Music on the Plus Live with Daria Musk

My Music Hangout with Daria

Open Mic Nite & Party
Daria Musk live on My Music Hangout Open Mic NightORIGINALS/TRIBUTES/COVER SONGS
Friday, November 21st, 9PM-MIDNITE ET
All musicians welcome and we will rotate you in as seats become available! Get here early to reserve your seat as this is going to be a full house!

Host: +Christine DeGraff
Special Guests & Co-Hosts: +DENNIS N. DUCE & +Aaron Young

Watch live on YouTube:


My Blog:

We Need Sponsors/Support!

If you enjoy what +My Music Hangout is doing to help support and showcase indie musicians and want to continue seeing shows like this, please consider supporting our efforts by becoming our sponsor or patron.

#MyMusicHangout #music #openmicnight

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