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Humanizing The World of Tech With Digital Visionary Barak Hachmavov, Co-founder of Samba

The Hangout On Air for the #DreamTeam

Dennis N. Duce Hat Tip The Utah Hangout On Air Producer

Dennis N. Duce
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This is an epic opportunity for the #GetBizy   #DreamViewers  to engage with a visionary who is bringing the future of digital technology in a very human way to the masses right now.

This Week #GetBizy Talks Tech With Samba Co-Founder +Barak Hachamov and Samba community evangelist Sam Seder.

Samba is a new messaging app that brings the human experience to life through video. They won the accelerator award for social media at SXSW and have been mentioned in several publications as a top 10 start up company to watch in 2014.

So how does Samba work? You record a video (up to 15 seconds in length), and send it to a recipient from your contact list. When the recipient views the video message, his or her reaction is immediately recorded and sent back to you…giving you the ultimate emoticon 🙂

Who is Barak?

Barak considers himself a digital visionary with a love for wandering between reality and fantasy worlds, He has been a serial entrepreneur ever since he joined the start-up forces with many start-ups under his belt including my6sense, that has raised over $7.5M in funding since inception. my6sense is a tool for publishers that utilizes “Digital Intuition”  to deliver personalized content to its users.

In this weeks episode we will talk to Barak and Sam about:

The inspiration for Samba and how they envision it will be used by consumers.

What are some creative ways that business owners can use the app to engage and grow their client base?

How can entrepreneurs leverage new technology to increase engagement and improve their bottom line.

Why the human experience is so important in the digital space and how the tech world is contributing to that experience now and in the future.

What does Barak see coming in the next 2 – 5 years for tech and social media?

What do entrepreneurs who are struggling to keep up with all the changes in today’s tech world need to focus on to stay relevant?

Samba is based in Israeal…how Is the tech scene different from that in the US and where is there synergy?

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