5 State Killing Spree on The Live Music Hangout On Air

The HOA for Indie Music, BandWidth

Streamed live on Apr 9, 2014

*My Music Hangout Presents BandWidth the HOA for Live Indie Music*

Join us on Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 for our fifth LIVE Concert Hangout On Air performed by *5 State Killing Spree* broadcasting LIVE from +Lumpys South in Sandy, Utah.

Watch Live on Google+: http://goo.gl/2tDJkj
Watch Live on YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/MyMusicHangout

BandWidth Live Music Hangout On Air 5 State Killing SpreeThis Weeks Band: *5 State Killing Spree*

Facebook: http://goo.gl/dyZXAc
Reverbnation: http://goo.gl/v1Itp7
Jamendo: http://goo.gl/7s06bq
MetroLyrics: http://goo.gl/ZVSdTa
RawArtists: http://goo.gl/6Oslk2


Live Music Hangout On Air for Indie Band 5 State Kiling Spree5 State Killing Spree is booking shows! Clubs, Events, Venues, Festivals! We’re also happy to group up with other bands. Facebook contact is Steven Simmons.

5-State Killing Spree is all about us, four kids from the far distant reaches of the Wasatch Front with tastes ranging from
My Morning Jacket to Prince to Black Sabbath to the Temper Trap to Ok Go! and everything in between (there, that narrows
it down some)


BandWidth HOA in My Music HangoutIf you took the vocals from Gin Blossoms % mixed it with guitars from Chevelle or Alice in Chains,then threw in keyboard soundscapes & FX ala Awol Nation, you’d be pretty close to whet we’re going for here in the land of 5 State Killing Spree . . . changing hearts and minds everywhere we go, one state at a time : )


yea tacos! And Burritos! And Menudo! But also Alt-J, The Bravery, The Hives, El Alfonso, MasterMech, Barry Manilow, Prince & The Foo Fighters!


Our families first & foremost . . . finding a new album that just makes you poo your pants . . . like you can’t believe how awesome that riff/chorus/intro/song or whatever sounded- I’m going through this right now with the new Alt-J record . . . The main reason we as a band spend our time and effort to do this is the occurrence of those extremely rare moments when we create that sound/riff/part/verse etc. that makes us all stand back and go ‘holy shit, that’s AWESOME, i can’t believe we made that !!!’

*Tonight’s Play List*

1. Shoebox Ghost
Shoebox by 5SKS on YouTube: http://goo.gl/ujdZzG
Shoebox by 5SKS on Reverbnation: http://goo.gl/dF6rk3

Utah Indie Band 5 State Killing Spree on the Hangout On AIr for Indie Bands2. Nancy #9
Nancy #9 by 5SKS on Reverbnation: http://goo.gl/OBQynF

3. Nicole
Nicole by 5SKS on YouTube: http://goo.gl/wtewLJ

4. Grey
Grey by 5SKS on SOund Cloud:  http://goo.gl/5u56d6

5. Strata Hanoi
Strata Hanoi by 5SKS on ReverbNation: http://goo.gl/c0DfeQ

6. Victim 1nce
Victim Once by 5SKS on ReverbNation: http://goo.gl/dDUSzc

7. Roses & Rain
Roses & Rain by 5SKS on ReverbNation: http://goo.gl/av7bFz

8. Freak Tide
Freak Tide by 5SKS on http://goo.gl/1WU8fE

Please support the band and *BUY* some music!

Presented By: +My Music Hangout
Executive Producer: +Christine DeGraff
Production Company: +GomBoc.Me
Co-Host and Indie Music Consultant: +Rylee McDonald
Sound Engineer: +Laif Erickson
Location: +Lumpys South

See other Hangouts On Air produced by Gomboc.me:http://goo.gl/6oZhpX

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Box…what box? The glass is full! You can’t give 110% so stop lying to me….The point here is I see the world way different. Circle me for a peek…don’t be too frightened.

I am a Hangout On Air Producer. I capture content and create engagement for Small Business Owner in my home state of Utah and around the world.

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