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mymusichangout-banner Bludgeon Muffin Reggae band live on Week Three of BandWidth Hangout On Air  live from Lummpys South in Sandy UtahMy Music Hangout Presents BandWidth the HOA for Live Indie Music
Join us on Wednesday, March 26th, 2014 for our third LIVE Concert Hangout On Air performed by +Bludgeon Muffin (an encore performance) broadcasting LIVE from +Lumpys South in Sandy, Utah.

Wednesday March 26th, 2014
7:00 pm MST (9:00 pm EST, 8:00 pm CST, 6:00 pm PST)

Watch Live on Google+:
Watch Live on YouTube:

This week’s hosts +DENNIS N. DUCE and +Rylee McDonald will interview +Bludgeon Muffin! Let us know what you would like to learn about them!

This Weeks Band: Bludgeon Muffin
Facebook Page:
iTunes Page:
Beat100 Video Award:

About the Band
Bludgeon Muffin is a rock, reggae, blues, hip hop inspired group from the Salt Lake City area.

Rebel music for the rebel in all of us!

From ReverbNation
Bludgeon Muffin is a 6 piece rock / reggae band from the Salt Lake City area. The primary influence for their sound is a diverse range of music from 90’s hip-hop to Bob Marley roots reggae. Then, all you have to do is add a little bit of Jimmy Hendrix, a pinch of Santana, and you are on the right track to the sound of Bludgeon Muffin.

You Tube Video of “Be Alright”

Set List for the Live Music Hangout On Air IRL Event
Please support the band and buy your favorite songs on Google Play, or iTunes.

Revolt EP by Bludgeon Muffin (Entire Album) on:
Google Play:

1. Be Alright
Google Play:
Amazon Link:
iTunes Link:

2. My Own Thang
Google Play:
Amazon Link:
iTunes Link:

3. Rastafarelation
Google Play:
Amazon Link:
iTunes Link:

4. Diversion
Google Play:
Amazon Link:
iTunes Link:

5. Hangover
Google Play:
Amazon Link:
iTunes Link:

6. Lyrical Knot Dread
Google Play:
Amazon Link:
iTunes Link:

7. Navy Blue
Google Play:
Amazon Link:
iTunes Link:

8. No Justify
Google Play:
Amazon Link:
iTunes Link:

Meet the Band Members of Bludgeon Muffin

Brings a colorful reggae sound to the mix for Bludgeon Muffin.

Nick Snarr
(Ukulele) Nick mixes the traditional styles of reggae skank guitar with the island sounds of the ukulele. Formally from a band called the Umbells, Nick brings his own style to and has found a home with Bludgeon Muffin.

Mike Bailey
“(Drums) Mike is a drum instructor at a local college in Salt Lake City. With classic rock to influence him, Mike has mastered the sounds of reggae. He brings to the Bludgeon Muffin table a scintillating, rockin’€ reggae flavor.

Rena Ripley
(Back Up/Lead Vocal) With Rena, this is where Bludgeon Muffin gets the mix of R&B, alternative rock, and island style reggae together. She has an extremely strong, yet smooth vocal. This means, she can warm up your heart and tear it apart in the same song.

Dan Arellano
(Lead Guitar) Because of classic rock influences, Dan is a very strong lead guitarist. Alongside his love for reggae, he has mastered the sounds of artists like Santana and Jimmy Hendrix. Dan can finish any song by adding his own free style licks to make it that much more tasty.

Misi Touhuni
(Lead Vocal/Rhythm Guitar) Misi has been a singer / songwriter for 3 years. Since starting off as a solo artist, he decided it was time to reach out for a band. The band he found is called Bludgeon Muffin.

Bludgeon Muffin is seeking what many other bands are seeking. That is, their goal is to create awe-inspiring music which creates emotions in people. Bludgeon Muffin wants their music music to become successful and to create influence, as long as that influence is positive. For more information on Bludgeon Muffin check out their Facebook page

Ultimate Musician Award
Awarded for being one of the most outstanding musicians on the BEAT100 Network. This is the highest and rarest music award given on BEAT100.

Favorite Award Gold
Awarded for being one of the BEAT100 team’s favorite videos.

Video Award Gold
Awarded for a high quality original video with good production values.

Let us know what you would like to learn about the band. You can join us live at Lumpy’s South or you can engage with the band live through the chat in this event.

Presented By: +My Music Hangout
Executive Producer: +Christine DeGraff
Production Company: +GomBoc.Me
Hosts: +Christine DeGraff and +DENNIS N. DUCE
Co-Host and Indie Music Consultant: +Rylee McDonald
Location: +Lumpys South

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