How To Overcome The Error 500 When Setting Up an HOA

Hangout On Air Tips and Tricks

Daily Quick Tips on HOA’s

Monday Through Friday at 2:02 pm Mountain, 4:02 pm EDT, 3:02 pm CDT, and 1:02 pm PDT

*HOA Tips Episode Six: Answering ‘s quistion. “I’ve been trying and trying since last nite to get my Tuesday Event #holyshiftshow posted. It won’t “take”. Have you had troubles w/Hangouts today? Did you just post your small biz roundtable event a few minutes ago? Any trouble?
I’ve only tried SHOA…”

Please ask me a question on something you want to learn about either in the chat for this event or in a private chat…remember

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Each day I will go live for 2 minutes to explain different tips on how to make the most out of your HOA. Join me this week as I explain how to set up your banner image and other graphics for maximum benefit to your business, cause, or personal brand.

HOA Tips Episode One:
How do I create a banner that is best suited to my Hangout On Air? This short video will show you the first step I take in creating a banner for a new Hangout On Air.

YouTube Link:

HOA Tips Episode Two Giving Your Banner Graphic a Searchable Title:
Why is it important to create a good title for the banner of your HOA/Hangout On AIr.

Mobile Link:

HOA Tips Episode Three Setting Up The “Old Way” for maximum Search Value
Step one for setting up your HOA using the “Old Method”
1. Go to Events
2. Set up event
I will get into more details tomorrow.
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*HOA Tips Episode Four: Title and Importing Your Banner into the “Old Method” of creating an HOA.

I will be touching on how to get a good title and inporting the Banner we created in Episode One.

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