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The Semantic Search Hangout On Air for G+ Beginiers

HOA with David Amerland for Google Plus Beginners

Wednesday May 7th 2014
9:00 am MST (11:00 am EST, 10:00 am CST, 8:00 am PST)

Do you want to learn how to use Semantic Search and Hangouts On Air to help your small business get found? Contact Dennis N. Duce at 801-879-0243 or fill out the form below.

Learn how to make the most out of your Google+ efforts.*

We are proud to announce that +David Amerland will be our PowerPlus Guest this week. http://goo.gl/EB2Ryb

David AMerland in the Famous MBA CLass HOA on 2014 hangout_snapshot_11-MOTIONWednesday May 7th, 2014
9:00 am MST (11:00 am EST, 10:00 am CST, 8:00 am PST)

Semantic Search, Web 3.0, The New Web.

Watch Live on Google+: http://goo.gl/UPCljd
Watch Live on YouTube: http://goo.gl/V2V2IA
Watch Live on Facebook: http://goo.gl/SPfVk5
Broadcast Your HOA on Facebook: http://goo.gl/UjrdJl
Watch Live on my Blog: http://goo.gl/rOkbsW

I know there is always a lot of talk about the new direction of Google Search and how Semantics play into those changes. Sandra and I will be talking about Semantic Search with The Semantic Search Thought Leader David Amerland!

Our goal with this Hangout On Air is to try and bring this down to the level of Nooglers (or is that Newglers) so we will be doing our best to help you understand the steps that will be part of helping your small business navigate the waters of Online Marketing in the new age of Semantic Search.

David Amerland Warhol Style - 1About David Amerland

Author, Speaker, Analyst.

I travel a lot. Over the last three years I’ve spent time in thirteen countries and three continents making airports and hotel rooms more of a constant, for me, than home. The one stability in all this is Google+ where I can be found, time allowing, on most days.

The conversation here is very real and the issues we talk about are engaging and I have met people on G+ who are simply superb to connect with. I post frequently on what grabs my attention. I share insights from my writing and research and I take part in many conversations where I feel I can deliver value.

Social media is changing everything. How we shape that change and what we do in the aftermath is down to us.

Before I got here, I used to be a corporate rat who used to be a journalist, before I jumped ship into full-time writing and blogging.

David Amerland GOmboc.me Style Art Image IMG_20140127_094552In my offline time I indulge a lifelong passion in martial arts, I run, hit the heavy bag and try to find the limits at which we can go without sleep and still function. I also visit as many museums and cafes as possible. Funnily enough I regard what can be found in both museums and cafes as brain food.

Fitness is important to me. It helps maintain a level of sanity that would otherwise require pharmaceuticals or expensive therapy. I pay some of what it has given me back by running  a Fitness Community. I am also a moderator of Plus Your Business a community focused on helping business people get the most out of G+ and the semantic web.

Speaking of semantics, I am the owner of Google Semantic Search a community I started to explore the implications of semantic technology in daily life (and there are many).

Professionally I advise a handful of companies globally, blog for a number of websites, including Forbes, journalism.co.uk, and socialmediatoday and write for magazines and newspapers.

I give about 50 talks, speeches and presentations each year and hold an annual seminar on SEO and Social Media (details to which you will find on my website.). I advise a couple  of global companies and a handful of startups on social media positioning and search strategies and I write for Forbes, 21CIT, Insights and a number of dead-tree newspapers.

David Amerland looking surprised in a Hangout On Air with Dennis N.l Duce hangout_snapshot_2Some of the Events  I have been part of:
SEO in the Sun (SEO & Introduction to Social Media)
Manchester SES (SEO)
Business Group Digital Conference (SEO & Social Media)
Rutgers University mini-MBA (SEO and Social Media Crisis Management)
Shanghai APAC executive SEO & Social Media Crisis Management training.
MxDE Senior Executive Program, Zug (Piercing the Search Bubble).
SMX East (keynote speech on Entities in semantic search)
Semantic Technology & Business Conference panelist

*Associated with: *
Rutgers Center for Management Development
Digital CRM

*My Books *
Google Semantic Search: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques That Get Your Company More Traffic, Increases Brand Impact and Amplifies Your Online Presence
SEO Help: 20 steps to get your website to Google’s #1 page
Online Marketing Help: How to promote your online business using Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other social networks.
The Social Media Mind: How Social Media is Changing Business, Politics and Science and Helps Create a New World Order
Getting to No. 1 on Google in Simple Steps
Brilliant Search Engine Optimisation

Currently working on:
Google+ Hangouts and Business
If you made it this far you might be interested to know that now al of my writing is curated (without comment) at Prometheus. I no longer use RSS on my website and the G+ Page here gives me the opportunity to archive all my writing across the web.  I have, however, created an RSS feed for it so you can keep track of everything I write here.

The best way to reach me is through Google+ or my website:davidamerland.com.

Bragging rights
I used to wear a suit.

First two Nooglers (Those who are new to Google Plus) and the first Power Pluser (Those who are active on Google Plus) can become part of the film strip just let us know that you want to join by putting in a comment in the thread below.

Sandra Watson on the ABC's of Google Plus Hangout On AIr IMG_20140117_083532-MOTION+Sandra Watson of the ABC’s of Google+ will be teaching you the how, why and what’s of Google+ so that you can make the most out of your time and efforts her on this powerful platform.

+DENNIS N. DUCE  owner of +GomBoc.Me will also be giving tips from his experience as a Hangout On Air producer and Google+ lover.

Let us know what you would like to learn from Dennis and Sandra each week.

The first 2 Newglers (People new to Google+) to let us know that they would like to join as guests on the show will be given a special code to bring them into the video feed about 30 minutes before the show goes live. We will also take one veteran into the filmstrip/panel to help out as we teach you how Google+ works.

See all of the episodes on dennis’ personal blog feed for the ABC’s of Google+ http://goo.gl/3J47sx

See all of the episodes of the ABC’s of Google+ on Dennis’ YouTube Playlist http://goo.gl/epPM68

See all of the shows Gomboc.me produces on YouTube Playlisthttp://goo.gl/tau6Rh

Sandra Watson On Google+: http://goo.gl/AegntH
Sandra Watson’s Blog: http://goo.gl/BRfFlL
Dennis on Google+: http://goo.gl/hMJHTa
Gomboc.me On Google+: http://goo.gl/sGLrIv Dennis’ Personal Blog:http://goo.gl/3J47sx

#Gombocme   #Gombocd   #ABCSofGooglePlus     #GooglePlusTips  #AskTheDuce   #davidamerland

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Modern Marketing HOA for Westminster MBA Students

Hangout On Air All About the Power of Semantic Search.

Modern Marketing for Westminster College MBA Marketing Class

1. What is Social Media. Definition and explanation of the power of transparency and engagement

2. Why Facebook, Twitter and other Web 2.0 tools are more “media” than “social”

Important thoughts by Joshua Berg on Google+ http://goo.gl/VlCepb

Great insight by Mark Taphagen on Search Engine Land http://goo.gl/mQZ4bM

3. The Unbranding on America. How personal brand trumps corporate brand and why companies/organizations need to embrace the personalities of their team instead of trying to create “One Voice for the brand”

4. Web 3.0/Semantic Search how this changes both marketing and business practice in general.

5. The role of marketing agencies or departments in the future personal relationship economy.

See the last presentation I gave at Westminster in November 2013 on Google+ Check ou the conversation I have on a Hangout On Air with David Ameralnd earlier this week.

If you would like to know more about Dennis N. Duce and how he can help grow your online image call him at 435-565-1278 or fill out the form below.



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Salesmanship and Semantic Search with David Amerland

Learn How Personal Brand Fits into Web 3.0

Add New

key takeaways.

1. What is Semantic Search (50,000 foot view)
2. The Tools to Build Expertise (G+, Google Authorship, HOA’s and YouTube)
3. How can a sales professional integrate these tools into daily life.


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Web 3.0? Personalized Search is not Just a Matter of Semantics.

Hour of Code

Live Webinar from the Adobe Building in Lehi Utah.


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Relational Sales & Semantic Search

Salesmanship & Semantic Search:

How Relational Selling Starts Before the Face to Face.

Thanks for registraring for this Hangout On Air. You can follow the conversation leading up to this HOA by going to the Google+ Event Page. Salesmanship & Semantic Search G+ HOA Event Page


David Amerland on Semantic Search and Dennis N. Duce on Relational Selling and Social Media Hangout On Air







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