SEO is Dead! What’s Next?

SEO is Dead! What’s Next?

Get your free comprehensive annalysis of your online image by Dennis N. DUce the white knight of online marketing.

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to GROW Your Online Image

Thanks for taking the time to attend to my class on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you have not been to one of Dennis’ classes check out his upcoming classes on his Facebook Events Page.

This page has links to help you get more out of the presentation. Use these follow up notes to guide you through the process of growing your online image. What did you think of my presentation? I would love to hear you thoughts in the Comment section below. You can also reach out to me on most Social Media platforms using the hashtag #AskTheDuce

Here are the links to the Five Key areas I spoke about in my presentation “SEO is Dead! What’s Next?”. These notes and corresponding links will help you develop a plan to increase you Online Image WebPresence and help your web site rise higher it’s PageRank.

I have included this link for the FREE WebScore just in case you did not fill out the form I provided during the class.

Search engine marketing, Online Marketing, SEOFirst Key Point. Online Image:

Learn the difference between a Web Site (one single URL with all your online information) and Online Image (Use of your web site along with other off site properties to create a broad net or nail strip) to help your prospective clients find you and learn about you and your business. This can include PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), & SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Online Image Notes > Follow This Link

SEO is Dead! What’s Next Keller Williams Park City Utah, SEO for Realtors, KW, Online Marketing, Key Words, Long Tail Search Phrases, Dennis Duce, Keynote speaker, sales trainer, online marketing consultant,Second Key Point. Key Words/Long Tail Search Phrases:

Take your time selecting your main Key Words. You will then use EVERYWHERE online to helpprospective clients find your site so make sure you get this right! You also learned how to create Long Tail Search Phrases to increase you online Image and WebPresence for your Web Site, Facebook page, Twitter Feed, and any other online media you use.


Hyper Local online marketing, Utah Business advertising online, Organic online marketing, Free Web Score, Get your business noticed online, Sales Training, Dennis Duce keynote speaker and webpresence educatorThird Key Point. Hyper Local:

Dennis Duce trained you on the importance of  claiming your online profile using free tools from Google Local, Yahoo Maps & MapQuest. Get set up in Google+, Google Local and many other free internet citation sites . Get Listing, Get Listed and Get Found!


SEO is Dead! What’s Next KW, Onine Reputation Management, Utah SEO Education, Dennis Duce Keynote speaker, Sales Trainer, Marketing ConsultantNumber Four. Reputation Management:

Reputation is everything in online marketing. Now it is time to set up your profiles in all of the review sites online (Yelp, Angie’s List etc). Make sure you ask your customers to review your business on these sites so that you build a positive wall of information about you and your business.


Don't Blog Blind make sure you have the right tools set up first, Online marketing management, Blog writing fot utah businesses and professionals, social media management, Dennis Duce Seach Control Utah Search Consultant, Keynote speakerNumber Five. Blog:

Blogging can be fun…even addictive, so get involved and learn to love to blog! Dennis Duce taught you how easy and fun it can be! Follow the link below and you will learn how to set up a free blog, separate from your main website. Blog there at least once per week and your WebPresence will grow.


For everyone who came to “SEO is Dead! What’s Next?” Dennis Duce & Search Control will provide a FREE WebScore which will rate your Online Image in Seven Key areas. Use this information to focus your time and efforts on the items that need the most improvement.

How Can I Get A Hold of Dennis Duce?



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