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ABCs of Google+ HOA

ABCs of Google+ Influencers! Importan, Week Eleven Our Guest is Terry Leigh Britton talking about the value of invluener engagement on G+ HOA (5)Need help getting your Utah Business found on Google? My CLients have found that Hangouts On Air and Google+ have increased thier traffic and interaction online. Call Dennis at 801-879-0243 or fill out this form to learn more.


ABCs of Google Plus: Influencers! Important?

Are Influencers important to your engagement on Google+?

Terry Leigh BrittonMarch 26th 2014 Week Eleven
9:00 am MST (11:00 am EST, 10:00 am CST, and 8:00 am PST)

First two Nooglers (Those who are new to Google Plus) and the first Power Pluser (Those who are active on Google Plus) can become part of the film strip just let us know that you want to join by putting in a comment in the thread below.

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This Weeks Guest: +Terry Leigh Britton
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Because you are REALLY in the TELLING THE TRUTH business!

I run, specializing in effective, relationship-building and education-based small business marketing approaches. I publish training materials and provide one-on-one assistance to help you grow. I will also help you implement measurable direct-response marketing techniques.

I believe that the “brand building” oriented marketing approach we usually see being promoted is a somewhat cruel hoax being pushed to unsuspecting local businesses, desirable to agencies because the results cannot be measured (or because they don’t know any better…). Nowadays, your business is the brand, and your honest transparency is what you will be measured and remembered for. I’ve built video courses, coaching experiences, public training events, and much more. For more on that, go to

I am also a professional web developer, programmer and design implementation (CSS) expert, using either the WordPress or ExpressionEngine Content Management Systems; a Screencasting enthusiast; and an active help-desk team member/volunteer for the CamStudio open-source software project. I also help people produce live TV shows using both the Google Plus Hangouts on Air and YouTube Live Events, both methods leading to recorded programs that can be can shared with later non-live audiences via YouTube.

Related to the above, I am an enthusiastic promoter of new educational technologies and approaches, and started the iWonder Education interview and panel discussion series on YouTube via Google Hangouts-On-Air, with its associated Google+ page and its own website and blog at Enthusiastic interviewees and panel guests please apply within!

*I host several shows besides that one on topics I enjoy. *

Terry’s Live Music Show – YouTube Play List  At

Terry’s Tech Show – YouTube Play List

Terry’s Photoshop Show – YouTube Play List  At

The Abundance Project – YouTube Play List  At

CamStudio, Hangouts On Air, YouTube Live Events, Open Broadcast Software –
YouTube Play Lists  At

I am a Tibetan Buddhist who lives in north-eastern North Carolina, in the US.

If you want to get in touch with me for business inquiries, please


If you want to look over my resume, you can:

Bragging rights
I have only been called ‘superman’, ‘Our Hero,’ ‘miracle worker’, ‘brilliant’ and ‘The Best,’ so those accolades will have to do for now. [UPDATE: Well, heck! I was just called a ‘Genius!’ So, add that one to the list as well!] [WHOOPS! Add “Mr. Wonderful” to the list as of today!]

+Sandra Watson of the ABC’s of Google+ will be teaching you the how, why and what’s of Google+ so that you can make the most out of your time and efforts her on this powerful platform.

+DENNIS N. DUCE owner of +GomBoc.Me will also be giving tips from his experience as a Hangout On Air producer and Google+ lover.

Let us know what you would like to learn from Dennis and Sandra each week.

The first 2 Newglers (People new to Google+) to let us know that they would like to join as guests on the show will be given a special code to bring them into the video feed about 30 minutes before the show goes live. We will also take one veteran into the filmstrip/panel to help out as we teach you how Google+ works.

See all of the episodes on Dennis’ personal blog feed for the ABC’s of Google+

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