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Tilte Your HOA Banner For SEO on Hangout On Air How Too YouTube Cover ImageMonday October 13th at 2:02 pm Mountain, 4:02 pm EDT, 3:02 pm CDT, and 1:02 pm PDT

Why is it important to create a good title for the banner of your HOA/Hangout On AIr.

Mobile Link: http://goo.gl/9KYVHa
Google+ Link: http://goo.gl/Fj1Gb2
YouTube Feed: http://goo.gl/TakW0R
Dennis N. Duce HOA How Too Feed: http://goo.gl/Z44Poz
Dennis’ Blog Link: http://goo.gl/mHqYLT

Each day I will go live for 2 minutes to explain different tips on how to make the most out of your HOA. Join me this week as I explain how to set up your banner image and other graphics for maximum benefit to your business, cause, or personal brand.

*HOA Tips Episode One:*
How do I create a banner that is best suited to my Hangout On Air? This short video will show you the first step I take in creating a banner for a new Hangout On Air.

YouTube Link: http://goo.gl/ECFhin




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