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“Brace Yourself Meme” on The Pandemic Code HOA

#CodeBreakers Live from Pubcon

Brace Yourself Meme on THe Pandemic Code HOA with the #codebreakers Live from Pubcon“Why do some items go viral while others remain unseen, unread, and un-shared forever?


Wednesday October 8th 10:02 am MDT, 9:02 am PDT, 11:02 am CDT, 12:02 am EDT, 5:02 pm BST

Google+: http://goo.gl/xGmdNO


Join our team of #CodeBreakers  each week as we open up various Meme’s and show you why they went viral or died on the vine.

Wade Harman from Team #CodeBreakers and The Pandemic Code HOAMeet the #CodeBreakers :
(In alphabetical order)

+Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales
Super Power ->

+Ammon Johns
Super Power-> Insight, Strategy, Vision

+Christopher Vogelmann
Super Power ->

+Craig Calvert
Super Power ->  Psychometrics, Memetics

Super Power -> Engagement, Creativity, Speed Cubing, and Misspelling Everything
G+: http://goo.gl/G6Nrj5

The Brace Your Self Game of Thrones Winter Is Coming Meme on The Pandemic Code HOA YouTube Event Cover Image+Eric Enge
Super Power ->

+Grizwald Grim
Super Power ->  Modesty, Humility, and Narcissism

+Mani Saint-Victor
Super Power -> Neuroscience

+Michael Sutton
Super Power ->

+Nicholas Cardot
Super Power -> Psychological Warfare; Programming; Resistance to Threes. 🙂

+Stephanie Sims
Super Power ->

Super Power -> Behind The Scenes Analysis



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