Dennis N. Duce Hangout On Air Guest Embrace The Power of the Magic Lantern

HOA Guest on the Phil Bowyer Rule Breaking Show

This week I am joined by an all star panel to discuss how the power of video, specifically hangouts, can help us tell stories and build relationships.  



The Duce, the dude who wears a different hat every day.  Dennis produces hangouts for a living. His job is to help businesses engage with their community in a way that’s unique to them and personal to their audience. 
If we go back a few years (OK, quite a few years), stories were told in painted or carved pictures on walls. It was through these pictures that we communicated with others and told our stories.  One could even argue that it was a language. 

The first animated picture was in the 1650’s using a machine called the magic lantern which was kind of like a slide projector. This concept was kicked up in 1867 by William Lincoln who invented the “wheel of life” which allowed people to watch moving pictures or drawings, kind of like the viewmaster toy. 

In 1891, Thomas Edison created the first camera with the ability to capture motion on film. He called it the Kinetoscope.

The last 125 years has seen numerous advancements including TV in 1951, to the consumer based video camera. Both of these technologies were the beginning of the amazing technology we have today. 

We now carry HD cameras that can stream live in our pockets. Think about that, we carry around the ability to broadcast live to millions of people in our pockets, something only large media companies could do. 

Not only that, when we pair up these cameras with Hangouts, it gives us the ability to create a two-way broadcast, something the big boys struggle with doing. In fact, they often use the same technology us peasants do when they need to have two way communication. 

This technology, which is virtually free, allows us to tell stories in ways that are only limited by our creativity.  We can meet “face to face” with total strangers on the other side of the world and in a short time feel like we’ve known them forever. 

This Friday, we will dive into telling stories  and building relationships with Delilah, Scott and Dennis.  We’ll also touch on something that we don’t think about, but we all do, and what makes video an extremely powerful medium; motor mimicry.

About the Kick Ass Panel

+Delilah Taylor, Monogamous Temptress : 

She’s known as the Monogamous Temptress, who helps us with our relationships. She’s using her wisdom to launch a new venture that helps us engage better with our audience using hangouts. We’ll get into that more during the show. 

+Scott Scowcroft :

You know and love him from the Jess + Scott + You Show. He’s the man behind the Scott Treatment and has roots in early television including public access (which one might argue is the precursor to HOA’s). 

If you can’t  make it live, but have a question you can ask it  on the event page , or send me a message and I’ll guarantee it will get answered.  

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Thank you, and I’ll see you Friday (or hopefully before). 


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