Jennifer Ahlstrom Guest Info for White Dress Shirts on Bikes HOA

HOA Guest Info

Dear Jennifer

Have you been asked to be a guest on a produced Hangout on Air?

I am so glad I will have the chance to meet you and promote your business on Google+, YouTube, Facebook, My Personal Blog,, and My clients blog.

Even with all of this promotion it will help you to make the most out of this opportunity. Use the links below to increase the reach of your video and help your clients, friends and family see how fantastic you are.

Basic Information

Here is the basic information you need to make the most out of your Hangout On Air next week.

If you are planning on being connected to the HOA remotely let me know so that I can get everything set up before hand. Send me your email address and I will make all of the connections.

If you would like to understand more about these HOAs you can see episodes that I have created in the past by going to this link. This will take you to a list of past episodes.

Important Social Media Promotion Links

Googel+ Event:
Dennis Blog Post:
Missionary Depot Blog Post:
YouTube Event:
Facebook Event:

Here are the important links. Please share these with your customers, friends, clients or anyone that you think will benefit from seeing this interaction. I have also included the EMBED code so that if you want to have the video feed run live on your web site you can do that.

YouTube Embed Code:

Google+ Link

Event Page on Google+ (I recommend you get on this page and engage before, during and after the event with all of the people who are commenting and talking about this. It will help you build your brand and create more buzz for you and your business.)

Facebook Link

Facebook Link (This link will show other HOAs between now and when we go live. Your show will be visible 2 hours before we go live with a countdown clock and for up to 2 hours after the show is off air as a replay.)

My Personal blog (I would really apreciate it if you posted this on your website or used it to promote the event on your social media streams. Every little thing like that helps.) Missionary Depot Blog is here:

YouTube Link & Embed Code

YouTube Link

YouTube Embed Code:

That code will let you stream the video live on your website and will help increase your SEO value so I recommend that you post it. If you do create a blog post and use this code please let me know and I will direct a few links to that page to help boost it in the rankings.

What Does it Cost to Have Produce a Hangout On Air?

If you would like to know what it would cost to have a weekly show produced for your business you can follow this link.

Location of the Hangout On Air

This will be a remote connection on Google+ HOA

Questions? #AskTheDuce

If you have any questions about this and would like to learn more about what we are going to be doing please let me know. You can also find all of these links on my blog here

Warmest regards,

Dennis N. Duce
Executive HOA Producer/CVO

If you would like to be a guest on a HOA contact Dennis N. Duce 801-879-0243


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