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Who Are You? Mirco HOA

Lisa Ingles and Robin Holland on Who Are You?

The Four Questions: Who are you? Why? Why? Why?

Monday, December 1, 2014
1:12 pm MST (3:12 pm EST, 2:12 pm CST, and 12:12 pm PST)

This Weeks #PlusOneSuperHero  :  +Lisa Engles

This Weeks #PlusOneSideKick     : +Robin Holland

This week, we’ll be talking about Letting Go

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How Can I Use Heart in Business:
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#PlusOneSuperHero Guest +Mark H.O.A. Seydel
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How can I use Energy in my small business?
PlusOne SuperHero Guest: +Shawndra Higgins
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How can I use Inception in my small business?
PlusOne Superhero Guest: +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales
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How can I use Intuition In My Small Business
PlusOne Superhero Guest: +Gail Harris
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