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The HOA Updates from Dennis N. Duce and Gomboc.me

HOA Watch – Episode Four
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Klue Howser

Shared publicly  –  11:03 AM 

Hi, y’all! I’m here in the sunny city of Queen Creek and I just have to saythat was  #fantabulous ! Love all the fast talkin’ and super-snappy dressers! Sidenote: I just love +Amy Harrison! Good job on picking that one +Kristin Drysdale!   

This week we will find out what a well known HOA Producer has been up to and hear +Kristin Drysdale‘s surprise  review of one of the HOAs from the past week.

So, What is Dennis Up Too?

+DENNIS N. DUCE is a Google+ member I instantly felt a connected to. A man full of ideas and one who is not afraid to act on those ideas to make them realities.

We have all seen his shows. You may not even know that some of the shows you watch, Dennis is behind the scenes 😉

From Dennis’s G+ Profile. Oh, this is just a snippet. Be sure to circle Dennis and check out his full profile!

“Box…what box? The glass is full! You can’t give 110% so stop lying to me….The point here is that I see the world way different. Circle me for a peek…don’t be too frightened.

I create assets that grow your business, now, and in the future.

Vivekananda Baindoor Rao

Shared publicly  –  10:54 AM+Kristin Drysdale thank you for complimenting my new show! Had three great friends help me! +David F Leopold , +Ray Hiltz and +Scott Scowcroft were gracious and kind to help me launch the show.  At best I am a socially awkward software engineer and at worst I would probably bore you to death – so without the help of these greats, I would probably 

Why rent your marketing from TV, Magazine, Billboards or other forms of traditional media? YOU CAN OWN YOUR MARKETING ASSETS. Let me teach you how.

I create PR and Branding through social…with an emphasis in YouTube and Google+ Hangouts On Air. Engagement is key to a good marketing program and I know how to build that engagement so your customers become your advocates, evangelists and promoters. One of my favorite tools is the HOA where I capture content and create engagement for your business, charity, cause, or just about anything else you want the world to know about.”

Ammon Johns Shared publicly  –  10:43 AM Thanks for reviewing #isoosichat  this week, though I haven’t gotten to that part of the replay yet.  I can’t imagine a review for any show that included +Amy Harrison and +Christopher Vogelmann as anything but good. :o)

Dennis Duce on G+


Gomboc.Me on G+https://plus.google.com/103050032525628487835/posts

+Kristin Drysdale  – Our HOA Shows Reviewer:


Kristin Drysdale Shared publicly  –  10:41 AM The link to +ISOOSI Research Engine‘s Making Marketing Funhttps://plus.google.com/u/0/events/coja67vvie6jf1tli2kssmsdqn0

“Exploratory Specialist and Social Rights advocate.

As an Exploratory Specialist and Social Rights advocate, Kristin has a lot of freedom to meet people on their terms. She is skilled in diplomacy,

pragmatics, and research. She loves open source and full transparency. Her particular passions are domestic violence survivors, Google, and Global citizenship.”

+Mark H.O.A. Seydel‘s HOAShows.Com is your one stop destination for everything Hangouts On Air. HOA Calendar, Archives by category, by person’s name and by show name, Bloopers, HOA Newsletter and more!


#getyourhangouton   #hoashows   #hangoutsonair

Mark H.O.A. Seydel Shared publicly  –  10:36 AM 
Today! July 14 – One half hour after HOA Watch 1PM EDT – One half hour after this show, my +HOAShows.Com partner +Yvonne Heimann and+HOAShows.Com Consultant, +Susan Finch with GeekSpeak Guides. Today is “Selecting the Right WordPress Theme”.

Today! July 14 – 4:30 EDT – +Lookin’ for Good Cookin’ – Red Beans and Rice! with +Wayne Nix  and +Dawn Nix with +Lance Fields – A half hour show that is food, fun and downright good cookin’

Tuesday July 15 2PM EDT Mark Vang of +Sanctuary Networking Community – HOA Tech – How to look professional in HOA Events and on YouTube –  +Mark Timberlake and +Mark Vang one of the topics that will be discussed is using windows and Linux for HOAs. Linux? This may be a Hangouts On Air first.

Wednesday July 16 3PM EDT – Midweek Zap – “Connect Tech” hosted by+Zara Altair who will be speaking with none other than +Yvonne Heimannof +Ask Yvi – The questions will be along the lines of “How do you make WordPress and Google+ work seamlessly for your business?”

Thursday July 17 – 11AM EDT – Hangouts on Air Videos and Your Website – Hosted by +Ronnie Bincer with special guests +Stephan Hovnanian and +Laurie Laizure. The topic – “HOA Videos and Your Website should work well together… do they?”


Every Friday. +The Mia Connect with the one and only +Mia Voss Noon EDT Topic to be announced.

Here is the link for the +DENNIS N. DUCE show Live HOA from the MBA class at Westminster College
Modern Marketing for Westminster College MBA Marketing Class



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