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The Hangout On Air for Utah Pawn Shop Lighting Pawn

Your Utah Pawn HOA

22 Gage Used Rifle for Sale at Lighting Pawn the Midvale Utah Pawn Shop and Home of #PawnOrDie and #PawnBoys HOA*Pawn Or Die with Wasatch Moon in Midvale Utah Live on Pawn Boys from Lighting Pawn Midvale UT Pawn Boys: #GetYourPawnOn*

Monday June 9th, 2014

5:02 pm MST (7:02 pm EST, 6:02 pm CST, and 4:02 pm PST)

You have never had this much fun on a Hangout On Air

Mobile Link Live Viewing from your Phone or Tablet:http://goo.gl/2q7w8n

Watch Live on Google+: http://goo.gl/wfNL3e
Watch Live on YouTube: http://goo.gl/2q7w8n
Watch Live on Dennis’ Blog: http://goo.gl/nK0fcN

This weeks guest

Kincade painting for sale at Midvale Utah Pawn SHop Lighting Pawn home of #pawnboys and #PawnOrDieThe Question on Everyone’s Mind will she #PawnOrDie  

Pawn or Die!

Each week we highlight 5 items that have been pawned or sold to+Lightning Pawn  in Midvale Utah, +Ryan Minor is the Host of this weekly HOA and he asks our Guest to “purchase” the pawned items with the $5,000 in “Pawn Bucks” that each guest is provided.

The Bid

Each guest will bid to “purchase” the items that are offered for pawn. The bid must be more than what Ryna paid when he took the item in to Midvale Pawn shop Lighting Pawn. If the guest does not at least bid the actual price Ryan bought the item for then the customer will “Walk” and they will not be able to move that item into the Resale segment of #PawnOrDie

Lighting Pawn Utah Pawn Shop Remote COntrol Plane on #PawnOrDie and the #PawnBoys HOAThe Resale

The items that where in fact purchased will be sold based on the asking price Ryan has the items on sales right now at his Utah Pawn Shop. If the guest is able to sell the items for at least twice the purchase price then they have earned enough money to stay in business and will then have “Pawned” that item.

All of the items that where purchased and resold will then be added to the total at the end of the game. If the guest has sold all of the items for more that double they will have kept their business open. If they do not double the price they will have died.

The most profitable guest from each of these two month periods Jan/Feb, March, April, May/June, July/August, Sept/Oct, November/December will be brought to the #PawnOff  competition.

Good Luck… May the Pawn be with you!

Used Collectors Mountains Dew Wall Clock for sale at Midvale Utah Pawn Shop, Lightning Pawn used in #PawnOrDie from the #PawnBoys HOAAbout Pawn Boys: Live Pawn Utah Style

Each week we highlight items that have been pawned or sold to+Lightning Pawn  in Midvale Utah, +Ryan Minor  is the Host of this weekly HOA and tells us interesting stories of strange things that he has seen pawned in the 12 years he has been in the business.

Your Co Host each week on Pawn Boys is +DENNIS N. DUCE  who is there to be…well..entertaining? He also brings his Out Of The Box style of creating a Hangout On Air using multiple cameras, moving cameras, and more than one person in the camera shot (Oh no you didn’t?)

Let’s just say that this is everything you would expect from a+GomBoc.Me  produced Hangout On Air.

Used Holow Boddy Electric Guitar from #PawnOrDie on #PawnBoys the HOA from Utah Pawn SHop Lighting PawnLearn About The Hosts
Ryan Minor (http://goo.gl/07QY7Q)
Lighting Pawn (http://goo.gl/FdNnOv)
Dennis N. Duce (http://goo.gl/hMJHTa)
Gomboc.me. (http://goo.gl/sGLrIv)

Come learn about the real behind the scenes  life of a Pawn Shop Owner.

Lightning Pawn on Google+ http://goo.gl/rQ6yQK
See all of the episodes of Lighting Pawn on Dennis N. Duces bloghttp://goo.gl/lS8HK0

Watch Past Episodes of Pawn Boys:

Alexandra Opens A Pill Bottle Live on and HOA:http://goo.gl/uh0CGC

Live Pawn HOA from Lighting Pawn Midvale UT Pawn Boys:#GetYourPawnOnhttp://goo.gl/KelxP6

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The Hangout On Air for Midvale Utah Pawn Shop Week 17

The Lighting Pawn HOA

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The Hangout On Air for Utah Pawn

The Pawn HOA


Lighting Pawn YouTube Image (5)

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The Pawn Shop Hangout On Air

HOA About Real Life Pawn Not Just the Stars of Pawn


Jeremy Younger FIre Arms Instructor on Pawn Boys HOA. Get Your Pawn OnAnother Gun Expert on Pawn Boys! Get Your Pawn On!

Monday March 17th, 2014
10:00 am MST (12:00 pm EST, 11:00 am CST, and 9:00 am PST)

You have never had this much fun on a Hangout On Air

This weeks guest is +Jeremy Younger:
Catch up with Jeremy on Google+: http://goo.gl/ky4ILc
Find Jeremy on Twitter: http://goo.gl/iUuJ4M
Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn: http://goo.gl/kHUpTw

It’s not the odds. It’s the stakes.

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good Blaster at your side, kid.”

I’m just a regular guy I guess. The kind of regular guy who likes non-aggressive people following the non-aggressive axiom.

Because of this, you and I may be different.

Lighting Pawn YouTube Image (1)This difference will literally be how we may see violence as, or as not, a moral premise.

For the last three years, I have changed my life because of this.

I feel so strongly about it that I have made it my personal responsibility to solve two types of problems that violence, or the mere threat of violence causes, which are:
Not being a victim of violence by empowering people to defend themselves by the most technologically advanced means possible, and by
Directly aiding those who have been the victims of violence by working as an emergency medical professional
So at its heart, if we are different in this way, I see our views on using force as the difference and I don’t know if any discussions can happen by either of us forgoing this moral premise that perhaps only I bare.

Lightning Pawn Google+ Hangout On Air Event Cover (1)<Obama But let me be clear </Obama> , I don’t mean this to say that you are explicitly ok with violence, far from it, but I do believe if you just considered the “reason or force” axiom, that everything above it from a moral construct just falls apart. You may even come to realize the violence you participate in every day.

Still here? *

I love analog gaming, defensive art pursuits, reading Sci-Fi and Fantasy, though lately it’s been all non-fiction as I’ve found the psychology of stress/combat fascinating and helpful. 

Having been on G+ for a bit of time, I find that I post a lot of firearm self-defense related thoughts. If you’d like to be a part of that ramble, please let me know directly so I can add you to those circles, if by reading your own profile this reciprocal interest doesn’t immediately stand out to me. Please include me in any self-defense pursuits you may have, and I do mean any form of martial arts, weapons involvement or not.

I work for one of the most prestigious civilian firearm training facilities in the United States. Know that all my postings are of my own, and not representative of my employer. Unless of course you are doing something unsafe, then by all means I will call you out on it.#drypractice I mean today. No, I’m not joking.

As of November, our range has had 62 students in violent encounters, all of which have been won by our students. If you have heard of a better record for student involved civilian violent encounters, I beg you to let me know. I’d like to train at your place too.  

I like engineering and science, and have the goals of doing these disciplines with greater wisdom. Please share with me anything along those lines. 🙂

“Keep your hat on. We may end up miles from here.” ~ As said to Kurt Vonnegut, from an unnamed friend. 

Bragging rights
I pursue pacifism.

Watch Live on Google+ 
Watch Live on YouTube 
Watch Live on Facebook http://goo.gl/SPfVk5

About Pawn Boys: Live Pawn Utah Style

Each week we highlight items that have been pawned or sold to+Lightning Pawn in Midvale Utah,+Ryan Minor is the Host of this weekly HOA and tells us interesting stories of strange things that he has seen pawned in the 12 years he has been in the business.

Your Co Host each week on Pawn Boys is +DENNIS N. DUCE who is there to be…well..entertaining? He also brings his Out Of The Box style of creating a Hangout On Air using multiple cameras, moving cameras, and more than one person in the camera shot (Oh no you didn’t?)

Let’s just say that this is everything you would expect from a+GomBoc.Me produced Hangout On Air.

Learn About The Hosts
Ryan Minor (http://goo.gl/07QY7Q)
Lighting Pawn (http://goo.gl/FdNnOv)
Dennis N. Duce (http://goo.gl/hMJHTa)
Gomboc.me. (http://goo.gl/sGLrIv)

Come learn about the real behind the scenes  life of a Pawn Shop Owner.

Watch Live on my personal blog http://goo.gl/fbRcmU

Lightning Pawn on Google+ http://goo.gl/rQ6yQK
See all of the episodes of Lighting Pawn on Dennis N. Duces bloghttp://goo.gl/lS8HK0

Other Gomboc.me Produced Hangouts On Air
Check out other Hangouts on Air Coming up from Gomboc.me http://goo.gl/VZBF2Y
Check out past Hangouts On Air produced by Gomboc.me on YouTubehttp://goo.gl/wL5d5N 

(Facebook Feed Provided by +Hosted Hangouts. Get your HOA streamed live on FB. http://goo.gl/R8y4rk)*

#Pawnboys    #PawnNaked    #LivePawnHOA   #LightingPawn  #Gombocd   #GombocMe   #AskTheDuce   #StumpTheMinor    #GetYourPawnOn

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The Hangout On Air All About Pawn

HOA for Midvale Utah Pawn Shop

Lighting Pawn Pawn Boys Peter Cruz Gutartist from Texas Week Twelve YouTube ImageAre you looking for a solution to your online marketing problems in Utah? Have Dennis N. Duce produce a Hangout On Air for your small business. Call me 801-879-0243 or fill out the form below.

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The Hangout On Air for Midvale Pawn Shop Lighting Pawn

Pawn Boys the HOA about Live Pawn

Are you looking to get found Online? Want more engagement from your clients and prospective clients? Hangouts On Air are a great way to create that. Dennis N. Duce can produce a fun and educational weekly Hangout On Air to help promote your business. Call Dennis at 801-879-0243 or fill in this form.

Enjoy a little pawn humor with HAMbone and HENrieta THe Cash in a Flash Dash.

Get answers! First two people to comment in the thread saying they have something to pawn will be brought into the HOA to PAWN LIVE!

Monday March 3rd, 2014
10:00 am MST (12:00 pm EST, 11:00 am CST, and 9:00 am PST)

You have never had this much fun on a Hangout On Air

Watch Live on Google+ http://goo.gl/1JB7HX
Watch Live on YouTube http://goo.gl/Uxxr5l
Watch Live on Facebook http://goo.gl/SPfVk5

About Pawn Boys: Live Pawn Utah Style

Each week we highlight items that have been pawned or sold to +Lightning Pawn in Midvale Utah, +Ryan Minor is the Host of this weekly HOA and tells us interesting stories of strange things that he has seen pawned in the 12 years he has been in the business.

Your Co Host each week on Pawn Boys is +DENNIS N. DUCE who is there to be…well..entertaining? He also brings his Out Of The Box style of creating a Hangout On Air using multiple cameras, moving cameras, and more than one person in the camera shot (Oh no you didn’t?)

Let’s just say that this is everything you would expect from a +GomBoc.Me produced Hangout On Air.

Learn About The Hosts
Ryan Minor (http://goo.gl/07QY7Q)
Lighting Pawn (http://goo.gl/FdNnOv)
Dennis N. Duce (http://goo.gl/hMJHTa)
Gomboc.me. (http://goo.gl/sGLrIv)

Come learn about the real behind the scenes life of a Pawn Shop Owner.

Watch Live on my personal blog http://goo.gl/fbRcmU

Lightning Pawn on Google+ http://goo.gl/rQ6yQK
See all of the episodes of Lighting Pawn on Dennis N. Duces blog http://goo.gl/lS8HK0

Other Gomboc.me Produced Hangouts On Air
Check out other Hangouts on Air Coming up from Gomboc.me http://goo.gl/VZBF2Y
Check out past Hangouts On Air produced by Gomboc.me on YouTube http://goo.gl/wL5d5N

*(Facebook Feed Provided by +Hosted Hangouts. Get your HOA streamed live on FB. http://goo.gl/R8y4rk)*

#Pawnboys #PawnNaked #LivePawnHOA #LightingPawn #Gombocd #GombocMe #AskTheDuce #StumpTheMinor

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The Hangout on Air for Utah Pawn

Want to Pawn? This is the HOA for you.

Are you wanting to get your Utah Business found online? Have Gomboc.me create a live video feed Hangout On Air to promote your Business. Call Dennis N. Duce at 801-879-0243 or fill out the form below.

Get answers! First two people to comment in the thread saying they have something to pawn will be brought into the HOA to PAWN LIVE!

*You have never had this much fun on a Hangout On Air*

Watch Live on my personal blog http://goo.gl/wzRD2e

Watch Live on Google+ http://goo.gl/oSSctt

Watch Live on Facebook http://goo.gl/2BBYdE

See all of the episodes you have missed on my blog  http://goo.gl/4z57hn

Each week we highlight items that have been pawned or sold to Lighting Pawn (http://goo.gl/FdNnOv) in Midvale Utah, Ryan Minor (http://goo.gl/07QY7Q) is the Host of this weekly HOA and tells us interesting stories of strange things that he has seen pawned in the 12 years he has been in the business.

Dennis N. Duce (http://goo.gl/hMJHTa) is the Executive Producer, Co-Host and owner of Gomboc.me. (http://goo.gl/sGLrIv)

Come learn about the real behind the scenes  life of a Pawn Shop Owner.

Lightning Pawn on Google+ http://goo.gl/rQ6yQK

See all of the episodes of Lighting Pawn on Dennis N. DUces bloghttp://goo.gl/lS8HK0

See all of the Hangouts on Air Produced by Gomboc.mehttp://goo.gl/6oZhpX

Thanks +Ryan Minor for letting me (+DENNIS N. DUCE and+GomBoc.Me keep coming back to talk Pawn in your Midvale Utah Pawn Shop!

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The Hangout On Air for Pawn! Pawn Boys Lighting Pawn

Going where no other HOA has gone before

Get answers! First two people to comment in the thread saying they have something to pawn will be brought into the HOA to PAWN LIVE!

*You have never had this much fun on a Hangout On Air*

Watch Live on my personal blog http://goo.gl/aSrsUy

Watch Live on Facebook http://goo.gl/2BBYdE

See all of the episodes you have missed on my blog  http://goo.gl/4z57hn

Each week we highlight items that have been pawned or sold to Lighting Panw in Midvale Utah, Ryan Minor is the Host of this weekly HOA and tells us interesting stories of strange things that he has seen pawned in the 12 years he has been in the business.

Dennis N. Duce is the Executive Producer, Co-Host and owner of Gomboc.me.

Come learn about the real behind the scenes  life of a Pawn Shop Owner.

Lightning Pawn on Google+ http://goo.gl/rQ6yQK

See all of the episodes of Lighting Pawn on Dennis N. DUces bloghttp://goo.gl/lS8HK0

See all of the Hangouts on Air Produced by Gomboc.mehttp://goo.gl/6oZhpX

Thanks +Ryan Minor for letting me (+DENNIS N. DUCE and+GomBoc.Me keep coming back to talk Pawn in your Midvale Utah Pawn Shop!


Transcription by Gomboc.me

Pawn Boys Week 9

00:00:05 Dennis Duce: Yeah. Welcome.

 00:00:08 Ryan Minor: Is this week nine?

 00:00:10 Dennis Duce: No, it’s week something a whole lot more than that.

 00:00:12 Ryan Minor: Oh, okay!

 00:00:13 Dennis Duce: I don’t know. I’d have to check.

 00:00:13 Ryan Minor: What, did you lose count?

 00:00:14 Dennis Duce: I’d have to look at the spread sheet. So, um, we are live again from Lightning Pawn, Pawn Boys. We have a special guest here, Tim…

 00:00:25 Ryan Minor: Tom Timothy.

 00:00:25 Dennis Duce: Tom Timothy. Tim, Tom, Tom Timothy. Um, maybe I’ll get by the end of the show. Tom is an expert and collector of Winchester Guns. He has brought in four that are not for sale, and we are going to take a look at a Winchester that Ryan has recently taken in as well. We are also, we have our first remote guest for this show, ever, Rhonda Green.

 00:00:49 Ryan Minor: Hey Rhonda!

 00:00:52 Dennis Duce: Rhonda, are you there?

 00:00:55 Rhonda Green: Hey guys!

 00:00:56 Ryan Minor: Woo! There she is!

 00:00:58 Dennis Duce: Can you hear us Rhonda?

 00:00:59 Rhonda Green: Yeah! Can you hear me?

 00:01:01 Dennis Duce: Yep, we can hear you fine. So, Rhonda is going to help us with a new little project. We are going to start taking things in and pawning, giving valuations of things right here during this show.

 00:01:18 Ryan Minor: Yes.

 00:01:19 Dennis Duce: So, Rhonda has hopefully got something that she is interested in finding out what the value is of that item. So, what I want to do is start off with that. I have got a couple of things that I want to pawn, too, and these aren’t things like, Kirk Sherrod’s buffalo head.

 00:01:33 Ryan Minor: Buffalo head, which I still have by the way.

 00:01:37 Dennis Duce: These are things I actually do want to see if you want to take, so. We are going to go ahead, though, and start off with Rhonda, Rhonda. What do you want to show Ryan, that he can give a value on?

 00:01:54 Ryan Minor: Test me. I get tested a lot. I know a little bit about a lot of things, so.

 00:02:00 Rhonda Green: I have some glassware that …A little bit about a lot. There you go. I have…This belonged to my mom. It is like a cream and sugar pitcher glassware.

 00:02:18 Ryan Minor: Okay. Alright.

 00:02:19 Rhonda Green: Like that. And I just dropped the lid. There we go.

 00:02:24 Ryan Minor: Worth instantly less, right?

 00:02:25 Tom Timothy: It just went down.

 00:02:27 Rhonda Green: There we go. One piece down. There we go. Um, so I wouldn’t ever part with it. But, I’m just wondering.

 00:02:38 Ryan Minor: What a value might be. Now, Rhonda, is there, is there a brand that you can see on that crystal? Um, maybe on the bottom, bottom part of the glassware?

 00:02:53 Rhonda Green: I don’t see one.

 00:02:55 Ryan Minor: Okay, do you know, do you know, can you tell me maybe a brief history about it? It’s obviously been in your family for a little bit. Is it something your mom got at some point, or for a gift? Or…

 00:03:09 Rhonda Green: I’m not sure where she got it from, but I do know that she had it, I mean, it’s been with us since I was born.

 00:03:16 Ryan Minor: Right.

 00:03:17 Rhonda Green: It’s definitely…I’m gonna tell my age. It’s before ’73.

 00:03:19 Dennis Duce: So it’s about fifty..

 00:03:22 Ryan Minor: Did you hear that?

 00:03:27 Rhonda Green: It’s before ’73. Yes.

 00:03:30 Ryan Minor: Alright. So, it obviously means a lot to you, right, something that you have.

 00:03:35 Rhonda Green: It does.

 00:03:36 Ryan Minor: That you want to keep.  You know, obviously it looks more on the vintage side, and vintage things are obviously in right now. People like to put them around in their house and they’re great for decoration, and so forth. Um, with it not being branded, what I mean by that, if it is not made by a company like Swarovski, or Waterford, or any of those higher end crystal companies, that might, that type of branding adds value to an item like that. I know Tiffany and Company put out some glassware like that, that has quite a bit of worth to it. Um, but based on just a looks alone, I might put something in my store for sale like that for probably $40.00 to $50.00 for the pair and hopefully somebody would see it and appreciate it and buy it. That’s something that you know, in my store here, that’s something that you see quite a bit of. I like to take the things that are, I don’t know people like to look at. It’s not just the normal things you see in pawn shops like DVD’s and electronics and guns, although, I do like guns as well, but I like taking kind of the weird, and the unusual, and the things that people really come into pawn shops to see. Now when people come into my pawn shop, they always comment that your pawn shop is unlike any other pawn shop because you do have these things in your store. So, I would say, I would be more apt to take an item like that than most people that you would bring that in to. Just because I like the kind of the abnormal and the weird and that type of stuff. I see that value in that type of thing. So, I would say $40.00 to $50.00. I would probably put that out for you. I would expect somebody to pay maybe half of that, and I know that, you’re not looking to sale it, and especially for that amount, right? Or, you could send it out to us. That’s fine. I’ll send you a check.

 00:05:36 Rhonda Green: Nah. It’s priceless, I’ll be keeping it, but. It’s just fun to find out what it was worth. Thank you for that.

 00:05:45 Ryan Minor: Yeah, it’s very neat looking stuff and I’m glad you got stuff. I mean, I think it is cool that people have that type of stuff that they hold onto and cherish. That’s great, great stuff. So, thank you! Thanks, Rhonda. I appreciate you bringing that on.

 00:06:00 Dennis Duce: Okay, Ryan

 00:06:01 Rhonda Green: No, thank you!

 00:06:03 Dennis Duce: We’ve got three customers in here right now. It’s getting pretty crazy around here. Um, so, I am going to let you go do pawn stuff for a little while, and I am going to talk to Tom about guns.

 00:06:14 Ryan Minor: Okay. Alright!

 00:06:16 Dennis Duce: So that you can do your job.

 00:06:17 Ryan Minor: Take it away!

 00:06:19 Dennis Duce: Join us back if you can.

 00:06:20 Ryan Minor: I will.

 00:06:20 Dennis Duce: We’d love to have you back. Alright, so, Tom, how did you get into, first of all, your interest in antique guns, and is it all antique guns, or are you Winchester only?

 00:06:31 Tom Timothy: No, I like all guns. Mostly antique guns. I like Winchester’s Marlin’s, all sorts of antique guns. I like all antiques. But, I started probably twenty years ago and got interested in and went to a gun show, and they just kind of went from there, and I started collecting and it is a lot of fun.

 00:06:54 Dennis Duce: Hey Rhonda, let me ask you, with them talking in the background, are you able to hear what he is saying?

 00:07:03 Rhonda Green: Yes.

 00:07:04 Dennis Duce: Okay. Alright, good deal. Okay. So, let’s go through some of the guns that you have brought in that you have collected over time.

 00:07:13 Tom Timothy: Okay.

 00:07:13 Dennis Duce: Talk about what they are, and…

 00:07:16 Tom Timothy: I brought four guns here today. They are model 1885 Winchesters, it is the first patent that John Browning sold to Winchester, was the 1885 Single-Shot Filing Block. It’s my favorite gun to collect, I brought four of them. I have bought three High-walls and one Low-wall, the difference between the High-walls and the Low-walls is the size of the frame as you can see. Low-walls have smaller frames, High-walls have a bigger frame. Usually, the high-walls are the bigger caliber guns, but not always. They have made almost every caliber that you can imagine in a High-wall. Usually, the highest I have seen on a Low-wall is a .38-40. These can go .45, whatever caliber that you can imagine, they have made in a High-wall, so. But they have also made High-walls in .22 calibers.  I have got some that are .22 Center Fires, .22 Winchester Rim Fires. Does that answer that question?

 00:08:26 Dennis Duce: Oh Yeah.

 00:08:27 Tom Timothy: These three guns here is like I was telling Ryan, in the Madis Book of Collectors, they only made 148 of this particular gun because if you can see, it has a 36 inch long barrel. That’s the longest barrel Winchester ever made and they only made 148 of them and I have three of them.

 00:08:46 Ryan Minor: So, on this program, you are seeing one of 148 rifles like that made.

 00:08:51 Tom Timothy: And in the gun business, that is not very many.

 00:08:54 Ryan Minor: Oh yeah.

 00:08:55 Tom Timothy: It’s like Ryan said. He likes unusual, rare stuff that’s what determines a lot of value on guns. Is how rare they may be.

 00:09:03 Ryan Minor: You were mentioning something about calibers. A lot of these, a lot of these calibers, are they more oddball calibers, calibers that you will not see in guns sold new today, that Winchester put out with some of these older guns?

 00:09:19 Tom Timothy: No, not necessarily. Not necessarily. I don’t know how to answer that question to be honest with you, because they do make the same calibers today.

 00:09:31 Ryan Minor: Right.

 00:09:31 Tom Timothy: But, for example, here’s the answer to that one…Yes. This particular gun right here, it is a .25-20 single-shot caliber. Now, you have .25-20 caliber guns and they are and they are .25-20, but this is a .25-20 single-shot, so if the bullet actually is a different from a .25-20. Is that making sense?

 00:09:54 Ryan Minor: Yeah. For sure.

 00:09:56 Tom Timothy: It’s hard to find this ammunition. I have got two boxes of it, and it is real hard to find.

 00:10:01 Ryan Minor: Now, do you fire any of these guns?

 00:10:03 Tom Timothy: I’ve fired every one…Well, I haven’t shot this one yet because the boxes that I got for this are collectible, they are unopened.

 00:10:09 Ryan Minor: Right.

 00:10:09 Tom Timothy: The worst thing you can do with antique ammo that’s sealed is open it up.

 00:10:12 Ryan Minor: Right. So, is that with guns I know, especially with the antique guns, being able to actually fire the gun and use the gun adds to the value of the gun. For example.  If you were to bring a gun in like this, and knowing that it doesn’t fire, it’s not going to be as much as something that would fire.

 00:10:33 Tom Timothy: I as a collector don’t want it.

 00:10:34 Ryan Minor: Yeah, exactly.

 00:10:35 Tom Timothy: So, yeah, but…

 00:10:36 Ryan Minor: Okay.

 00:10:37 Tom Timothy: Just, yeah, that helps a lot in the buy. They have to function right. These are very hardy guns, very strong actions. You won’t hurt these guns by firing them.

 00:10:47 Ryan Minor: What is it about…I know you collect all sorts of guns. Now, you have bought a couple of guns from  me. Matter of fact, one of them was not a Winchester.

 00:10:55 Tom Timothy: It was a Whitney.

 00:10:56 Ryan Minor: Yeah, which is a cool gun. It’s a really neat gun, and you still have it. And you are first and foremost a collector versus a gun dealer.

 00:11:01 Tom Timothy: Right. I am not a dealer. I mean,  I have sold some to buy more valuable guns, you know, my interests have changed over the years.

 00:11:09 Ryan Minor: I do the same type of things with bikes. I like buying and selling bikes, because it supports my habit in getting new bikes. And so, it is kind of what Tom does, is he buys and sells guns and it kind of supports his collecting habit, right?

 00:11:22 Tom Timothy: Yeah, it does. Yeah.

 00:11:22 Ryan Minor: What is it about Winchester specifically that you love?

 00:11:28 Tom Timothy: Well, it’s a name. It is a name. It’s highly recognized. It is most recognized name in firearms that there are is Winchester’s. Now, I also collect Marlin’s and my personal opinion is, is Marlin’s are every bit as good a gun as Winchesters around the turn of the century. The age of these guns right here. But they don’t, but the value is not there as the Winchester just because the name. But they are every bit as good as the gun, but they are starting to catch up now.

 00:11:55 Ryan Minor: Okay.

 00:11:56 Tom Timothy: But Marlin in my opinion after the turn of the century when they got up to the ‘30’s and ‘40’s and ‘50’s, they really cheapened up their guns and in my opinion, the Marlin’s of that era are junk.

 00:12:07 Ryan Minor: Right.

 00:12:08 Tom Timothy: I don’t care for them.

 00:12:09 Ryan Minor: So, up ‘til now, it is not…okay.

 00:12:12 Tom Timothy: But at the turn of the century, they competed. They were made in the same place, New Haven, Connecticut.

 00:12:17 Ryan Minor: Right.

 00:12:17 Tom Timothy: Competed very well. Uh, Marlin’s, I like Marlin’s but the name Marlin, you probably got ten Winchester collectors to every one Marlin.

 00:12:27 Ryan Minor: Right, I’ve never heard of a Marlin Collector. I have heard of people that like Marlin’s, but I don’t think I’ve heard of a Marlin Collector.

 00:12:31 Tom Timothy: But there are some. There are some but not like Winchester.

 00:12:34 Ryan Minor: Right. So,

 00:12:35 Dennis Duce: I’ve only heard of the fish. I didn’t know there was a Marlin gun.

 00:12:38 Ryan Minor: I have one back here. We are trash talkin’… Yeah, this is a Marlin. A Marlin .38 W.

 00:12:44 Tom Timothy: To me, one more look at this gun, it is a good shootable gun, and stuff like that. if that’s what you want it for, but to me, just the visual part of.

 00:12:52 Ryan Minor: Oh yeah, just looking at both of the guns, I am just. You know, I don’t mind a Marlin. I have shot Marlin’s, I have shot Winchester’s, but just looking at the two guns, how they are made and the machinery, and just really how they look, there’s a night and day difference.

 00:13:07Tom Timothy: Oh yeah. The wood’s bulky. It ‘s not…why didn’t they finish that off?

 00:13:11 Ryan Minor: Right, right.

 00:13:12 Tom Timothy: You know, but it is a very good, functional gun. Now, I will say one thing about Marlin’s as far as case coloring. Do you know what case coloring is? Case hardening.

 00:13:20 Ryan Minor: Uh, explain that.

 00:13:22 Tom Timothy: Okay, case hardening is where they harden the case of metal up here. Okay?

 00:13:25 Ryan Minor: And they do that just by some sort of process. Right?

 00:13:27 Tom Timothy: Yes, some sort of process. I don’t know the process, but it is some sort of process. But you can see when this was case colored, it came out very colorful. Okay.

 00:13:35 Dennis Duce: Well that’s beautiful.

 00:13:36 Ryan Minor: Can we  get that closer to there?

 00:13:37 Dennis Duce: We’ve got to get this closer, especially for you, I mean, okay. I gotta explain. Rhonda is a steampunk artist. Okay? So, if you don’t know what a steam…Do you know what a steampunk artist is, Tom?

 00:13:48 Tom Timothy: I have no idea.

 00:13:49 Dennis Duce: Okay, a steampunk artist takes Turn of the Century things and makes them kind of fancy and new, so she does jewelry and things. So things like this, if this gun was not working, and had no more value, this would drive her completely nuts! Can you see the coloring there, Rhonda?

 00:14:08 Rhonda Green: I would completely take it apart, Dennis!

 00:14:10 Dennis Duce: Is that amazing patina or what?

 00:14:12 Tom Timothy: Rhonda, don’t take this gun!

 00:14:15 Dennis Duce: But, if this gun was one that, for some reason was not collectable…

 00:14:21 Tom Timothy: Yes.

 00:14:21 Dennis Duce: And yet this was the way it was, that is what Rhonda would go after. You don’t take apart stuff that still has value that’s Turn of the Century. You take apart the things that, as a complete piece, are no longer valuable. Correct?

 00:14:35 Ryan Minor and Dennis Duce: Like old watches…

 00:14:37 Ryan Minor: And stuff like that.

 00:14:37 Dennis Duce: things that are broken, and stuff like that.

 00:14:39 Ryan Minor: After the show, I’ve got a box full of that stuff.

 00:14:44 Rhonda Green: Send it on! Right now, Dennis, I am actually wearing a bike gear from Jerks Bike Shop.

 00:14:51 Dennis Duce: That’s a Jerks Bike Shop bike gear piece.

 00:14:54 Rhonda Green: Yep. There it is.

 00:14:55 Dennis Duce: Kirk sent.  So Kirk actually introduced Ryan and I. So, that’s, yeah, that’s how I ended up with Ryan as a client. But, um, yeah, so that is just I mean, I am going to put that back up there again. This is just amazing color. Being a copper artist myself, um, I love that patination that’s on there. That’s just amazing. I would spend hours trying to  make that look like that.

 00:15:23 Ryan Minor: Now, Tom, can you show us the difference between your mentioning before, that you have got an example of a Winchester high-wall and a Winchester low-wall. Can you show us  like a visual example of what that means?

 00:15:37 Tom Timothy: This one’s a high-wall. This one’s a low-wall. The difference between this is the size of the frame. Okay.

 00:15:44 Dennis Duce: Size of this piece right  here?

 00:15:45 Tom Timothy: Yes. That’s called the frame.

 00:15:47 Dennis Duce: Let’s try to hold one of those up so people can see that difference.

 00:15:50 Tom Timothy: yeah, you can see, you can see that both those are case hardened, but one has a whole lot  more color. Now, they can do more coloring with smaller, smaller amounts of the metal.

 00:15:59 Ryan Minor: SO, low wall and this is a high wall.

 00:16:01 Tom Timothy: Right. And the difference is just….

 00:16:03 Dennis Duce: And those are heavy and I am not going to hold them up there cantilever. So.

 00:16:06 Ryan Minor: So, what are the values of those two guns?  What would somebody expect to pay from somebody. I know you, you are very knowledgeable about guns, and you, I mean, you like to get a good deal like everybody else, right? And so…

 00:16:20 Tom Timothy: Oh yeah. Absolutely. The one in here I am going to get it as cheap as I can.

 00:16:24 Ryan Minor: Absolutely. Absolutely. And I am going to go the opposite and I am going to try to sell it to you for a nice expensive…

 00:16:30 Tom Timothy: That’s the fun of it!

 00:16:32 Ryan Minor: I don’t rip people off. I didn’t mean it that way. I am just here to make a buck man. I mean, don’t blame me for that. So what would one expect to pay if they saw that in a store like mine.

 00:16:48 Tom Timothy: Well, to be honest with you. I haven’t seen a gun like this in a pawn shop in Utah at all.

 00:16:53 Ryan Minor: One could show up any day now. You never know.

 00:16:55 Tom Timothy: They could, they could. Uh. It depends. It depends on what the gun is. You know, you can get, does it have special features about it? What is it?  What caliber? It depends, the price…

 00:17:10 Ryan Minor: All those things factor into the value of it.

 00:17:11 Tom Timothy: All those things factor in. It depends on how much a guy wants it. I am not going to tell you how much I paid for this gun, but it was quite a bit.

 00:17:18 Ryan Minor: So, what? Okay, now let’s back up a little bit. The gun, I don’t know which one it is. I think it’s the longer barrel one, the longer barrel Winchester, that one’s a high-wall, isn’t it?

 00:17:26 Tom Timothy: Yes.

 00:17:26 Ryan Minor: You said that that is one of how many?

 00:17:29 Tom Timothy: They only made 148 high-walls with thirty six inch barrels. I have three of them.

 00:17:35 Ryan Minor: What does a gun like that value at?

 00:17:36 Dennis Duce: You have three of the 148?

 00:17:37 Tom Timothy: Right. Right. In the Madis book. Well, Ryan. I am trying to answer your question.

 00:17:43 Ryan Minor: He is a true collector. I mean, that’s…

 00:17:46 Tom Timothy: What I am trying to explain to you..

 00:17:48 Ryan Minor: Right here on Pawn Boys Baby!

 00:17:50 Tom Timothy: This gun’s worth more than the other two because of the special features. It’s got the veneer tank sight. Now, those alone are, they can go anywhere from $600.00 to $1,000.00.

 00:18:01 Ryan Minor: Just that piece alone.

 00:18:02 Tom Timothy: Just the sight alone.

 00:18:03 Ryan Minor: Right, okay.

 00:18:03 Dennis Duce: Can they hold that up so the camera can see that sight up?

 00:18:09 Ryan Minor: That’s like Quigley Down Under style, right? Remember that movie?

 00:18:13 Dennis Duce: I do.

 00:18:14 Tom Timothy: That was actually a Sharp’s, though.

 00:18:15 Ryan Minor: Is that? Yeah.

 00:18:17 Tom Timothy: And it’s got special features. Now, this one was a special order. So this one I don’t know how rare it is. Pretty rare because somebody ordered this gun this way from the factory. It has got…It is lettered. You know what letters are? It has got a half octagon, half round barrel, and it’s got a double sit trigger. Can you see those two triggers there?

 00:18:36 Dennis Duce: Oh yeah.

 00:18:37 Tom Timothy: So how that works is you push this trigger forward, and then that makes that a very hair trigger. So, in order to fire that gun, all you have to do, you barely have to touch that and it shoots off.

 00:18:47 Ryan Minor: Right.

 00:18:48 Dennis Duce: Let me hold that up too, so they can see that double trigger. That’s pretty cool.

 00:18:51 Ryan Minor: So, what would you value a gun like that at?

 00:18:55 Tom Timothy: If I was to sell it…

 00:18:56 Ryan Minor: Which you are not. They are not for sale right?

 00:18:58 Tom Timothy: I’m not going to sell it. I wouldn’t take less than $6,500.00 for this gun.

 00:19:01 Ryan Minor: Okay.

 00:19:02 Dennis Duce: And what about the other two. That’s the most valuable of the three. Correct?

 00:19:06 Tom Timothy: Yes, at this point. Because of the special features. You know, this is the .32-40 caliber which was a target cartridge. Let’s see. That’s why it’s got the globe sight on front. It’s probably $150.00 alone.

 00:19:21 Ryan Minor: Wow.

 00:19:21 Tom Timothy: So, is that a lot of money for this gun? Yes. Just depends, you know.

 00:19:29 Ryan Minor: Well, you know, it’s not…they’re not doing these guns any justice. When you are looking at them like through the camera, I mean, they are beautiful guns to look at. I mean.

 00:19:38 Dennis Duce: They’re gorgeous.

 00:19:40 Ryan Minor: And live, seeing over the camera is not doing them any justice. They are just like a piece of art. Really, really nice stuff. Now you have, you have, you collect other guns right. You said you collect old Marlin’s and old Winchester’s and you bought that gun from me. What was that gun, again?

 00:19:59 Tom Timothy: A Whitney Kennedy.

 00:20:00 Ryan Minor: Okay. What caliber was that again? I cannot remember.

 00:20:02 Tom Timothy: .44-40.

 00:20:03 Ryan Minor: Oh. Okay. And you still have that gun?

 00:20:05 Tom Timothy: Uh huh.

 00:20:06 Ryan Minor: Okay. So, That’s kind of in your arsenal still.

 00:20:08 Tom Timothy: This one is a .38-55, this one is a .32-40. Uh, value wise it is hard to come up with a value. You just have to know. They have got the blue book on gun values and it is a guide and you can go to it, but it is just a guide.

 00:20:22Ryan Minor: Right.

 00:20:22 Tom Timothy: I know one thing. In Utah guns are a lot cheaper than they are in other states.

 00:20:28 Ryan Minor: Oh yeah, I mean that’s…We’re a little behind the times here in Utah or something, right?

 00:20:30 Tom Timothy: Yeah, absolutely. Now, I’ve bought a gun. Go ahead, go ahead.

 00:20:37 Dennis Duce: Now, I have a question. Because you said this is based on a Browning patent and being a Utah guy, I know that, you know, Browning is a Utah company and a Utah person, and so, is there any increased value, do you think, in Utah, for collectible guns that tie back to Utah history like that?

 00:20:58 Tom Timothy: That’s an absolute great question and the answer to that is yes. When Browning sold the patent to Winchester, they went out and they started making high-walls. Now, they also had a retail store in Ogden, okay. Browning started in Illinois, I believe. They moved to Utah. They had a retail store and they did not manufacture guns. But when they would get any gun in, they would bring it in and the first thing they would do  was they would put their Browning stamp on it. Browning Brothers. There’s Browning Brothers Utah Territory, Browning Brothers Ogden, Utah, and the stamp alone makes the gun worth a whole lot more. There is a lot of people that go absolutely crazy on Browning stamped guns. They didn’t just stamp guns. They stamped everything that came into their store as a retail store. So, that makes a premium on guns. That is one of the added features on your Browning Gun. Now, I will also tell you that high-walls, Browning made 600 high-walls and  600 low-walls. If you have one of those, you have got a treasure. I don’t have one just because…

 00:21:57 Ryan Minor: You’re still looking for one.

 00:21:59 Tom Timothy: Well, no.

 00:22:00 Dennis Duce: Not willing to pay the premium.

 00:22:02 Tom Timothy: You’re talking $30,000.00 to $40,000.00 just for one.

 00:22:05 Ryan Minor: Tom,  if you ran across one of those, would you be a player in one of those?

 00:22:09 Tom Timothy: Uh, me myself, I don’t have the funds to do that. It depends. To me, collecting guns as far as value, is just a number. Okay. Does that make sense to you? Whether if the gun is worth $30,000.00 and you can get it for $20,000.00 you’d be a fool not to buy it.

 00:22:25 Ryan Minor: Right.

 00:22:26 Tom Timothy: But you still have to have those funds to buy it though.

 00:22:27 Ryan Minor: Sure, sure.

 00:22:29 Tom Timothy: Big time guys, they are all bought up. Don’t get me wrong. There were two in the Las Vegas show that were for sale, and I know a guy that’s got two of them that he would sell. But you’re just talking a whole lot of money. So, to me as a collector, I cannot afford to do that. I would love to have a Browning gun, but to me, there are more important things to do with money, than pay that much money for a gun. I get as much satisfaction out of these.

 00:22:52 Ryan Minor: Right, right.

 00:22:53 Tom Timothy: Those Browning high-walls were pretty rustic. They were handmade, you know. They weren’t well defined like Winchester makes them.

 00:23:01 Ryan Minor: That’s it, you know in the beginning when I first met you Tom, I first I liked you from the beginning. There’s…

 00:23:08 Tom Timothy: I liked you, too.

 00:23:09 Ryan Minor: Sometimes people come into my store and, you know, it’s just like anything else. It’s like you just get a good vibe from them, and he’s always told me, Tom has always told me since the beginning, that he’s first and foremost a collector. And, he’s just, you know, satisfying his own, you know, his own desires as far as gun collecting goes. And, that’s why I like dealing with him, is because I know that if I sell him a gun, or if we’re trying to deal on a gun, he’s not necessarily you know, in it to, I mean he wants a good deal like anybody else, right? He’s collecting it. I mean, he wants to get the best deal he can, but it, the gun is going to a good home in other words.

 00:23:53 Tom Timothy: Well, if you’re looking to buy a gun for yourself, you’re willing to pay a little bit more.

 00:23:58 Ryan Minor: Right. That’s true. That’s true. But, he is always willing to help out with knowledge and I, in this position, I try to soak in knowledge, like,  you know people tell me things, I try to soak in knowledge. Just so I can hopefully pull it up in some future, you know.

 00:24:14 Tom Timothy: Well, my thinking of that is guns. I know values of old guns. You know, it’s just something that over time that I have learned, I have had to educate myself.  My son actually knows a whole lot more about guns like this than I do, because he likes to research and do all of that kind of stuff. That bores me. I just like the collecting. But, for a guy like you, you know, I like coming and talking guns with people. You know. And, because you have to have a general idea of what a lot of stuff is worth.

 00:24:42 Ryan Minor: Right.

 00:24:43 Tom Timothy: I don’t know. I don’t know, and to be honest with you, could care less what the values of anything else that you have in your…

 00:24:49 Ryan Minor: No, you’ve got your focus. You’ve got just guns. Yeah.

 00:24:51 Tom Timothy: Except for your bike up there. I was going to make you an offer for that. But I like antiques.

 00:24:56 Ryan Minor: Like your guns, that’s not for sale.

 00:25:00 Dennis Duce: Yeah, that, you’d really need to look over that. We highlighted that on a show a few weeks ago.

 00:25:04 Tom Timothy: I had my eye on your show.

 00:25:06 Dennis Duce: That’ bike’s amazing.

 00:25:07 Tom Timothy: I like all antiques. I have old cars, I have that kind of stuff too.

 00:25:13 Ryan Minor: I think that they’re, whether you’re just, looking at the guns or the bike or, I like old coins as well. It’s especially the American stuff. It just, it just, you look at it and it tells a story.

 00:25:25 Tom Timothy: I inherited a big coin collection from my mom’s second husband and I went and sold it and bought some more guns. And I liked them, but…

 00:25:33 Ryan Minor: He’s got his priorities, right?

 00:25:34 Tom Timothy: They only did so much for me. And I am pretty knowledgeable about old coins.

 00:25:38 Ryan Minor: Right.

 00:25:39 Tom Timothy: I had to educate myself on them.

 00:25:41 Ryan Minor: I always think when I look at, you know, old guns, or the bike, or coins, or whatever it is, if they could talk, what kind of stories could they tell?

 00:25:50 Rhonda Green: I love that!

 00:25:53 Dennis Duce: What was that, Rhonda?

 00:25:54 Rhonda Green: I love that. I do the same thing. I always wonder where something came from, and who’s touched it.

 00:26:02 Ryan Minor: Oh yeah, that’s exactly right. That’s exactly right.

 00:26:06 Rhonda Green: I love that! Yay!

 00:26:08 Ryan Minor: See, you got the bug, just like we do. I mean, it’s…

 00:26:12 Rhonda Green: Oh yeah. The only difference is, I tear mine up and turn it into something else.

 00:26:21 Ryan Minor: Yeah, it’s fascinating.

 00:26:23 Rhonda Green: Boys, I’ve got another meeting to go to. So, I’m going to have to go now. But,

 00:26:27 Ryan Minor: Hey, Rhonda, thanks for your time!

 00:26:28 Rhonda Green: It was fun! Thanks for having  me.

 00:26:29 Dennis Duce: Hey, Rhonda, Ping Ryan and he will get you some watch parts.

 00:26:35 Ryan Minor: I’ve got a ton of watch parts, Rhonda. So, I’ll send them out to you.

 00:26:38 Rhonda Green: Hey, you’re the bomb! Awesome. Thank you!

 00:26:41 Ryan Minor: Thanks Rhonda.

 00:26:41 Rhonda Green: Have fun guys!

 00:26:42 Ryan Minor: Okay, bye bye. Thanks for joining us.

 00:26:44 Dennis Duce: Thanks for joining us.

 00:26:46 Ryan Minor: Um. Alright. Did you have any other questions for him?

 00:26:50 Dennis Duce: Well, you  had that one gun, he looked at it before the show while I was setting up equipment. But let’s have im review that on camera.

00:26:54 Ryan Minor: This is a gun. Yeah,  this is a gun that I purchased last week, and it also is a Winchester, although it is not in the same caliber as far as value that these, that these are. This is a shotgun.

00:27:06 Dennis Duce: Of course it is not the same caliber. It’s a shot gun.

00:27:09 Ryan Minor: This is a, Tom, tell us a little about this. It is a Winchester 1897, right?

00:27:13 Tom Timothy: An 1897 Pump Winchester Shot Gun with a hammer. Uh, desirable to cowboy shooters.

00:27:22 Dennis Duce: What is a cowboy shooter?

00:27:23 Tom Timothy: It is just a shooting group that they go out there and they shoot. You know, they have competitions and stuff like that, and I was talking to Ryan about this gun, they made a lot of these. He told me it was a riot gun. It’s not a riot gun. What it is, it is an 1897 pump shotgun that somebody has cut off for shooting purposes. There is a market for this, there is a good market for this. This is what the cowboy shooters are looking for. A lot of times they will buy one with the regular length barrel and they will cut them off so it shoots faster and, because they are getting you know, it is a competition shooting, is what it is. So, a cowboy shooter is going to come in and buy this gun from Ryan. To me, if it was not cut and in a little better shape, sorry, Ryan.

 00:28:03 Ryan Minor: That’s okay.

 00:28:04 Tom Timothy: I would be interested.

 00:28:05 Ryan Minor: I just buy them.

 00:28:07 Tom Timothy: Yeah. Uh, is that it’s…they are very, very good shotguns. Any time you’ve got a Winchester, it is a nice built gun.

 00:28:16 Ryan Minor: What…about what era does that come from? I mean, I know you can tell exactly if you looked at the serial numbers and such, but…

 00:28:24 Tom Timothy: Forties.

 00:28:25 Ryan Minor: 1940’s. I mean it tells a story as well. I mean. Neat gun, not quite as neat as what he has brought in, but…

 00:28:33 Tom Timothy: The patent is 1897, so you could have it from anywhere in between there and now.

 00:28:37 Ryan Minor: Okay. Yeah.

 00:28:41 Tom Timothy: But this…

 00:28:41 Ryan Minor: This one is for sale, by the way. Unlike the other ones, this one is for sale. So, if you…

 00:28:47 Tom Timothy: If you’re a cowboy shooter, come buy it…

 00:28:48 Ryan Minor: Well, you can buy it if you are not a cowboy shooter. But, I’ll sell it to anybody.

 00:28:52 Tom Timothy: Won’t sell his bike.

 00:28:55 Dennis Duce: Just for search purposes, I am going to say cowboy shooter one more time, because I am sure that key word did not come up enough in our show so far. Cowboy shooter.

 00:29:04 Ryan Minor: Cowboy shooter.

 00:29:05 Dennis Duce: There you go.

 00:29:07 Ryan Minor: Hey, Tom, I appreciate you coming in and joining us. It was great for you to bring these guns down. They are, they are a piece of American History.

 00:29:15 Tom Timothy: Of all the guns that I own, this one is my favorite one.

 00:29:17 Ryan Minor: That’s the favorite one.

 00:29:20 Dennis Duce: I like the low-wall. I just, the patina is what gets me on that one.

 00:29:25 Tom Timothy: Well…

 00:29:26 Dennis Duce: Is that…Did I call it the right thing?

 00:29:28 Tom Timothy: Patina is the aging process. It is case hardened.

 00:29:31 Dennis Duce: Okay.

 00:29:32 Tom Timothy: Color Case Hardened.

 00:29:33 Ryan Minor: So, it came from the factory looking like that.

 00:29:35 Tom Timothy: Yeah.

 00:29:35 Dennis Duce: Yeah.

 00:29:36 Tom Timothy: It was case hardened. Yeah, there’s people that would redo it, but you know, you can kind of always tell. I don’t buy reglued guns, or redone guns at all. They’re original, that’s how I…

 00:29:46 Ryan Minor: Oh  yeah.

 00:29:47 Tom Timothy: But I will say one thing about Marlin’s. If you, and I’ve got some, if you find a Marlin with case coloring, whatever Marlin did as far as, this is a Winchester case coloring. It’s got nice colors and stuff like that, But when you get a Marlin that was case colored, it puts this one to shame. I wish I probably would have brought one of those that I have now. It’s so much more bright.

 00:30:08 Ryan Minor: Is it just because of the process that they use?

 00:30:10 Tom Timothy: It’s the process that they use.

 00:30:11 Dennis Duce: It’s the way they heat it.

 00:30:13 Ryan Minor: Okay.

 00:30:13 Tom Timothy: It’s the way they do it, and their case coloring hardened frames on guns is absolutely beautiful when you find one.

 00:30:21 Dennis Duce: So, for a guy like me, who’s not caring a whole lot about the brand, but would think hanging one of these on my wall would be cool, but that coloring is important, you were saying the Marlins are going to be less money anyway..

 00:30:33 Tom Timothy: Less money anyway. But it depends.

 00:30:34 Dennis Duce: So, for a guy who likes the beauty of the gun, I probably should be looking for a Marlin if I wanted to hang something on the wall.

 00:30:42 Tom Timothy: Well, the case coloring on Marlin’s was more brilliant than it was on Winchester’s because I have one.

 00:30:48 Dennis Duce: Cool

 00:30:49 Tom Timothy: For example, this case hardened and so was this. So, you can see the difference between the two frames.

 00:30:56 Dennis Duce: Yep.

 00:30:58 Tom Timothy: This one was case hardened but it has faded. Sometimes the coloring will fade in time. This one has stayed nice. This gun has hardly ever been shot.

 00:31:07 Ryan Minor: Anyway, beautiful, beautiful guns. You know, you can clearly see your passion for them. And, that type of, to me that type of thing is neat to see. I love people that are passionate about an item and I appreciate you bringing them in and sharing them with us, a little bit of  your time and expertise and knowledge. Thanks.

 00:31:25 Tom Timothy: Thank you.

 00:31:25 Ryan Minor: Thank you very much.

 00:31:27 Dennis Duce: And we are going to pawn a couple more things. Yes, there is a lovely young lady over here I probably need to…

 00:31:31 Dennis Duce: You probably need to. So I am going to…

 00:31:34 Tom Timothy: Are you done with me now?

 00:31:35 Dennis Duce: I think we’re done. We appreciate your time. Thank you so much.

 00:31:38 Tom Timothy: I appreciate you. I enjoyed it. This was fun.

 00:31:40 Dennis Duce: And uh, I am going to go ahead and talk a little bit about some of the things that I have brought in for Ryan to take a look at. Now let me grab one of these that’s kind of odd. Okay. Here we go. Heat cable. Heat cable is something that is used by roofing contractors in cold areas and this is a brand new coil of Chromalox Heat Cable. Um, so this stuff would be about $5.00 a linear foot, there is neatly 1,000 feet of this stuff here, and I am hoping to ask Ryan what he will give me for this. I think in a second here, I am going to be asked to actually hand some guns over the counter. Okay to get those guns to you?

 00:32:40 Tom Timothy: Yeah.

 00:32:41 Dennis Duce: Alright, one more time, let’s grab these things. These things are heavy.

 00:32:45 Tom Timothy: Yep, they are. I wouldn’t want to be packing them around deer hunting.

 00:32:48 Dennis Duce: No, not at all.  Those are not guns you want to be packing anywhere. Okay,  hang on just a second. We’ve got somebody who is actually wanting to buy something. You okay doing this on camera?

 00:32:48 Customer (Mason): Sure.

 00:33:07 Dennis Duce: Alright. Cool. Let me get spun around here. You stay right there where you’re at, I’ll just spin the camera around. That’s a cool bike.

 00:33:27 Ryan Minor: What’s your name?

 00:33:27 Mason: I’m Mason.

 00:33:28 Ryan Minor: Mason, my name is Ryan.

 00:33:30 Mason: Are you the owner of this place?

 00:33:31 Ryan Minor: I am.

 00:33:33 Dennis Duce: Okay, let’s drop that down just a little bit. Hey Ryan, say something.

 00:33:39  Ryan Minor: Alright. Yep, we’re live.

 00:33:42 Dennis Duce: We’re live.

 00:33:42 Ryan Minor: Okay. So, Mason  just asked me, this is totally impromptu stuff and this is what I love about this show, is because we kind of sometimes work from the hip and kind of work with what we have. Anyway, Mason just asked  me what I am asking for this bike. Do you mind, Mason, what caught your eye about this bike?

 00:34:00 Mason: Uh, well, I’ve decided I wanted to start looking for old classic bikes to restore and then flip.

 00:34:07 Ryan Minor: Okay. So, what is it that you like about old bikes that fascinates  you?

 00:34:14 Mason: They are not very popular. You don’t see people riding them, and they are just, they are in people’s garages.

 00:34:20 Ryan Minor: Absolutely, absolutely. You could find treasures out there sometimes. Um, this is a, do you know about this bike at all?

 00:34:26 Mason: Uh, I just looked it up. It is a 1977 Schwinn Varsity. Um, I didn’t, that’s about what I know about it.

 00:34:35 Ryan Minor: So, this bike, it really brings back memories for me from my childhood. I never had one of these bikes, I wanted one of these bikes. I think it was a little bit out of my reach as far as what they cost. Um, but I knew people that had them, and these are tanks. They would put up with anything. Schwinn made an unbelievable bike. Um, this one happens to be in really good condition and it is all original. I think probably even down to the tape on the handlebars.

 00:35:08 Mason: Yeah.

 00:35:09 Ryan Minor: Um, and it looks to be, looks to be in really good condition. Now to answer your question, Mason, is I’ve got this bike on sale for um, $150.00. Um, I would probably let you  have it, I love, I love…How old are you?

 00:35:25 Mason: Uh, I just turned eighteen.

 00:35:26 Ryan Minor: Eighteen. Uh, so I love seeing people passionate about, especially, I am a bike guy myself. I love bikes. Um, so, I love people being passionate about this type of stuff and collect, especially at a young age like you. Um, I will sell you this bike for $125.00. Um, it’s all original, it’s in good condition, I think that you know, you take it home and give it a little TLC, I mean, it even has the reflectors still on it.

 00:35:51 Mason: Yeah.

 00:35:52 Ryan Minor: And those are original as well. You take it home and give it a little TLC, I think you’ve got some room in it. I have seen these go for as much as $250.00. If you get it in front of the right person. That’s probably,  probably the key on that one. Yep, so. $125.00 bucks and you could be the proud owner of a 19…What did you say? Was it a 197…

 00:36:11 Mason: 1977.

 00:36:12 Ryan Minor: 1977 Schwinn Varsity. So, should we get a close up of this, Dennis.

 00:36:17 Dennis Duce: I can’t move the camera too well.

 00:36:18 Ryan Minor: That’s fine, that’s fine.

 00:36:20 Dennis Duce: Here, I’ll come on and be your close up.  Let me take that bike here. Tell you how much of a tank it is too. Oh yeah, you’re not gonna want to jump this thing.

 00:36:33 Ryan Minor: Yeah, it is very, very neat, neat bike and you know, the good thing about these bikes, too, is you get into them fairly, if you are a collector, is you can get into them still pretty reasonable. I think there is going to come a point where they’re going to get quite a bit more expensive, especially this type of condition. Um. But, uh, neat, neat, neat stuff. Hey, Mason, I appreciate you joining us.

 00:36:57 Mason: yeah, thanks.

 00:36:59 Ryan Minor: We’ll uh, I mean, if you want it that’s fine, and if not, then, I’ve got other cool bikes too. Did you see my old…

 00:37:07 Mason: Pretty bike.

00:37:08 Ryan Minor: That one’s not for sale.

00:37:10 Dennis Duce: There’s a gold one back there as well. Alright. Are we going to be able to pawn this other stuff?

00:37:17 Ryan Minor: Uh, we  are running a little over time?

00:37:20 Dennis Duce: Uh, let’s see

00:37:22 Ryan Minor: More people you’ve got to get?

00:37:23 Dennis Duce: We’ve got about ten minutes? Let’s run this stuff real quick.

background  noise…

00:37:29 Customer: How much do you want for your …?

00:37:31 Ryan Minor: Um, I am selling it for.. I don’t know if you are going to want to pay what I want on it. So, it’s 10 cents a round. $50.00 buck a box.

background noise….

00:37:45 Dennis Duce: Ryan, can you drop the camera down on the front side a little bit there? Actually we’re good. We’re good. Okay. Come back here, let’s run through the things that I’ve got real quick. So, I was telling the people at home, Heat Cable. This is 120 volt, um, Self regulating heat cable, stuff wholesales to a roofing contractor between $4.00 and $5.00.

00:38:28 Ryan Minor: So, when you put this stuff up, does it actually warm up?

00:38:32 Dennis Duce: The whole thing warms up.

00:38:33 Ryan Minor: Oh, okay.

00:38:33 Yeah, you connect it and it is cut to length cable, real commercial grade stuff. So, this roll would have cost someone, you know, well it’d cost me about $4,500.00. Um, is what I would have paid for back when I was a roofing contractor.

00:38:47 Ryan Minor: Is it? How much of it is used?

00:38:50 Dennis Duce: Uh, I took about 15 feet off of it.

00:38:52 Ryan Minor: Okay, so most of it is still there.

00:38:53 Dennis Duce: Yeah, most of it is still there. It actually has the footage on it. I have to look that up. But, uh, so, would you take something like this?

00:39:02 Ryan Minor: Well, you know, my motto is, I will look at anything once. And, do research on it, and see if it has value to me. Now, I have never. You know I always say in this business, if you stay in this business long enough you are going to see everything at least one time, right? Um, so, this is my first time that somebody  has brought something like this in. I don’t know a lot about it. So, I would probably go to the computer to see if I could find an example of some that has sold and how much.

00:39:31 Dennis Duce: Why don’t we come back next week.

00:39:32 Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:39:33 Dennis Duce: You do your research and we will talk about this heat cable.

00:39:35 Ryan Minor: Yeah, I’d love to, I’d love to. The motto of the story is, is don’t be afraid to bring anything in. Because I will, I will look at it at least once and try to, try to find value in it. So.

00:39:50 Dennis Duce: Boy, that would have been loud. I just dropped that on top of the…So, this is an Epson Projector.

00:39:57 Ryan Minor: This looks in pretty nice projector.

00:39:59 Dennis Duce: Yeah, it’s a nice one. I don’t know what the heck this thing is, though. Let’s see. Inside the bag. I don’t think it actually belongs to it. Yeah, this is a nice one. It’s adjustable. It does that auto…

00:40:11 Ryan Minor: How come you are getting rid of it?

00:40:12 Dennis Duce: Correction. I don’t ever  use it. I used to use it a lot when I’d go do presentations, but more and more, the places I go do presentations already have them, and I have three big screen TV’s at home, so I don’t think I’ll ever actually set it up to project TV, though it is a good enough quality one that you could run it, the DPI is good enough that you could run it as.

00:40:35 Ryan Minor: Now, is this, Does this have HDMI capabilities, or HD capabilities? It doesn’t look like it.

00:40:40 Dennis Duce: No.

00:40:41 Ryan Minor: So, something like that, that’s going to definitely affect the value of it. Um, most people are looking, especially if they are running a TV, they want to run a projector, the TV through the projector; they are looking for HDMI capabilities. Doesn’t make this one bad. It just makes it worth a little bit less money. I mean, you might expect, on something like that, without looking it up, it is probably worth anywhere from $75.00 to $100.00 now.

00:41:05 Dennis Duce: Retail.

00:41:06 Ryan Minor: Retail yeah.

00:41:06 Dennis Duce: So you’d pay me what for this?

00:41:08 Ryan Minor: Uh, you know, it is in great shape. I might pay you $40.00 to $50.00 for that, that type of deal. And see if I can make a few bucks online with it.

00:41:16 Dennis Duce: It’s yours.

00:41:17 Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:41:18 Dennis Duce: And then that hot box over there, did you get a chance to take a peek at that thing?

00:41:22 Ryan Minor: You know what, I looked briefly at it. I don’t uh, I don’t, that particular brand and model, I am not sure just looking at it initially I am not sure what it is worth. I know that um, you know heaters definitely have got a seasonal factor.

 00:41:37 Dennis Duce: And  you’re at the end of the season.

 00:41:39 Ryan Minor: And so that is going to obviously affect what you are getting for it. Um. I mean, you know, a month ago or so, a month and a half ago when it was like really, really, cold you could have charged whatever you wanted, because people…Thanks Tom.

 00:41:53 Dennis Duce: Thanks Tom.

 00:41:54 Ryan Minor: But, you couldn’t even find them new anywhere. So, I am not sure about that one, either. It’s something I probably have to do some quick research on, and…

 00:42:02 Dennis Duce: Bring it back for next week.

 00:42:02 Ryan Minor: Absolutely. Absolutely.

 00:42:05 Dennis Duce: Good deal. That’s, I think this week’s Pawn Boys.

 00:42:08 Ryan Minor: Fun. It was fun. I liked it.

 00:42:09 Dennis Duce: Yeah, we had some comments that it was quite educational so, um, appreciate that. And, uh, so, anyway. Appreciate you guys checking in. And, until next week.

 00:42:26 Ryan Minor: Thanks for coming you guys.

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Pawn Boys The Live HOA from Lighting Pawn W8

A Hangout On Air All About Pawn

awn Boys: Live Pawn Utah Style

*You have never had this much fun on a Hangout On Air*

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Each week we highlight items that have been pawned or sold to Lighting Panw in Midvale Utah, Ryan Minor is the Host of this weekly HOA and tells us interesting stories of strange things that he has seen pawned in the 12 years he has been in the business.

Dennis N. Duce is the Executive Producer, Co-Host and owner of Gomboc.me.

Come learn about the real behind the scenes  life of a Pawn Shop Owner.

Lightning Pawn on Google+ http://goo.gl/rQ6yQK

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Thanks +Ryan Minor for letting me (+DENNIS N. DUCE and+GomBoc.Me keep coming back to talk Pawn in your Midvale Utah Pawn Shop!

If you are looking to get found on the internet contact Dennis N. Duce at 435-565-1278 about creating a live Hangout On AIr for your Small Business or fill out the form below.

00:00:06 Dennis Duce: Welcome, welcome, welcome.

00:00:08 Ryan Minor: One more week of Pawn Boys, my friend.

00:00:11 Dennis Duce: We’re having a good time.

00:00:12 Ryan Minor: We are, we are. We were supposed to, this morning, we had plans to be down at the bowling alley, but um, that’s just right behind us here, but nobody was there. So, we are back in the inner workings of our Pawn Shop here, so, taking you live to the back room.

00:00:32 Dennis Duce: Back Room. Most of what you are seeing is either waiting because it is on pawn, or waiting because it is sold. Some of these things will make it out onto the front floor. Some of them won’t.

00:00:46 Ryan Minor: We’ve got all sorts of stuff behind us. We’ve got another ATV. This is a different one than we rode here a couple weeks back.

00:00:53 Dennis Duce: Well, yeah, it’s green, and the other one’s not.

00:00:56 Ryan Minor: Yeah. Of course we’ve got the pig and the chicken. I think you can only see the chicken right now.

00:01:02 Dennis Duce: Pick up the pig.

00:01:03 Ryan Minor: Pick up the pig?

00:01:04 Dennis Duce: Yeah. I want to do an animated stop animation with the pig and the chicken. I haven’t decided what yet, but yeah. Check it. That is one bad boy.

00:01:16 Ryan Minor: That’s life size.

00:01:18 Dennis Duce: You’ve  had that for a few weeks. Is that ready to go? or,

00:01:22 Ryan Minor: Not yet,

00:01:22 Dennis Duce: Not yet.

00:01:23 Ryan Minor:  It’s about a week out, but for those that didn’t think we took barnyard animals, you are mistaken. We take barnyard animals here at Lightning Pawn.

00:01:35 Dennis Duce: You bet. This guy will take anything on pawn.

00:01:38 Ryan Minor: If I can see a little value in it, I’ll take it. So. That is the truth. Pig and the chicken.  So, we’ve got bikes and we’ve got, I think you’ve got a really nice generator sitting on the other side of you.

00:01:52 Dennis Duce: I do, right here. Let me…Yeah,  you give me the  heavy stuff to pick up. What’s up with that. Check that.

00:02:02 Ryan Minor: That is a Honda 2000, really quiet. Really quiet. Those are the nice ones.

00:02:08 Dennis Duce: Yeah, it’s actually running right now. No, I’m just kidding. It’s not that quiet.

00:02:12 Ryan Minor: Almost, but you probably would be able to hear it going. So, anyway, this is kind of a portion of what we’ve got back here. Like Dennis was saying, this was stuff that is either in pawn. The people still are, are uh, keeping or paying on, or stuff waiting to come out to go for sale. But, most of it is stuff that people are paying on, or still own that is not for sale yet, but could be soon. So,

00:02:39 Dennis Duce: And I love coming back here, just picking through things.

00:02:42 Ryan Minor: So much fun. Hey, I have been doing this a long time, and I still love coming back here and looking at stuff, and seeing what there is to offer. It’s cool. It’s fun. No two days alike here at Lightning Pawn.

00:02:54 Dennis Duce: No.

00:02:54 Ryan Minor: So,

00:02:55 Dennis Duce: I’m sure that’s true.

00:02:55 Ryan Minor: You’ve been able to hang out with us a little bit, and see what…

00:02:58 Dennis Duce: I have. Saturday I was in here. I brought in some of the computers that I got from ya, because you got your computer guy who is going to clean those up for me. Make them run a little faster, and so I had to drop those off and it was a zoo in here. Man, people were pawning stuff left, right and center. Um, there was a line up of about four or five deep on Saturday.

00:03:21 Ryan Minor: Let me ask you something. You’ve seen some of those tv shows with, you know the pawn TV shows.

00:03:28 Dennis Duce: Yeah.

00:03:29 Ryan Minor: Is it…

00:03:29 Dennis Duce: You don’t want to mention them.

00:03:31 Ryan Minor: Well, there’s a lot of them.

00:03:33 Dennis Duce: There are. There are a lot of them.

00:03:37 Ryan Minor: What do you think? Is it different than that? Is it the same? I mean, obviously those shows are very scripted and I just want to see what you think.

00:03:49 Dennis Duce: Uh, there are some similarities.

00:03:53 Ryan Minor: Mmhmm…

00:03:54 Dennis Duce: It’s always fun to sit here and watch the negotiation back and forth, for, ya know. Well, I’ll take this, and you know, back and forth it goes. That’s pretty fun to see, you know. Yeah, I want 75 bucks for this old bike, by the way, did that old bike make it in here from Saturday?

00:04:18 Ryan Minor: Which one are you talking about?

00:04:19 Dennis Duce: I don’t think so. There was a blue one.

00:04:21 Ryan Minor: This one?

00:04:21 Dennis Duce: No, it’s not that one. Anyway, a guy was trying to pawn it and your guy would not go above 55 bucks, and this guy stopped at $60.00, and then I left after that. I don’t know whether the deal actually happened. They got pretty darn close. Oh, he called me about that. He got it.

00:04:42 Dennis Duce: Oh, did he get it?

00:04:43 Ryan Minor: It’s probably up front somewhere. It hasn’t been put back here yet.

00:04:45 Dennis Duce: Okay.

00:04:46 Ryan Minor: Um, anyway, yeah, if anybody ever wants to come down to see how it really is, you’re welcome to come down. I mean, you can hang out, or see what you do. So.

00:04:59 Dennis Duce: And we’re working on a cool project. It was your idea. Do you want to talk about that cool idea, I think?

00:05:04 Ryan Minor: Yeah, let’s do.

00:05:07 Dennis Duce: I’d like to hear your feedback.

00:05:09 Ryan Minor: I’m still kind of…this type of marketing I am still kind of what would you call it, it’s still kind of clicking with me. However, it is clicking with me. And, as I was trying to think about how to quantify what we are doing into actually cash to the bottom line, so to speak. It kind of came to me, now, let me back up for a second. Since I started this business, my goal has been to bring people in that have never pawned before, or have never been into a pawn shop before. This is.

00:05:50 Dennis Duce: I’m glad you backed up. Because what you’re going to tell them next makes a lot  more sense when they understand your motivations.

00:05:57 Ryan Minor: So, in the past I know that a lot of people have gotten either wrong impressions or justified impressions, or whatever it may be, or bad impressions of what a pawn shop is and what they do. Think it is something that you come into, there is a big greasy guy sitting in the back with gold chains and kind of a dark, shady.

00:06:22 Dennis Duce: Dude, you do realize you’re wearing a chain.

00:06:24 Ryan Minor: This one is white gold, so

00:06:27 Dennis Duce: That’s different.

00:06:28 Ryan Minor: It’s only one.

00:06:28 Dennis Duce: It’s only one. That’s true. And shout out to Steampunk Beadery. Show that thing again on camera here. It’s got like…It’s kind of steampunk-ish.

00:06:42 Ryan Minor: Yeah,  it’s a sprocket or a gear. Anyway. So, this is, some people have this type of idea of what a pawn shop is. Either, justified or unjustified or whatever it may be. My goal is to bring people in that have never experienced this before, that may want to use us that might be a little afraid or intimidated. So, my idea was, if you could create some way for somebody that had a little apprehension about going into a pawn shop, that has something to pawn, or has something to sell, if you could bring some information to them before they have to come in, somehow.

00:07:31 Dennis Duce: Absolutely.

00:07:33 Ryan Minor: To do it that way. Now, the idea is to have a format where people can fill out some sort of application or some sort of form, who they are, make an appointment, what kind of item that they might have, and we can go live on the phone, or on a camera, and talk to them about their item.

00:07:57 Dennis Duce: We would actually do this on a private Hang Out…

00:08:00 Ryan Minor: Yeah.

00:08:01 Dennis Duce: Would be how…Because he’s come to me I am going to help set this thing up. We are going to use probably use a product called Time Trade for scheduling of the appointments, so  you’ll be able to schedule a set appointment and then you will be able to jump on a private Hang Out, show off what it is you  have from your computer, you know. You’ll be able to kind of see it and

00:08:28 Ryan Minor: The idea is to have it completely private, so you don’t feel like you’re

00:08:35 Dennis Duce :And it would be. Yeah.

00:08:37 Ryan Minor: Yeah. Don’t feel intimidated. You don’t feel like…You’re in your own environment, you’re actually in  your own home or wherever you might be where you are most comfortable. Right?

00:08:46 Dennis Duce: You could be in your underwear.

00:08:47 Ryan Minor: Underwear.

00:08:48 Dennis Duce: Pawn from your underwear. We could just call it underwear pawning.

00:08:52 Ryan Minor: That is a great visual. Underwear pawning. Let’s do it! Um. Anyway. I would like to hear feedback on this. I think that it is a great idea, I mean, if you  have never had those…I mean, for anybody, if you’ve got something to sell, or if you are looking for an item, if you are looking for an item, and you have never been into a pawn shop before, and we might have something that you are looking for, it could be used for that as well. So,

00:09:22 Dennis Duce: Yeah, you could purchase stuff.

00:09:24 Ryan Minor: Yeah.

00:09:25 Dennis Duce: This way, and then you know, we’re still working out some bugs, but I think if you are in the Salt Lake Valley, we could probably arrange a pick up program, or a drop off program depending whether you pawned, sold or bought. If you are out of state, you’d still be able to do business with this totally awesome guy, because you know, you could ship it. I mean, I don’t know whether you are actually going to ship a Kawasaki KFX 400, but hey, who knows.

00:09:54 Ryan Minor: That would be challenging. I would like to see it.

00:09:56 Dennis Duce Yeah.

00:09:57 Ryan Minor: I’d like to see it, but it is not…It’s totally an open situation. So, I am not necessarily. I mean, I would love to get your product. I would love to be able to help you out with that. I consider myself, at least in town here, probably the most fair person when it comes to purchasing the item or pawning the item. But, it would be more me helping you feel comfortable with the process. So, if you‘ve got something that you wanted to take to a local pawn shop, and you live in Florida, or you live in New York, by all means, if I can help you out, in some way to make you feel more comfortable going in there and doing it, and maybe some sort of strategy for you as well. If you feel intimidated like you are going to get taken like the guys come in and somehow swindle you or something, maybe there is some strategy that we could talk about that you could go in and feel more confident about selling that item. Or, pawning that item. So, that is really the idea behind it. Hopefully…I think this is a good idea. But I’d like to hear from you guys to see what you think. See what you think. If that’s something that would benefit you or a service that you could use.

00:11:10 Dennis Duce: As I’ve been thinking about this. I keep thinking about that PBS TV show where the guy is sitting there in a chair and people come in and they bring him something that you know…

00:11:23 Ryan Minor: I haven’t seen that.

00:11:24 Dennis Duce It has some value, you know, then he…

00:11:28 Ryan Minor: I do. Oh, I know what you are talking about.

00:11:29 Dennis Duce: Usually they are antiques.

00:11:31 Ryan Minor: I know what you are talking about.

00:11:32 Dennis Duce: And there was even a spoof commercial about it.

00:11:33 Ryan Minor: You don’t want to mention that  name either?

00:11:35 Dennis Duce: I don’t know the anme of the show.

00:11:36 Ryan Minor: Antique Road Show.

00:11:37 Dennis Duce: Antique Road Show.

00:11:38 Ryan Minor: Yep.

00:11:39 Dennis Duce: So, I kind of see it a little bit like Antique Road Show, except just private.

00:11:44 Ryan Minor: Yeah.

00:11:44 Dennis Duce: So, you know, you can flesh out what the value of stuff is, and maybe we’ll pawn it, maybe we won’t, but at the end of the day, this is quintessential customer service, building a relationship, even if that does not mean you do business with us.

00:12:02 Ryan Minor: No, it’s…

00:12:03 Dennis Duce: We still want you to be in love with Lightning Pawn, even if you don’t do business with us.

00:12:06 Ryan Minor: Even if you live local, and you want to go somewhere else, or you live across the nation and you want to go somewhere else. But you were mentioning too, that there would also be a kind of a good idea to have a situation where a bunch of people could come together. I mean, if you don’t feel so intimidated by talking to some other people, and you could bounce ideas off of one another. This is my concern. Oh yeah, this is my concern, and so forth. That’s something we have been talking about doing as well, in conjunction with this.

00:12:37 Dennis Duce: In conjunction. Well, and the other thing, because we are using Hang Outs, right, if the item that you are trying to pawn is like, say, um, you know, really old, has some historic value, or potentially has some historic value, you know, like on a lot of these pawn shows, the guy is always bringing in experts, and Ryan has his team of experts for those things that are just a little outside of his realm. And we can bring those people onto the HangOut from wherever they are at. They don’t need to physically come down here. So, you know, we may, depending on what it is you are trying to pawn, we may arrange to have somebody else in the room.

00:13:19 Ryan Minor: Oh, an expert.

00:13:21 Dennis Duce: An expert on whatever the item is.

00:13:24 Ryan Minor: Absolutely. No, I know a  small amount of things about a lot of different things, or I mean, I’ve got  my areas of expertise. So,

00:13:33 Dennis Duce: Watches, golf clubs.

00:13:36 Ryan Minor: You can keep goin’  man.

00:13:38 Dennis Duce: Bikes.

00:13:40 Ryan Minor: Bikes. But,

00:13:41 Dennis Duce: I’m slowly learning what your loves are.

00:13:44 Ryan Minor: Yeah, yeah.

00:13:45 Dennis Duce: From being on the show with ya.

00:13:46 Rm: Yeah, we’ve been hanging out. Yeah, and you are right. You are absolutely right. All those things you’ve mentioned. But, let me just say this. I am a Pawn Shop that deals in literally everything. Um, a lot of the Pawn Shops, the more corporate Pawn Shops, it is really the same stuff. I mean, they have really got to kind of watered down. It is a business model that works for them, of course, but they would not take this type of stuff. The pig and the chicken.

00:14:16 Dennis Duce: The pig and the chicken? They wouldn’t?

00:14:17 Ryan Minor: See, I see value. I see value in that.

00:14:20 Dennis Duce: I see value for the show, for sure!

00:14:24 Ryan Minor: I had those sitting out there and people asked  me all day long, how much they were. So, I think that it would be a no brainer. So, I really kind of pride myself in looking at everything. Kind of my motto is that I’ll look at it once. Right?

00:14:42 Dennis Duce: Yeah.

00:14:42 Ryan Minor: No matter what it is. I will look at it once. You know, I may or may not be able to use it, or buy it, but if I can’t, I am very diplomatic in letting you know that I can’t, or I might suggest somewhere else that you might be able to take the item.

00:14:58 Dennis Duce: I’ve seen him do this, too.

00:15:01 Ryan Minor: Somewhere that will take it to sell it or so forth. So, anyway. I kind of pride myself on that. I am a jack of all trades so to speak. I love looking at everything. So, so long as it is legal. Nothing illegal. Thank you!

00:15:16 Dennis Duce: Definitely legal. That’s probably a good point. So are cannons legal, that shoot golf balls?

00:15:23 Ryan Minor: Yes. Anything muzzle loader. I mean, you can buy a cannon or you could buy a muzzle loader and you don’t have to go through a background check. I don’t know if you knew that.

00:15:32 Dennis Duce: I didn’t.

00:15:33 Ryan Minor: Yeah, so, anyway. Somebody that may not be able to own a gun for whatever reason, they can buy a muzzle loader or a cannon and be okay. So, cannons are legal.

00:15:43 Dennis Duce: So there you go.

00:15:46 Ryan Minor: We like to get off on tangents on this show.

00:15:48 Dennis Duce: If you’ve got a really bad record, you can’t buy a gun, go get a cannon. I don’t know what you would do with it, but…

00:15:59 Ryan Minor: They are just fun, Dennis. You know that.

00:16:01 Dennis Duce: A golf ball cannon is a riot. I do have to admit it.

00:16:05 Ryan Minor: You have seen that first hand.

00:16:06 Dennis Duce: I felt it, more than I saw it, quite honestly. In fact, I saw smoke, but I didn’t see anything else.

00:16:13 Ryan Minor: Did you have your eyes closed?

00:16:14 Dennis Duce: No, but the ball just disappeared.

00:16:16 Ryan Minor: Oh, I got ya. No, the ball’s out of sight.

00:16:19 Dennis Duce: Yeah…but, man, my whole body was like….bleblebleble….

00:16:23 Ryan Minor: And  mainly that is the idea, is the sound, obviously. Right? I mean, you don’t see the ball.

00:16:27 Dennis Duce: Oh, he went over and over and it’s all about sound. All about the sound. I used this particular pound because of the sound, I use this type of golf ball because of the sound, I use….

00:16:36 Ryan Minor: Yep.

00:16:36 Dennis Duce: I don’t make them for tennis balls because of the sound. You know, he was funny.

00:16:40 Ryan Minor: Now, that’s something these big corporate guys wouldn’t take either. A little cannon like that, they probably would pass that right up. I on the other hand, will look at everything at least once, and I will try my hardest to see value with it. Um…the pig and the chicken.

00:16:57 Dennis Duce: The pig and the chicken.

00:16:58 Ryan Minor: I’m just gonna say that and suffice to say that.

00:17:00 Dennis Duce: So, I want to take a walk around the back room here.

00:17:04 Ryan Minor: Lot’s to see.

00:17:04 Dennis Duce: While I’m walking around the back room, you’re gonna be able to see right here, what the camera is pointing at…

00:17:11 Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:17:11 Dennis Duce: And just go ahead and you know…

00:17:13 Ryan Minor: Talk about it?

00:17:14 Dennis Duce: Talk about the stuff that’s coming up.

00:17:16 Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:17:16 Dennis Duce: Here we go, again, Gomboc does something creative. How surprising.

00:17:23 Ryan Minor: That’s a camera on the move, then.

00:17:26 Dennis Duce: Yes.

00:17:28 Ryan Minor: Okay, that is my bike rack of course, you can see. I do like taking bikes here. I am a cyclist myself, and so I do really love dealing in bikes. Now, I will say that I’m kind of a bike snob, so  the type of bikes that I take  are mostly name brand bikes. I don’t like dealing….

00:17:50 Dennis Duce: Do you want to come over, around and show off this, because these ones over here you said are comin’, these are all nice.

00:17:57 Ryan Minor: Yep. Yeah.

00:17:58 Dennis Duce: So, you’re talking about name brands. Let’s get a look at this here.

00:18:00 Ryan Minor: Anyway, I am more of a name brand type of person. I don’t like dealing so much in what I call a big box bike. A big box bike is a bike that might come from Walmart or Shopko or one of those stores like that. They are not very well made, and I prefer taking the bikes that are better, nicer, more name brand stuff. So, that’s kind of a stack of bikes right there. And those are all sold, so, they will be for sale at one time or another, coming up here fairly soon. And you can tell, I mean, if you want to flash back there, you’ve got anything from Gary Fisher to Diamond Back Specialized Track, so I mean, those are all hot name brand bikes, and that’s what we like dealing as far as bikes go, more here at Lightning Pawn. So, Hi.

00:18:49 Dennis Duce: Let’s get a close up of the pig and chicken.

00:18:51 Ryan Minor: Yea, so, the chicken is not true life size. It is a little bigger than scale, but the pig looks scale to me. I mean, that’s how big a pig, I think, is.

00:19:02 Dennis Duce: Yeah, you know I have seen so many pigs in my life.

00:19:05 Ryan Minor: I’ve slopped pigs before, so. Um, that’s looks pretty life size to me.

00:19:08 Dennis Duce: Soooie!

00:19:12 Ryan Minor: Love the pig and the chicken. That’s actually the second time I have had that in. The guy just brought that back, you know, a few times. So…

00:19:17 Dennis Duce: Hey, since we’re on pigs and chickens.

00:19:21 Ryan Minor: That, I do love taking saddles here and I will take all types. Lots of people like buying them. I like taking them. So, if you’ve got a saddle to sell and don’t have another way to do it, I love taking saddles. Of course, you can’t move that camera without seeing a tool, right? I mean, there are a ton of tools. Now, my criteria with tools are is that they have got to be name brand, good condition, current model stuff. I do take probably more tools than I take anything else. That there, is a sweet tool. That’s a Bosch Jackhammer, something you don’t see very often. Um, so power washers, tile saws, um, compressors, um, you probably got some lawn mowers in there. Um, electronics, TV’s. I take a little bit of everything. That’s my TV rack right there and um, computers. I do take computers, laptops, now laptops are kind of a, you know, in kind of a weird stage right now. They are being kind of drowned out a little bit by tablets. Tablets are kind of taking over the market. However, I do still like taking laptops. I am just a little bit more particular about what I am taking in. So, that’s the messy end of the store there, Dennis.

00:20:50 Dennis Duce: Yeah, it’s electronics though, so I love that rack.

00:20:52 Ryan Minor: Yeah. Tools, more tools, and more tools. Uh, artwork, yeah,  if you take that camera back and you look up on the top there, that’s kind of my, um, and I’ve got some old antique and vintage movie posters that are kind of neat. Matter of fact, those are for sale. They should be out for sale. I just haven’t brought them out yet.

00:21:14 Dennis Duce: What do you want for that one?

00:21:15 Ryan Minor: Those are generally going for around $40.00 or $50.00, and I have got several of those. Um…Artwork is kind of a weird thing. It is a real personal thing, and so I like to stick more to stuff that is locally, like, more known, local guys, Kinkade, Thomas Kinkade, Arnold Frieberg is real popular around here. I like taking his stuff. Um, so. Artwork is kind of a tough thing, but we do, we will look at it. So…And that’s just kind of a brush by. I mean, I got wheels and rims, and tires and I mean, we’ve shown wheels and tires before in the program. You picked one up as a matter of fact.

00:22:04 Dennis Duce: Yep. Like this one. It wasn’t this one.

00:22:05 Ryan Minor: Put it up in front of the camera. No. Um. Ladders and all sorts of stuff.

00:22:11 Dennis Duce: A brand new ladder in the plastic out there.

00:22:13 Ryan Minor: Yeah. So…

00:22:15 Dennis Duce: Is this for pawn, or is this for you to play with?

00:22:17 Ryan Minor: No, this is our, now, I am glad you brought this up. I really am, because this is our golf mat. Now, my father in law/business partner comes back here, he is a big golfer. He comes back here and hits balls. But it is also used for…we’ve got a lot of great, great golf clubs here at Lightning Pawn and you can hit the golf club and see how you like it. I don’t think there is a shop in town that offers that type of service. Whoops.

00:22:45 Dennis Duce: What did you just knock over?

00:22:46 Ryan Minor: Oh, my phone. Um.

00:22:48 Dennis Duce: So long as it wasn’t my equipment.

00:22:50 Ryan Minor: My equipment. So, if you want to come down, I am kind of the same way about golf clubs as I am about bikes. So, it’s got to be new model, name brand, great condition stuff. And, we do like taking golf clubs and we have kind of built up a reputation for people searching for used golf clubs as the best place in town to get good, name brand, used golf clubs. As a matter of fact, speaking of that, speaking of that. I talked to our gentleman that is a pro  up at Alpine Country Club.

00:23:23 Dennis Duce: Kay.

00:23:24 Ryan Minor: And he was going to check with the golf course and see if that is something that…It’s not up to him necessarily.

00:23:34 Dennis Duce: Gotcha.

00:23:34 Ryan Minor: He has got to go to the powers that be to try, but at the very least this guy is a golf pro/golf teacher. And, he said at the very least if we cannot get on at the golf course, he would be willing to come on our show and…

00:23:48 Dennis Duce: Talk equipment.

00:23:49 Ryan Minor: Talk equipment and technique, and show us, in our net here, maybe some technique. This guy teaches private lessons and so anybody could come to him and if they want to learn how to golf or better their golf game and use his services. So, anyway. That is I talked to him last week and he is more than willing. He would be happy to do that.

00:24:11 Dennis Duce: That’d be awesome.

00:24:11 Ryan Minor: So, anyway. And that is about it for the back here. I mean, there is a lot more stuff we could cover, but don’t want to bore you. So.

00:24:19 Dennis Duce: No. I’ve always been fascinated with  coming back here and I thought that today since the bowling alley fell through, we are still going to try to work that out for another week. But since the bowling alley fell through today, I thoguth, you know what? Let’s um, let’s bring you guys back here and show you. Maybe in a coming week we could even go back to the music room.

00:24:41 Ryan Minor: Oh yeah.

00:24:42 Dennis Duce: Because there is a whole ‘nother room back here that is pretty much 100% musical equipment.

00:24:48 Ryan Minor: Guitars and amps and that’s what I have back there. So. A multifaceted, multi roomed organization here at Lightning Pawn , So.

00:24:57 Dennis Duce: Yes.

00:24:59 Ryan Minor: Actually have a lot more room back here. Anyway. Some of the stuff that we have been working on, we have been working on this golf thing and I also talked to a gentleman that is a good friend of mine that deals in guns, and he is a collector of antique Winchester’s. That’s all he likes to collect. Now he’s bought some stuff from me before, but he said he would love to talk about his guns.

00:25:23 Dennis Duce: Oooh…

00:25:24 Ryan Minor: And show them off.

00:25:25 Dennis Duce: Can we go to his house? Did you actually touch base on that?

00:25:26 Ryan Minor: You know what? I haven’t asked him about the house, but I don’t see why he wouldn’t. When he comes in, it is like me talking about bikes or watches. Okay?

00:25:35 Dennis Duce: Yeah.

00:25:35 Ryan Minor: You get him on the subject and he can go on forever and ever and ever. He loves talking about his guns, and he is a collector. He’s not a dealer, so to speak, although he sells guns to support his habit, but he is a collector, and I love talking to those guys, because they are passionate about what they do, and so we are going to get him on the show and like Dennis said, we are still working on this bowling alley thing, and we are still going to drop some stuff off of…Now, it’s changed from the roof…

00:26:06 Dennis Duce: Yeah, it’s getting bigger.

00:26:07 Ryan Minor: To, we want to bring a cherry picker in. Because the roof just isn’t high enough I don’t think.

00:26:13 Dennis Duce: yeah.

00:26:14Ryan Minor: For the drama that we want to create. So.

00:26:17 Dennis Duce: And we’re hoping to get a GoPro hooked up by then.

00:26:21 Ryan Minor: We’re working on that. I hope we can get that done.

00:26:22 Dennis Duce: We’re working on being able to run a GoPro during the show, so you can see that kind of wide angle thing. And, then we’re also working on trying to figure out a way to actually have the…and you know what? I’m not going to say it. The very last thing we drop is going to be, let’s just say,

00:26:45 Ryan Minor: Wired.

00:26:46 Dennis Duce: Shocking. Let’s just say, we’re going to break boundaries, rules, make history, again. We do it here on Pawn Boys.

00:26:58 Ryan Minor: You know what? Because we can.

00:27:00 Dennis Duce :Because we can. And we’re really fun.

00:27:02Ryan Minor: Yep. So. Those are some of the things…

00:27:04 Dennis Duce: We think we’re really fun.

00:27:05 Ryan Minor: I don’t know. You might have been bored today. I thought it was a good…You know what, people want to see what goes on here at the Pawn Shop. I really believe that. Because every time I would run into somebody, they ask me. And so, maybe you weren’t bored. I hope you weren’t. So. This is kind of the stuff we like to take.

00:27:22 Dennis Duce: You know, you haven’t told a pawn story in a few weeks. You’ve got a pawn story?

00:27:26 Ryan Minor: Man, I’ve got so many pawn stories, it is kind of hard to regurgitate those things on a moment’s notice. Um…I don’t know. I gotta think about this. You put me on the spot, man!

00:27:42 Dennis Duce: That’s what I do. I put you on the spot. Sorry buddy.

00:27:45 Ryan Minor: I’ve got tons of pawn stories. I really do. But, I don’t know. Maybe I’m folding under pressure or something.

00:27:52 Dennis Duce: Oh, yeah. You’re under so much pressure.

00:27:53 Ryan Minor: I know. You know what? My wife, bless her heart, now, this is kind of on a side now, but we have two sets of twins that are three and under. Okay, so, four…

00:28:05 Dennis Duce: I’ve met all four of them.

00:28:06 Ryan Minor: You have. You’ve seen them. He’s my witness.

00:28:08 Dennis Duce: Yep, it’s true!

00:28:10 Ryan Minor: She works WAY harder than I do.

00:28:13Dennis Duce: Oh yea. I am sure.

00:28:14 Ryan Minor: Yeah, way harder than I do. I LOVE coming to work and you know, my wife loves our kids and she would not trade that position for the world, but it is stressful. So, I feel very fortunate to come here every day, and I love my job. I really, really love my job. And, I am passionate about what I do. I love dealing with people, I love dealing with things, I love helping people out. And, that is honest to goodness, it’s as sincere as I can get. I mean, that’s…I love what I do and somebody wise once said that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, and I really feel like that. And I know you love what you do.

00:28:58 Dennis Duce: I do love what I do.

00:29:00 Ryan Minor: So, do you feel like it is work?

00:29:03 Dennis Duce: You know, Mondays used to be work. Um. Like four or five weeks ago, but thankfully Google has been improving HangOuts on Air consistently. But every week there is something that is a little better than it was and that has made Mondays easier. Also, I have been able to get some better equipment from you, because yes, I am in fact a client. I am a pretty massive client of Lightning Pawn.

00:29:31 Ryan Minor: He is. And right from the start. Right from the start.

00:29:34 Dennis Duce: Right from Day one, I probably dump $1,000.00 or more a month in here on equipment right now.

00:29:40 Ryan Minor: Yes, he does. And so it’s not just talk from him.

00:29:44 Dennis Duce: No, no, no, no.

00:29:44 Ryan Minor: Honestly.

00:29:45 Dennis Duce: Looking at what we’ve got going on right now, this computer right here is from Lightning Pawn, Uh, that computer right down there, the one that has Ryan straight up, that computer is from Lightning Pawn, this tripod over here that I use that has my cell phone, that is from Lightning Pawn, as well as the ear buds that are in that so that we don’t get reverb and feedback.

00:30:13 Ryan Minor: You just picked those up on Friday.

00:30:14 Dennis Duce: I got those earbuds.

00:30:15 Ryan Minor: The golden earbuds.

00:30:18 Dennis Duce: I got three sets of earbuds from this guy on Friday. My son was so happy with those red ones.

00:30:24 Ryan Minor: Oh, did you give those to him?

00:30:27 Dennis Duce: Those were for him. These ones were for work, those ones were for him and he was just ecstatic.

00:30:31 Ryan Minor: Now, they were new earbuds because I don’t like selling used ones because of ear funk. People get a little weird, as I would too. It’s like putting on a used shoe, right?

00:30:41 Dennis Duce: Yeah.

00:30:43 Ryan Minor: So they were brand new red earbuds.

00:30:44 Dennis Duce: They were brand new, in the package, wrapped.

00:30:47 Ryan Minor: Dennis will often come in to me, and this is no joke, and he will say, Hey Ryan do you have this or this? How many times do I have that, or?

00:30:56 Dennis Duce: Pretty often.

00:30:57 Ryan Minor: Yeah.

00:30:57 Dennis Duce: Though I stumped you today.

00:30:59 Ryan Minor: You did stump me. You did stump me.

00:31:00 Dennis Duce: We’re going to still need to keep working on that. And don’t say anything.

00:31:04 Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:31:06 Dennis Duce: But yeah, I often, and there is a list right now, I think you have got three or four things that I am, I am made aware, I want these things when they come in. I am always looking for bluetooths, I am always looking for new cameras. Um, USB cameras, you know, there are certain things I am always looking…I’m always looking for more chrome books, Um, you know, so when those things come in…

00:31:32 Ryan Minor: If you are patient enough, they will.

00:31:33Dennis Duce: And they do. Yeah.

00:31:34 Ryan Minor: Yeah, so. Anyway, so this is, we’re kind of on a ramp, but this is just kind of a, I don’t know, kind of a testimonial so to speak, that  you come down here and you are going to get treated very, very respectfully. I love dealing with people. I love my work so I am not in a bad mood. These guys you go in and they are in a bad mood automatically, right? I am not in a bad mood. You know, even if, even if it’s a little difficult, it’s a difficult day, because everybody has bad days, I am still okay, pretty even tempered guy. So, you can come in and get treated very well. And, Se habla espanol, tambien. So. I thought I’d put that in there.

00:32:16 Dennis Duce: Es verdad. Lo puedo testifica.

00:32:20 Ryan Minor: Yeah. So, we do a little bit of everything down here. So, for all those people that feel more comfortable in habla espanol, come down. So, anyway. I am done rambling.

00:32:32 Dennis Duce: Alright. Well, we will be back. We have a lot of fun things coming up. Um, we will have to see how those work out. What comes  next.

00:32:42 Ryan Minor: We’re working on it.

00:32:43 Dennis Duce: But, we will definitely be back next Monday. And it will definitely be not your typical HangOut on Air.

00:32:51 Ryan Minor: Should be different. Should be fun.

00:32:53 Dennis Duce: Guaranteed.

00:32:53 Ryan Minor: Cutting edge.

00:32:55 Dennis Duce: I’m sitting here right  now, looking at a roto tiller. We should tear up your driveway on an episode. Oh wait, you don’t own the property. Okay.

00:33:07 Ryan Minor: I do have, I do have concrete saws that we could probably, I have always been wanting to cut a, what do you call it?

00:33:18 Dennis Duce: Handicapped?

00:33:19 Ryan Minor: Well, no, they blocked my entrance in over here, over here on 8000 South and Wasatch and people drive over that anyway, but I’ve always wanted to take a saw to that, and cut kind of a, so  people can go in and out.

00:33:38 Dennis Duce: I like that idea.  Sounds like  a full episode.

00:33:42 Ryan Minor: Midvale City, if you are listening to this, it wasn’t me, man! It wasn’t me! I’ve just thought about this. Okay, so, if you come by one morning and it is like that, I didn’t do it! So…

00:33:58 Dennis Duce: But if you have something really cool and you are in Midvale, that you want cut up, we’ll come cut something for our show.

00:34:07 Ryan Minor: I’ve got those saws, Man, we can cut up whatever you wanted to. They…

00:34:10 Dennis Duce: Yeah, so if you’ve got some concrete you want cut, or

00:34:14 Ryan Minor: Whatever you’ve got. I mean, you want us to cut up a bike, or you know.

00:34:19 Dennis Duce: Will it blend? We’ll come do whatever.

00:34:26 Ryan Minor: We’ve got the machine.

00:34:27 Dennis Duce: Free labor so long as we’re abl eot have a show.

00:34:29 Ryan Minor: Yeah, exactly. We’ll do it. That’s, that is exactly what I love about this show. Okay, that’s exactly…Becasue we can do anything we want.

00:34:40 Dennis Duce: Yeah, exactly.

00:34:41 Ryan Minor: We can do anything we want.

00:34:42 Dennis Duce: And that truly is the beauty of all HOA’s.

00:34:45 Ryan Minor: yeah.

00:34:46 Dennis Duce: Because you are not at the whim…This is your content. This is your show. Right? Whereas, if you are on a network, you know, Pawn Stars is not their show. Right? It is the network. I mean. I’m off topic, non pawn related, but what about Duck’s…What’s the name? Ducks? The Duck guys…

00:35:11 Ryan Minor: Duck Dynasty.

00:35:11 Dennis Duce: Duck Dynasty, right? Okay, I mean, you would have thought before that whole political thing came up, that was his show? Not so much. Right?

00:35:21 Ryan Minor: They’re actors on their show, right?

00:35:24 Dennis Duce: Yeah. No, with an HOA, it is your show.

00:35:29 Ryan Minor: Well, we could take that to one more level, too. Because, my business covers all sorts of ground, so we can do whatever we want in this HOA show, but it…

00:35:38 Dennis Duce: It still relates to your business.

00:35:39 Ryan Minor: With my business, I can, I mean, heck we wanted to go over to the bowling alley. That would have been cool.

00:35:47 Dennis Duce: Would have been cool.

00:35:47 Ryan Minor: Yeah, so we still will bring that to you, so.

00:35:49 Dennis Duce: Yeah, because there is a bowling alley right next door here, in the same building…

00:35:53 Ryan Minor: Yeah, we share the same landmark. Yeah, right behind that wall?

00:35:55 Dennis Duce: That wall, right behind that wall, is a bowling alley.

00:35:58 Ryan Minor: Sometimes you are able to hear the balls rolling.

00:35:59 Dennis Duce: Yeah, when I was in here on Saturday I could hear them rattling around. It was like, Wow, that really is close.

00:36:05 Ryan Minor: You could walk through, you can’t see this door over here, but you could walk through this door behind here, go through a breezeway, and be in the back of their, where their machinery is and stuff.

00:36:15 Dennis Duce: Oh really?

00:36:16 Ryan Minor: In about two seconds. So, that’s where my phone stuff is. Like, if I’ve got, you know, my phone, the switch board that is literally one hundred years old, it is the oldest switch board known to man, that would be exciting to see.

00:36:32 Dennis Duce: Maybe you could pawn that off.

00:36:33 Ryan Minor: Yeah, yeah.

00:36:35 Dennis Duce: And get something upgraded.

00:36:36 Ryan Minor: I’ll look into it. I’ll look into these things. So, my point is, is the possibilities are endless, and hopefully we will bring the endless things to you. So, one show at a time. One show at a time.

00:36:49 Dennis Duce: One show at a time. Thanks a lot. Ryan, it is again, it is always an absolute blast. Let’s hope, ka-ching, this turns into money for you.

00:37:03 Ryan Minor: But if not, we’re having fun, right?

00:37:04 Dennis Duce: We are having a great time.

00:37:06 Ryan Minor: I want to just mention, too. I keep ranting, but I really, really would love to  hear from you to the stuff you would like to hear, like…

00:37:18 Dennis Duce: What do you want us to do?

00:37:19 Ryan Minor: Yeah, we could put it on the show for you. Something you’ve always wanted to know about a pawn shop and we’ll do it.

00:37:25 Dennis Duce: And if you have something you want to pawn, and you’ve never wanted to come into a pawn, we’ll bring you on as guests.

00:37:30 Ryan Minor: Oh, absolutely. Before this is kind of a precursor to our idea, but let’s get the ball rolling  man.

00:37:36 Dennis Duce: Yeah, we’ve got this show right now. If you don’t mind being public and you’ve got something you want to know the value of. Bring it!

00:37:43 Ryan Minor: Well, we can, Dennis, and you can be right from your own home, right? We can, you can pawn right from your house?

00:37:46 Dennis Duce: Absolutely. Yeah. And you can be in your underwear.

00:37:49 Ryan Minor: Yep, in your underwear.

00:37:54 Dennis Duce: Just make sure you’re wearing a shirt.

00:37:55 Ryan Minor: I think of me and my underwear and I don’t like it.

00:37:57 Dennis Duce: Just wear a shirt, and sit by a table.

00:38:00 Ryan Minor: Yeah, that would work. Anyway, you could be in your own home and we can help you out right from there. I would love to do that. I would love to do that. Let’s see how this works. So, if you have got something you want to sell or pawn, let us know. Something you want to hear about? Let us know.

00:38:17 Dennis Duce: I love that idea. Let’s start the bigger picture, right next week.

00:38:22 Ryan Minor: Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s do it. Let’s do it. Let’s try to find someone.

00:38:26 Dennis Duce: First two people who say they want to be, they have something that they can pawn on the event, between now and next week, we will bring into the filmstrip. I don’t want to take more than two, or it will kind of overwhelm the show. First two people that say I have something that I want to know the value of…

00:38:47 Ryan Minor: We’ll bring in.

00:38:47 Dennis Duce: We’ll bring in. We’ll send you a private link, thirty minutes before the show. You’ll be able to get on the show and talk with us, the whole deal.

00:38:56 Ryan Minor: Yeah, and we can give you advice, Live!, and hopefully help you out.

00:39:02 Dennis Duce: Hopefully.

00:39:04 Ryan Minor: So, Alright, been a pleasure. Thank you guys. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next week.

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Pawn Boys: Live HOA Pawn Show From Midvale Utah W7

The Hangout On Air for Pawn Shops

If you are looking to get found on the internet contact Dennis N. Duce at 435-565-1278 about creating a live Hangout On AIr for your Small Business or fill out the form below.

00:00:23- Dennis Duce: Alright, apparently we’ve been live for a little while here.

00:00:26- Ryan Minor: Really?

00:00:27- Dennis Duce: Technical difficulties.

00:00:28- Ryan Minor: Wow.

00:00:31- Dennis Duce: Welcome to the show. We’ll be on in a second, you just talk for a while, I need to get the picture back up.

00:00:37- Ryan Minor: I was looking around at your equipment, and is it true Dennis that about 90% of the equipment that we use to produce this show was purchased from the pawnshop here? Clapping noise in the background.

00:00:52- Dennis Duce: Yes, about 90% of my equipment has come from Lightning Pawn.

00:00:59- Ryan Minor: Lightning Pawn. I was just commenting on how sharp that image looks of us.

00:01:06- Dennis Duce: Yeah, it’s a pretty good image. Certainly can’t complain. Oh, we’ve dropped a camera, which one?

00:01:12- Ryan Minor: You got the image of the Pawn Shop there, is that the one you dropped?

00:01:17- Dennis Duce: Yeah, we dropped the Porsche. We didn’t get a close up of it earlier on.

00:01:21- Ryan Minor: I guess the most important part is in here.

00:01:23- Dennis Duce: Yeah. We’re gonna get more of the Porsche later.

00:01:24- Ryan Minor: Are we good?

00:01:26- Dennis Duce: We’re kinda up and running. When we start to the show.

00:01:29- Ryan Minor: And have been for awhile.

00:01:31- Dennis Duce: It was a little hiccup, it was not telling my computer that it was there, so I  had to refresh the page. Fun and games of producing HOA’s.

00:01:40- Ryan Minor: Hey, it’s just like we imagined last week, it’s just raw, good footage.

00:01:45- Dennis Duce: Just having a good time.

00:01:46- Ryan Minor: Absolutely. Hopefully you guys caught the show last week, we had a great time. A lot of it was unexpected.

00:01:55- Dennis Duce: Very unexpected. We had people coming in and pawning stuff, you ended up having to leave because you were busy pawning.

00:02:02- Ryan Minor: Oh yeah, but I think that that kind of footage is excellent, it kinda impromptus stuff.

00:02:12- Dennis Duce: There’s somebody behind us.

00:02:14- Ryan Minor: What’s going on, my friend?

00:02:15- Customer (Kirk Sherad): You think I could get some help?

00:02:17- Ryan Minor: You betcha. Watcha totin’ there my friend?

00:02:20- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Well, I got this. I picked it up.

00:02:26- Ryan Minor: Was kind of skull is that?

00:02:29- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Well, it… you know I think it’s a buffalo skull.

00:02:31- Ryan Minor: I’ve never seen one before. Did you shoot that yourself?

00:02:37- Customer (Kirk Sherad): No. I just picked it up.

00:02:40- Ryan Minor: Okay. And you’re bringing it in, did you wanna sell it? Did you wanna pawn it?

00:02:43- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Yeah, I wanna get some money for it.

00:02:46- Ryan Minor: Is that something you had hanging up in your house?

00:02:49- Customer (Kirk Sherad): No, I just got it man.

00:02:51- Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:02:52- Customer (Kirk Sherad): I just found it.

00:02:53- Ryan Minor: Alright, alright.

00:02:53- Customer (Kirk Sherad): It was just laying around.

00:02:54- Ryan Minor: Okay. My name’s Ryan by the way.

00:02:56- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Hey Ryan, I’m David Swenson. (Drawled out)

00:02:59- Ryan Minor: Okay, alright. That is a pretty neat looking skull, I odn’t think I’ve ever seen a buffalo’s, have you ever seen a buffalo’s skull before?

00:03:05- Dennis Duce: I haven’t. Hey, we’re actually live here. Could I show the world this cool buffalo skull?

00:03:11- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Are you gonna give me some money for it?

00:03:13- Dennis Duce: Well that’s up to him man.

00:03:15- Ryan Minor: We’ll talk about that man. I like it.

00:03:16- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Okay. Here you go.

00:03:18- Dennis Duce: We gotta show you guys- woah! that thing is heavy? I’ve never held a buffalo skull before. So, uh, yeah. David Swenson wanted to pawn this bad boy, look at those teeth. RAWR RAWR RAWR.

00:03:33- Ryan Minor: That’s some great sound effects man.

00:03:35- Dennis Duce: You like that?

00:03:38- Ryan Minor: Is that a sound that a buffalo actually makes?

00:03:43- Customer (Kirk Sherad): I dunno, I’ve never met one before.

00:03:45- Dennis Duce: RAWR RAWR. Look at the picture! It’s like RAWR RAWR RAWR! It’s eating my head. Oh my gosh!

00:03:51- Ryan Minor: Now we’re gonna have to buy it, you just knocked a feather off of it.

00:03:53- Dennis Duce: I broke it.

00:03:55- Ryan Minor: It’s alright man, it’s alright.

00:04:00- Ryan Minor: He’s got the feather in his hat.

00:04:02- Customer (Kirk Sherad): I think those are turkey feathers in there. I think that’s what they are.

00:04:08- Ryan Minor: Well, that’s a pretty… Did you decorate that yourself or did you buy that thing like it is?

00:04:13- Customer (Kirk Sherad): No, I kinda decorated it myself, I got some feathers and some indian jewelry and I just put it together.

00:04:21- Ryan Minor: Now Dave, I noticed that it has a Harley Davidson belt buckle on there, you ride motorcycles?

00:04:26- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Oh yeah man, back in the day man, I used to roll with some bad cats.

00:04:34- Dennis Duce: You sure you didn’t roll with bad buffalo?

00:04:36- Customer (Kirk Sherad): No, no they were too big.

00:04:40- Ryan Minor; Well, let me ask you something Dave. How much are you looking for on that thing?

00:04:47- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Aw man, I need to just get some money. Yeah, I need to get some money for, you know, just stuff, you know? So, life stuff. Probably, I dunno, what do ya think? Like 600 bucks?

00:05:01- Ryan Minor: You know? That sounds probably a little steep. You know, to be honest with you Dave, I don’t- I’ve never had a buffalo skull come in here, so I’m not sure what.. does it have like guts and stuff in the back?

00:05:17- Dennis Duce: It’s like sticky. Dave, can you take it back?

00:05:23- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Yup.

00:05:26- Ryan Minor: So, Dave’s looking for 600 bucks on that thing.

00:05:29- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Let me get that feather back too. Cuz’ that goes on there.

00:05:32- Dennis Duce: Oh yeah, here ya go.

00:05:33- Kirk (Sherad): Let me place that back where I had it.

00:05:34- Dennis Duce: Sorry I knocked your feather off Dave.

00:05:38- Ryan Minor: And you put it in your hat.

00:05:39- Dennis Duce: I tried to. The band is actually glued on.

00:05:43- Customer (Kirk Sherad): I can get you one of these, you know. I can get some more of these feathers.

00:05:47- Dennis Duce: Can ya?

00:05:48- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Yeah.

00:05:49- Dennis Duce: You probably want 200 bucks for one.

00:05:50- Customer (Kirk Sherad): No no no, these you can buy them for next to nothing.

00:05:55- Ryan Minor: Well, I dunno if 600 bucks is gonna be realistic, my friend, but I dunno, we could probably throw 50 bucks at ya.

00:06:04- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Well, that’s a lot less than I thought it was probably worth. I think these beads are worth that much. These beads on here are quite old. They’re made out of ivory, and I dunno, some kind of bone stuff.

00:06:18- Ryan Minor: Yes, nice looking beads.

00:06:22- Dennis Duce; They’re probably not made out of ivory though. Wrong kind of indian Dave.

00:06:26- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Oh, that’s right, probably not.

00:06:28- Ryan Minor: What kind of indians would make ivory?

00:06:31- Dennis Duce: Any that has access to elephants. Right? Ivory is made from tusks. You could get inuit, inuit could make ivory, but I’m pretty sure plain indians didn’t see too many elephants.

00:06:46- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Well, I dunno where these indians are from, you know, plains, or Detroit, I dunno, but they were from somewhere. All indians are from somewhere.

00:06:56- Ryan Minor: I like the skull… Is something funny Dennis?

00:07:02- Dennis Duce: Oh, all indians are from somewhere. I’ve been trying to hold a straight face for this whole thing. I don’t know why that was the funniest thing, but I lost it.

00:07:19- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Does that mean I’m gonna get some money?

00:07:21- Ryan Minor: He’s not laughing at you.

00:07:24- Customer (Kirk Sherad): That’s okay. A lot of people laugh at me. Mostly not to my face.

00:07:34- Ryan Minor: I dunno, what’s the least you’ll take for it?

00:07:39- Customer (Kirk Sherad): 600 bucks.

00:07:43- Ryan Minor: I’ll tell you what, if you want- I don’t usually do this- but if you wanna leave it with me like on a consignment or situation, we can put it up on the wall, display it in front of a bunch of people and see if we can get you 600 bucks out of it, what do you think about that?

00:08:05- Customer (Kirk Sherad): How long do you think that would take?

00:08:08- Ryan Minor: Who knows? You just gotta get the right guy on it. You never know, some guy could walk in.

00:08:13- Dennis Duce: We may have the right guy watchin’ right now.

00:08:15- Ryan Minor: Yeah.

00:08:16- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Oh yeah? Well I’ll tell you what-

00:08:18- Ryan Minor: Anybody watching us that has always wanted a buffalo skull, this is your opportunity because this is no ordinary buffalo skull.

00:08:27- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Alright, well, how about I leave it, and then I come back, and when I come back you give me 600 bucks?

00:08:39- Ryan Minor: That could be a possibility: I need to try to sell it for that much.

00:08:41- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Okay.

00:08:42- Ryan Minor: So, 600 bucks, is the least you’re gonna take for that thing?

00:08:45- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Well, I dunno man, maybe like, I dunno, maybe I’d take like 500?

00:08:50- Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:08:51- Customer (Kirk Sherad): I dunno, is it worth 500? Is something like that worth 500? 600 bucks?

00:08:56- Ryan Minor: You know, I’ve always spent on stuff like that, it’s worth what somebody is willing to pay for it. If they’re willing to pay 500 bucks, it’s worth 500 bucks.

00:09:05- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Right, right.

00:09:07- Ryan Minor: We can try though.

00:09:08- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Yeah, let’s see what we can get for it, you know. Let’s see what happens.

00:09:13- Ryan Minor: I think it would look good hanging on my wall. I’ve got a bunch of cool things on my wall, I think that would add to it.

00:09:19- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Alright, let’s hang it. Where do you wanna put it?

00:09:22-Ryan Minor: Um, I think I’m gonna put it right close to my boss hog steer horns up there.

00:09:27- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Oh yeah, I see that.

00:09:30- Dennis Duce: Oh yeah, you can see those, they’re like right there.

00:09:35- Ryan Minor: Somebody could walk out with those for 100 bucks.

00:09:37- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Wow.

00:04:39- Ryan Minor: That would look right nice on their cadillac.

00:09:41- Dennis Duce: You don’t have 76 white cadillac convertible handy though, do you?

00:09:44- Ryan Minor: I don’t

00:09:L45- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Yeah, I got one parked right outside, that’s what I drove here in.

00:09:48- Dennis Duce: 76?

00:09:49- Customer (Kirk Sherad) Well, I dunno. Something.

00:09:51- Dennis Duce: So you got that big 500.

00:09:52- Customer (Kirk Sherad): I dunno.

00:09:54- Dennis Duce: That’s what’s in-

00:09:55- Custoemr (Kirk Sherad): No, I need 500 for this.

00:09:57- Ryan Minor: Well, we can trade you. We can trade you for those steer horns.

00:10:02- Customer (Kirk Sherad): No man, I gotta get some money.

00:10:04- Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:10:05- Customer (Kirk Sherad): I gotta get some money, but I could maybe buy those after I get a little bit of money. Like if you get 600 for this I could give you 100 for that, and then I could take the 500.

00:10:15- Ryan Minor: 500 in the pocket.

00:10:16- Customer (Kirk Sherad): For whatever I need.

00:10:19- Ryan Minor: (?)

00:10:22- Dennis Duce; Nah, I don’t do that anymore.

00:10:24- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Alright, well here, I’ll leave this with you.

00:10:26- Ryan Minor: I’ll take this.

00:10:27- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Do you need my ID or anything?

00:10:29- Ryan MInor: You know what? I’m gonna have my lovely assistant up there take your information, and uh…

00:10:38- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Okay.

00:10:42- Ryan Minor: Leave her with your phone number and information to get a hold of you.

00:10:47- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Okay, I’ll do that. Then I’ll come back. So you’ll tell me when you sell it?

00:10:54- Ryan Minor: Yes.

00:10:56- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Alright,

00:10:57- Ryan Minor: Or if I get an offer on it I’m gonna call ya.

00:10:59- Customer: You’re gonna call me? Well, okay.

00:11:01- Ryan Minor: Yeah.

00:11:02- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Well I’ll leave you both my numbers then.

00:11:04- Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:11:06- Customer (Kirk Sherad): I got two.

00:11:07- Ryan Minor: Will you make that sound again? Dennis?

00:11:09- Dennis Duce: RAWR RAWR RAWR.

00:11:11- Customer (Kirk Sherad): I dunno, I think they may have been louder than that.

00:11:15- Dennis Duce: I think.

00:11:16- Customer (Kirk Sherad): How does that sound go again?

00:11:18- Dennis Duce: RAWR RAWR RAWR.

00:11:19- Customer (kirk Sherad): I’m gonna try and remember that, and when people ask me what a buffalo sounds like I’ll tell them this guy with the hat on knows.

00:11:25- Ryan Minor: Does a great buffalo impression. Well, I like it, I appreciate you coming in.

00:11:30- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Oh yeah yeah, anytime, anytime.

00:11:32- Dennis Duce: Dave Swwwwwwenson.

00:11:33- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Yup.

00:11:35- Dennis Duce: Love to invite you- I’ve got a show this afternoon, do you like bikes?

00:11:39- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Yeah, I like bikes.

00:11:42- Dennis Duce: Okay, well, I’d think you’d be a perfect fit for Jerks Corner.

00:11:46- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Okay.

00:11:47- Dennis Duce: So, if you wanna come be our guest jerk for the day, we would love to have you join us. So, Jerks bikeshop is where you need to be.

00:11:57- Customer (Kirk Sherad): At 1 o’ clock? I dunno man, I’ve got other stuff

going on, and I don’t have any money, so I gotta figure out what I’m gonna do about this money thing.

00:12:07- Dennis Duce: Well you know, you might wanna talk to Kirk Sherad, because I think he pays people to come on his show.

00:12:12- Customer (Kirk Sherad): What? Oh, alright.

00:12:15- Dennis Duce: SO yeah, so call Jerks Bikeshop.

00:12:16- Customer (Kirk Sherad): So how much do you think I could get if I went on the show?

00:12:19- Ryan Minor: Kirk is big time now, isn’t her? He’s paying people to come on the show.

00:12:22- Dennis Duce: I think you could get 600 bucks from him.

00:12:25- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Really?

00:12:25- Dennis Duce: You gotta call him up. Call Jerk’s Bike Shop, see if he’ll pay you to be on his show. He’s a bit of a celebrity.

00:12:30- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Okay, I’m gonna do that. Call him and see if I can get 600 bucks from him.

00:12:36- Dennis Duce: From the Jerk. I mean, Kirk the Jerk.

00:12:39- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Okay. I’ll do that.

00:12:41- Dennis Duce: Okay.

00:12:42- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Where do I get a hold of this guy again?

00:12:45- Dennis Duce: Jerks Bike Shop.

00:12:47- Customer (Kirk Sherad): That’s the name of the shop?

00:12:48- Dennis Duce: Yeah.

00;12:49- Customer (Kirk Sherad): What kind of guy is he? He’s not gonna treat me bad or anything, is he?

00:12:53- Dennis Duce: No, actually I think he calls it Jerk’s Bike Shop because he thinks he’s funny.

00:12:57- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Oh.

00:12:58- Dennis Duce: He’s actually, it’s like, amazing customer service, because I get my bikes fixed there, and-

00:13:03- Ryan Minor: You have bikes?

00:13:04- Dennis Duce: I do. Not very good ones. Just ask Kirk.

00:13:08- Ryan Minor: I’m gonna change that. I’ll have to call Kirk and ask him about that.

00:13:12- Dennis Duce: Alright, Kirk.

00:13:13- Ryan Minor: Kirk is not a jerk he’s a really good guy.

00:13:15- Dennis Duce: He’s a good guy, so…

00:13:16- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Okay, well I gotta go,

00:13:17- Dennis Duce: Alright, thanks Dave Swwwwenson.

00:13:21- Customer (Kirk Sherad): How come you do that when you say my name?

00:13:24- Dennis Duce: Isn’t that how you pronounce your name?

00:13:25- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Well, I have a little bit of a- you know, sometimes words just don’t come, you know?

00:13:30- Dennis Duce: Oh, I thought that was proper pronunciation for your last name.

00:13:33- Customer (Kirk Sherad): No, that was just me, I’m getting old.

00:13:35- Dennis Duce: I thought you had 4 ‘a’s’ in your name.

00:13:38- Customer (Kirk Sherad): No, it just doesn’t come out sometimes.

00:13:40- Ryan Minor: I was gonna say, what origin is that?

00:13:43- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Is this on? Are you guys doing a show, is that what this is all about? So this is what I’m gonna go do, if I call that guy at the Jerk’s Bike Shop I’m gonna go?

00:13:53- Dennis Duce: You’re gonna go on a show like this.

00:13:54- Ryan Minor: Except I don’t pay here.

00:13:56- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Well apparently. I tried to get 600 bucks for my buffalo head and I didn’t even get any money for that. Do I even get 10 bucks for being on the show? That would help me out.

00:14:06- Ryan Minor: You know what? Talk to my assistant up there, see what she says.

00:14:11- Dennis Duce: She’s in charge of the money.

00:14:12- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Okay, alright. I’ll go talk to her.

00:14:15- Dennis Duce: So it’s Swenson, not Swwwwwenson?

00:14:18- Customer (Kirk Sherad): No man, sometimes it just doesn’t come out the way I want it to, you know?

00:14:23- Dennis-Duce: Alright.

00:14:24- Customer (Kirk Sherad): You know, when you’re trying to say something and you’re thinking about something else, you get that adlkhgoigkwgr, whatever that AD… I dunno, I probably had that.

00:14:33- Dennis Duce: Probably.

00:14:34- Customer (Kirk Sherad): Alright, I’ll see you guys later.

00:13:37- Ryan Minor: Thank you Dave, we’ll get in touch.

00:14:40- Dennis Duce: Wow. You get some characters in here.

00:14:43- Ryan Minor: All types, from A-Z, but you know what? I love it. I love the people I deal with from A-Z. I’m not sure what letter he is, but.

00:14:57- Dennis Duce: I don’t think there is a letter for Dave Swenson. I think I like his last name better the way I was pronouncing it.

00:15:02- Ryan Minor: Not only all types of people, but all types of things, apparently. I mean, I’ve never seen a buffalo head before.

00:15:09- Dennis Duce: The dude comes in here trying to pawn his head.

00:15:12- Ryan Minor: That’s one way of putting it. Absolutely.

00:15:16- Dennis Duce: That’s like way more than the shirt off your back.

00:15:18- Ryan Minor: Do you think he was satisfied with that alternative?

00:15:23- Dennis Duce: I gotta tell you man, that was just, I’m not sure about where your head is. ‘Yeah, we’ll put it up there and-’

00:15:31- Ryan Minor: I wanna put it up on the wall but I didn’t wanna pay 600 dollars for it, so.

00:15:35- Dennis Duce: So you’ve got it for a little while.

00:15:37- Ryan Minor: Yeah, I think it’ll look cool up on the wall, people will ask about it, ‘Where did you get that?’ How much, and yeah. I have some cool things up on my wall, you gotta come see them.

00:15:46- Dennis Duce; You do have some cools things up on your wall. You got the horns, I pointed those out earlier, they’re right here. How tricky is that? Right there, those are the horns guys.

00:15:59- Ryan Minor: The boss hog cadillac horns. For all those 80’s kids.

00:16:04- Dennis Duce: Yeah. Those are awesome. So if you’ve got a 76 cadillac eldo convertible white, with a 500 cubic inch engine.

00:16:14- Ryan Minor: That thing is sweet, man.

00:16:15- Dennis Duce: That is a beautiful car.

00:16:16- Ryan Minor: Love it.

00:16:17- Dennis Duce: I really do love that car. So then, here’s what you need to complete it. And then over here,

00:16:26- Ryan Minor: Snowshoes.

00:16:28- Dennis Duce: We highlighted those.

00:16:30- Ryan Minor: I actually sold a pair .

00:16:31- Dennis Duce: Oh did ya?

00:16:32- Ryan Minor: Yeah, I sold one pair of those.

00:16:33- Dennis Duce: Oh look what I’ve been blocking the whole time. It’s the Tony Hawk board from last week that I rode.

00:16:38- Ryan Minor: That’s a classic.

00:16:40- Dennis Duce: Yeah.

00:16:40- Ryan Minor: I’ve got a fender guitar up there on the all, that’s a classic.

00:16:44- Dennis Duce: Speaking of guitars, can I safely pull this thing outta here?

00:16:47- Ryan Minor: You can.

00:16:49- Dennis Duce: It says don’t touch.

00:16:50- Ryan Minor: Well, that’s for the average… you ain’t not average guy.

00:16:55- Dennis Duce: Okay, check this out, now I don’t play, okay?

00:17:01- Ryan Minor: That is a Jimmy Page Cheap Trick epiphone dual guitar.

00:17:10- Dennis Duce: Special.

00:17:12- Ryan Minor: You like the voice fluctuation there?

00:17:15- Dennis Duce: Special.

00:17:18- Ryan Minor: It’s a cool guitar man, that thing is bad A. Love it.

00:17:23- Dennis Duce: Look, it can RAWR RAWR RAWR.

00:17:31- Ryan Minor: Somehow it makes the same sound effect as the skull.

00:17:33- Dennis Duce: RAWR RAWR RAWR.

00:17:41- Dennis Duce: Do you need something man?

00:17:43- Customer: (?)

00:17:44- Ryan Minor: Okay man, let us know if you have any questions or if you need to-

00:17:49- Dennis Duce: Oh that reminds me, we haven’t done this in a couple of weeks. The Spanish Lightning Round.

00:17:54- Ryan Minor: Oh, okay. Or, since the opening show.

00:17:58- Dennis Duce: Yeah. So, let’s- you remember we were gonna talk about- you’ve got Valentines Day coming up so you were needing some stuff. So let’s do that piece, first in spanish, and then in english, and just a note for our transcriber, yeah, again, you don’t need to try and transcribe this spanish stuff, I’ll get to that later.

00:18:23- Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:18:25- Dennis Duce: Your transcriber doesn’t speak Spanish. I need to find one that’s good at both English and Spanish for your show.

00:18:29- Ryan Minor: Yeah.

00:18:30- Dennis Duce; We’ll work on that.  If you wanna transcribe his show, call me. 435-565-1278.

00:18:37- Ryan Minor; Does that go right to your cell phone?

00:18:38- Dennis Duce: That’s my cell phone.

00:18:42- Ryan Minor: That is good service right there.

00:18:43- Dennis Duce: You bet. You bet. Okay, so let’s talk about that Valentine’s special thing that we need.


00:20:34- Dennis Duce: I don’t think the ‘plata’ joke is gonna work in English.

00:20:37- Ryan Minor: That wasn’t really that funny,

00:20:39- Dennis Duce: It got you laughing.

00:20:40- Ryan Minor: Yeah, I know. I know, but it’s just, I understand it. For those in English, right now, I’m really looking for anything jewelry that you might have, I love buying gold jewelry, I love buying silver jewelry too, but gold jewelry, you can get much more money out of that. Anyway, I love buying diamonds, I love buying broken jewelry, it doesn’t matter,

00:21:05- Dennis Duce: Look at that, you got horns dude, no sit back, can’t you see that? You go horns! I didn’t do that on purpose! You got horns, man.

00:21:15- Ryan Minor: See, the best things are by accident, as we do know by last week’s show, so. Um, anyway, bring me your jewelry, I love buying jewelry, I really need to buy it right now, I’m paying really good money for it.

00:21:26- Dennis Duce: You gotta build up your inventory since we’ve got Valentine’s Day right around the corner.

00:21:31- Ryan Minor: Absolutely, absolutely. It’s a couple weeks away, so.

00:21:33- Dennis Duce: Buyers are coming in regularly looking to buy the stuff, so.

00:21:37- Ryan Minor: Love it, love to buy them. I’m paying really good on it right now, so.

00:21:41- Dennis Duce: And in two week she won’t be paying so good.

00:21:43- Ryan Minor: Well, I always pay pretty good, but I’m a little more motivated right now, so better prices now than in general I guess. So, bring it to me!

00:21:55- Dennis Duce: So, we’re gonna do something really fun.

00:21:57- Ryan minor: Okay.

00:21:59- Dennis Duce: We’re gonna try doing a live auction.

00:22:03- Ryan Minor: He kinda hit me with this this morning, this idea that he had, and I think it’s a good one.

00:22:09- Dennis Duce: Me and crazy ideas.

00:22:10- Ryan Minor: Yeah, but you know, this is what we like to do. Try new stuff out on the show. You wanna explain that?

00:22:18- Dennis Duce: Yes! So, we’re gonna do the porsche, right? We’re gonna sell it between now and the show?

00:22:22- Ryan Minor: Yeah, I think so. i’ll think we’ll try and do that.

00:22:25- Dennis Duce: We’ll do a couple other things, we’ll talk each week about some of the things that are gonna be on the auction. I think we should do the first auction 6 weeks out.

00:22:34- Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:22:34- Dennis Duce: We need some time to promo the things.

00:22:36- Ryan Minor: Yeah, I think so too.

00:22:37- Dennis Duce: So, in like 6 weeks, we’re gonna have an auction where we’re going to sell a bunch of stuff live on the show.

00:22:46- Ryan Minor: Starting with a 1986 porsche 934.

00:22:52- Dennis Duce: Really nice car. We’ll drive it next week for ya so you can see this thing. We’ve got a potential buyer, in fact, the real Kirk Sherad, not David Sweson, might be a buyer on another car you’ve got, but if not, we’ve got a pontiac grand prix that we will put on the show as well if he decides not to go with it.

00:23:17- Ryan Minor: Both are great little cars, just need a good home.

00:23:21- Dennis Duce: And we’ll have some other things on that show. You’ll be able to come live and you can be here for the auction. We’ll have you in a special room, because here’s the problem: If you’re actually here bidding live, like standing in the room with us, there’s about a 40 second delay, so that wouldn’t be fair, so.

00:23:39- Ryan Minor: We need to make it fair for everybody.

00:23:41- Dennis Duce: Yeah, so we’re gonna have them inside a closed room, anyone who wants to come down, but that way you can see the stuff before the auction, touch it, feel it, you know, even start it up, all that kind of stuff, and then you’ll be watching a time delay in one of the rooms here at the- actually, your tool room. We’re gonna have to move your golf clubs though.

00:24:03- Ryan Minor: Yeah, we could probably make that happen.

00:24:06- Dennis Duce: Maybe we should auction one of them. You’ve got a lot of them in there.

00:24:09- Ryan Minor: I’ve got so much stuff in there. As soon as the weather gets warmer that stuff will start going. Good clubs. I don’t wanna get off track, but one thing we have down here is we’re kinda golf club stop, so we have name brand, current model golf clubs. You’ walk in a lot of pawn shops and they just have junk, so it’s awesome. Good stuff.

00:24:31- Dennis Duce: We should do a golf show.

00:24:32- Ryan Minor: You know what? That’s what we do when we get Steve here, because he is my business partner. He is the golf guru. It’s gonna take some coaxing to get him on here, but I think he’d do it.

00:24:42- Dennis Duce: We should do it from a golf place. Take the golf clubs to a golf course.

00:24:46- Ryan Minor: I know an assistant pro up at Alpine Country Club.

00:24:53- Dennis Duce: Let’s go do a show live from Alpine Country Club before season.

00:24:56- Ryan Minor: He does business with me. He buys stuff from me, and so I see him a couple times a month. I think that would be awesome.

00:25:05- Dennis Duce: That would be fun.Wouldn’t that be fun? Would you  guys like that?

00:25:08- Ryan Minor: Yes! Where’s the clapping and hollering?

00:25:09- Dennis Duce: Oh, the clapping, I forgot about that.

00:25:11- Ryan Minor: Would you guys like that?

00:25:15- *APPLAUSE*

00:25:19- Dennis Duce: So yeah. So we’ll do a golf show in the next couple of weeks. We’re gonna have the auction show so watch for that.

00:25:24- Ryan Minor; People are thinking about that. People are thinking about golfing right now. They’re getting ready, so I think that would be a great time to do that.

00:25:32- Dennis Duce: So maybe what we should be doing instead of auctioning off your golf stuff we should auction off some of your ski stuff that’s gonna be sitting.

00:25:38- Ryan Minor: You know, I’ve got some stuff, I sold those one skis.

00:25:41- Dennis Duce: The powder skis?

00:25:42- Ryan Minor: Yeah, I sold those last week. But I have some stuff left. Snowboards and skis and… yeah.

00:25:49- Dennis Duce: Yeah, cu’z that season kinda starting to-

00:25:51- Ryan Minor: Wind down a little bit. People are thinking warmer weather right now.

00:25:54- Dennis Duce: They are. Especially since January was so warm here in Utah. So that’s some of the stuff we’ve got coming up on Pawn Boys.

00:26:02- Ryan Minor: We’ll let you know. It’s gonna be fun, I think this auction thing could be really kickin it up on some of you guys.

00:26:10- Dennis Duce: Did I note, no one has used the hangout on air platform for auctions?

00:26:15- Ryan Minor: We’re all about firsts here.

00:26:16- Dennis Duce: We are. I’m gonna push this to some of my connections, on that particular show, see if we can’t get some Google+ heavy hitters, maybe even get them to pop in and out and in and out on the film strip there at the bottom. That would be kinda fun. Have some Google+ celebs come in and talk about each of the things that we’re selling. We could make this an event.

00:26:39- Ryan Minor: Oh,  awesome. Again, I would love to hear feedback from people that are watching out there, the stuff that you might wanna see here. We’ll try to get in on. That’s the idea anyway, when we first started this thing up.

00:26:52- Dennis Duce: It was. Yup.It’s all about you, it’s all about your feedback. So yeah.

00:27:00- Ryan Minor; Yeah, I think we’ve got some good stuff coming up that we’re gonna put together. We’ll let you know dates, times, and see if you can be there.

00:27:08- Dennis Duce: Big auction. Should we do the auction on a Saturday?

00:27:11- Ryan Minor: Can. I can, I think you might get people more freed up. You know, a lot of people have work.

00:27:16- Dennis Duce: That’ll be a special show. Special thing. You’ll see, keep watching your feeds, and you’ll see it both on my personal feed, you’ll see it on Ryan’s personal feed, and of course, you’ll see it on Lightning Pawn’s feed. And you’re gonna be seeing invites in your email. If you’ve ever interacted with this show at all, you’re gonna see invites. Oh, quick, tell that story about the dude that came in from watching the show.

00:27:43- Ryan Minor Oh! Yeah! So I’m sitting here going about my business, my daily stuff, and I have this guy come walking in, and he comes up to me and he’s like ‘Man.’ He puts his hand out, ‘Glad I finally get to meet you!’ And he shakes my hand. I’m like ‘Okay, did you see me somewhere?’ and he’s like ‘No, dude, I have been watching you for days and days on your Google+ HOA’s.’ He didn’t say that, but anyway, he’s been watching this on that and youtube, and I feel like somewhat of a celebrity, my friend.

00:28:23- Dennis Duce: I making you a celeb. We’re gonna dominate. Pawn Stars, here we come.

00:28:28- Ryan Minor: Anyways, it got him to come down, and I love it. I mean, I don’t necessarily wanna be a celebrity, but you know, if that happens, that’s alright.

00:28:37- Dennis DUce: If it happens, it happens. But, the key thing is, you got a client to come down. He was looking at some particular things. He’s more of a buyer than a pawner.

00:28:46- Ryan Minor: And that’s just fine, I need buyers just as much as I need pawners, and vice-versa, but cool stuff, I love hearing that, I love hearing the people approve of what we’re doing here and enjoying it. Hopefully you’re enjoying it. Hopefully we’re doing what you wanna see.

00:29:04- Dennis Duce: And I love it because hey, I produce the HOA and I want you to succeed or you’re gonna fire me.

00:29:10- Ryan Minor: Yeah, so, watch it.

00:29:14- Dennis Duce: Watch the show?

00:29:15- Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:29:17- Dennis Duce: Okay, I will. I’ll watch the show.

00:29:19- Ryan Minor: You’re doing a good job.

00:29:21- Dennis Duce; Thank you, thank you so much. Alright, so watch for some of the notifications, we’re gonna have some really cool stuff going on in the next few weeks.

00:29:30- Ryan Minor: And who knows, maybe we’ll come up with some other ideas in the meantime.

00:29:32- Dennis Duce: Alright, I like the idea of dropping something off.

00:29:35- Ryan Minor: We’re gonna do it.

00:29:37- Dennis Duce: Can we do it next week? We haven’t told them what we’re doing next week. What do ya say?

00:29:40- Ryan Minor: Okay, yeah.

00:29:42- Dennis Duce: Let’s do this, you tell them about next week, ready?

00:29:44- Ryan Minor: Okay, next week we are going to throw an Apple computer off the roof of this place.

00:29:54- Dennis Duce: Live.

00:29:55- Ryan Minor: Watch it break into a million pieces. It should be awesome.

00:30:00- Dennis Duce: You know, I think the noise that it’s gonna make when it hits the ground isn’t PFFFF, it’s gonna go RAWR RAWR RAWR! RAWR RAWR RAWR!

00:30:20- Ryan Minor: I hope everybody else thinks that’s funny, I don’t ever know.

00:30:27- Dennis Duce: Well, at least we’re having fun.

00:30:28- Ryan Minor: At least we are.

00:30:29- Dennis Duce: So, we’re gonna blow up an apple computer live. This is an old something, right?

00:30:34- Ryan Minor: Yeah, it’s an old something. It still works, but I think it’s better served hitting the ground, you know, terminal velocity, I don’t know. Nevertheless, it will be a…

00:30:49- Dennis Duce: A first.

00:30:49- Ryan Minor: First, live action, drama, as we wanna say it.

00:30:53- Dennis Duce: We’re gonna have so much fun. So, 10 o’clock, next week, we’re gonna drop a mac.

00:31:00- Ryan Minor: Off the roof.

00:31:01- Dennis Duce: Glad you added that.

00:31:02- Ryan Minor: It was fun. Like he said, 10 o’clock. We’re now at 10 o’clock instead of 9:30, right?

00:31:08- Dennis Duce: And there’s a reason why we went to 10 o’clock.

00:31:10- Ryan Minor: We like the element of surprise, I guess you could say,

00:31:18- Dennis Duce: I like the word serendipity.

00:31:19- Ryan Minor: Yeah, stuff happening, or-

00:31:24- Dennis Duce: People coming in.

00:31:25- Ryan Minor: People coming in that I didn’t expect, so, we like that part of the show. It worked last week.

00:31:33- Dennis Duce: It worked last week, yeah. I mean, David was not really a pawner. Just in case you didn’t pick it up. That’s Kirk Sherad from Jerk’s Bike Shop.

00:31:48- Ryan Minor: He plays a good pawner guy though.

00:31:50- Dennis Duce: He does.

00:31:51- Ryan Minor: We were cracking up and he held a straight face.

00:31:52- Dennis Duce: I don’t know how he does that, I lost it. But we would love real guests, so if you were thinking of coming down and checking out Lightning Pawn and you’re in the Salt Lake City area, you’re in northern Utah, you’re in Midvale, anywhere around here, come on down and check out the shop.

00:32:15- Ryan Minor: You’ll have fun. People stay in here for some time, just looking at the stuff that I’ve got. It’s a fun place to be.I’ve you’ve ever wondered what goes on in a pawn shop, come hang out, I don’t care, check it out. The stuff you see on TV is not unlike we did earlier, it’s kinda staged, but if you wanna see what really happens in a pawn shop, come on down.

00:32:40- Dennis Duce: Come on down.

00:32:41- Ryan Minor: Pick it up. It’s fun. I love coming to work everyday. And you can hear.

00:32:49- Dennis Duce: Oh you do?

00:32:50- Ryan Minor: If you wanna hear his sound effect live, it’s much better live than-

00:32:55- Dennis Duce: RAWR RAWR RAWR! So for all of you 80’s people that love

SCTV- you ready?- I can’t hear this phrase and not think of this skit. ‘Come on down to Texan Edna Boils Curio Emporium.’ Anyway…

00:33:14- Ryan Minor: What is that?

00:33:14- Dennis Duce: That’s from SCTV.

00:33:15- Ryan Minor: Oh, okay.

00:33:17- Dennis Duce; It’s one of their skits, they had these people that did these horrible commercials, and they’re pretty much like your show.

00:33:23- Ryan Minor: Nice.

00:33:24- Dennis Duce: So come on down to Lightning Pawn.

00:33:28- Ryan Minor: Love to see ya, I really would. We’ll have fun.

00:33:31- Dennis Duce: See ya next week!

00:33:32- Ryan Minor: Thank you!

00:33:33- Dennis Duce: Bye.

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