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Network RoundTable: Inspiration, Motivation and Education during your Small Biz Happy Hour

Friday, July 18 2014
2:42 pm MST (4:42 pm EST, 3:42 pm CST, and 1:42 pm PST)

This Weeks Guest +Shawndra Higgins

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Network Round Table, your #SmallBizHappyHour  , is back for the Season of Movement!

From now until the end of 2014, we’ll be talking with our guests about the different aspects of movement and how movement (in all its forms) impacts your business.

We’ll inspire and motivate you at the beginning of the show, so that your energy is up and your stress is down. Then, it’s time to get educated – by our guest and by YOU, our #HappyTribe  . We believe that sharing experiences is one of the most powerful ways to learn, so we want to hear from you about your experience with this week’s subject:


Do you need more energy when you are “getting going” than later in your business? Are there different types of energy? And is there such a thing as putting too much energy into your business?

Get the conversation started on the event page, and of course, post any questions you’d like to have answered during the show!

And don’t forget the Lightning Round! It’s up to YOU to tell us how this week’s show moved you. Did you have an “aha” moment, were you able to identify with something that was said? We want to hear all about it with the hashtag #LightningRound  after the show.

We’re thrilled to have +Shawndra Higgins as this week’s PlusOne Guest!

Find Shawndra on Google+:

NonTrinitarian Christian Wife & Mother of 5 | Have Hosted Hangouts/HOAs & Soon Will Again so stay tuned | LOVE God and His Son Jesus Christ my Lord | Google+, Tigers, and the color pink are awesome | Don’t HATE on anyone | Goofy, but Serious Bible Student | Oh yeah, and If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. (Romans 10:9) | Lots more about me in my ‘About’ tab! 🙂

To watch my fun little introduction video CLICK HERE 🙂
Hello!  Thanks for checkin me out fellow commoogler! 🙂  I’m a goofy fun-loving wife and mother of 5 kiddos.  I’ve been a goofball my whole life, but have grown up soooooooooooooooo much since high school thanks to God and to my precious children 🙂 Don’t worry, I’m still a goofball though ;).  I’ve always been a Christian, but up until about 2007, I actually started to learn about the MAJOR stuff that just continues to blow my mind! lol I’m now on a constant mission to dig up more biblical treasures for myself and my family, while at the same time, trying to find others out there who are willing to do the same right along with me! :).

Maybe there’s something extra we have in common? 🙂

Favorite Social Networking Pages, Groups, & Communities: See my “Contributor To” links down below for the pages/groups/communities that I am most actively involved or interested in.  Hope you join me and my awesome likeminded friends! 🙂
Favorite Websites & Articles: See my “Links” down below (fyi, not that I hate on them, but just so you know… I’m NOT a JW and never could be)
Favorite Animals: I’m an animal lover in general, but a total Cat Lover, and above all, the TIGER!  Rooooooooar! 😉
Favorite Colors: Anything Cheerful, but ESPECIALLY PINK! 🙂  I really look good in black though ;).
Favorite Pizzas/Restaurants: Pepporoni and Combination with those wonderful garlic parmesean twists that nowhere else can even compare to lol (Roundtable), Stuffed Crust Pepporoni or Stuffed Crust Chicken&Jalepeno w/white Sauce (Pizza Hut), Pepperoni w/extra cheese (Papa Murphy’s), Chicken Garlic (Little Ceasars).
Favorite Sweets:  SCHWANS or HAAGEN DAZS ICE CREAM! Egg Nog, cherry cheesecake,  Little Debbie Fudge Rounds, Minty Frozen yogurt or candies (i.e. junior mints), ferrero rocher chocolate, Lidnt chocolate andchocolate covered cherries! 🙂
Favorite Books: The Bible (duh lol), Motivating Your Man God’s Way, One God & One Lord, Is There Death After Life?, Don’t Blame God, The Gift of Holy Spirit, The Five Love Languages
Favorite Google+ Educators: +Martin Shervington (PlusYourLife Community)

Shawndra will be joining our regular Network RoundTable crew:

We have four time serial entrepreneur +Gina Dominica  joining us from her Island Paradise in the Caribbean. She brings us stories of inspiration from her experiences owning a Powder Coating Business in Canada, owning a Health Clinic for Senior, as well as a sleep clinics in Bellingham Washington, and a 5 star vacation paradise on the small Island of Dominica in Calabishi.

Our Health Educator and Breast Cancer Survivor +Shari Soelberg brings us words of wisdom and inspiration from those who inspire her each day and helped her make it through the Breast Cancer challenge. Desirous to help others overcome the challenges they face she has started to promote the value of Essential Oils as a doTerra distributor.

With weekly soothing words our resident Certified Personal Trainer +James Williams joins us to help teach small business owners how to deal with STRESS! James is the owner of +Top Jimmy CPT

With sound financial advice for the small business owner, we have +Stephanie Sims. Each week, Stephanie will help us understand a little more about money management and its evil twin, finance. She believes that every owner has the ability to control their financial destiny, they just need to believe in their ability to do it!

Me…well…I’m +DENNIS N. DUCE run the tech on this HOA. I have owned a mortgage company, roofing company, alternative/solar energy manufacturing business and for the last 5 years have spent most of my time in online Promotion. Now I spend all of my time creating Hangouts On Air through my HOA production company +GomBoc.Me
#AskTheDuce     #GombocMe

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