The Hangout On Air for the Draper Chamber of Commerce

Why Do You Do What You Do? The HOA of WHY

Why! On Wednesday the Hangout On Air for the Draper Area Chamber of CommerceThis weekly Hangout on Air is a co production of Draper Area Chamber of Commerce and Each week we highlight a few members of the Chamber along with one active member of the Google+ Community.

The process is simple as host I (Dennis N. Duce ask two questions of each guest.

1) Why do you do what you do?
2) Why is that important?
3) All three guests are now asked to join in the conversation started by answering these questions.
4) Rinse and Repeat
5) One more time for the third guest
6) I ask the Lighting Round question. What was the theme of today’s show?

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Dennis N. Duce
Bill Rappleye:

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Why! On Wednesday the Hanout On AIr for the Draper City Chamber of Commerce produced by Dennis N. Duce of Gomboc.meWant to go back and watch another HOA Produced by Gomboc that you missed? You can see that list here.

This is a +GomBoc.Me produced Hangout On Air by Executive HOA Producer +DENNIS N. DUCE

What is a Gomboc? This is a Gomboc! is a Producer of Hangouts on Air for Small Business

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Are you looking to have your own Webinar or Hangout On Air? Dennis N. Duce of can produce an HOA for your Small Business. Call Dennis at 801-879-0243 or fill in the form below.



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