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Each week we highlight items that have been pawned or sold to Lighting Panw in Midvale Utah, Ryan Minor is the Host of this weekly HOA and tells us interesting stories of strange things that he has seen pawned in the 12 years he has been in the business.

Dennis N. Duce is the Executive Producer, Co-Host and owner of

Come learn about the real behind the scenes  life of a Pawn Shop Owner.

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00:00:06 Dennis Duce: Welcome, welcome, welcome.

00:00:08 Ryan Minor: One more week of Pawn Boys, my friend.

00:00:11 Dennis Duce: We’re having a good time.

00:00:12 Ryan Minor: We are, we are. We were supposed to, this morning, we had plans to be down at the bowling alley, but um, that’s just right behind us here, but nobody was there. So, we are back in the inner workings of our Pawn Shop here, so, taking you live to the back room.

00:00:32 Dennis Duce: Back Room. Most of what you are seeing is either waiting because it is on pawn, or waiting because it is sold. Some of these things will make it out onto the front floor. Some of them won’t.

00:00:46 Ryan Minor: We’ve got all sorts of stuff behind us. We’ve got another ATV. This is a different one than we rode here a couple weeks back.

00:00:53 Dennis Duce: Well, yeah, it’s green, and the other one’s not.

00:00:56 Ryan Minor: Yeah. Of course we’ve got the pig and the chicken. I think you can only see the chicken right now.

00:01:02 Dennis Duce: Pick up the pig.

00:01:03 Ryan Minor: Pick up the pig?

00:01:04 Dennis Duce: Yeah. I want to do an animated stop animation with the pig and the chicken. I haven’t decided what yet, but yeah. Check it. That is one bad boy.

00:01:16 Ryan Minor: That’s life size.

00:01:18 Dennis Duce: You’ve  had that for a few weeks. Is that ready to go? or,

00:01:22 Ryan Minor: Not yet,

00:01:22 Dennis Duce: Not yet.

00:01:23 Ryan Minor:  It’s about a week out, but for those that didn’t think we took barnyard animals, you are mistaken. We take barnyard animals here at Lightning Pawn.

00:01:35 Dennis Duce: You bet. This guy will take anything on pawn.

00:01:38 Ryan Minor: If I can see a little value in it, I’ll take it. So. That is the truth. Pig and the chicken.  So, we’ve got bikes and we’ve got, I think you’ve got a really nice generator sitting on the other side of you.

00:01:52 Dennis Duce: I do, right here. Let me…Yeah,  you give me the  heavy stuff to pick up. What’s up with that. Check that.

00:02:02 Ryan Minor: That is a Honda 2000, really quiet. Really quiet. Those are the nice ones.

00:02:08 Dennis Duce: Yeah, it’s actually running right now. No, I’m just kidding. It’s not that quiet.

00:02:12 Ryan Minor: Almost, but you probably would be able to hear it going. So, anyway, this is kind of a portion of what we’ve got back here. Like Dennis was saying, this was stuff that is either in pawn. The people still are, are uh, keeping or paying on, or stuff waiting to come out to go for sale. But, most of it is stuff that people are paying on, or still own that is not for sale yet, but could be soon. So,

00:02:39 Dennis Duce: And I love coming back here, just picking through things.

00:02:42 Ryan Minor: So much fun. Hey, I have been doing this a long time, and I still love coming back here and looking at stuff, and seeing what there is to offer. It’s cool. It’s fun. No two days alike here at Lightning Pawn.

00:02:54 Dennis Duce: No.

00:02:54 Ryan Minor: So,

00:02:55 Dennis Duce: I’m sure that’s true.

00:02:55 Ryan Minor: You’ve been able to hang out with us a little bit, and see what…

00:02:58 Dennis Duce: I have. Saturday I was in here. I brought in some of the computers that I got from ya, because you got your computer guy who is going to clean those up for me. Make them run a little faster, and so I had to drop those off and it was a zoo in here. Man, people were pawning stuff left, right and center. Um, there was a line up of about four or five deep on Saturday.

00:03:21 Ryan Minor: Let me ask you something. You’ve seen some of those tv shows with, you know the pawn TV shows.

00:03:28 Dennis Duce: Yeah.

00:03:29 Ryan Minor: Is it…

00:03:29 Dennis Duce: You don’t want to mention them.

00:03:31 Ryan Minor: Well, there’s a lot of them.

00:03:33 Dennis Duce: There are. There are a lot of them.

00:03:37 Ryan Minor: What do you think? Is it different than that? Is it the same? I mean, obviously those shows are very scripted and I just want to see what you think.

00:03:49 Dennis Duce: Uh, there are some similarities.

00:03:53 Ryan Minor: Mmhmm…

00:03:54 Dennis Duce: It’s always fun to sit here and watch the negotiation back and forth, for, ya know. Well, I’ll take this, and you know, back and forth it goes. That’s pretty fun to see, you know. Yeah, I want 75 bucks for this old bike, by the way, did that old bike make it in here from Saturday?

00:04:18 Ryan Minor: Which one are you talking about?

00:04:19 Dennis Duce: I don’t think so. There was a blue one.

00:04:21 Ryan Minor: This one?

00:04:21 Dennis Duce: No, it’s not that one. Anyway, a guy was trying to pawn it and your guy would not go above 55 bucks, and this guy stopped at $60.00, and then I left after that. I don’t know whether the deal actually happened. They got pretty darn close. Oh, he called me about that. He got it.

00:04:42 Dennis Duce: Oh, did he get it?

00:04:43 Ryan Minor: It’s probably up front somewhere. It hasn’t been put back here yet.

00:04:45 Dennis Duce: Okay.

00:04:46 Ryan Minor: Um, anyway, yeah, if anybody ever wants to come down to see how it really is, you’re welcome to come down. I mean, you can hang out, or see what you do. So.

00:04:59 Dennis Duce: And we’re working on a cool project. It was your idea. Do you want to talk about that cool idea, I think?

00:05:04 Ryan Minor: Yeah, let’s do.

00:05:07 Dennis Duce: I’d like to hear your feedback.

00:05:09 Ryan Minor: I’m still kind of…this type of marketing I am still kind of what would you call it, it’s still kind of clicking with me. However, it is clicking with me. And, as I was trying to think about how to quantify what we are doing into actually cash to the bottom line, so to speak. It kind of came to me, now, let me back up for a second. Since I started this business, my goal has been to bring people in that have never pawned before, or have never been into a pawn shop before. This is.

00:05:50 Dennis Duce: I’m glad you backed up. Because what you’re going to tell them next makes a lot  more sense when they understand your motivations.

00:05:57 Ryan Minor: So, in the past I know that a lot of people have gotten either wrong impressions or justified impressions, or whatever it may be, or bad impressions of what a pawn shop is and what they do. Think it is something that you come into, there is a big greasy guy sitting in the back with gold chains and kind of a dark, shady.

00:06:22 Dennis Duce: Dude, you do realize you’re wearing a chain.

00:06:24 Ryan Minor: This one is white gold, so

00:06:27 Dennis Duce: That’s different.

00:06:28 Ryan Minor: It’s only one.

00:06:28 Dennis Duce: It’s only one. That’s true. And shout out to Steampunk Beadery. Show that thing again on camera here. It’s got like…It’s kind of steampunk-ish.

00:06:42 Ryan Minor: Yeah,  it’s a sprocket or a gear. Anyway. So, this is, some people have this type of idea of what a pawn shop is. Either, justified or unjustified or whatever it may be. My goal is to bring people in that have never experienced this before, that may want to use us that might be a little afraid or intimidated. So, my idea was, if you could create some way for somebody that had a little apprehension about going into a pawn shop, that has something to pawn, or has something to sell, if you could bring some information to them before they have to come in, somehow.

00:07:31 Dennis Duce: Absolutely.

00:07:33 Ryan Minor: To do it that way. Now, the idea is to have a format where people can fill out some sort of application or some sort of form, who they are, make an appointment, what kind of item that they might have, and we can go live on the phone, or on a camera, and talk to them about their item.

00:07:57 Dennis Duce: We would actually do this on a private Hang Out…

00:08:00 Ryan Minor: Yeah.

00:08:01 Dennis Duce: Would be how…Because he’s come to me I am going to help set this thing up. We are going to use probably use a product called Time Trade for scheduling of the appointments, so  you’ll be able to schedule a set appointment and then you will be able to jump on a private Hang Out, show off what it is you  have from your computer, you know. You’ll be able to kind of see it and

00:08:28 Ryan Minor: The idea is to have it completely private, so you don’t feel like you’re

00:08:35 Dennis Duce :And it would be. Yeah.

00:08:37 Ryan Minor: Yeah. Don’t feel intimidated. You don’t feel like…You’re in your own environment, you’re actually in  your own home or wherever you might be where you are most comfortable. Right?

00:08:46 Dennis Duce: You could be in your underwear.

00:08:47 Ryan Minor: Underwear.

00:08:48 Dennis Duce: Pawn from your underwear. We could just call it underwear pawning.

00:08:52 Ryan Minor: That is a great visual. Underwear pawning. Let’s do it! Um. Anyway. I would like to hear feedback on this. I think that it is a great idea, I mean, if you  have never had those…I mean, for anybody, if you’ve got something to sell, or if you are looking for an item, if you are looking for an item, and you have never been into a pawn shop before, and we might have something that you are looking for, it could be used for that as well. So,

00:09:22 Dennis Duce: Yeah, you could purchase stuff.

00:09:24 Ryan Minor: Yeah.

00:09:25 Dennis Duce: This way, and then you know, we’re still working out some bugs, but I think if you are in the Salt Lake Valley, we could probably arrange a pick up program, or a drop off program depending whether you pawned, sold or bought. If you are out of state, you’d still be able to do business with this totally awesome guy, because you know, you could ship it. I mean, I don’t know whether you are actually going to ship a Kawasaki KFX 400, but hey, who knows.

00:09:54 Ryan Minor: That would be challenging. I would like to see it.

00:09:56 Dennis Duce Yeah.

00:09:57 Ryan Minor: I’d like to see it, but it is not…It’s totally an open situation. So, I am not necessarily. I mean, I would love to get your product. I would love to be able to help you out with that. I consider myself, at least in town here, probably the most fair person when it comes to purchasing the item or pawning the item. But, it would be more me helping you feel comfortable with the process. So, if you‘ve got something that you wanted to take to a local pawn shop, and you live in Florida, or you live in New York, by all means, if I can help you out, in some way to make you feel more comfortable going in there and doing it, and maybe some sort of strategy for you as well. If you feel intimidated like you are going to get taken like the guys come in and somehow swindle you or something, maybe there is some strategy that we could talk about that you could go in and feel more confident about selling that item. Or, pawning that item. So, that is really the idea behind it. Hopefully…I think this is a good idea. But I’d like to hear from you guys to see what you think. See what you think. If that’s something that would benefit you or a service that you could use.

00:11:10 Dennis Duce: As I’ve been thinking about this. I keep thinking about that PBS TV show where the guy is sitting there in a chair and people come in and they bring him something that you know…

00:11:23 Ryan Minor: I haven’t seen that.

00:11:24 Dennis Duce It has some value, you know, then he…

00:11:28 Ryan Minor: I do. Oh, I know what you are talking about.

00:11:29 Dennis Duce: Usually they are antiques.

00:11:31 Ryan Minor: I know what you are talking about.

00:11:32 Dennis Duce: And there was even a spoof commercial about it.

00:11:33 Ryan Minor: You don’t want to mention that  name either?

00:11:35 Dennis Duce: I don’t know the anme of the show.

00:11:36 Ryan Minor: Antique Road Show.

00:11:37 Dennis Duce: Antique Road Show.

00:11:38 Ryan Minor: Yep.

00:11:39 Dennis Duce: So, I kind of see it a little bit like Antique Road Show, except just private.

00:11:44 Ryan Minor: Yeah.

00:11:44 Dennis Duce: So, you know, you can flesh out what the value of stuff is, and maybe we’ll pawn it, maybe we won’t, but at the end of the day, this is quintessential customer service, building a relationship, even if that does not mean you do business with us.

00:12:02 Ryan Minor: No, it’s…

00:12:03 Dennis Duce: We still want you to be in love with Lightning Pawn, even if you don’t do business with us.

00:12:06 Ryan Minor: Even if you live local, and you want to go somewhere else, or you live across the nation and you want to go somewhere else. But you were mentioning too, that there would also be a kind of a good idea to have a situation where a bunch of people could come together. I mean, if you don’t feel so intimidated by talking to some other people, and you could bounce ideas off of one another. This is my concern. Oh yeah, this is my concern, and so forth. That’s something we have been talking about doing as well, in conjunction with this.

00:12:37 Dennis Duce: In conjunction. Well, and the other thing, because we are using Hang Outs, right, if the item that you are trying to pawn is like, say, um, you know, really old, has some historic value, or potentially has some historic value, you know, like on a lot of these pawn shows, the guy is always bringing in experts, and Ryan has his team of experts for those things that are just a little outside of his realm. And we can bring those people onto the HangOut from wherever they are at. They don’t need to physically come down here. So, you know, we may, depending on what it is you are trying to pawn, we may arrange to have somebody else in the room.

00:13:19 Ryan Minor: Oh, an expert.

00:13:21 Dennis Duce: An expert on whatever the item is.

00:13:24 Ryan Minor: Absolutely. No, I know a  small amount of things about a lot of different things, or I mean, I’ve got  my areas of expertise. So,

00:13:33 Dennis Duce: Watches, golf clubs.

00:13:36 Ryan Minor: You can keep goin’  man.

00:13:38 Dennis Duce: Bikes.

00:13:40 Ryan Minor: Bikes. But,

00:13:41 Dennis Duce: I’m slowly learning what your loves are.

00:13:44 Ryan Minor: Yeah, yeah.

00:13:45 Dennis Duce: From being on the show with ya.

00:13:46 Rm: Yeah, we’ve been hanging out. Yeah, and you are right. You are absolutely right. All those things you’ve mentioned. But, let me just say this. I am a Pawn Shop that deals in literally everything. Um, a lot of the Pawn Shops, the more corporate Pawn Shops, it is really the same stuff. I mean, they have really got to kind of watered down. It is a business model that works for them, of course, but they would not take this type of stuff. The pig and the chicken.

00:14:16 Dennis Duce: The pig and the chicken? They wouldn’t?

00:14:17 Ryan Minor: See, I see value. I see value in that.

00:14:20 Dennis Duce: I see value for the show, for sure!

00:14:24 Ryan Minor: I had those sitting out there and people asked  me all day long, how much they were. So, I think that it would be a no brainer. So, I really kind of pride myself in looking at everything. Kind of my motto is that I’ll look at it once. Right?

00:14:42 Dennis Duce: Yeah.

00:14:42 Ryan Minor: No matter what it is. I will look at it once. You know, I may or may not be able to use it, or buy it, but if I can’t, I am very diplomatic in letting you know that I can’t, or I might suggest somewhere else that you might be able to take the item.

00:14:58 Dennis Duce: I’ve seen him do this, too.

00:15:01 Ryan Minor: Somewhere that will take it to sell it or so forth. So, anyway. I kind of pride myself on that. I am a jack of all trades so to speak. I love looking at everything. So, so long as it is legal. Nothing illegal. Thank you!

00:15:16 Dennis Duce: Definitely legal. That’s probably a good point. So are cannons legal, that shoot golf balls?

00:15:23 Ryan Minor: Yes. Anything muzzle loader. I mean, you can buy a cannon or you could buy a muzzle loader and you don’t have to go through a background check. I don’t know if you knew that.

00:15:32 Dennis Duce: I didn’t.

00:15:33 Ryan Minor: Yeah, so, anyway. Somebody that may not be able to own a gun for whatever reason, they can buy a muzzle loader or a cannon and be okay. So, cannons are legal.

00:15:43 Dennis Duce: So there you go.

00:15:46 Ryan Minor: We like to get off on tangents on this show.

00:15:48 Dennis Duce: If you’ve got a really bad record, you can’t buy a gun, go get a cannon. I don’t know what you would do with it, but…

00:15:59 Ryan Minor: They are just fun, Dennis. You know that.

00:16:01 Dennis Duce: A golf ball cannon is a riot. I do have to admit it.

00:16:05 Ryan Minor: You have seen that first hand.

00:16:06 Dennis Duce: I felt it, more than I saw it, quite honestly. In fact, I saw smoke, but I didn’t see anything else.

00:16:13 Ryan Minor: Did you have your eyes closed?

00:16:14 Dennis Duce: No, but the ball just disappeared.

00:16:16 Ryan Minor: Oh, I got ya. No, the ball’s out of sight.

00:16:19 Dennis Duce: Yeah…but, man, my whole body was like….bleblebleble….

00:16:23 Ryan Minor: And  mainly that is the idea, is the sound, obviously. Right? I mean, you don’t see the ball.

00:16:27 Dennis Duce: Oh, he went over and over and it’s all about sound. All about the sound. I used this particular pound because of the sound, I use this type of golf ball because of the sound, I use….

00:16:36 Ryan Minor: Yep.

00:16:36 Dennis Duce: I don’t make them for tennis balls because of the sound. You know, he was funny.

00:16:40 Ryan Minor: Now, that’s something these big corporate guys wouldn’t take either. A little cannon like that, they probably would pass that right up. I on the other hand, will look at everything at least once, and I will try my hardest to see value with it. Um…the pig and the chicken.

00:16:57 Dennis Duce: The pig and the chicken.

00:16:58 Ryan Minor: I’m just gonna say that and suffice to say that.

00:17:00 Dennis Duce: So, I want to take a walk around the back room here.

00:17:04 Ryan Minor: Lot’s to see.

00:17:04 Dennis Duce: While I’m walking around the back room, you’re gonna be able to see right here, what the camera is pointing at…

00:17:11 Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:17:11 Dennis Duce: And just go ahead and you know…

00:17:13 Ryan Minor: Talk about it?

00:17:14 Dennis Duce: Talk about the stuff that’s coming up.

00:17:16 Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:17:16 Dennis Duce: Here we go, again, Gomboc does something creative. How surprising.

00:17:23 Ryan Minor: That’s a camera on the move, then.

00:17:26 Dennis Duce: Yes.

00:17:28 Ryan Minor: Okay, that is my bike rack of course, you can see. I do like taking bikes here. I am a cyclist myself, and so I do really love dealing in bikes. Now, I will say that I’m kind of a bike snob, so  the type of bikes that I take  are mostly name brand bikes. I don’t like dealing….

00:17:50 Dennis Duce: Do you want to come over, around and show off this, because these ones over here you said are comin’, these are all nice.

00:17:57 Ryan Minor: Yep. Yeah.

00:17:58 Dennis Duce: So, you’re talking about name brands. Let’s get a look at this here.

00:18:00 Ryan Minor: Anyway, I am more of a name brand type of person. I don’t like dealing so much in what I call a big box bike. A big box bike is a bike that might come from Walmart or Shopko or one of those stores like that. They are not very well made, and I prefer taking the bikes that are better, nicer, more name brand stuff. So, that’s kind of a stack of bikes right there. And those are all sold, so, they will be for sale at one time or another, coming up here fairly soon. And you can tell, I mean, if you want to flash back there, you’ve got anything from Gary Fisher to Diamond Back Specialized Track, so I mean, those are all hot name brand bikes, and that’s what we like dealing as far as bikes go, more here at Lightning Pawn. So, Hi.

00:18:49 Dennis Duce: Let’s get a close up of the pig and chicken.

00:18:51 Ryan Minor: Yea, so, the chicken is not true life size. It is a little bigger than scale, but the pig looks scale to me. I mean, that’s how big a pig, I think, is.

00:19:02 Dennis Duce: Yeah, you know I have seen so many pigs in my life.

00:19:05 Ryan Minor: I’ve slopped pigs before, so. Um, that’s looks pretty life size to me.

00:19:08 Dennis Duce: Soooie!

00:19:12 Ryan Minor: Love the pig and the chicken. That’s actually the second time I have had that in. The guy just brought that back, you know, a few times. So…

00:19:17 Dennis Duce: Hey, since we’re on pigs and chickens.

00:19:21 Ryan Minor: That, I do love taking saddles here and I will take all types. Lots of people like buying them. I like taking them. So, if you’ve got a saddle to sell and don’t have another way to do it, I love taking saddles. Of course, you can’t move that camera without seeing a tool, right? I mean, there are a ton of tools. Now, my criteria with tools are is that they have got to be name brand, good condition, current model stuff. I do take probably more tools than I take anything else. That there, is a sweet tool. That’s a Bosch Jackhammer, something you don’t see very often. Um, so power washers, tile saws, um, compressors, um, you probably got some lawn mowers in there. Um, electronics, TV’s. I take a little bit of everything. That’s my TV rack right there and um, computers. I do take computers, laptops, now laptops are kind of a, you know, in kind of a weird stage right now. They are being kind of drowned out a little bit by tablets. Tablets are kind of taking over the market. However, I do still like taking laptops. I am just a little bit more particular about what I am taking in. So, that’s the messy end of the store there, Dennis.

00:20:50 Dennis Duce: Yeah, it’s electronics though, so I love that rack.

00:20:52 Ryan Minor: Yeah. Tools, more tools, and more tools. Uh, artwork, yeah,  if you take that camera back and you look up on the top there, that’s kind of my, um, and I’ve got some old antique and vintage movie posters that are kind of neat. Matter of fact, those are for sale. They should be out for sale. I just haven’t brought them out yet.

00:21:14 Dennis Duce: What do you want for that one?

00:21:15 Ryan Minor: Those are generally going for around $40.00 or $50.00, and I have got several of those. Um…Artwork is kind of a weird thing. It is a real personal thing, and so I like to stick more to stuff that is locally, like, more known, local guys, Kinkade, Thomas Kinkade, Arnold Frieberg is real popular around here. I like taking his stuff. Um, so. Artwork is kind of a tough thing, but we do, we will look at it. So…And that’s just kind of a brush by. I mean, I got wheels and rims, and tires and I mean, we’ve shown wheels and tires before in the program. You picked one up as a matter of fact.

00:22:04 Dennis Duce: Yep. Like this one. It wasn’t this one.

00:22:05 Ryan Minor: Put it up in front of the camera. No. Um. Ladders and all sorts of stuff.

00:22:11 Dennis Duce: A brand new ladder in the plastic out there.

00:22:13 Ryan Minor: Yeah. So…

00:22:15 Dennis Duce: Is this for pawn, or is this for you to play with?

00:22:17 Ryan Minor: No, this is our, now, I am glad you brought this up. I really am, because this is our golf mat. Now, my father in law/business partner comes back here, he is a big golfer. He comes back here and hits balls. But it is also used for…we’ve got a lot of great, great golf clubs here at Lightning Pawn and you can hit the golf club and see how you like it. I don’t think there is a shop in town that offers that type of service. Whoops.

00:22:45 Dennis Duce: What did you just knock over?

00:22:46 Ryan Minor: Oh, my phone. Um.

00:22:48 Dennis Duce: So long as it wasn’t my equipment.

00:22:50 Ryan Minor: My equipment. So, if you want to come down, I am kind of the same way about golf clubs as I am about bikes. So, it’s got to be new model, name brand, great condition stuff. And, we do like taking golf clubs and we have kind of built up a reputation for people searching for used golf clubs as the best place in town to get good, name brand, used golf clubs. As a matter of fact, speaking of that, speaking of that. I talked to our gentleman that is a pro  up at Alpine Country Club.

00:23:23 Dennis Duce: Kay.

00:23:24 Ryan Minor: And he was going to check with the golf course and see if that is something that…It’s not up to him necessarily.

00:23:34 Dennis Duce: Gotcha.

00:23:34 Ryan Minor: He has got to go to the powers that be to try, but at the very least this guy is a golf pro/golf teacher. And, he said at the very least if we cannot get on at the golf course, he would be willing to come on our show and…

00:23:48 Dennis Duce: Talk equipment.

00:23:49 Ryan Minor: Talk equipment and technique, and show us, in our net here, maybe some technique. This guy teaches private lessons and so anybody could come to him and if they want to learn how to golf or better their golf game and use his services. So, anyway. That is I talked to him last week and he is more than willing. He would be happy to do that.

00:24:11 Dennis Duce: That’d be awesome.

00:24:11 Ryan Minor: So, anyway. And that is about it for the back here. I mean, there is a lot more stuff we could cover, but don’t want to bore you. So.

00:24:19 Dennis Duce: No. I’ve always been fascinated with  coming back here and I thought that today since the bowling alley fell through, we are still going to try to work that out for another week. But since the bowling alley fell through today, I thoguth, you know what? Let’s um, let’s bring you guys back here and show you. Maybe in a coming week we could even go back to the music room.

00:24:41 Ryan Minor: Oh yeah.

00:24:42 Dennis Duce: Because there is a whole ‘nother room back here that is pretty much 100% musical equipment.

00:24:48 Ryan Minor: Guitars and amps and that’s what I have back there. So. A multifaceted, multi roomed organization here at Lightning Pawn , So.

00:24:57 Dennis Duce: Yes.

00:24:59 Ryan Minor: Actually have a lot more room back here. Anyway. Some of the stuff that we have been working on, we have been working on this golf thing and I also talked to a gentleman that is a good friend of mine that deals in guns, and he is a collector of antique Winchester’s. That’s all he likes to collect. Now he’s bought some stuff from me before, but he said he would love to talk about his guns.

00:25:23 Dennis Duce: Oooh…

00:25:24 Ryan Minor: And show them off.

00:25:25 Dennis Duce: Can we go to his house? Did you actually touch base on that?

00:25:26 Ryan Minor: You know what? I haven’t asked him about the house, but I don’t see why he wouldn’t. When he comes in, it is like me talking about bikes or watches. Okay?

00:25:35 Dennis Duce: Yeah.

00:25:35 Ryan Minor: You get him on the subject and he can go on forever and ever and ever. He loves talking about his guns, and he is a collector. He’s not a dealer, so to speak, although he sells guns to support his habit, but he is a collector, and I love talking to those guys, because they are passionate about what they do, and so we are going to get him on the show and like Dennis said, we are still working on this bowling alley thing, and we are still going to drop some stuff off of…Now, it’s changed from the roof…

00:26:06 Dennis Duce: Yeah, it’s getting bigger.

00:26:07 Ryan Minor: To, we want to bring a cherry picker in. Because the roof just isn’t high enough I don’t think.

00:26:13 Dennis Duce: yeah.

00:26:14Ryan Minor: For the drama that we want to create. So.

00:26:17 Dennis Duce: And we’re hoping to get a GoPro hooked up by then.

00:26:21 Ryan Minor: We’re working on that. I hope we can get that done.

00:26:22 Dennis Duce: We’re working on being able to run a GoPro during the show, so you can see that kind of wide angle thing. And, then we’re also working on trying to figure out a way to actually have the…and you know what? I’m not going to say it. The very last thing we drop is going to be, let’s just say,

00:26:45 Ryan Minor: Wired.

00:26:46 Dennis Duce: Shocking. Let’s just say, we’re going to break boundaries, rules, make history, again. We do it here on Pawn Boys.

00:26:58 Ryan Minor: You know what? Because we can.

00:27:00 Dennis Duce :Because we can. And we’re really fun.

00:27:02Ryan Minor: Yep. So. Those are some of the things…

00:27:04 Dennis Duce: We think we’re really fun.

00:27:05 Ryan Minor: I don’t know. You might have been bored today. I thought it was a good…You know what, people want to see what goes on here at the Pawn Shop. I really believe that. Because every time I would run into somebody, they ask me. And so, maybe you weren’t bored. I hope you weren’t. So. This is kind of the stuff we like to take.

00:27:22 Dennis Duce: You know, you haven’t told a pawn story in a few weeks. You’ve got a pawn story?

00:27:26 Ryan Minor: Man, I’ve got so many pawn stories, it is kind of hard to regurgitate those things on a moment’s notice. Um…I don’t know. I gotta think about this. You put me on the spot, man!

00:27:42 Dennis Duce: That’s what I do. I put you on the spot. Sorry buddy.

00:27:45 Ryan Minor: I’ve got tons of pawn stories. I really do. But, I don’t know. Maybe I’m folding under pressure or something.

00:27:52 Dennis Duce: Oh, yeah. You’re under so much pressure.

00:27:53 Ryan Minor: I know. You know what? My wife, bless her heart, now, this is kind of on a side now, but we have two sets of twins that are three and under. Okay, so, four…

00:28:05 Dennis Duce: I’ve met all four of them.

00:28:06 Ryan Minor: You have. You’ve seen them. He’s my witness.

00:28:08 Dennis Duce: Yep, it’s true!

00:28:10 Ryan Minor: She works WAY harder than I do.

00:28:13Dennis Duce: Oh yea. I am sure.

00:28:14 Ryan Minor: Yeah, way harder than I do. I LOVE coming to work and you know, my wife loves our kids and she would not trade that position for the world, but it is stressful. So, I feel very fortunate to come here every day, and I love my job. I really, really love my job. And, I am passionate about what I do. I love dealing with people, I love dealing with things, I love helping people out. And, that is honest to goodness, it’s as sincere as I can get. I mean, that’s…I love what I do and somebody wise once said that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, and I really feel like that. And I know you love what you do.

00:28:58 Dennis Duce: I do love what I do.

00:29:00 Ryan Minor: So, do you feel like it is work?

00:29:03 Dennis Duce: You know, Mondays used to be work. Um. Like four or five weeks ago, but thankfully Google has been improving HangOuts on Air consistently. But every week there is something that is a little better than it was and that has made Mondays easier. Also, I have been able to get some better equipment from you, because yes, I am in fact a client. I am a pretty massive client of Lightning Pawn.

00:29:31 Ryan Minor: He is. And right from the start. Right from the start.

00:29:34 Dennis Duce: Right from Day one, I probably dump $1,000.00 or more a month in here on equipment right now.

00:29:40 Ryan Minor: Yes, he does. And so it’s not just talk from him.

00:29:44 Dennis Duce: No, no, no, no.

00:29:44 Ryan Minor: Honestly.

00:29:45 Dennis Duce: Looking at what we’ve got going on right now, this computer right here is from Lightning Pawn, Uh, that computer right down there, the one that has Ryan straight up, that computer is from Lightning Pawn, this tripod over here that I use that has my cell phone, that is from Lightning Pawn, as well as the ear buds that are in that so that we don’t get reverb and feedback.

00:30:13 Ryan Minor: You just picked those up on Friday.

00:30:14 Dennis Duce: I got those earbuds.

00:30:15 Ryan Minor: The golden earbuds.

00:30:18 Dennis Duce: I got three sets of earbuds from this guy on Friday. My son was so happy with those red ones.

00:30:24 Ryan Minor: Oh, did you give those to him?

00:30:27 Dennis Duce: Those were for him. These ones were for work, those ones were for him and he was just ecstatic.

00:30:31 Ryan Minor: Now, they were new earbuds because I don’t like selling used ones because of ear funk. People get a little weird, as I would too. It’s like putting on a used shoe, right?

00:30:41 Dennis Duce: Yeah.

00:30:43 Ryan Minor: So they were brand new red earbuds.

00:30:44 Dennis Duce: They were brand new, in the package, wrapped.

00:30:47 Ryan Minor: Dennis will often come in to me, and this is no joke, and he will say, Hey Ryan do you have this or this? How many times do I have that, or?

00:30:56 Dennis Duce: Pretty often.

00:30:57 Ryan Minor: Yeah.

00:30:57 Dennis Duce: Though I stumped you today.

00:30:59 Ryan Minor: You did stump me. You did stump me.

00:31:00 Dennis Duce: We’re going to still need to keep working on that. And don’t say anything.

00:31:04 Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:31:06 Dennis Duce: But yeah, I often, and there is a list right now, I think you have got three or four things that I am, I am made aware, I want these things when they come in. I am always looking for bluetooths, I am always looking for new cameras. Um, USB cameras, you know, there are certain things I am always looking…I’m always looking for more chrome books, Um, you know, so when those things come in…

00:31:32 Ryan Minor: If you are patient enough, they will.

00:31:33Dennis Duce: And they do. Yeah.

00:31:34 Ryan Minor: Yeah, so. Anyway, so this is, we’re kind of on a ramp, but this is just kind of a, I don’t know, kind of a testimonial so to speak, that  you come down here and you are going to get treated very, very respectfully. I love dealing with people. I love my work so I am not in a bad mood. These guys you go in and they are in a bad mood automatically, right? I am not in a bad mood. You know, even if, even if it’s a little difficult, it’s a difficult day, because everybody has bad days, I am still okay, pretty even tempered guy. So, you can come in and get treated very well. And, Se habla espanol, tambien. So. I thought I’d put that in there.

00:32:16 Dennis Duce: Es verdad. Lo puedo testifica.

00:32:20 Ryan Minor: Yeah. So, we do a little bit of everything down here. So, for all those people that feel more comfortable in habla espanol, come down. So, anyway. I am done rambling.

00:32:32 Dennis Duce: Alright. Well, we will be back. We have a lot of fun things coming up. Um, we will have to see how those work out. What comes  next.

00:32:42 Ryan Minor: We’re working on it.

00:32:43 Dennis Duce: But, we will definitely be back next Monday. And it will definitely be not your typical HangOut on Air.

00:32:51 Ryan Minor: Should be different. Should be fun.

00:32:53 Dennis Duce: Guaranteed.

00:32:53 Ryan Minor: Cutting edge.

00:32:55 Dennis Duce: I’m sitting here right  now, looking at a roto tiller. We should tear up your driveway on an episode. Oh wait, you don’t own the property. Okay.

00:33:07 Ryan Minor: I do have, I do have concrete saws that we could probably, I have always been wanting to cut a, what do you call it?

00:33:18 Dennis Duce: Handicapped?

00:33:19 Ryan Minor: Well, no, they blocked my entrance in over here, over here on 8000 South and Wasatch and people drive over that anyway, but I’ve always wanted to take a saw to that, and cut kind of a, so  people can go in and out.

00:33:38 Dennis Duce: I like that idea.  Sounds like  a full episode.

00:33:42 Ryan Minor: Midvale City, if you are listening to this, it wasn’t me, man! It wasn’t me! I’ve just thought about this. Okay, so, if you come by one morning and it is like that, I didn’t do it! So…

00:33:58 Dennis Duce: But if you have something really cool and you are in Midvale, that you want cut up, we’ll come cut something for our show.

00:34:07 Ryan Minor: I’ve got those saws, Man, we can cut up whatever you wanted to. They…

00:34:10 Dennis Duce: Yeah, so if you’ve got some concrete you want cut, or

00:34:14 Ryan Minor: Whatever you’ve got. I mean, you want us to cut up a bike, or you know.

00:34:19 Dennis Duce: Will it blend? We’ll come do whatever.

00:34:26 Ryan Minor: We’ve got the machine.

00:34:27 Dennis Duce: Free labor so long as we’re abl eot have a show.

00:34:29 Ryan Minor: Yeah, exactly. We’ll do it. That’s, that is exactly what I love about this show. Okay, that’s exactly…Becasue we can do anything we want.

00:34:40 Dennis Duce: Yeah, exactly.

00:34:41 Ryan Minor: We can do anything we want.

00:34:42 Dennis Duce: And that truly is the beauty of all HOA’s.

00:34:45 Ryan Minor: yeah.

00:34:46 Dennis Duce: Because you are not at the whim…This is your content. This is your show. Right? Whereas, if you are on a network, you know, Pawn Stars is not their show. Right? It is the network. I mean. I’m off topic, non pawn related, but what about Duck’s…What’s the name? Ducks? The Duck guys…

00:35:11 Ryan Minor: Duck Dynasty.

00:35:11 Dennis Duce: Duck Dynasty, right? Okay, I mean, you would have thought before that whole political thing came up, that was his show? Not so much. Right?

00:35:21 Ryan Minor: They’re actors on their show, right?

00:35:24 Dennis Duce: Yeah. No, with an HOA, it is your show.

00:35:29 Ryan Minor: Well, we could take that to one more level, too. Because, my business covers all sorts of ground, so we can do whatever we want in this HOA show, but it…

00:35:38 Dennis Duce: It still relates to your business.

00:35:39 Ryan Minor: With my business, I can, I mean, heck we wanted to go over to the bowling alley. That would have been cool.

00:35:47 Dennis Duce: Would have been cool.

00:35:47 Ryan Minor: Yeah, so we still will bring that to you, so.

00:35:49 Dennis Duce: Yeah, because there is a bowling alley right next door here, in the same building…

00:35:53 Ryan Minor: Yeah, we share the same landmark. Yeah, right behind that wall?

00:35:55 Dennis Duce: That wall, right behind that wall, is a bowling alley.

00:35:58 Ryan Minor: Sometimes you are able to hear the balls rolling.

00:35:59 Dennis Duce: Yeah, when I was in here on Saturday I could hear them rattling around. It was like, Wow, that really is close.

00:36:05 Ryan Minor: You could walk through, you can’t see this door over here, but you could walk through this door behind here, go through a breezeway, and be in the back of their, where their machinery is and stuff.

00:36:15 Dennis Duce: Oh really?

00:36:16 Ryan Minor: In about two seconds. So, that’s where my phone stuff is. Like, if I’ve got, you know, my phone, the switch board that is literally one hundred years old, it is the oldest switch board known to man, that would be exciting to see.

00:36:32 Dennis Duce: Maybe you could pawn that off.

00:36:33 Ryan Minor: Yeah, yeah.

00:36:35 Dennis Duce: And get something upgraded.

00:36:36 Ryan Minor: I’ll look into it. I’ll look into these things. So, my point is, is the possibilities are endless, and hopefully we will bring the endless things to you. So, one show at a time. One show at a time.

00:36:49 Dennis Duce: One show at a time. Thanks a lot. Ryan, it is again, it is always an absolute blast. Let’s hope, ka-ching, this turns into money for you.

00:37:03 Ryan Minor: But if not, we’re having fun, right?

00:37:04 Dennis Duce: We are having a great time.

00:37:06 Ryan Minor: I want to just mention, too. I keep ranting, but I really, really would love to  hear from you to the stuff you would like to hear, like…

00:37:18 Dennis Duce: What do you want us to do?

00:37:19 Ryan Minor: Yeah, we could put it on the show for you. Something you’ve always wanted to know about a pawn shop and we’ll do it.

00:37:25 Dennis Duce: And if you have something you want to pawn, and you’ve never wanted to come into a pawn, we’ll bring you on as guests.

00:37:30 Ryan Minor: Oh, absolutely. Before this is kind of a precursor to our idea, but let’s get the ball rolling  man.

00:37:36 Dennis Duce: Yeah, we’ve got this show right now. If you don’t mind being public and you’ve got something you want to know the value of. Bring it!

00:37:43 Ryan Minor: Well, we can, Dennis, and you can be right from your own home, right? We can, you can pawn right from your house?

00:37:46 Dennis Duce: Absolutely. Yeah. And you can be in your underwear.

00:37:49 Ryan Minor: Yep, in your underwear.

00:37:54 Dennis Duce: Just make sure you’re wearing a shirt.

00:37:55 Ryan Minor: I think of me and my underwear and I don’t like it.

00:37:57 Dennis Duce: Just wear a shirt, and sit by a table.

00:38:00 Ryan Minor: Yeah, that would work. Anyway, you could be in your own home and we can help you out right from there. I would love to do that. I would love to do that. Let’s see how this works. So, if you have got something you want to sell or pawn, let us know. Something you want to hear about? Let us know.

00:38:17 Dennis Duce: I love that idea. Let’s start the bigger picture, right next week.

00:38:22 Ryan Minor: Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s do it. Let’s do it. Let’s try to find someone.

00:38:26 Dennis Duce: First two people who say they want to be, they have something that they can pawn on the event, between now and next week, we will bring into the filmstrip. I don’t want to take more than two, or it will kind of overwhelm the show. First two people that say I have something that I want to know the value of…

00:38:47 Ryan Minor: We’ll bring in.

00:38:47 Dennis Duce: We’ll bring in. We’ll send you a private link, thirty minutes before the show. You’ll be able to get on the show and talk with us, the whole deal.

00:38:56 Ryan Minor: Yeah, and we can give you advice, Live!, and hopefully help you out.

00:39:02 Dennis Duce: Hopefully.

00:39:04 Ryan Minor: So, Alright, been a pleasure. Thank you guys. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next week.


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