The Hangout On Air for Small Business Owners

The HOA for Inspiration, Motivation, and Education for Small Business Owners

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Each week we join around the Google+ Hangout On Air from around the world and talk about YOU and YOUR business.
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Next Weeks PlusOne Guest.

+William Rock

Internet Marketing, VSEO, Conversion Analytics

Certified Internet Marketing Specialist

William’s morals in life carry over in how he does his work, which is with the utmost respect for his clients. What has been called “white hat SEO” in the search engine world means following the strict guide lines recommended by the search engines themselves and not using any SPAM techniques. Being a strict “white hatter” has earned William a reputation and William’s knowledge of SEO information has made him a sought after professional in the world of website development.

William is a certified Internet marketing specialist certified by Bruce Clay, Inc. to hold that specific certification; William takes pride in holding this certification. Other areas of expertise are within VSEO and working as a Videographer for Half Price Banners creating business marketing related video for organic traffic.

For relaxation, William also enjoys fishing with his son and daughter on the weekends, which brings him back to reality and reminding him of what life is all about.

Bragging rights
Internet Marketing Coach

Weekly Round Table Hosts

+David F Leopold

David “SmallBizDavid” Leopold, in tribute to his 40th year as a Small Business Owner, is proud to invite you to and

+Shari Soelberg

Our Quote Voice.

+Gina Dominica

Inspiration from the Caribbean

Living in the tropics and enjoying life.

Moved to Dominica (Commonwealth of Dominica, not Dominican Republic), and built Red Rock Haven Hotel and Escape Beach Bar and Grill.  I have several dogs, most adopted me.  I live on the beach and like to surf and swim.
Bragging rights
Created and sold three successful business to be able to enjoy this lifestyle.

+Emmanuelle Duce

London Calling!

Our Spa Guru will give us the power to move through the stress we all deal with.

MYSELF! Dennis N. Duce owner of +GomBoc.Me and Hangout On Air producer.

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