How Do I Create A Hangout On Air #AskTheDuce Help Series

Help me set up a Hangout On Air

Do you want to help grow your Small Utah Business online. Dennis N. Duce can work magic using Google+ and Hangouts On Air to create a powerful blogging and social media program. Call Dennis at 801-879-0243 or fill in the form below.

How DO I Set UP A Hangout On Air Jake Luk on the Google+ #AskTheDuce Help Series Special One Off Dennis N. Duce Gomboc HOA Shows (3)

HELP! How Do I Set Up A Hangout On Air For The First Time?

Part One of a three part series.

March 27th 2014
8:22 am MST (10:22 am EST, 9:22 am CST, and 7:22 am PST)

My good friend +Jake Luk wants to start his own Hangout On Air Series so I have agreed to coach him each step of the way. Join in and learn how +DENNIS N. DUCE sets up each of his HOA’s (Not saying it is right just saying it works for me) 😉

Watch Live on YouTube:
Watch Live on Google+:
Watch Live on My Blog:
Watch Live on Facebook:

Jake and I will cover:

Creating the Hangout On Air
Making a cover image for the event
Creating a cover image for the YouTube Video.
Inviting people to your event
Promoting your event
Posting your event to a blog
Posting your Event to Facebook using +Hosted Hangouts

This is going to take a few weeks to cover all of the things that I do for each of my clients each week.

I started a weekly Hangout On Air with +Sandra Watson   called the ABC’s of Google+ and yet I still get people asking me for the most basic of starting points on Google+.

Once you have watched this you can go check out past episode of ABCs here:
You can also see the ABC’s Playlist on YouTube:

So here is my answer!

I will be helping +Jake Luk   live and broadcast with the most basic beginning items to get started on Google+. I will not be taking questions or interacting with the audience during the show. This is going to be a “Fly on the wall” insight into what I recommend to help you get started on Google+ and getting your FIRST Hangout On Air up and going.

Please feel free to comment in the feed during the show because I will come back and respond to the questions and comments that come up as part of this show.

If you have a question for me and would like to be on one of these hangouts let me know. I will take one good question each week and give one hour of my time ($150 value) to help you out. All you have to do is agree to let me broadcast it so that it can help other.

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Dennis N. Duce

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How DO I Set UP My First Hangout On Air The G+ Help Series Hangout On Air Specials By Dennis N. Duce with Questioning Guest Jake Luk YouTube Cover Image

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