How to connect to a Hangout On Air

ConnectingtoaHangoutOnAir Version 1.1

ConnectingtoaHangoutOnAir Version 1.1

1. Open Chrome Browser


It looks like this.

2. Type into the adress bar.


Like this:


3. Your Page will look something like this.


4. In the upper right corner it will either say +You  or +Your Name…LIKE THIS.


Either way you want to click on the +You or the +(YourName)


5. This last step will take you into the Social Site Google+. If you are active on G+ then what you see will be different than if this is your first time. The next few steps are for first timers. Go to step   if you do not see the next screen

If you have a Gmail, YouTube, or Google account type in your email and password here! THen skip to step


If you have no account you will need to create a Google account. Click on the Create an Account that is blue.

.Step 6. Fill out all of the required information.

Step 7. Once you have filled out the required information your picture will look like this. Do not add a photo at this time. I have created a photo for you and I will be sending it to you. Once you have it you can add the picture. Let me know if you need a tutorial on adding your photo send me an email to


Step 8. You will be welcomed to Google Plus and Told what your new email address is. Don’t worry that you have created a new email. You do not have to use it. Click on the Continue to Google+ tab.


Step 9. You will now be prompted to add people you know. Skip this right now and go to continue.

Step 10. The next thing Google+ is going to want you to do is start to follow some of the celebrities and other power users here on G+.


I recommend that you skip this step but feel free to add anyone you want.

Step 11. At this point you will be told that G+ is going to be lonely if you don’t “Circle” some people.


Intelign is going to make sure that G+ is not lonely!


Just click “Continue Anyway”


Step 12. I want to make a few points on this section. It is important that you create a great “First Impression” on Google+. It is vital that you fill out all of this information. One of the worst things you can do is to have a “Blue Face” here on The Plus.


I want to get you through the set up as quick as possible so that we can get you connected to the HOA you are going to be a guest on. So for now we are going to hit the “Finish” button and keep moving. If you want more information on getting set up in an optimal way let me know and I can send you more tutorials on setting up your Google+ Profile.

Step 13. Google+ will now take you through a tutorial of how to use G+. Feel free to run through this. Once you are done continue to step 14.


Step 14. We need to make sure you are connected to the key pages that will be used for your Hangout On Air.


A. 1. Most of your G+ navigation starts with the drop down menu on the upper left.

A. 2. Everything is opened from here.

A. 3. The other important parts of the are the search bar (This is a Google product after all) and the little grey quotation marks on the right.

A. 4. This will become the center of all communication about the HOA.

15. Connect to Intelign, Dennis, Gomboc,

A. Type in the search window Intelign (A Merged Media Company)

B. A drop down menu will appear as soon as you start typing. Once you see Intleign along with our logo click on that link.


C You will now be on the Intelign Google+ Page.

D. Now add Intelign to your Following Circle by checking beside follow.


It is a good idea to include people and pages in more than one circle. I will create another document on how to manage circles and why it is important but for now you might want to add Intelign to one or all of the following circles (You will need to create these)


Charity Fund Raising

Hangout On Air

YouTube Video Producers

Online Marketing

Really Super Fantastic People

People I am Glad I Know

Dennis is a Dork


Okay the last three are a bit of a joke but anything goes and the only person that know what circle they are in is you.


16. It is now time to connect you to your Hangout On Air.


I will set up a time with you to do a “Dry Run” and to make sure everything is working. We will also use this to create a 2-5 minute Trailer Invitation video to help promote your HOA.


I will send you a link through the “Hangout Chat” (See 14. A. 3. and 14. A. 4.)


The first notification that I am going to invite you into a Hangout On Air or a private Hangout will be something like. “Hey (your name) I am about to open the green room (The name for the time the computers are video conferenced but the show is not LIVE yet) and I will be sending the link in a minute.”


It will look something like this:

(It is possible you get either of these or both of these.)


B. The “invitation” will come as a link in the chat. All you have to do is click on the link and it will open for you.


Step 17. By clicking on the link I (Just to be clear I Dennis N. Duce will be sending you the link. Intelign (A Merged Media Company) is hosting the HOA but can not send a chat to a person so I send the link personally.) you will open a new tab in your Chrome Browser that will look like this.

17. B. You will need to check the box agreeing to the Google+ Hangout On Air terms and conditions and then hit Okay, Got it!

17. C. Click the blue “Okay,got it!” box

Step 18 You will now open up and be able to see the image from your camera. You will also be notified of anyone who is in the HAngout On Air that is not in your circles. You are asked to Join with a green button. Click it and you will be connected to me.


Step 19. Get your settings right. There are a lot of things that you can do to look or sound better in an HOA I will show you where the controls are. I am not going to do a deep dive into these settings right now but I will provide you with other insights if you wish.


A. Controls across the top.


there are a number of controls and tools that can help you make the most out of being on a Hangout On Air. All of these are hidden until you either hover over the HOA video screen or right click over the HOA video screen.


(This is what your video looks like without hovering or right clicking.)

(This is what your video screen looks like after a hover or right click)


19. A. 1. Inviting others. Please ignore this and do not invite others. I will make sure everyone that needs to be in the show is there.


19. A. 2. Mute/Unmute button. There are many times and multiple reasons why myself or others in the panel might MUTE you. if this happens and you wish to join in the conversation just click this button and you will be unmuted.


Out of courtesy if you are in a noisy environment please mute yourself when you are not speaking. Also if you wish to join in the chat conversation on the event then mute yourself before you start to type.

19. A. 3. Turn off and on Camera. You may want to turn of your camera for some reason during the show… ie. itchy nose. This button lets you do that. It is also possible for me to turn off your camera and if I have done that this is the place you will go to turn it back on. (I had to do that once because someone was making out.)

19. A. 4. Bandwidth Controls. This is a really handy tool if you are having a hard time connecting. You can turn up or down your bandwidth so either increase or decrease the resources required from your computers connection.


Let me show you how each step of Bandwidth control adjusts your view.


19. A. 4. a. Highest. You may or may not have this option depending on the quality of your computer and the quality of your internet connection. this is the clearest image quality. It can cause your connection to be jerky if you are not truly set up to send this amount of data.


19. A. 4. b. In most cases this is going to be the best link quality. It send a good strong image but not an HD image.


19 A. 4. c. The image quality starts to drop at this point but in most cases the sound gets better. So if you look good but sound bad this might be the place to try and improve the sound. It is ALWAYS better to be heard than seen.


19. A. 4. d. This is the lowest video quality you can send. It might be helping your audio get better depending on your computer and your bandwidth.


19. A. 4. d. This send no video at all only audio. When I produce Live Hangout On Air Music Concerts I always have one computer that is sending all of the audio up through this setting because it have the best audio quality.


Since there will be no video image your profile picture will be used instead. In the case of this example I am connected as Intelign (A Merged Media Company) so The logo for intelign is what you see in the middle of the screen.

19. A. 5 Other settings. If we can not hear/ see you on the other end of the call or you can not hear or see us this is the best place to start looking for a problem.

I will get back to these settings.


20. A. Putting on your lower third or overlay. This is really important because it helps the audience now how to get ahold of you throughout the show and it creates a branding in the show that helps create a professional feeling.


I will send you the image through the chat feature. (See 16. A. and 16. B.) Once you receive it I will show you how to install it.


When you receive the image from me it will look like this.

20. A. 1. Right click over the image that I sent in the Hangout Chat.


20 A. 2. Go to “Save image as.. and left click.

20 A. 3. Save the image to your desktop if you are not in the habit of saving this. If you have a special place for images and you know where it is then use that.

20 A. 4. Get back to the tab that has the Hangout running on it. You can do this two ways. One is to click on the tab at the top…like this:

The other option is to use the Alt-Tab combination (If you do not already use Alt-Tab then just go with the example above)

20. A. 5. If the “Hangout Tool Box” is in the list on the left of your screen then click on it. if not then click on the 3 grey dots at the bottom of the list of icons and then click on the “Add apps” button.


The Hangout Tool Box Icon Looks like this.

20. A. 5. LOcate the Hangout Toolbox icon and install it.


20. A. 5. b

20. A. 5. c. Accept the terms and conditions for the Hangout Toolbox

20. A. 5. d. Wait until the program is installed.

20. A. 5. e. Once the program is installed it will look like this.


20. A. 5. f. Click on the circle with a face inside icon.


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