How-To Create a Hangout On Air

to Promote Your Business

Join +DENNIS N. DUCE and +Ammon Johns  as they explains the first steps of How-To Create Your First Hangouts On Air

Thanks for watching. As our gift to you get your Free Video Training Series* “12 Things You MUST Do To Create An Effective Online Presence That Gets Results”*

Thusday December 11th 10:02 am MST, 12:02 pm EST, 11:02 am CST, 8:02 am PST (Just for our guest from England 5:00 pm GMT)

Engage with Mobile Link:
Engage on Google+:
Engage Live on YouTube:
Catch It Live on Dennis’ Blog:

This is going to be a live audience broadcast or “Hangout On Air In Person” Dennis will be presenting live in front of an audience of business owners. Questions will be taken from anyone watching or engaging in the HOA.

We will talk about these How-To steps:
1. Creating Your Event
2. Banner Best Practices
3. Creating your Plan
4. The Description
5. Reusing your content
6. Creating Your Theme


About +Ammon Johns

Marketer, SEO, and Pioneer
The common view I get from what others say about me is that I’m a long-timer of Internet marketing, well respected, and described as a mentor, expert, and guru, especially in relation to SEO and search marketing.
(See for what others say at and )

Sometimes I feel I could describe all that to myself in one word: Old :o)

I’ve been commercially involved with the web since 1995 when I started building websites, first for myself and later for pay.  Through 1996 and ’97 I was spending more and more time on working out how to get traffic and custom to sites.

Following demand (what people were actually hiring me to do rather than what I advertised I did) I shut down my web design business in 1997 and became a full-time specialist in web promotion.

By 1998 I’d started to attract something of a following for my advice, help and general observations in one of the big forums of the day – MarketPositionTalk – which was run by Web Position Gold.

Later, I moved over to a new forum my old friend +Kim Krause Berg was starting at and there met a lot of new friends and seemed to gain even more of a following.
Bragging rights
Internet Marketing Consultant since I was the only match for those words together

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