Help! How do I get Started With Google+

The Get Going on G+ HOA for Small Business

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I Get Asked This All The TIme!

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I started a weekly Hangout On Air with +Sandra Watson called the ABC’s of Google+ and yet I still get people asking me for the most basic of starting points on Google+.

Once you have watched this you can go check out past episode of ABCs here:
You can also see the ABC’s Playlist on YouTube:

My Sister +Shari Soelberg who has co hosted the HOA “Network Roundtable: Inspiration, Motivation, and Education for Your Small Business” for over 16 weeks called me the other day and asked this exact question.

So here is my answer!

I will be helping +Shari Soelberg, +Gina Dominica, and +Emmanuelle Duce  live and broadcast this coming Tuesday at 3:00 pm MST with the most basic beginning items to get started on GOogle+. I will not be taking questions or interacting with the audience during the show. THis is going to be a “Fly on the wall” insight into what I recommend to help you get started on Google+.

Please feel free to comment in the feed during the show because I will come back and respond to the questions and comments that come up as part of this show.

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