HOA ABout Love/Affection – NWRT

Hangout On Air all About Love and Affection on Network Roundtable

Who Are You? The Micro HOA that answers that simple question along with the 3 Whys

Monday, February 9th 2015
12:42 pm MST (2:42 pm EST, 1:42 pm CST, and 11:42 am PST)

This Weeks Guests:
This Weeks #PlusOneSuperHero    +Christine L Bowen
This Weeks #PlusOneSideKick     +Jessica Dewell

Mobile Link: http://goo.gl/Yuj0ZN
Watch on Google+: http://goo.gl/7Ix89Y
Watch on YouTube: http://goo.gl/Yuj0ZN
Watch on my Blog: http://goo.gl/t3D414

Network Round Table is back for the Season of Values!

This is our simple trailer HOA. We will be live asking the “Four Questions” Who are you? Why? Why? Why? Join us as we dig deep into who our guests are and why they believe the things they believe.

Core values are as vital as goals to our success. If we are a#solopreneur   #SmallBusinessOwner   #entrepreneur  or part of one of the  #fortune500companies  we need core values to help us chart our course. Season three of NWRT will be all about the values we hold to and how we can uncover them to get a clearer picture of where we are going.

So  #SuperTroopers    keep the comments coming and help us create a show that will educate you about each of the 23 values we have selected to cover this season.

Get the conversation started on the event page, and of course, post any questions you’d like to have answered during the show!

This week’s #plusonesuperhero   is  +Nicole Levac

This week’s #PlusOneSidekick  is   +Cheri Valentine

This season our #TeamTroupers  includes (in no particular order):
+Gail Harris +Elaine Nieberding +Leslie Wagstaff-Wilson +toni holder +Aaron Segal +Katrina Pfannkuch +Nora Whalen +Shawndra Higgins  +Gina Fiedel and +Jessica Maynard

Handling tech… +DENNIS N. DUCE and the teams #PlusOneSidekickfor the season is +Kristin Drysdale

Check out upcoming or past episodes:
Communication 1/9/15
Who Are You: http://goo.gl/fbFfUI
Competition 1/16/2015
Innovation 1/23/2015 http://goo.gl/P7FAAn Affection/Love1/30/2015
Recognition 2/6/2015
Decisiveness 2/13/2015
Effectiveness 2/20/2015
Friendliness 2/27/2015
Happiness 3/6/2015
Hopefulness 3/13/2015
Open-Mindedness 3/20/2015
Respectfulness 3/27/2015
Mid Season Break 4/3/2015
Curiosity 4/10/2015
Dependability 4/17/2015
Diversity 4/24/2015
Flexibility 5/1/2015
Honesty/Integrity 5/8/2015
Loyalty 5/15/2015
Productivity 5/22/2015
Prosperity/Wealth 5/29/2015
Quality 6/5/2015
Security 6/12/2015
Simplicity 6/19/2015
Spirituality 6/26/2015
Variety 7/3/2015
Two Week Summer Break 7/10/2015-7/17/2015
First week of Season Four 7/24/2015

#NWRT    #gombocme   #MicroHOA   #WhoAreYou

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