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More Than Just a Web Site:

In days gone by the idea was to improve your “SEO” by increasing the amount of traffic to your one-and-only-web-site. It does not matter if we are trying to use old/outdated SEO spam techniques or their more modern improvements if we are focused on one single web site it is like trying to stop “Web Traffic” by using a single nail while “WebPresence” or “Online Image Management” is more like trying to stop traffic with a “Nail Strip”

Nail in the road will not stop traffic you need more than your Utah Web Site to create traffic and drive customer to your site. You need Utah WebPresence by the Best Utah has to offer in SEO/SEM Managment, Dennis Duce Search Consultant for Search ControlThe fact is it does not matter how much time or energy your spend making that single nail bigger or sharper it will only gather as much traffic as hits it dead on. The idea of Web Presence is to create as many sources of information about you, your company and your brand as you can.A Spike Strip is a great analogy of the best way to bring Utah customers to your web site. Make sure you have lots of places you can be found on line, listings, reputation sites, social media, personal sites, blogs, videos. Help me find the best company in Utah to bring me leads from my Web Site, Dennis Duce Search Consultant with Search Control can give you a FREE WebScore (Web Score) to show you where youa re strong and where you can do better.

There are two different types of WordPress blogs, those that are hosted on another hosing site ( or those that are hosted by wordpress ( To get the first of these types of websites you can start here (Link to Custom WordPress Web Sites) this first type will cost you money each year for having the site hosted. The second kind of WordPress sites are free and can be created by following this link (WordPress hosted Blogs Link)

Search engine marketing, Online Marketing, SEOManaging these blogs can become a lot of work. In order to get the most out of a blog you will need to update it at least once a week. You will want to have some blogs that have a sales approach (look how great I am) and call to action. More than half of your posts should be industry specific but don’t directly push your company/service. It is also a good idea to have posts that are entertaining in nature.

If you have a blog or a number of blogs and need help getting traction with those web properties fill out this request for a FREE WebScore and I will contact you to set a time to talk about how can help manage your Online Image and WebPresence. Feel Free to contact me directly 435-565-1278


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