Hangout On Air How To Q&A Show

The HOA for Learning How to Start an HOA

This show is a final episode in the Help Series on How To Create a Google+ Hangout On Air

Thursday May 8th 2014
12:32 pm MDT (2:32 pm EDT, 1;32 pm CDT, and 11:32 am PDT)

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This weeks guests:

+Jake Luk 
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Lover of all things electronic, frequently misspells words, labrador owner, G+ evangelist

Bragging rights
I have completed three 20 mile hikes and survived this long after all the stupid things I do 😉

Why I love the internet!

“The best thing since sliced bread”

So much information online. “Knowledge is power” therefore I believe it’s our duty to learn as much as possible. I believe almost no information is useless.

I try to absorb as much information as possible. Of course, I waste some time looking at cute pictures of cats but I am still learning even if it is on the side. 

*Why I am controversial. *

I am not very upfront about this but I am a minor. I am 14 years of age. Hopefully this won’t make you hesitate about interacting with you. I sure hope it doesn’t ruin any relationships. 

*My G+ Journey *

I hopped on the G+ boat in 2012 but I did nothing until January 2013. That’s the day I decided to do something with this social network. That’s when I decided I wanted to make use of G+. I am glad I did because I have learned so much from it!

It’s empowered me as an individual and inspired me to achieve my goals. It makes me happy to think people come to my page seeking knowledge or humor. I want to be a source of laughter, knowledge and off-the-charts interaction.

Why the heck do you spend so much time on G+?

Simply put: it’s fun and I enjoy online relationships. I enjoy surfing through posts for hours on end. I enjoy sharing humor and learning. I enjoy talking and exchanging ideas. G+ is still new which makes it a fair and open battle field. It’s like the American Dream: people come for opportunity! I am proud G+ Evangelist! 

Hobbies and personal interests

There are too many too list. Here’s my top ten! 

everything to do with marketing
HOAS – Vlogging – Blogging
I do consider myself somewhat of an expert on personal branding, community creating (wish I could say management; G+ communities), relationship marketing and I am a history “buff”. 

The Formula For Success! – The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 Rule says, ” 80% of the content on your page should be other’s people content. 20% should be original content” – YOUR blog posts, YOUR business. The 20% is about YOU. 

The 80/20 rule is essential for building relationships online! I use it religiously. The formula applies to almost every kind of social media page you could own online. 

The reason you need relationships is because it gets the connections you need. When other people share your content, your blog/brand visibility grows. Maybe someone will promote your pages if you become friends with them. Maybe they’ll invite you to their HOA. Maybe… 


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