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Watch You Fall Circle the Stars on BandWidth Hangout On Air Live From Sandy Station In Sandy Utah. Broadcast on the My Music Hangout Channel-MOTIONMy Music Hangout Presents BandWidth the HOA for Live Indie Music
Join us on Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 for our Sixth LIVE Concert Hangout On Air performed by Circle the Stars broadcasting LIVE from +Lumpys South in Sandy, Utah. 

Wednesday April 9th, 2014
7:02 pm MST (9:02 pm EST, 8:02 pm CST, 6:02 pm PST)

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This week’s hosts +DENNIS N. DUCE and +Rylee McDonald will interview the band. Let us know what you would like to learn about them!

This Weeks Band: Circle the Stars
Twitter: Facebook:

This Weeks Play List
Please support the band. THey are not getting paid to be on+BandWidth Hangout On Air or +My Music Hangout so your purchase of their songs will help them to keep creating more music.

Opening Song: Lifeless Star
Second Song: Watch You Fall
Third Song: 23
Fourth Song: The Line That Divides
Fifth Song: To The Stars
Sixth Song: Love Once Lost
Seventh Song: Snowflakes
Eighth Song: Silhouettes

About Circle The Stars

Circle the Stars is a new chapter.  Joel Clark, Michael Howell, Matthew Petrucci, and Dylyn  Boswell grew up sharing experiences, playing shows and developing a story.  Formed in December of 2005, the band began playing small shows at high schools for Battle of the Bands.  In the next several years, they played in several local venues including the University of Utah, Murray Theater and Kilby Court.  Although, throughout the years, members have come and gone, the line-up remains almost completely original.  Dylyn Boswell quickly stepped up to the departure of previous drummer, Michael Lofgreen and brought a new energy with his arrival. Joel, Michael, and Matthew have all had their short leave of absence, but returned and kept the same unified vibe.  All members have done musical work in various fields such as musical theater, electronic software, guest vocals and side projects.  Echoed Illusions, the name used for nearly ten years, was designed to convey a fictional story into an emotional, musical journey.  

Echoed Illusions referenced a piece within the story, and that same story continues in Circle the Stars.  Circle the Stars identifies as the symbol with most significance in the stories.  The story is about three separate characters, their stories, and then coming together in an epic battle/conclusion.  Each character in the story is compared to stars and each are given numbers.  This utilizes the idea of something alive, intelligent and comparable to us, as a statistic or number. An organization discovers a strain to give humans superhuman abilities, but they soon discover a mutated strain.  The only way to rid the world of the strain is to eliminate those carrying it.  The organization “circles the stars” or rounds them up for slaughter and banishment.

Circle the Stars is:

Joel Clark – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Michael Howell – Guitar, Vocals
Matthew Petrucci – Guitar, Keys, Electronics
Dylyn Boswell – Drums

You can contact us for booking at:


Michael Howell – (801) 244-0534
Joel Clark – (801) 651-9883
Matthew Petrucci – (385) 227-6091

Coming soon to an HOA Event Description near you!

Let us know what you would like to learn about the band. You can join us live at Lumpy’s South or you can engage with the band live through the chat in this event.

Presented By: +My Music Hangout  
Executive Producer: +Christine DeGraff 
Production Company: +GomBoc.Me 
Co-Host and Indie Music Consultant: +Rylee McDonald 
Sound Engineer: +Laif Erickson 
Location: +Lumpys South 

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