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Why Do I Love Google+ More Than Any Other Social Media Network?

Get Started With Google+

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Utah Bike Shop Hangout On Air

The Murray Utah Biking HOA


Jerks Corner Hangout On Air for Utah Biking Week Nineteen of the Bike Info HOA complete with bike repair advice YouTube ImageBikes, Bikes, Bikes…and…The Bat Phone?


Thanks +DENNIS N. DUCE  and +GomBoc.Me  for producing this weekly “Hangout On Air In Real Life”

Kirk Sherrod on G+
Jerks Bike SHop on G+
Dennis N. Duce on G+ on G+

You never know who might show up in Jerks Corner…For that matter you never know if Jerks Corner will be in Jerks Corner.

If +Kirk Sherrod gets his way this weeks show is going to be HUGE!
This Weeks Guests:

WELL I AM NOT SURE. I know it is not +Shawndra Higgins +Sherrill Duce +Stephanie Sims +Krithika Rangarajan but beyond that you will have to ask +Kirk Sherrod 



Monday April 28th 2014

1:02 pm MST (3:02 pm EST, 2:02 pm CST, and 12:02 pm PST)

Watch Live on Google+: 
Watch Live on YouTube:
Watch live on Facebook:
Watch Live on
Watch Live on dennisduce.wordpress.com

+Adrian Palomeque Gives us Adrian’s Answers

This segment of the Murray Utah Cycling Hangout will help you learn how to care for your bike and maintain it. Adrian is the Mechanic at Jerks Bike Shop on State Street in Murray. He will cover simple things like cleaning your chain. If you are into riding bikes in Utah this section will help you care for your bike and give you a new appreciation of all that goes into proper bicycle maintenance.

This Hangout On Air is all about Biking in Utah. We try to make this HOA fun and different. One of the most entertaining things about this show is the use of the “Bat Phone” which Kirk uses to answer the questions and comments that come in from the audience. 

Watch Live on Dennis Duce’s personal blog: 
Watch Live on Jerks Bike Shop Blog: 

Watch All of the Jerks Corner HOA episodes

Each week  we bring in interesting people from the work of biking. 

See the Blog on Jerk’s Bike Shop Website
See the Blog on website

You host on this bike adventure is +Kirk Sherrod  owner of +Jerks Bike Shop

#GetYourBikeOn   #JerksCorner   #JerksHOA   #BikeHOA  #GombocMe   #GombocD   #BikeForLife  

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Dennis N. Duce Hangout On Air Guest Embrace The Power of the Magic Lantern

HOA Guest on the Phil Bowyer Rule Breaking Show

This week I am joined by an all star panel to discuss how the power of video, specifically hangouts, can help us tell stories and build relationships.  



The Duce, the dude who wears a different hat every day.  Dennis produces hangouts for a living. His job is to help businesses engage with their community in a way that’s unique to them and personal to their audience. 
If we go back a few years (OK, quite a few years), stories were told in painted or carved pictures on walls. It was through these pictures that we communicated with others and told our stories.  One could even argue that it was a language. 

The first animated picture was in the 1650’s using a machine called the magic lantern which was kind of like a slide projector. This concept was kicked up in 1867 by William Lincoln who invented the “wheel of life” which allowed people to watch moving pictures or drawings, kind of like the viewmaster toy. 

In 1891, Thomas Edison created the first camera with the ability to capture motion on film. He called it the Kinetoscope.

The last 125 years has seen numerous advancements including TV in 1951, to the consumer based video camera. Both of these technologies were the beginning of the amazing technology we have today. 

We now carry HD cameras that can stream live in our pockets. Think about that, we carry around the ability to broadcast live to millions of people in our pockets, something only large media companies could do. 

Not only that, when we pair up these cameras with Hangouts, it gives us the ability to create a two-way broadcast, something the big boys struggle with doing. In fact, they often use the same technology us peasants do when they need to have two way communication. 

This technology, which is virtually free, allows us to tell stories in ways that are only limited by our creativity.  We can meet “face to face” with total strangers on the other side of the world and in a short time feel like we’ve known them forever. 

This Friday, we will dive into telling stories  and building relationships with Delilah, Scott and Dennis.  We’ll also touch on something that we don’t think about, but we all do, and what makes video an extremely powerful medium; motor mimicry.

About the Kick Ass Panel

+Delilah Taylor, Monogamous Temptress : 

She’s known as the Monogamous Temptress, who helps us with our relationships. She’s using her wisdom to launch a new venture that helps us engage better with our audience using hangouts. We’ll get into that more during the show. 

+Scott Scowcroft :

You know and love him from the Jess + Scott + You Show. He’s the man behind the Scott Treatment and has roots in early television including public access (which one might argue is the precursor to HOA’s). 

If you can’t  make it live, but have a question you can ask it  on the event page , or send me a message and I’ll guarantee it will get answered.  

Support The Show

If you love the Rule Breaking Ideas show, and would like to help me make it better, I humbly ask that you check out my Patreon page and support the show.  –>

Thank you, and I’ll see you Friday (or hopefully before). 

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Hangout On Air How To Q&A Show

The HOA for Learning How to Start an HOA

This show is a final episode in the Help Series on How To Create a Google+ Hangout On Air

Thursday May 8th 2014
12:32 pm MDT (2:32 pm EDT, 1;32 pm CDT, and 11:32 am PDT)

Watch Live on Google+:
Watch Live on YouTube:
Watch Live on My Blog:
Watch Live on Facebook:

This HOA is Produced by

This weeks guests:

+Jake Luk 
Find Jake on Google:
Find Jake on Twitter: 

Lover of all things electronic, frequently misspells words, labrador owner, G+ evangelist

Bragging rights
I have completed three 20 mile hikes and survived this long after all the stupid things I do 😉

Why I love the internet!

“The best thing since sliced bread”

So much information online. “Knowledge is power” therefore I believe it’s our duty to learn as much as possible. I believe almost no information is useless.

I try to absorb as much information as possible. Of course, I waste some time looking at cute pictures of cats but I am still learning even if it is on the side. 

*Why I am controversial. *

I am not very upfront about this but I am a minor. I am 14 years of age. Hopefully this won’t make you hesitate about interacting with you. I sure hope it doesn’t ruin any relationships. 

*My G+ Journey *

I hopped on the G+ boat in 2012 but I did nothing until January 2013. That’s the day I decided to do something with this social network. That’s when I decided I wanted to make use of G+. I am glad I did because I have learned so much from it!

It’s empowered me as an individual and inspired me to achieve my goals. It makes me happy to think people come to my page seeking knowledge or humor. I want to be a source of laughter, knowledge and off-the-charts interaction.

Why the heck do you spend so much time on G+?

Simply put: it’s fun and I enjoy online relationships. I enjoy surfing through posts for hours on end. I enjoy sharing humor and learning. I enjoy talking and exchanging ideas. G+ is still new which makes it a fair and open battle field. It’s like the American Dream: people come for opportunity! I am proud G+ Evangelist! 

Hobbies and personal interests

There are too many too list. Here’s my top ten! 

everything to do with marketing
HOAS – Vlogging – Blogging
I do consider myself somewhat of an expert on personal branding, community creating (wish I could say management; G+ communities), relationship marketing and I am a history “buff”. 

The Formula For Success! – The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 Rule says, ” 80% of the content on your page should be other’s people content. 20% should be original content” – YOUR blog posts, YOUR business. The 20% is about YOU. 

The 80/20 rule is essential for building relationships online! I use it religiously. The formula applies to almost every kind of social media page you could own online. 

The reason you need relationships is because it gets the connections you need. When other people share your content, your blog/brand visibility grows. Maybe someone will promote your pages if you become friends with them. Maybe they’ll invite you to their HOA. Maybe… 


Our Information

Host Info

Find Me on Google+: 

#Gombocme   #Gombocd   #GombocFive   #GombocNation  #AskTheDuce  



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The Indie Music Hangout On AIr

Live Indie Music HOA

Watch You Fall Circle the Stars on BandWidth Hangout On Air Live From Sandy Station In Sandy Utah. Broadcast on the My Music Hangout Channel-MOTIONMy Music Hangout Presents BandWidth the HOA for Live Indie Music
Join us on Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 for our Sixth LIVE Concert Hangout On Air performed by Circle the Stars broadcasting LIVE from +Lumpys South in Sandy, Utah. 

Wednesday April 9th, 2014
7:02 pm MST (9:02 pm EST, 8:02 pm CST, 6:02 pm PST)

BandWidth Hanout ON Air on the My Music Hangout Network Week 5. 5 State Killing Spree Active Engagers Image (1)-MOTIONWatch Live on Google+:
Watch Live on YouTUbe:
My Music Hangout on YouTube:

This week’s hosts +DENNIS N. DUCE and +Rylee McDonald will interview the band. Let us know what you would like to learn about them!

This Weeks Band: Circle the Stars
Twitter: Facebook:

This Weeks Play List
Please support the band. THey are not getting paid to be on+BandWidth Hangout On Air or +My Music Hangout so your purchase of their songs will help them to keep creating more music.

Opening Song: Lifeless Star
Second Song: Watch You Fall
Third Song: 23
Fourth Song: The Line That Divides
Fifth Song: To The Stars
Sixth Song: Love Once Lost
Seventh Song: Snowflakes
Eighth Song: Silhouettes

About Circle The Stars

Circle the Stars is a new chapter.  Joel Clark, Michael Howell, Matthew Petrucci, and Dylyn  Boswell grew up sharing experiences, playing shows and developing a story.  Formed in December of 2005, the band began playing small shows at high schools for Battle of the Bands.  In the next several years, they played in several local venues including the University of Utah, Murray Theater and Kilby Court.  Although, throughout the years, members have come and gone, the line-up remains almost completely original.  Dylyn Boswell quickly stepped up to the departure of previous drummer, Michael Lofgreen and brought a new energy with his arrival. Joel, Michael, and Matthew have all had their short leave of absence, but returned and kept the same unified vibe.  All members have done musical work in various fields such as musical theater, electronic software, guest vocals and side projects.  Echoed Illusions, the name used for nearly ten years, was designed to convey a fictional story into an emotional, musical journey.  

Echoed Illusions referenced a piece within the story, and that same story continues in Circle the Stars.  Circle the Stars identifies as the symbol with most significance in the stories.  The story is about three separate characters, their stories, and then coming together in an epic battle/conclusion.  Each character in the story is compared to stars and each are given numbers.  This utilizes the idea of something alive, intelligent and comparable to us, as a statistic or number. An organization discovers a strain to give humans superhuman abilities, but they soon discover a mutated strain.  The only way to rid the world of the strain is to eliminate those carrying it.  The organization “circles the stars” or rounds them up for slaughter and banishment.

Circle the Stars is:

Joel Clark – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Michael Howell – Guitar, Vocals
Matthew Petrucci – Guitar, Keys, Electronics
Dylyn Boswell – Drums

You can contact us for booking at:


Michael Howell – (801) 244-0534
Joel Clark – (801) 651-9883
Matthew Petrucci – (385) 227-6091

Coming soon to an HOA Event Description near you!

Let us know what you would like to learn about the band. You can join us live at Lumpy’s South or you can engage with the band live through the chat in this event.

Presented By: +My Music Hangout  
Executive Producer: +Christine DeGraff 
Production Company: +GomBoc.Me 
Co-Host and Indie Music Consultant: +Rylee McDonald 
Sound Engineer: +Laif Erickson 
Location: +Lumpys South 

See other Hangouts On Air produced by

Watch Live on Dennis’ Blog:
Watch Live on Blog:
Watch Live on Facebook:

#MyMusicHangout   #hoaconcert   #HangoutsOnAirInRealLife    #gombocme   #Gombocd   #HOAIRL   #indiemusic  #BandWidthHOA #BandWidthNation #BandWIdthFive  #TeamBandWidth  

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Th Bicycle Hangout On Air From Jerks Bike Shop

Bike Lovers HOA

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The Hangout On Air for Midvale Utah Pawn Shop Week 17

The Lighting Pawn HOA

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How To Use HashTags on ABCs of Google+ HOA

The Hangout On Air for Google+ Engagement


ABCs of Google+: #HasTagHotties   Learn to Hashtag From The Best: Week Fourteen

Learn the basics of HashTag Creation and How it can Increase Engagement

Wednesday April 9th 2014 Week Thirteen
9:02 am MST (11:02 am EST, 10:02 am CST, and 8:02 am PST)

First two Nooglers (Those who are new to Google Plus) and the first Power Pluser (Those who are active on Google Plus) can become part of the film strip just let us know that you want to join by putting in a comment in the thread below.

Watch This Weeks Episode on Google+:
Watch Live on YouTube:
Watch Live on Facebook:
Watch This Weeks Hangout On Air on Dennis’ personal blog:

Our Guest this week (In order of responding yes to my invitation):

+Rhonda Green 
Find Rhonda on Google+:

Designing Handmade Steampunk Jewelry for over 30 years.

Bragging rights
The Most Interesting Ladies On Google+!

+Kristin Drysdale 
Find Kristin on Google+:

Six children keep me moving. God keeps me grooving. And this crazy world keeps me striving. …May peace wash over anyone reading this. May you find your sense, your strength, your self. In this moment and always, you are a being of light. You are perfect, in God.

Bragging rights
I made a choice to listen a year ago, and was led to a post on keeping your media safe by +Jason T. Wiser. And I’ve been meeting extraordinary people all over the web since. *Sometimes you just have to listen and obey.

+Sue B. Zimmerman 
Find Sue on Google+:

Expert at Online Media & Business Promotion

Bragging rights
Speaking at Social Media Marketing World 2014 in San Diego, CA; Author of Get Your #Hashtag On!; #Instaawesome Training Cources!

+Sherrill Duce  (In spirit only)
Find Sherril on Google+:

I hope to help those around me be better for having known me.

Bragging rights
8 kids, named “Woman of Steel” in 2008, fabulous mother 😉 ( +DENNIS N. DUCE  adds THE MOST FANTASTIC WIFE EVER!)

Your Hosts Each Week:

+Sandra Watson of the ABC’s of Google+ will be teaching you the how, why and what’s of Google+ so that you can make the most out of your time and efforts her on this powerful platform.

+DENNIS N. DUCE owner of +GomBoc.Me will also be giving tips from his experience as a Hangout On Air producer and Google+ lover.

Let us know what you would like to learn from Dennis and Sandra each week.

The first 2 Newglers (People new to Google+) to let us know that they would like to join as guests on the show will be given a special code to bring them into the video feed about 30 minutes before the show goes live. We will also take one veteran into the filmstrip/panel to help out as we teach you how Google+ works.

See all of the episodes on Dennis’ personal blog feed for the ABC’s of Google+

See all of the episodes of the ABC’s of Google+ on Dennis’ YouTube Playlist

See all of the shows produces on YouTube Playlist

+Sandra Watson on Google+:
+DENNIS N. DUCE on Google+:
+GomBoc.Me on Google+:

#GombocMe   #Gombocd #ABCSofGooglePlus   #GooglePlusTips  #AskTheDuce     #ABCsHOA  

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The CGI Hangout On Air Week One

The Computer-Generated Imagery HOA

The Little Guy CGI Show: Week One, Animation Ideas for Small Business Marketing

Monday April 14th, 2014
5:02 pm EST* (4:02 pm CST, 3:02 pm MST, or 2:02 pm MST)

Little Guy CGI SHow: Digital Animation for the Small Business Owner, CGI TIps HOA, What is CGI, Watch Live on Google+:
Watch Live on YouTube:
Watch Live on the blog:
Watch Live on the Blog:
Watch Live on Facebook:

About Arango Digital Production:
Circle Us on G+ for CGI learning:
Visit our website:
Find Us On Facebook:
Find us on Twitter:

We bring CGI to the Little Guy!

We bring CGI to the little guy!
Located in Southern New Jersey
but accessible to the world!!
To see what we can do for you!

What To Expect from the Little Guy CGI Show

Each week +Susan Arango and +Alimayo Arango will open your minds to the possibilities that wait your company in the world of CGI (Computer-generated Imagery,) Animation and 3D Graphic Design. 

We will have 3 sections that we cover each week:

How To For You!

In this segment of our HOA we will show you some simple step by step instructions on things you can do to create your own 3D images, Animation or CGI projects.

Ali On The Ropes?

Can you Take Down the Great Ali Arango? We will bring in a guest each week to talk about their business, who they are and what they do. They will then have a chance to see if they can take Ali to the ropes with a CGI, 3D, or Animation idea.

Ali will answer their question and then show them how Arango Digital Production can work their magic with in the budget restraints of a Small Business owner, Entrepreneur or solo-preneur’s budget. “Get More For Less”


During the last segment of our show Ali and Susan will open your minds to the endless possibilities of CGI, 3D and animation by highlighting a project they have created for one of their many clients.

This section is going to give you a new respect for the power of computer generated images.

You could call this section #TheMindBender  

Learn More about the hosts:

+Alimayo Arango 
Body Builder, Superhero, Creative Genius, TOTAL GEEK!

Find Ali on Google+:

I use VFX and animations to tell stories


I use multiple multimedia design programs to help people tell stories.

Bragging rights
When people talk I listen

+Susan Arango 
Nurse, WordPress Guru, Graphic Design Maven, Mom, Soon-To-Be-Ex-Nurse (She Hopes)
Find Susan on Google+:

Visual Content Creator

We bring CGI to the little guy!
Located in Southern New Jersey
but accessible to the world!!
To see what we can do for you!

Bragging rights
Motion VFX, 3D Modeling, Character Creation, Rigging, Texturing, Compositing

HOA Producer, Skateboarder, Father of Eight, Owner of Great Dane, Husband of the FABULOUS +Sherrill Duce, Ex Roofer.
Find Dennis on Google+:

Box…what box? The glass is full! You can’t give 110% so stop lying to me….The point here is I see the world way different. Circle me for a peek…don’t be too frightened.

I am a Hangout On Air Producer. I capture content and create engagement for Small Business Owner in my home state of Utah and around the world.

Here are my circle suggestions:

1. Hangout On Air Producer
2. Fedora Lover
3. Auto Awesome Addict
4. Google+ Evangelists
6. Artist/Photographer
7. Keynote Speaker
8. Online Marketing
9. Social Media Fan
10. Skateboards Over 40’s

Bragging rights
Father of 8, Owner of a Great Dane named Lalovee, Married to a wonderful and sportive wife

The Little Guy CGI Show: Animation Ideas for Small Business is ProDUCEd by +DENNIS N. DUCE  Executive HOA Producer for+GomBoc.Me 

Learn more about on Google+:
Other Shows Produced by on YouTube:
HOA Blog for

#AliOnTheRopes   #HowToForYou   #VisionQuest   #CGIShow    #LittleGuyCGI   #CGIHOA   #GombocMe  

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The Healthy Living Hangout On Air

The HOA for Healthy Living

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