How-To Create Your First Hangout On Air

Live YouTube Broadcast How-To

Join +DENNIS N. DUCE and +Debbie Horovitch  as they explains the first steps of How-To Create Your First Hangouts On Air

Thusday December 4th 11:02 am MST, 1:02 pm EST, 12:02 pm CST, 10:02 am PST

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This is going to be a live audience broadcast or “Hangout On Air In Person” Dennis will be presenting live in front of an audiance of business owners. Questions will be taken from anyone watching or engaging in the HOA.

We will talk about these How-To steps:
1. Creating Your Event
2. Banner Best Practices
3. Helping Your Guests Get Ready
4. The Description
5. Finding Other “Simulcast” Outlets for Your HOA
6. Creating Your Theme

Box…what box? The glass is full! You can’t give 110% so stop lying to me….The point here is that I see the world way different. Circle me for a peek…don’t be to frightened.
I create assets that grow your business, now, and in the future.

Want to Learn More about me? Check out my “Who are you? Video with Stephanie Sims:

“Who Are Your? Stephanie Sims and Dennis N. Duce”

Why rent your marketing from TV, Magazine, Billboards or other forms of traditional media? YOU CAN OWN YOUR MARKETING ASSETS. Let me teach you how.

I create PR and Branding through social…with an emphasis in YouTube and Google+ Hangouts On AIr. Engagement is key to a good marketing program and I know how to build that engagement so your customers become your advocates, evangelists and promoters. One of my favorite tools is the HOA where I capture content and create engagement for your business, charity, cause, or just about anything else you want the world to know about.

Here are my circle suggestions:

1. Hangout On Air Producer
2. Fedora Lover
3. Auto Awesome Addict
4. Google+ Evangelists
6. Artist/Photographer
7. Keynote Speaker
8. Online Marketing
9. Social Media Fan
10. Skateboarders Over 40
11. Music Promotion
12. Public Relations
13. Branding Through Stories
14. Canadian
15. Spanish Speaker
16. Copper Artist

Every Week I produce a number of Hangout On Air episodes for Small Business’
They all begin 2 mins after the hour or half hour because that’s on the DUCE!

Want a peek at the upcoming episodes? Produced Hangouts On Air

HOA quick list. These are the pages for the companies I create HOAs for:


9:00 am MST #GetBizy with Kit and Jim Produced by James Fierce I am an honorary member of the #DreamTeam and an active member of the #DearmAudiance .

#GetBizy With Kit and Jim

Watch Past Episodes on YouTube: #GetBizy on YouTube
Watch Past Episodes on my Website: GetBizy Blog by The Duce


10:02 am MST The Pandemic Code HOA with Team #CodeBreakers


2:42 pm MST Network Round Table Produced for Dennis N. Duce

Find Network Round Table on Google+
Watch Live on YouTube: Network Round Table
Watch Live on my blog: Network Round Table

Here are some of the shows I produce or have produced in the past:

BandWidth: The Hangout On Air for Indie Music Lovers
Wednesdays at 7:02 pm MST (9:02 pm EST, 8:02 pm CST, and 6:02 pm PST)
Client: BandWidth Hangout On Air
Community: My Music Hangout
Executive Producer: Christine Dregraff
Production Company:
IRL Producer: Dennis N. Duce
Host/Director of Talent and Sound Enginer: Rylee McDonald

This weekly show is a chance for local bands to show off to the world. Each week we highlight a new Indie Musician or Band live from Lumpy’s South in Sandy Utah. This is a high energy engaging HOA in Real Life.

Network Round Table: Inspiration, Motivation and Education for Your Small Business Venture
Friday’s at 2:42 pm MST (4:42 pm EST, 3:42 pm CST, 1:42 pm PST)
Client: Dennis N. Duce, Stephanie Sims, Shari Soelberg, Gina Dominica, Emmanuel Duce, & a weekly PlusOne Guest
Blog Feed: Network Roundtable Hangout On Air
Friday’s at 2:42 pm MST (4:42 pm EST, 3:42 pm CST, 1:42 pm PST)

Friday afternoon at 2:42 pm you will find me live in front of the cameras again. Network Round Table: Online Marketing for your Small Business Venture, is a Hangout On Air where we strive to build up small business owners, Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers (MLM, Multi Level Marketing, Direct Selling) motivation, education and the power to explode your growing enterprise.

I am first and foremost a sales Professional. I love to share my knowledge with those around me. I have trained many companies on how to improve their online presence with more than just SEO techniques.

I am a huge fan of Hangouts On Air. I produce weekly HOA’s every as well as a number of other interview based HOA’s as the opportunity arises. If you think you have something special and would like to be interviewed in an upcoming Hangout send me an email

I produced a video Blog called RealGreenWorld. I interviewed companies and people that are doing something to help the world become a cleaner place.
Bragging rights
Father of 8, Owner of a Great Dane named Lalovee, Married to a wonderful and supportive wife.

About +Debbie Horovitch

Works with real world influencers & brands, to create conversations w/their biggest fans, using Google+ Hangouts on Air. Google+ skills NOT NECESSARY! 🙂
Works with real world influencers & brands, to create conversations w/their biggest fans, using Google+ Hangouts on Air.
The Ultimate Guide to Hosting Google+ Hangouts on Air co-authored with Dorie Clark
If you’d like to see if I can create similar thought leadership content with your business or brand, let me know! Apply for a free strategy session here:
Bragging rights
Embedded future G+ Hangouts on Air in guest written article The Ultimate Guide to Hosting Google+ Hangouts on Air

#GPlusDNA   #HOADNA   #EngagementDNA   #AskTheDuce

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