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Draper Chamber HOA

Are you looking to establish yourself as an expert in your field. The power of a Hangout On Air to build your business is unequaled. Contact you HOA producer Dennis N. Duce at 801-879-0243 or fill out this form.

0c373c0Why do you do the things you do?

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This weekly Hangout on AIr is a co production of Draper Area CHamber of Commerce and Gomboc.me. Each week we highlight a few members of the Chamber along with one active member of the Google+ Community.

The process is simple as host I (Dennis N. Duce http://goo.gl/hMJHTa) ask two questions of each guest.

1) Why do you do what you do?
2) Why is that important?
3) All three guests are now asked to join in the conversation started by answering these questions.
4) Rinse and Repeat
5) One more time for the third guest
6) I ask the Lighting Round question. What was the theme of today’s show?

This weeks on “WHY! On Wednesday.” are:

Draper Chamber Members:

Marie Fredrickson owner of:1975120_577688618993624_206566102_n

Marie and Company Salon: http://goo.gl/HO8cmN

Marie & CO on Facebook: http://goo.gl/gIhJ4n

Experienced, Professional Hair Care
Everything in this world is beautiful & full of color.
Bring out your beauty with experienced & professional hair care at Marie and Co.
Progressive and funky styles. Conservative and elegant looks. What is your style?

With over 20 years experience in the hair industry and 10 years as a color educator, you can trust Marie to listen, recommend and deliver. Experience ranges from nursing home salons, chain salons, theater hair, lecturing, teaching and everyday people.
Using and recommending professional products, you will receive top quality in the salon and at home.
Marie and Company offers a mix of unique hair styles and color along with a down to earth feel.

Rylee McDonaldRylee McDonald on Facebook: http://goo.gl/Ot2Vxi

Advent Horizon on Facebook  http://goo.gl/yWFtbC

“Acoustic rock has never sounded so good” – someone

Rylee has been playing acoustic shows around Utah for nearly four years now. Finally, he has gotten around to creating a facebook page for himself. He is known around the salt lake area for his very unique, memorable voice, for his songwriting ability. and for his extensive catalog of well known (and some not so well known) covers.

This page is where you will find updates about Rylees upcoming shows, and any other related news. Enjoy!

Band Interests
Advent Horizon

Artists We Also Like
Alex Lifeson, Pete Townshend, Neil Schon, Steve Howe, Steven Wilson, David Gilmore, Justin Beiber, Mikael Ackrefelt(or however you spell his name), Zakkary Hale, Ted Newsome, Geddy Lee, Rich Daigle

Google Pluser:

+Christine DeGraff

Hangouts On Air Host, Google+ Connection Queen!


What’s My Story?
I believe my story is still being written. It is constantly evolving and changing and in fact, may never be complete. Lately I have been busy helping others tell their story in my “role” as the #ConnectionQueen of Google Plus. You can learn more on my website or by searching hashtag #31People .

Live Hangouts On Air
I am currently co-hosting three very popular Hangouts On Air (HOAs) here on Google Plus. They are:

Ronnie Bincer and I have teamed up to co-host Influence Marketing Tools N’ Techniques (aka #TNTBootcamp )

#15MinutesOnAir w/Christine & Mia, is a live weekly hangout on air (HOA) that I co-host with Mia Voss.

I am also the co-host for the Online Money Show w/David Oldenburg on Fridays at 1:00pm EST. The Online Money Show features social media influencers and Internet marketers to cover topics related to social media, online business and current events.

I have several pages and communities but the one I enjoy the most is My Music Hangout – that’s where I go to share and listen to music with cool peeps

About Christine
Christine DeGraff is an entrepreneur w/15 yrs experience in web development, SEO and Internet marketing. Her Google+ profile is ranked among the Top 200 US women by CircleCount.com and she consistently ranks in the Top 50 most popular women in the US based on engagement. Her Klout/Kred scores put her in the Top 1% of online influencers.

Watch Live on Dennis’ Personal Blog
Watch Live on Facebook http://goo.gl/95TkUs

See this weeks HOA on my blog: http://goo.gl/I0LFhh
See ALL of the Why! Episodes Here: http://goo.gl/h9Nvql
See the Why! On Wednesday Playlist on YouTube: http://goo.gl/Ry6JK1
See all the Hangouts On Air Gomboc Produces on YouTube: http://goo.gl/wL5d5N

Learn more about our hosts
Dennis N. Duce http://goo.gl/kFAzAi
Bill Rappleye: http://goo.gl/ZUprv9

Production by Gomboc.me http://goo.gl/vPW07y

Did you miss an episode of Why on Wednesday? See the entire blog feed here http://goo.gl/h9Nvql

Want to go back and watch another HOA Produced by Gomboc that you missed? You can see that list here. http://goo.gl/B5yC58

This is a +GomBoc.Me produced Hangout On Air by Executive HOA Producer +DENNIS N. DUCE

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