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HOA ABout Love/Affection – NWRT

Hangout On Air all About Love and Affection on Network Roundtable

Who Are You? The Micro HOA that answers that simple question along with the 3 Whys

Monday, February 9th 2015
12:42 pm MST (2:42 pm EST, 1:42 pm CST, and 11:42 am PST)

This Weeks Guests:
This Weeks #PlusOneSuperHero    +Christine L Bowen
This Weeks #PlusOneSideKick     +Jessica Dewell

Mobile Link: http://goo.gl/Yuj0ZN
Watch on Google+: http://goo.gl/7Ix89Y
Watch on YouTube: http://goo.gl/Yuj0ZN
Watch on my Blog: http://goo.gl/t3D414

Network Round Table is back for the Season of Values!

This is our simple trailer HOA. We will be live asking the “Four Questions” Who are you? Why? Why? Why? Join us as we dig deep into who our guests are and why they believe the things they believe.

Core values are as vital as goals to our success. If we are a#solopreneur   #SmallBusinessOwner   #entrepreneur  or part of one of the  #fortune500companies  we need core values to help us chart our course. Season three of NWRT will be all about the values we hold to and how we can uncover them to get a clearer picture of where we are going.

So  #SuperTroopers    keep the comments coming and help us create a show that will educate you about each of the 23 values we have selected to cover this season.

Get the conversation started on the event page, and of course, post any questions you’d like to have answered during the show!

This week’s #plusonesuperhero   is  +Nicole Levac

This week’s #PlusOneSidekick  is   +Cheri Valentine

This season our #TeamTroupers  includes (in no particular order):
+Gail Harris +Elaine Nieberding +Leslie Wagstaff-Wilson +toni holder +Aaron Segal +Katrina Pfannkuch +Nora Whalen +Shawndra Higgins  +Gina Fiedel and +Jessica Maynard

Handling tech… +DENNIS N. DUCE and the teams #PlusOneSidekickfor the season is +Kristin Drysdale

Check out upcoming or past episodes:
Communication 1/9/15
Who Are You: http://goo.gl/fbFfUI
Competition 1/16/2015
Innovation 1/23/2015 http://goo.gl/P7FAAn Affection/Love1/30/2015
Recognition 2/6/2015
Decisiveness 2/13/2015
Effectiveness 2/20/2015
Friendliness 2/27/2015
Happiness 3/6/2015
Hopefulness 3/13/2015
Open-Mindedness 3/20/2015
Respectfulness 3/27/2015
Mid Season Break 4/3/2015
Curiosity 4/10/2015
Dependability 4/17/2015
Diversity 4/24/2015
Flexibility 5/1/2015
Honesty/Integrity 5/8/2015
Loyalty 5/15/2015
Productivity 5/22/2015
Prosperity/Wealth 5/29/2015
Quality 6/5/2015
Security 6/12/2015
Simplicity 6/19/2015
Spirituality 6/26/2015
Variety 7/3/2015
Two Week Summer Break 7/10/2015-7/17/2015
First week of Season Four 7/24/2015

#NWRT    #gombocme   #MicroHOA   #WhoAreYou

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5 Key Ideas to Improve Your Utah Events WebPresence/Online Image

Search COntrol Utah Booth at the Great Salt Lake Business Expo 2013, Utah SEO, SEO Utah, Online Image Management, Web Presence

By Dennis N. Duce Search Consultant for Search Control Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah

Make Your Utah Event Shine Online With These Five Tips

1. Create an Online Webinar or Google+ Hangout to Train Attendees
2. Create and Promote a Show Specific Hashtag
3. Blog Like You Love It!
4. Get Google Authorship Linked to Your Blog
5. So the Event is Over? Keep Promoting!

Promotion of you event is crucial. You need to use every angle you can from Web sites, Micro sites and Micro Blogs and training for those who attend promoting upcoming events to pictures, tweets and Facebook posts during the event and of course follow up posts and interaction after the event wraps. The key to a hugely successful event is training planners to get online content seen by as many relevant eyeballs as possible. Here are five strategies to improve interaction, increase activity by those who attend and get more free publicity for your next event.

1. Create an Online Webinar to Train Attendees 

Creating an online Webinar/Training has become easier with the development of Google+ Hangouts. The added benefit of a Hangout is that it helps all of those who are going to be active in your next Utah event to be in your Google+ Circles which is one more layer of social interaction. The point of the Webinar is to help your active partners to understand how to use the tools you will be providing to promote their involvement in the upcoming show as well as the show itself. Many times we are too busy “working our booth” to meet the other businesses and Network. Social media is a great way to get to know the other members of the show so we can “work our Booth” during the show. This Webinar should be no more than 30 minutes (plus an open question time) and should run about 1 month before your show.

2. Create & Promote a Show Specific Hashtag

“Engagement with your sponsors, attendees and participants is key to increasing traffic at your show.,” said Chad Chiniquy, C.E.O. of Search Control, a Web Presence, Online Image, and Social Media Management Provider that can make the most out of the interactions at your next show. “Creating a sponsored Hashtag and promoting it early, often and everywhere will increase the your Social Media Impact. Your guests will feel a need to be a part of the Group-Share which helps them feel more engaged in the party. Take lots of pictures and provide a single location that is open for EVERYONE to share This simple task can increase web traffic with a 150% spike. Find a local Magazine, Blog, Charity or Newsletter with a large following to increase and amplify your event’s reach.”
(Here are five ways to select the best event hashtag and 10 ways to promote it at the event.)

3. Blog Like You Love It!

Blogging is a great way to keep your web site’s content fresh content continually appears for Web crawlers to index. Dennis Duce recommends you create a blog on your web site and a micro blog off site and you add something at least once a week to each.Dennis found this great tip on another blog! “Write a blog post about every single question that a potential attendee might have, with the question as the title of the post, appearing in the page content and again as keywords and metadata. Your chances of appearing at the top of the search results go up when someone types that question into a search engine,” says Building Blocks Social Media’s Elizabeth Glau, citing a tip from the Sales Lion’s Marcus Sheridan. “It also makes your organization appear helpful when you answer questions your potential attendees have.”

4. Get Google Authorship Linked to Your Blog

Google has made it possible to connect your blog to your Google+ account. This helps give a personal touch to your posts and increases your page rank as well as your conversion.

Search Control has a great article on Google Authorship. “The process (of connecting Google+ to your Blog) adds a more human touch to the search rankings. People are naturally drawn to images over plain text.  Basic human psychology shows that people feel more comfortable getting information from an actual person rather than an anonymous source. This means that even if you rank lower down on the page, your listing with an author image may get more clicks than the listings that rank higher.”

5. So the Event is Over? Keep Promoting!

This is a great time to grow your online image and Web Presence. You have plenty of  pictures, quotes and video USE THEM to keep your attendees and partners engaged. This will help grow your brand and increase your Online Image as you prepare for the next event. “I call it the post-event event,” says Hindman. “Empower press to write about your event with photos and mouthwatering tweets.”

When you continue to engage your audience through the year you will keep your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media pages active so you will not have to work so hard to build your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your next event.

Do You Have More Questions About How to Make the Most Out of Your Event?

Dennis Duce has all of the answers you and your team needs! Contact me any time to learn more about how Search Control can manage your events Online Image.

If you would like to see how well your event is doing online fill out this form to receive a FREE WebScore.

Click to Get Your Free Web Score!

Click to Get Your Free Web Score!



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What is Web Presence? How Can I Improve My Online Image?

Utah Search Consultant and SEO Trainer Shows how with a Rubik’s Cube

Online image management and Web Presence control can be a massive puzzle. Just like the Rubik’s Cube many people don’t know how to work through the algorithms that are critical to getting the results you want.

Step One: Get a Web Site

Step One: Get a Web Site

Step One Get a Web Site!

A lot of people think that the key thing to produce is a web site and if you have a web site out there well that is going to give you exactly what you want. Well a web site looks like this it’s just part of the solution but there is a lot more going on to get the customers you want.

 Follow this link to learn more about Web Presence Management and Online Image Control by Search Control

Step Two Get Key Words!

Step Two Long Tail Search Phrases and Key Words

Step Two Long Tail Search Phrases and Key Words

So you get your web site up and now it is time to start working on Key Words and Long Tail Search Phrases. Once you start to get the right things on your web site, your web site will be found by Google. Of course as you can see there is still a lot left to be desired.

Follow this link to learn more about Key Words and Long Tail Search Phrases.

Step Three Go Hyper Local

Step Three Go Hyper Local

Step Three  Get Hyper Local!

Start building links from Hyper local web sites will increase your performance online. These are sites like Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and Map Quest. These will help businesses find you as well as showing local clients where you are so they will find you online. We are getting two thirds of the way through the Rubik’s Cube (as well as solving your online image) but there is still a lot left to solving your online image.

Follow this link to learn more about Hyper Local and how to get your business found online.

Step Four Manage your Online Reputation

Step Four Manage your Online Reputation

Step Four Get a Strong Online Reputation!

So the next thing you want to look at is managing your reputation  We want to do that properly and when we do we will have your Customers saying wonderful/positive things about you and your business on sites like Yelp, City Search, and Angie’s List.

Follow this link to learn more about managing your online reputation.

Step Five Learn To Love to Blog!

Step Five Learn To Love to Blog!

Step Five Get Blogging!

The last thing you want to make sure you do is Blog, Blog, Blog! You have got to learn to love to blog and when you do, well, Google is going to find you!

Follow this link to learn more about Making Blogging fun!

Step Six If This Does Not Make Sense Get Help From an Expert!

If you are still troubled contact me Dennis Duce your Utah SEO Expert.

Click to Get Your Free Web Score!

Click to Get Your Free Web Score!

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“SEO is Dead! What’s Next?” Presentation to the Park City Board of Realtors

Another Great Presentation on WebPresence by Dennis N. Duce of Search Control

Okay I get it, it is not cool to toot your own horn. Well the truth is I am not! We had 31 people in the room for “SEO is Dead! What’s Next?” at the Park City Broad of Realtors office today of those 27 people filled out the Evaluation form supplied by the Board of Realtors.

Here are a few of the comments:

“Clear, simple steps. Easy to understand”

“Wasn’t Long Enough”

“Very Engaging Instructor!”

“Super Helpful”

“great instructor & fun! Thank you for great ideas”

“great class! Needs to be a 3 HR Class”

“Useful +entertaining”

“Content Presented Well”


“I would take another course then gave all of her personal contact info.”

“Very helpful”

“Very Good-Informative”

“Need a few more-“Do This” in each 5 areas for people who don’t understand technology.”

On this last comment if you check out the information on the custom Web Page I wrote as class notes you will se that the “Do this” items are part of the hand outs. “SEO is Dead! What’s Next?” Park City Board of Realtors WebPresence Training by Dennis Duce of Search Control.

Now How Good Was My Training to the Board of Realtors? Just Check Out These Numbers!

Was the information relevant to the industries? 100% said YES!

Was the course delivered as advertised? 100% said YES!

Would you take another course from this instructor? 100% said YES! One doubled circled it and added an exclamation mark after. adding the comment “Very Engaging Instructor!”

How would you rate the instructor overall? Average score 5.08 on a scale of 0-6 (You might ask why 0-6 and not 1-5? The scale was really Low  1 2 3 4 5  High. Nine people circled the High instead of the 5 so I calculated the data on a 0-6 scale.)

If you would like to have Dennis Duce train your Utah Business or Professional Group Call me at 435-565-1278

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