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Missionary Depot’s HOA for LDS G+ Fans

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The Hangout On Air for LDS Missionary Families, friends and those who just love to serve.

We will be going live at 4:00 pm MST this week so that +Ben Arkell can join us. Here is a little info about our Guest.

I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. More briefly stated, I’m a Mormon.

Bragging rights
I have 5 beautiful children and one on the way.

Here is a link to one of Ben’s most recent blog posts on “I Love The Book Of Mormon” It is titled “How To Be Bold With God”

While I was checking out Ben’s Profile I came across a link to “The Piano Gal”+The Piano Gal I can’t wait to ask how he is connected to to Sara. You need to check this girl out!

I’m Sara. I’m 11. Call me “The Piano Gal”! 🙂

I’m Sara. I’m 11. Call me “The Piano Gal”! I’ve played the piano since I was 5 years old and people tell me I’m pretty good at it. I like to read, learn new things, and help people!

You can buy my music on iTunes Google Play and Amazon You can find my videos on YouTube

Join us as we talk to…well we are going to have a surprise guest on this weeks show…but…that reminds me if you know someone who is doing interesting, original or fun things with LDS Missionary Service let us know. We are always looking for new guest to bring on White Dress SHirts on Bikes.

This weekly HOA is produced by +GomBoc.Me  Executive Producer and Co-Host is +DENNIS N. DUCE. Our Co Host each week is +David Chappuis owner of +Missionary Depot

You can watch live on

You can also watch live on www.themissionarydepot.com

You can watch all of the episodes of White Dress Shirts on the blog feeds.

Dennis N. Duce HOA Producer blog feed.

Missionary Depot Home of the White Short SLeeve Dress Shirt blog feed.


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