viewers of Pawn Boys to come down and check Lighting Pawn out.

2:12 Dennis explains how much he enjoys coming in and checking out the pawn shop

2:36 Ryan explains that what you find in a pawn shop is totally unexpected

Pawn Boys: Live Pawn Utah Style.

Original Transcription

00:00:02- Dennis Duce: Aright, we are live. First time ever, we are the Pawn Boys. I am Dennis DUce, and I have absolutely nothing to do with pawn but I get to be on the show because I’m the producer. But, we’ve got Ryan Miner, pawn boy extraordinaire.

00:00:16- Ryan Miner: Welcome welcome, this our first ever edition of pawn boys,. we will be running this program every monday morning, hopefully at 9 o’clock, we got a bit of a late start this morning, but welcome, we hope to go over some things, maybe some questions that you may have about the pawn industry. THat’s basically our goal, have a little bit of fun.

00:00:40- Dennis Duce: Yeah, so, we’re gonna go through a couple of things each week, ands man, my mouse doesn’t really work very well from this far away, first thing we’re gonna do every week, we’re gonna start off with- cuz you have the most amazing, I’m a sunglass guy, you have the most amazing collection of sunglasses. Every week we’re gonna wear a new pair of sunglasses, then take them off right after the intro and try to sell ‘em.

00:01:08- Ryan MIner: Oakley’s, I’ve got all sorts of designer sunglasses. They are 100% genuine too.

00:01:15- Dennis Duce: These ones are beautiful, you gotta check these out. They’re Raybans, dual-tone, absolutely loving these. The thing that’s cool about these ones is that they’ve got the copper-toned lense, which is really abnormal in raybans. I’m a copper-tone lense guy, I don’t own a lot of raybans simply because they’re usually the gray or the green. But these are more of a driver color, as some people call them. Very sick, very sick, you gotta check these out.

00:01:43- Ryan Miner: It’s not the old style too,  it’s the new style.

00:01:45- Dennis Duce: THough, you’ve got a pair from the 80’s over there, blue and white.

00:01:50- Ryan Miner: Vintage. Well, the retro stuff is in right now.

00:01:52- Dennis DUce: Man those things are sick.

00:01:53- Ryan MIner: Retro stuff is in, we’ve got a lot of that stuff as well. Come down and check it out. THe stuff that you see in a pawn shop is not what expect. We have got, literally, a little bit of everything. It’s just fun to come and look, even you don’t really plan on buying anything, just come and check some stuff out.

00:02:10- Dennis Duce: You know, I have not been a pawn person, but working with you for the past couple of weeks, I gotta say, I look forward to coming into your shop because there is always cool stuff in here.

00:02:22- Ryan Miner: Yeah, I mean, people who have never been into a pawn shop before come in here and are just astounded by what they can find,. It’s totally unexpected. It’s a lot of fun, you can come down and check it out, we’ve got jewelry, coins, guns, bicycles, motorcycles, I could go on and on about the stuff we’ve got here. That’s just a part of it.

00:02:55- Dennis Duce: Small piece. Alright, we’re gonna be doing a couple of things each week. We will have a guest whenever we can possibly pull one together, and we’ve got one this week, which relates to this highlighted piece behind us. It’s already sold, because the guest bought it.

00:03:13- Ryan Miner; This is a 1903 national cash register company, solid nickel cash register. Just an example of some of the things we see come through the door. It’s just cool stuff.

00:03:31- Dennis Duce: So, one thing that I wanna do each week, because I’m sure, since you’ve been in this business for 12 years, you have got to have just a ton of really interesting pawn stories.

00:03:41- Ryan Miner: Oh yeah, yeah, I could fill a book, I’m sure.

00:03:44- Dennis Duce: So, slowly but surely, we’re gonna full a book, one chapter, one week at a time.’

00:03:48- Ryan Miner: Absolutely.

00:03:49- Dennis Duce: So, little boys and girls,is now time for Pawn Tales.

00:03:56- Ryan Miner: Well, one of the stories I like to tell, well, when I meet people and I tell them what I do for a living, they’re instantly fascinated and I get barraged by questions. These aren’t tales, these are things that actually happened in the store, but I’ve got some stories that I kinda pull up to fascinate them. One time, a guy comes through the door, and he wanted to pawn his grave plot. THe fun thing about this industry is that things will come through the door that you’ve never seen before in your whole life.

00:04:44- Dennis Duce: Of course, the grave plot didn’t come through the door.

00:04:46- Ryan Miner: No, well, he was holding the deed.

00:04:49- Dennis Duce: But the plot stayed where it was.

00:04:51- Ryan Miner: I’ve never purchased one these things before, okay? I have no idea how much they’re worth, turns out they’re very expensive items. I’ve never had the need for one before, hopefully I won’t in the near future.

00:05:05- Dennis Duce: But you know, if it happens really quick, maybe you’ll have the very first broadcast live, hangout on air funeral.

00:05:12- Ryan Miner: Let’s hope not. He pawns this thing, and he had every intention of coming back and getting it. I kept it for him, and he didn’t come back and get it. Well ironically enough, his girlfriend calls me probably two months after that, and he had passed away, this guy had passed away.

00:05:36- Dennis Duce: They guy who had sold you the plot who didn’t think he needed it anymore?

00:05:39- Ryan Miner: Absolutely, he had passed away. It was a very very sad situation, but his girlfriend was wondering if she could acquire the grave plot again. I said sure, come on back, and we’ll take care of it. I never saw her again, and I still have this thing, so, if anybody’s interested in purchasing something like this, I’ve got it.

00:06:04- Dennis Duce: What grave area is this?

00:06:08- Ryan Miner: I believe it’s the West Valley one, I think there’s one over by Winder Dairy. It’s supposed to be a nice plot.

00:06:17- Dennis Duce: Have you ever seen it?

00:06:18- Ryan Miner: I haven’t personally, no, I haven’t been out there.

00:06:21- Dennis Duce: Well, if you’re looking for a plot for your burial, or, you know, a Christmas gift for somebody.


00:06:34- Multiple people: Nothing says Christmas like a burial plot.

00:06:40- Ryan Miner: It’s the gift that keeps on giving, I’m sure.

00:06:43- Dennis Duce: It is the most eternal gift, it never wears out.

00:06:47- Ryan Miner: We’re not making light of this, it just goes to show you that we take literally anything down here, as long as it has value.

00:06:56- Dennis Duce: That is a great tale. So, before we jump to our guest, do you have something else that you would like to highlight around the shop that might be interesting to people?

00:07:07- Ryan Miner: Well, I do have a great stock of guns, those who are in the market for guns, it’s a great place to come shop. I have a little bit of everything. I might not have exactly what you’re looking for at the time you’re looking for it, but I also do take requests, so if somebody is looking for something that they want to buy used and don’t wanna buy new, I take requests, and when I do get that item in, I’ll give them a call, and hopefully make a deal at that point. So I have guns, I have coins, jewelry, I have bikes, musical instruments, and probably what I have the most of is tools. People don’t really think of a pawn shop as a place to buy tools. They’ll go down to Lowe’s or Home Depot, but man, I have got more tools than I know how to deal with. Come in and check it out, I’ve got saws, and drills, I’m really picky with what I take in as far as tools go, so it’s not old, worn out stuff, it’s new model, name brand, excellent condition stuff. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the stuff I’ve got in here. I don’t have anything specific, I’ve got watches, diamonds, gold, you name it, vintage guitars, all sorts of neat stuff. Small gifts, it’s not too late to come down and get something for that last minute person on your list. I’ve got entry level guitars under 100$, amps to go with those guitars, and I know a lot of people have that on their gift list. Don’t go to Walmart and buy the first reack thing, they’re junkie. Come buy a name brand guitar for less than what you could buy7 it for new at Walmart. We always kinda joke around here ‘cheaper than Walmart’ it’s kind of our motto.

00:09:19- Dennis Duce: Cheaper than Walmart.

00:09:20- Ryan Miner: Absolutely.

00:09:22- Dennis Duce: ALright. SO Ryan, we’re gonna bring on our guest. Quick question, you were telling me a story about that watch that they can’t see, is that case unlocked that while the guest is on I could grab it and we could highlight it?

00:09:34- Ryan Miner: Yeah, we could unlock it, there’s some keys over here.

00:09:37- Dennis Duce: Okay, I’ll go find those keys, and, you were talking about bikes, so we are gonna bring in one of the other Gomback’d (?) clients and the guy who introduced us, Kirk, who, you’ll be able to catch later today on Jerks Corner. Kirk is a long time friend of Ryan, and also a local business guy, and he’s holding clarinet, I have a feeling he might play.

00:10:08- Ryan Miner: He’s also wearing some sunglasses we have.

00:10:10- Dennis Duce: He has some aviators on, so, we’re gonna on this weeks guest, Kirk Sherad, form Jerks Bike Shop.

00:10:21- Ryan Miner: There was no fanfare man.

00:10:22- Kirk Sherrod: I was saying, there was no fanfare, I was expecting some kind of applause or something, I dunno, I guess this is our first show.

00:10:28- Dennis Duce: I can get applause, hold on.

00:10:31- *pitiful attempt at playing*

00:10:33- Dennis Duce: Wow, that deserves applause.

00:10:37- *applause*

00:10:39- Ryan Miner: That is a clarinet without a reed, I don’t think you’ll get very far with that one.

00:10:44- Kirk Sherrod: This is the reed right?

00:10:45- Ryan Miner: Yeah, I think it’s broken. Easily replaced.

00:10:49- Kirk Sherrod: What does something like that cost?

00:10:50- Ryan Miner: You know, that is a student model. You can pick that particular one up for less than 100$. I’ve got all sorts of different models, starting from about 75$ going up to 500$

00:11:01- Kirk Sherrod: I remember in High School we were playing these and my parents had to go rent this.

00:11:06- Ryan Miner: Were you a band geek?

00:11:07- Kirk Sherad: I was a band geek. And my parents had to rent one of these for me and I hated playing this thing, I couldn’t do it right, it was squeaking all the time, and my parents were mad at me because they had rented this thing and it costed a lot of money. They should have just come down and bought one from the pawn shop.

00:11:24- Ryan Miner: You’re throwing money down a hole that way.

00:11:26- Kirk Sherad: That’s exactly what happened. And I can’t believe I just put my mouth on that, I have no idea where this thing has been and I just but my mouth on it. If you come into a pawn shop, you probably should not- I’m probably gonna get some kind of airborne syphilis or something.


00:11:41- Ryan Miner: It builds up immunity man.

00:11:43- Kirk Sherad: It does? Well then, come on down to the pawn shop and build up your immunity by sucking on one of these liquor(?) sticks.

00:11:49- Ryan Miner: Now Kirk, you’re kinda in a unique position, you have been in the pawn industry before, worked in the pawn industry, but you’re also someone who shops in pawn shops on a regular basis. One of the things I wanna ask you, I mean you worked in the pawn industry years ago, for one of the, I would arguably say, the pioneers of pawn here in the Salt Lake Valley, how has the pawn industry changed over the years?

00:12:25- Kirk Sherad: Well, I see a lot more pawn shops, that’s for sure, then I see a lot less pawn shops. Some of the ones that used to be around when I was in the pawn business are no longer around. But I see other pawn shops, I see larger pawn shops that have come along, Catch America(?), things like that, I’ve seen them come along. You know, I’ve spent a lot of time going to different shops, buying things, it’s a great place to buy stuff, and it’s a great place to go and see what’s out there. The value for what you get for the money is so much better at a pawn shop, there’s no question about it. What I love about pawn shops like yours is that I can come in here, we can work out a deal, I can go home with something and feel good about it, I feel like a rockstar when I buy something from a pawn shop. I’m like I bought this for a quarter of the value or half the value of what it was gonna cost me at the store, and it’s in good shape. It’s the hunt out, you know, I love that part. There is one thing that I wanna say that has happened. Some of the bigger pawn shops or national chains, I don’t have nearly as much fun going to places like that. I don’t find nearly as much cool stuff there. It’s all crappy stuff, like a drill that doesn’t work, the same stuff, like a hundred different laptops that are out of date. I always see the same stuff in there, I’m not that interested in buying that stuff. It’s almost like they don’t care. I love coming into a place like this because I can look around and say this guy is passionate about what he does, he’s got cool stuff on the floor, and I can usually find something that I want.

00:14:11- Ryan MIner: For example this. (Referring to highlighted item)

00:14:12- Kirk Sherad: For example this. Look how cool this is!

00:14:16- Ryan Miner: Kirk bought this. I had this in my store, he owns a bicycle shop that has kind of an antique feel on the inside of it. It goes perfect with his theme.

00:14:28- Kirk Sherad: My theme is antique. I’m becoming an antique so I thought maybe I’ll beat that.

00:14:35- Ryan Miner: You know, just as Kirk was saying, I like to kinda pride myself on thinking I’m changing the pawn industry somewhat, kinda bringing it out of the dark ages. A lot of people of the notion that when they walk into a pawn shop, it’s this dark dungeon, fat guy sitting behind the counter smoking a cigarette.

00:15:05-Kirk Sherad: I have seen those!

00:15:08- Ryan Miner: I do have a bit of a belly, I’ve gotta admit. I don’t smoke, I don’t have a lot of chains, I have a small one I wear on my neck, but I’m actually nice. Have you ever been into a pawn shop where you didn’t feel like you’re welcome?

00:15:26- Kirk Sherad: Oh yeah, all the time. You go in and it’s almost a burden that you’re in there, like oh great, we’ve got another customer.

00:15:36- Ryan Miner: As kind of a rule, the pawn customer is not a very loyal customer. I like to think I’m changing that. One of the reason was that there’s no customer service. I care about the people that come in here. I do realize that these people are paying my bills, so to speak. And a lot of owners don’t realize that, so I like to think in some small way that I’m changing that. So, when you worked in the pawn industry, I mean, how long has it been now?

00:16:31- Kirk SHerad: 20 years exactly.

00:16:33- Ryan Miner: Okay, quite a while ago, you’re that old?

00:16:35- Kirk Sherad: Yup, antiques, antiques!

00:16:44- Ryan Miner: There weren’t that many pawn shops when you were around, and you said there are more around now.

00:16:48- Kirk Sherad: More pawnshops. What’s interesting about that is that I look at the pawn shops that were around when I was  and I see that they aren’t doing so hot. I think a lot of it is because they haven’t changed or evolved with the business style. I think a lot of them would complain that the big stores have taken over, but it’s really because they haven’t evolved. I have a fun story, *banter* Okay, so I used to work at ‘Whitzles’ Pawn, it’s still available somewhere downtown. We had a guy come in that wanted to pawn his glass eye, it was just crazy.

00:18:08- Ryan Miner: Dude, I dunno if I can beat that one.

00:18:10- Kirk Sherad: I’m not trying to beat anyone!

00:18:15- Ryan Miner: That beats my grave plot story.

00:18:19- Kirk Sherad: Wait lemme finish, you’re gonna get a kick out of this. So this guy comes in, he wants to pawn his glass eye-

00:18:26- Ryan Miner: Are they worth anything?

00:18:28- Kirk Sherad: I don’t know! Dave, at the time, it was kind of a standing joke that he gave money for a glass eye, and I think he gave 100 or 150$ for it or something. The thing we would hear is for sure I’m coming back for this, guaranteed i’m coming back, well, you’re never really sure if they’re coming back or not because

*Audio cuts out*

Kirk Sherad: So, sure enough, this guy doesn’t come back.

00:19:00- Ryan Miner: You would think, out of the one thing

00:19:01- Kirk Sherad: Out of the one thing, for use, this guy would come back for his glass eye, and he never came back. ANd, you know what? I thought they were round. Like a ball or marble, you just pop it in.

00:19:13- RYan Miner: Well, are eyeballs round?

00:19:15- Kirk Sherad: I dunno, well yeah they are, but anyway, it wasn’t round, it was kinda just a piece that goes over the eye socket, it just fits in.

00:19:29- Ryan Miner: So somewhere there was just a guy running around with one eye.

00:19:32- Kirk Sherad: WIth one eye. And who knows if he’s still alive, he was quite old when he came in, but anyways, Dave had it put on a chain  and had an inscription put on it, and it says ‘Here’s lookin’ at you babe.’ And he still wears it to this days! I saw him about 3 weeks ago and he’s still wearing this eye on a chain that says Here’s lookin’ at you babe.

00:19:57- Ryan Miner: That’s a good one. You know, I have this story, and I know this is a G-rated show, and I want to keep it as such. I’m not a sheltered person, I’ve seen some things in my life, I’m not a crazy person either. I had one time, and I didn’t know they had such a  thing before the guy brought it in, but it was a sex swing. I guess I was sheltered, I asked him what is a sex swing, and he didn’t say anything but pulled out a brochure, and I’m like… okay. And he  proceeded to let me know that it was lightly used. And the end of the story is a didn’t end up taking it because a lightly used sex swing doesn’t sound like something I would sell. Anyway, the guy tried. I didn’t take it, so I don’t have it for sale, so nobody ask. THe point is that we’ll take a look at anything you have. That’s what I tell people when they call me on the phone, bring it in!

00:21:46- Kirk Sherad: Did you see counseling after reading the brochure?

00:21:50- Ryan Miner: They were drawings, thankfully, so, yeah. Bring the stuff down, now, we don’t only do loans, just to kinda tell you how it works, we do loans on items that have damaging(?). We keep the items here, you can come back and get them, buy them back for a small interest, you can roll the loan over if you want to pay interest on that item, but we also, buy items, so if you want to just come in and sell that item , you can come in and sell it, without having any further obligation or attachment to that item. It’s a great alternative that doesn’t want some spooky guy coming to their house if they sell on KSL. There’s a piece of mind there, you know, you don’t know who you’re dealing with over the phone, although you may not get as much from than from a private party, it’s quick cash, and it’s a safe, controlled environment. That’s a peace of mind for a lot of people. DId you deal with a lot of purchases or was it mainly just pawns.

00:23:08- Kirk Sherad: Right at the time that I was getting ready to leave there they had gone over to the sale and purchase option. Before that I don’t think there as a sale option before that, when I started working there it was pawn only. I think that’s something that’s come along later, was was just starting to come along when I was in that business.

00:23:27- Ryan Miner: Yeah, I think it’s a fairly new concept to the pawn industry. Everybody thinks it’s just loans or whatever, but there’s been some state legislation change that’s made it a little bit easier for pawn shops to work that way. 20 years ago, it was a different industry. Now, like I said, I like to think that we’re coming out of the dark ages. There’s some TV programs that kinda strike ;people’s curiosity, and I’m thankful for those programs. They’re not at all real, in case you didn’t know that. THey’re pretty contrived.

00:24:11- Kirk Sherad: This isn’t real either.

00:24:12- Ryan Miner: No, this is all scripted. If you ever wanna come down and see what really happens in the pawn industry, come and hang out! I don’t mind, you can come down, grab a chair, and see what we do.

00:24:28- Kirk Sherad: The cool thing about bringing something down to Ryan would be that you can be like the show and find out what your item is worth, or what the value is there, and just have fun with Ryan. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable by coming down.

00:24:42- Ryan Miner: I’m very user friendly.

00:24:43- Kirk Sherad: Yes he’s very user friendly. As we talked about with the sex swing.

00:24:49- Ryan Miner: I didn’t laugh at the guy! I took him seriously, then laughed afterwards.

00:24:59- Kirk Sherad: He got out to the car with his buddies like Yeah it was so funny with the sex swing! We should have video taped it!

00:25:07- Ryan Miner: A couple of weeks ago I was at a doctor’s appointment for some of my kids, of course, we get into conversations, because all the nurses know what I do and are all TELL US ANOTHER STORY! So, I told them that story, and they all wanted to climb beneath a counter. I really shouldn’t have told them that.

00:25:29- Kirk Sherad: That’s the last time they’ll ever ask you for a story.

00:25:31- Ryan Miner: Yeah, I didn’t mean for that to happen, but…

00:25:33- Kirk Sherad: Ryan’s fun at parties too! Just leave your sex swings at home.

00:25:39- Ryan Miner: Please, please! I don’t take sex swings, or anything like that. I guess that’s where I draw the line.

00:25:46- Kirk Sherad: We can go away from sex swings now.

00:25:49- Ryan Miner: This is a G-rated show! It really is! Anyway, I love to hear from people, either through my email, or my facebook side, or google+, or whatever it might be, tell me what you wanna hear! We’ll get people in here, other pawnbrokers, people you wanna hear from, or things you might wanna hear! That’s how I kinda wanna run this is by your suggestions. Anything else to add Kirk?

00:26:23- Kirk Sherad: No, I don’t think so.

00:26:25- Ryan Miner: You gotta get off to work in a second.

00:26:27- Kirk Sherad: Yeah, I gotta go down and open up my shop!

00:26:28- Ryan Miner: Kirk owns Jerks Bikes at the shop down the street in Murray. He has great service, just like we do here. We actually collaborate on some stuff, like if I don’t know something about a bike.

00:26:43- Kirk Sherad: Ryan sends all his sex swings to me.

00:26:45- Ryan Miner: I want that back, by the way. Anyway, I appreciate you coming Kirk, we hope to have you on swoon, and we appreciate your eyeball story.

00:27:01- Kirk Sherad: There’s nothing like an eyeball story.

00:27:03- Ryan Miner: Absolutely. Give it up for Kirk! See ya.

00:27:08- Dennis Duce: You and I talked about one more thing that wanted to look at doing, it came up just before we went live, which is that both of us are bilingual. And you get to use that bilingual thing, quite often around the shop here.

00:27:29- Ryan Miner: I speak more spanish here almost, than I do ENglish. ANd I’m thankful for that. I have a very big spanish clientele that knows I can communicate with them, and they can feel comfortable.. I love that I’m able to communicate.

00:27:49- Dennis DUce: So, for the next two minutes, we’re gonna do the Lightning Spanish Round. For the next two minutes, the show’s going Spanish. Sorry, we don’t have the technology to give you subtitles underneath, so, it’ll only be two minutes, so let’s go.


00:29:53- Dennis Duce: That’s it! That’s our Spanish Lightning round, we’ll do that towards the end of each episode.

00:30:01-Ryan Miner: Absolutely

00:30:01- Dennis Duce: So, this is our first episode, again, ask questions! Facebook, email address, write in the conversation underneath this, we would love to hear what you want from Pawn Boys.

00:30:16- Ryan Miner: What do you wanna hear? What are the things that you’ve always wanted to know about the pawn industry? I’d love to hear it. We’ll try to do our best to cover it, get it on, maybe get the right guest on to talk to who maybe has some different insights, I mean I know you don’t wanna see my ugly mug every week, but we’ll get some different people on here that you can check out.

00:30:35- Dennis Duce: That’s right, so thank you very much for watching this weeks episode of Pawn Boys.

00:30:41- Ryan Miner: Thank you very much, hope to see you next week!

00:30:43- Dennis Duce: And tell all your friends about it, and tell us what you wanna hear, and we will be talking 9:30 next week right here on google+, and, we will see you again soon!

00:31:00- *SPANISH WORDS*


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White Dress Shirts on Bikes Live From Missionary Depot

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Why You Should I Get A Professional Bike Fit?

Utah Precision Bike Fit

This segment came from a larger weekly Hangout On Air Produced by GomBoc and Dennis N. Duce. To watch the entire episode go to Jerk’s Corner: Bike Advice From The Pro’s HOA.


Are you struggling with pains on your mountain bike or road bike. Get your bike professionally fit by Jeff Sherrod of Precision Bike FIt. 

This Segment came from Jerk’s Corner. Filmed on Location at Jerk’s Bike Shop in Murray Utah.

Our Special Guest this week was Ali Goulet on Google+ Utah Bike Rep for La Pierre Bikes  and Raleigh Bikes

This Hangout On Air is a GomBoc Production by Dennis N. Duce #GomBocMe

If you would like to learn how to get your business highlighted in a Weekly Hangout On Air, Webinar or your own TV Show. Contact Dennis N. Duce to get GomBoc’d

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GomBoc Me Pilot: Jerk’s Bike Shop Murray Utah

Jerk’s gets GomBoc’d

This is the pilot episode of a new Gomboc produced Hangout On Air called Jerk’s Corner. These episodes will air Monday’s at 1:00 pm on Dennis N. Duce’ Google+ Chanel. WE ARE TALKING BIKES!


If you would like to get your Utah Business Found by producing your own TV show, Hangout on Air or Webinar Comtact Dennis N. Duce of Gomboc and get your business GomBoc’d Today.




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Network Round Table: Online Marketing for your Small Business Venture

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Web 3.0? Personalized Search is not Just a Matter of Semantics.

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