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Each week we join around the Google+ Hangout On Air from around the world and talk about YOU and YOUR business.

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+Kirk Sherrod

Captain Kirk here Exploring strange new worlds and taking the bike industry where no one has gone before!
I have always been interested in bicycles.  I remember tearing apart bikes and fixing bikes with my dad.  I will never forget the first time we changed a tube and he taught me how to patch the hole with a Rema patch kit.  I must have been about 8 years old.  Ever since I have been intrigued by anything to do with bicycles.  After bouncing around in the corporate world for awhile I decided to do what makes me the most happy (not the most money) spending time with my family and being around bikes.
*Bragging rights*

I effectively get up everyday and go out into the Concrete Jungle carving out a living for the ones I love!

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David “SmallBizDavid” Leopold, in tribute to his 40th year as a Small Business Owner, is proud to invite you to and


Our Quote Voice.


Inspiration from the Caribbean

Living in the tropics and enjoying life.

Moved to Dominica (Commonwealth of Dominica, not Dominican Republic), and built Red Rock Haven Hotel and Escape Beach Bar and Grill.  I have several dogs, most adopted me.  I live on the beach and like to surf and swim.
*Bragging rights*
Created and sold three successful business to be able to enjoy this lifestyle.


London Calling!

Our Sap Guru will give us the power to move through the stress we all deal with.

MYSELF! Dennis N. Duce owner of +GomBoc.Me and Hangout On Air producer.

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If you are looking to build your Small Business Online Ask Dennis N. Duce about how to create a Hangout On Air for your Business. 801-879-0243 is my Utah phone number. You can also get ahold of me by filling out this form.

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