The Hangout On Air For Utah Bike Lovers

The HOA for Cyclists in Utah


Bikes, Bikes, Bikes…and…The Bat Phone?

Monday May 5th 2014
5:02 pm MST (7:02 pm EST, 6:02 pm CST, and 4:02 pm PST)

Jerks Corner Hangout On Air for Utah Biking YouTube Image Episode Twenty One Live From Murray Utah Bike Shop Jerks Bike SHop on State StreetWatch Live on Google+:
Watch Live on YouTube:
Watch Live on
Watch Live on dennisduce.wordpress.com

You never know who might show up in Jerks Corner…For that matter you never know if Jerks Corner will be in Jerks Corner.

If +Kirk Sherrod gets his way this weeks show is going to be HUGE!
This Weeks Guests:

+Delilah Taylor, Monogamous Temptress 

This weeks guest is Delila Taylor:
Find Delilah on Google+: Delilah’s Personla GPlus Page:
Delilah on YouTube:
Delilah on Facebook: Delilah’s Website: Delilah’s other Website:


Watch All of the Jerks Corner HOA episodes

Each week  we bring in interesting people from the work of biking. 

See the Blog on Jerk’s Bike Shop Website
See the Blog on website

You host on this bike adventure is +Kirk Sherrod  owner of +Jerks Bike Shop

Thanks +DENNIS N. DUCE  and +GomBoc.Me  for producing this weekly “Hangout On Air In Real Life”

Kirk Sherrod on G+
Jerks Bike SHop on G+
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