The Hangout on Air for Utah Pawn

Want to Pawn? This is the HOA for you.

Are you wanting to get your Utah Business found online? Have create a live video feed Hangout On Air to promote your Business. Call Dennis N. Duce at 801-879-0243 or fill out the form below.

Get answers! First two people to comment in the thread saying they have something to pawn will be brought into the HOA to PAWN LIVE!

*You have never had this much fun on a Hangout On Air*

Watch Live on my personal blog

Watch Live on Google+

Watch Live on Facebook

See all of the episodes you have missed on my blog

Each week we highlight items that have been pawned or sold to Lighting Pawn ( in Midvale Utah, Ryan Minor ( is the Host of this weekly HOA and tells us interesting stories of strange things that he has seen pawned in the 12 years he has been in the business.

Dennis N. Duce ( is the Executive Producer, Co-Host and owner of (

Come learn about the real behind the scenes  life of a Pawn Shop Owner.

Lightning Pawn on Google+

See all of the episodes of Lighting Pawn on Dennis N. DUces blog

See all of the Hangouts on Air Produced by Gomboc.me

Thanks +Ryan Minor for letting me (+DENNIS N. DUCE and+GomBoc.Me keep coming back to talk Pawn in your Midvale Utah Pawn Shop!


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