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5 Key Ideas to Improve Your Utah Events WebPresence/Online Image

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By Dennis N. Duce Search Consultant for Search Control Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah

Make Your Utah Event Shine Online With These Five Tips

1. Create an Online Webinar or Google+ Hangout to Train Attendees
2. Create and Promote a Show Specific Hashtag
3. Blog Like You Love It!
4. Get Google Authorship Linked to Your Blog
5. So the Event is Over? Keep Promoting!

Promotion of you event is crucial. You need to use every angle you can from Web sites, Micro sites and Micro Blogs and training for those who attend promoting upcoming events to pictures, tweets and Facebook posts during the event and of course follow up posts and interaction after the event wraps. The key to a hugely successful event is training planners to get online content seen by as many relevant eyeballs as possible. Here are five strategies to improve interaction, increase activity by those who attend and get more free publicity for your next event.

1. Create an Online Webinar to Train Attendees 

Creating an online Webinar/Training has become easier with the development of Google+ Hangouts. The added benefit of a Hangout is that it helps all of those who are going to be active in your next Utah event to be in your Google+ Circles which is one more layer of social interaction. The point of the Webinar is to help your active partners to understand how to use the tools you will be providing to promote their involvement in the upcoming show as well as the show itself. Many times we are too busy “working our booth” to meet the other businesses and Network. Social media is a great way to get to know the other members of the show so we can “work our Booth” during the show. This Webinar should be no more than 30 minutes (plus an open question time) and should run about 1 month before your show.

2. Create & Promote a Show Specific Hashtag

“Engagement with your sponsors, attendees and participants is key to increasing traffic at your show.,” said Chad Chiniquy, C.E.O. of Search Control, a Web Presence, Online Image, and Social Media Management Provider that can make the most out of the interactions at your next show. “Creating a sponsored Hashtag and promoting it early, often and everywhere will increase the your Social Media Impact. Your guests will feel a need to be a part of the Group-Share which helps them feel more engaged in the party. Take lots of pictures and provide a single location that is open for EVERYONE to share This simple task can increase web traffic with a 150% spike. Find a local Magazine, Blog, Charity or Newsletter with a large following to increase and amplify your event’s reach.”
(Here are five ways to select the best event hashtag and 10 ways to promote it at the event.)

3. Blog Like You Love It!

Blogging is a great way to keep your web site’s content fresh content continually appears for Web crawlers to index. Dennis Duce recommends you create a blog on your web site and a micro blog off site and you add something at least once a week to each.Dennis found this great tip on another blog! “Write a blog post about every single question that a potential attendee might have, with the question as the title of the post, appearing in the page content and again as keywords and metadata. Your chances of appearing at the top of the search results go up when someone types that question into a search engine,” says Building Blocks Social Media’s Elizabeth Glau, citing a tip from the Sales Lion’s Marcus Sheridan. “It also makes your organization appear helpful when you answer questions your potential attendees have.”

4. Get Google Authorship Linked to Your Blog

Google has made it possible to connect your blog to your Google+ account. This helps give a personal touch to your posts and increases your page rank as well as your conversion.

Search Control has a great article on Google Authorship. “The process (of connecting Google+ to your Blog) adds a more human touch to the search rankings. People are naturally drawn to images over plain text.  Basic human psychology shows that people feel more comfortable getting information from an actual person rather than an anonymous source. This means that even if you rank lower down on the page, your listing with an author image may get more clicks than the listings that rank higher.”

5. So the Event is Over? Keep Promoting!

This is a great time to grow your online image and Web Presence. You have plenty of  pictures, quotes and video USE THEM to keep your attendees and partners engaged. This will help grow your brand and increase your Online Image as you prepare for the next event. “I call it the post-event event,” says Hindman. “Empower press to write about your event with photos and mouthwatering tweets.”

When you continue to engage your audience through the year you will keep your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media pages active so you will not have to work so hard to build your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your next event.

Do You Have More Questions About How to Make the Most Out of Your Event?

Dennis Duce has all of the answers you and your team needs! Contact me any time to learn more about how Search Control can manage your events Online Image.

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