Webinar/HOA Production

I am a Hangout On Air Producer

That is what I do I produce HOAs for Small to Medium Businesses

You may be asking the question:

Mia Voss On "The MBA Hangout On Air" Produced by Dennis N. Duce HOA ProducerWhat is a Hangout On Air?

“Hangouts and Hangouts On Air[edit]

“Hangouts are free video conferencing calls with up to 10 people, done through the Google+ website or mobile app. You are also able to use many apps inside the hangout, allowing users to share documents, a scratchpad or their screens with other users. As well as many built-in apps such as YouTube, Google Docs, and the new Capture. 3rd Party apps built using the Hangout API are also available” Wikipedia Hangout On Air Description

What Does It Cost to Have Dennis N. Duce Produce Your HOA?

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