The CGI Hangout On Air Week One

The Computer-Generated Imagery HOA

The Little Guy CGI Show: Week One, Animation Ideas for Small Business Marketing

Monday April 14th, 2014
5:02 pm EST* (4:02 pm CST, 3:02 pm MST, or 2:02 pm MST)

Little Guy CGI SHow: Digital Animation for the Small Business Owner, CGI TIps HOA, What is CGI, Watch Live on Google+:
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We bring CGI to the Little Guy!

We bring CGI to the little guy!
Located in Southern New Jersey
but accessible to the world!!
To see what we can do for you!

What To Expect from the Little Guy CGI Show

Each week +Susan Arango and +Alimayo Arango will open your minds to the possibilities that wait your company in the world of CGI (Computer-generated Imagery,) Animation and 3D Graphic Design. 

We will have 3 sections that we cover each week:

How To For You!

In this segment of our HOA we will show you some simple step by step instructions on things you can do to create your own 3D images, Animation or CGI projects.

Ali On The Ropes?

Can you Take Down the Great Ali Arango? We will bring in a guest each week to talk about their business, who they are and what they do. They will then have a chance to see if they can take Ali to the ropes with a CGI, 3D, or Animation idea.

Ali will answer their question and then show them how Arango Digital Production can work their magic with in the budget restraints of a Small Business owner, Entrepreneur or solo-preneur’s budget. “Get More For Less”


During the last segment of our show Ali and Susan will open your minds to the endless possibilities of CGI, 3D and animation by highlighting a project they have created for one of their many clients.

This section is going to give you a new respect for the power of computer generated images.

You could call this section #TheMindBender  

Learn More about the hosts:

+Alimayo Arango 
Body Builder, Superhero, Creative Genius, TOTAL GEEK!

Find Ali on Google+:

I use VFX and animations to tell stories


I use multiple multimedia design programs to help people tell stories.

Bragging rights
When people talk I listen

+Susan Arango 
Nurse, WordPress Guru, Graphic Design Maven, Mom, Soon-To-Be-Ex-Nurse (She Hopes)
Find Susan on Google+:

Visual Content Creator

We bring CGI to the little guy!
Located in Southern New Jersey
but accessible to the world!!
To see what we can do for you!

Bragging rights
Motion VFX, 3D Modeling, Character Creation, Rigging, Texturing, Compositing

HOA Producer, Skateboarder, Father of Eight, Owner of Great Dane, Husband of the FABULOUS +Sherrill Duce, Ex Roofer.
Find Dennis on Google+:

Box…what box? The glass is full! You can’t give 110% so stop lying to me….The point here is I see the world way different. Circle me for a peek…don’t be too frightened.

I am a Hangout On Air Producer. I capture content and create engagement for Small Business Owner in my home state of Utah and around the world.

Here are my circle suggestions:

1. Hangout On Air Producer
2. Fedora Lover
3. Auto Awesome Addict
4. Google+ Evangelists
6. Artist/Photographer
7. Keynote Speaker
8. Online Marketing
9. Social Media Fan
10. Skateboards Over 40’s

Bragging rights
Father of 8, Owner of a Great Dane named Lalovee, Married to a wonderful and sportive wife

The Little Guy CGI Show: Animation Ideas for Small Business is ProDUCEd by +DENNIS N. DUCE  Executive HOA Producer for+GomBoc.Me 

Learn more about on Google+:
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