Small Business Hangout On Air for Murray Utah Bike SHop

HOA for Small Business

Jerks Corner Rylee McDonald and Lindsey Sinclar Week Thirteen Hangout On Air for Utah Biking YouTube ImageAre you looking for a better way to promote your Small Business Online. Tired Social Media and SEO with no benefit? Get Dennis N. Duce to Teach You The Power of Hangouts On Air.

Bikes, Music, Social Media, and Friendship?

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You never know who might show up in Jerks Corner…For that matter you never know if Jerks Corner will be in Jerks Corner.

Kirk SherrodIf +Kirk Sherrod gets his way this weeks show is going to be HUGE!
This Weeks Guests:

+Rylee McDonald
Google+ About Page:
Host on +BandWidth Hangout On Air
Lead Vocals/Guitar Advent Horizon:

Advent Horizon is an award winning rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Their cited influences include bands such as Rush, Led Zeppelin, Porcupine Tree, and Radiohead.

Advent Horizon is a contemporary hybrid of 70’s prog and 90’s rock with a blues twist. Emerging from the local music scene of Salt Lake City, Advent Horizon mixes high energy performances with lyrical and original songwriting to create a unique musical experience.

Rylee McDonald of Advent Horizon on Jerks COrner Getting Ready for the BandWidth HOAAdvent Horizon is headed by guitarist and lead vocalist Rylee McDonald, with Levi Benjamin Shell on guitar and vocals. Cason Wood an…See More

Find our album “Immured.” now on iTunes!

Band Interests
Music, Food, Reading, Movies.

Artists We Also Like
Rush, Yes, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Muse, Radiohead, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Tears for Fears, Lucifer’s Friend, Gentle Giant, Genesis, Anberlin, The Mars Volta, Riverside, Pain of Salvation, Tool, U2, Mutemath,


Lindsey SinclairPicture+Lindsey Sinclair McDonald (We Hope)

Let’s just say Lindsey is the key tie that binds +BandWidth Hangout On Air together.

+Adrian Palomeque Gives us Adrian’s Answers

This segment of the Murray Utah Cycling Hangout will help you learn how to care for your bike and maintain it. Adrian is the Mechanic at Jerks Bike Shop on State Street in Murray. He will cover simple thinks like cleaning your chain. If you are into riding bikes in Utah this section will help you care for your bike and give you a new appreciation of all that goes into proper bicycle maintenance.

This Hangout On Air is all about Biking in Utah. We try to make this HOA fun a different. ON of the most entertaining things about this show is the use of the “Bat Phone” which Kirk uses to answer the questions and comments that come in from the audience.

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Each week  we bring in interesting people from the work of biking.

See the Blog on Jerk’s Bike Shop Website
See the Blog on website

You host on this bike adventure is +Kirk Sherrod  owner of +Jerks Bike Shop

Thanks +DENNIS N. DUCE  and +GomBoc.Me  for producing this weekly HOA

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