Why! On Wednesday. The Hangout On Air That Makes You Answer WHY.

The HOA About Why.

hangout_snapshot_23-MOTIONWhy do you do what you do?

This Hangout On Air is a coproduction with the Draper Area Chamber of Commerce. Each Week we have two Draper Chamber Members as well as one Active Member of the Google+ community. As Host I ask the question “Why do you do what you do?” then “Why is that important?” of each guest in turn. Once they have spoken I open it up to a round table discussion with all of the members of the panel joining in.

Lighting Round.

At the end of each HOA we have a lighting round where I ask all of the guests to tell us what they thought ended up being the “Theme” of this weeks show.

Why! On Wednesday the Hanout On AIr for the Draper City Chamber of Commerce produced by Dennis N. Duce of Gomboc.meWant to be a guest?

We are always looking for interesting people to be guests on WHY! Feel free to contact me by EMAIL or you can call me at 801-879-0243. Another way to let me know you want to join in the panel is to fill out this form.

Why! On Wednesday THe Hangout On Air from Draper Chamber of CommerceCheck out all of the Why! Hangout On Air Episodes here

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