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The Hangout On Air Produced for Jerks Bike Shop

Small Business HOA for Utah Bike Shop

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The Hangout On AIr Produced for Utah Pawn Shop

The HOA for Utah Small Business Lighting Pawn


Alexandra Opens a Pill Bottle Live on Pawn Boys from Lighting Pawn Midvale UT Pawn Boys: #GetYourPawnOn *

Monday May 26th, 2014
5:02 pm MST (7:02 pm EST, 6:02 pm CST, and 4:02 pm PST)

You have never had this much fun on a Hangout On Air

Watch Live on Google+:
Watch Live on YouTube: 
Watch Live on Dennis’ Blog:

This weeks guest +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales 
Find Alex on Google+:

The Question on Everyone’s Mind will she #PawnOrDie  

Alexandra Rieki-Gonzales from SEO WiSE on Pawn Boys Custom HOA YouTube Cover ImagePawn or Die!

Each week we highlight 5 items that have been pawned or sold to+Lightning Pawn  in Midvale Utah, +Ryan Minor is the Host of this weekly HOA and he asks our Guest to “purchase” the pawned items with the $5,000 in “Pawn Bucks” that each guest is provided.

The Bid

Each guest will bid to “purchase” the items that are offered for pawn. The bid must be more than what Ryna paid when he took the item in to Midvale Pawn shop Lighting Pawn. If the guest does not at least bid the actual price Ryan bought the item for then the customer will “Walk” and they will not be able to move that item into the Resale segment of#PawnOrDie 

The Resale

The items that where in fact purchased will be sold based on the asking price Ryan has the items on sales right now at his Utah Pawn Shop. If the guest is able to sell the items for at least twice the purchase price then they have earned enough money to stay in business and will then have “Pawned” that item.

All of the items that where purchased and resold will then be added to the total at the end of the game. If the guest has sold all of the items for more that double they will have kept their business open. If they do not double the price they will have died.

The most profitable guest from each of these two month periods Jan/Feb, March, April, May/June, July/August, Sept/Oct, November/December will be brought to the #PawnOff  competition. 

Good Luck… May the Pawn be with you!

Learn more about +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales 

Authority Marketer | Student & Teacher


My roles keep changing! And as frustrating as it is when I attempt to pinpoint exactly what I do, it makes perfect sense: I work on the web! Of course my roles are going to constantly change. If I wasn’t evolving as not only the Web evolves but Google+ evolves, then I would be worried.

I want to be clear: I don’t claim to be an expert at any of this because I’m not! I’m only 23 for cryin’ out loud. But I’m young and eager to learn, something I’ve noticed many seem to lack; my peers seem content with the status quo, which concerns me daily.

First off, I am a full-time graduate student at Kent State University and a Teaching Assistant. So I’m not too sure what to call myself these days: A student of many, a teacher to some?

With such an extensive background in education I am the kind of person who grabs an idea and runs with it… I think that’s why John Ellis and I get along so well: he’s the idea man but I’m here to help him make that idea a reality. The idea I am speaking of is SEOWiSE, one that we have both become extremely protective of in our own right.

While John is extremely focused on what is said and how it is said to our students, I am focused on the brand we present to the world. I was fatefully tossed this task one day, and fortunately I have taken to it like a fish in a water. John simply asked me to start posting as SEOWiSE and as I have developed common themes based on the concept of SEOWiSE and where John decides to take it (which can change day-to-day), I have given SEOWiSE a voice that I feel is extremely unique. It’s not my voice… but at the same time it is. Now, this is a skill that took me a while to figure out and I am still working through the process of incorporating all of the features that a brand page should (managing a community, putting out shared as well as original content), but as I go through this process I openly share my insights with others.

I share my insights because I know the difficulty of entering such a new field and SEOWiSE has always been a part of the movement towards the modern brand – the transparent brand. We will always share our insights, make connections, engage with individuals because we believe that this is modern branding – people helping other people, brands supporting other brands.

What is SEOWiSE

Just a quick overview: SEOWiSE is an intensive 8 week program created by John Ellis (the Web Development Guy) and Jason Brick (the Content Marketing Man) to teach, well anyone really, how to write, share, and engage on the Web. The WiSE Program (Write, Share, Engage)
culminates in a professional web certification recognizing those who are ready to take on the web and become successful writers of the 21st century.

Personal Stuff

You may notice that I am the proud owner of three beautiful dogs. One is currently separated from me (I get pictures from time to time), but you will see the other two pop up A LOT (yup, I’m one of those dog owners).

I am also kind of a healthnut. Not the scary “never eat processed foods” kind of healthnut, but it is a personal concern of mine. I am vegan, partially for health reasons (I watched a documentary and have never been the same since!) and partially because of my undying love for anything that seems remotely cuddly. I am also an avid runner for multiple health reasons. Clearly, it keeps me in shape, but it is also the best way I have found to stabilize myself emotionally. Whether I’m mad or stressed or frustrated, a good, focused run does wonders. And in this relaxation I find my inspiration. You’ll notice that a few my posts have either to do with running or health because it’s where I find my inspiration and connections to everything else in my life.

About Pawn Boys: Live Pawn Utah Style

Each week we highlight items that have been pawned or sold to+Lightning Pawn  in Midvale Utah, +Ryan Minor  is the Host of this weekly HOA and tells us interesting stories of strange things that he has seen pawned in the 12 years he has been in the business.

Your Co Host each week on Pawn Boys is +DENNIS N. DUCE  who is there to be…well..entertaining? He also brings his Out Of The Box style of creating a Hangout On Air using multiple cameras, moving cameras, and more than one person in the camera shot (Oh no you didn’t?)

Let’s just say that this is everything you would expect from a+GomBoc.Me  produced Hangout On Air.

Learn About The Hosts
Ryan Minor (
Lighting Pawn (
Dennis N. Duce ( (

Come learn about the real behind the scenes  life of a Pawn Shop Owner.

Lightning Pawn on Google+
See all of the episodes of Lighting Pawn on Dennis N. Duces blog

Other Produced Hangouts On Air
Check out other Hangouts on Air Coming up from Gomboc.me
Check out past Hangouts On Air produced by on YouTube 

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Plus Your Charity Raising Funds And Awareness At The Same Time

Plus Your Charity on the Mia Connect Power Chat

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The Hangout On Air CGI, Digital Graphics and 3D Animation

The HOA for Digital Arts

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The Hangout On Air to Raise Money for Charities

Charity Fund Raising HOA

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The Hangout On Air For Utah Bike Lovers

The HOA for Cyclists in Utah


Bikes, Bikes, Bikes…and…The Bat Phone?

Monday May 5th 2014
5:02 pm MST (7:02 pm EST, 6:02 pm CST, and 4:02 pm PST)

Jerks Corner Hangout On Air for Utah Biking YouTube Image Episode Twenty One Live From Murray Utah Bike Shop Jerks Bike SHop on State StreetWatch Live on Google+:
Watch Live on YouTube:
Watch Live on
Watch Live on dennisduce.wordpress.com

You never know who might show up in Jerks Corner…For that matter you never know if Jerks Corner will be in Jerks Corner.

If +Kirk Sherrod gets his way this weeks show is going to be HUGE!
This Weeks Guests:

+Delilah Taylor, Monogamous Temptress 

This weeks guest is Delila Taylor:
Find Delilah on Google+: Delilah’s Personla GPlus Page:
Delilah on YouTube:
Delilah on Facebook: Delilah’s Website: Delilah’s other Website:


Watch All of the Jerks Corner HOA episodes

Each week  we bring in interesting people from the work of biking. 

See the Blog on Jerk’s Bike Shop Website
See the Blog on website

You host on this bike adventure is +Kirk Sherrod  owner of +Jerks Bike Shop

Thanks +DENNIS N. DUCE  and +GomBoc.Me  for producing this weekly “Hangout On Air In Real Life”

Kirk Sherrod on G+
Jerks Bike SHop on G+
Dennis N. Duce on G+ on G+

#GetYourBikeOn   #JerksCorner   #JerksHOA   #BikeHOA   #GombocMe  #GombocD   #BikeForLife  

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