The Hangout On Air Produced for Midvale Utah Pawn Shop Week 4

BOOM Goes The Cannon Live on an HOA

00:00:01- Dennis Duce: We are coming to you live from… where the heck are we?



00:00:05- Ryan Minor: We’re by… West Jordan CIty. We’re probably, I dunno, 20 miles west, southwest of Salt Lake City.

00:00:16- Dennis Duce: We’re way out here.

00:00:17- Ryan Minor: It’s cold!

00:00:18- Dennis Duce: Yeah.

00:00:19- Ryan Minor: This goes to show you dedicated we are to this program.

00:00:22- Dennis Duce: Yeah! It’s pretty cool!

00:00:23- We are freezing right now.

00:00:24- Dennis Duce: No, we’ve been out here for like 30 minutes setting up.

00:00:29- Ryan Minor: I got these horrible shoes, you can’t see them on camera.

00:00:33- Dennis Duce: Yeah, he’s wearing Vans, checkered Vans, though they are pretty cool.

00:00:35- Ryan Minor: Paper thin.

00:00:36- Dennis Duce: Yeah.

00:00:37- Ryan Minor: I can tell you.

00:00:39- Dennis Duce:So, these are the Oquirrh mountains that you’re seeing behind us, and seriously, like, get a load of this. *DEER LEG* It was just sitting  here, no I’m not gonna touch it.

00:00:51- Ryan Minor: We’re in the wild.

00:00:52- Dennis Duce: We are really in the wild, guys. So, Pawn Boys, live from the wild.

00:00:58- Ryan Minor: Wild, yes.

00:01:00- Dennis Duce: Now what are we doing out here?

00:01:01- Ryan Minor: We are going to demonstrate to you how to fire off a canon. Now, this is not your everyday thing that you want to learn, but it is just a cool thing. So, I brought my good friend Les who makes these cannons.

00:01:16- Dennis Duce: Les, come on in here!

00:01:17- Ryan Minor: So, he owns a machine shop, and he makes these cannons, and he can make these cannons, literally, to put on your mantle. I mean, decorative cannons.

00:01:29- Less: I’ll make them look pretty good, polish them up, the ice machine working on there, good looking piece.

00:01:34- Ryan Minor: Absolutely, absolutely. I mean, we don’t have an example one, but they are so cool looking. I was gonna say, for practical purposes too, but, they’re not really practical, just fun, right?

00:01:44- Less: Yes.

00:01:45- Dennis Duce; But they actually work?

00:01:46- Ryan Minor: Oh yeah!

00:01:47- Dennis Duce: Here, grab the mic for a second, I’m gonna go grab that thing.

00:01:56- Ryan Minor: So, these things are not just your- You can see, they’ve got wheels on them. Less, what are they made of?

00:02:04- Less: The base and the wheels are all 66 Aluminum. The barrell is actually made of 4-66 stainless steel, so a solid piece of steel. A lot of guys worry about them coming apart when you shoot them, but you’d really have to screw up to have this one blow up on you. It’s a solid little piece of…

00:02:24- Dennis Duce: And it’s heavy!

00:02:26- Less: Steel, yeah. A lot of fun.

00:02:28- Ryan Minor: So, how do you make these things work?

00:02:34- Less: I designed these to shoot a golf ball. They make a lot of noise, they’ll shoot a golf ball, and they’ll shoot it far. I’ve never been able to actually retrieve one of the golf balls, I never see where they go.

00:02:44- Ryan Minor: So you literally shoot it and their out of sight.

0:02:46- Less: Yup, they’re gone. You would never wanna shoot them at something or stand in front of them.

00:02:50- Dennis Duce: If we had an orange gold ball, by chance, with all this white.

00:02:56- Less: Oh, you wouldn’t see it anyways. It’s gone, it probably comes out of there at 1200-1400 feet per second.

00:03:04-Ryan Minor: How long does it take you to make one of these things?:

00:03:09- Less: The Base, I make on… all the parts on see machine(?) I’ll usually make 20-30 of them at a time. I’ll spend, oh I dunno, a couple of days to make them, or see and see work(?) to make 20 of them, and then the barrels are what take a lot of time, I have to do those on a manulate, they take probably 20-40 minutes a piece, by the time I get them all jeweled out and polished up and mounted on the base. So, there’s a little bit of work in them, it’s a good quality piece of machine work.

00:03:37- Ryan Minor: So, if somebody wanted to purchase one of these, what could they expect as far as a price range goes?

00:03:45- Less: We’re looking at about 200-275$. Depending on what they want. If they want one polished up, you know, that’s probably another 100$. It takes a bit to polish them up, but they look good when they’re polished. And then it’s just kind of a show piece you’d stick on your desk.

00:04:03- Ryan Minor: So they can custom order them and get them how they want them?

00:04:05- Less: Oh yeah, yeah. Any kind you want.

00:04:06- Ryan Minor: Okay. So, when you see this thing shoot, you’re gonna wanna buy one. Sure you are. I was gonna say, it’s not a practical thing, it’s something that will knock your socks off.

00:04:21- Less: If you’re into guns, and into loud noises and shooting, you’re gonna love this. These are fun.

00:04:26- Ryan Minor: Let’s go ahead and get started. We can kinda show how he sets these things up to shoot.

00:04:34- Less: I’ll tell ya right now. What I use for powder, I just buy powder nets. They’re non-expensive and it’s readily available.

00:04:41- Ryan Minor: Where can you buy that at?

00:04:42- Less: You can buy it at Walmart, at Huntin’ times of the year, any Gallisons, any Sportsmans Warehouse, you can buy it at any Scheele’s.

00:04:49- Ryan Minor: So, as opposed to regular powder, I mean, why would you use this opposed to regular powder?

00:04:56- Less: It’s more readily available. You can get the black powder, but you can’t find it as easy. The 4F works best, but that’s pretty difficult to find, you gotta order them online. A lot of guys don’t sell it anymore because of the legwork it takes to sell 4F black powder. This stuff, you can buy off the shelf at Walmart. It works, well I think, just as well. It doesn’t burn as quick, and some guys say you don’t get the boom out of it, but I always load it up a bit more with pyrodex.

00:05:22- Ryan Minor: So what are the components used to set this thing up? So you’ve got your powder, obviously.

00:02:25- Less: I got my powder, then the next thing I use is this cannon fuse, you can buy it at any hobby store. They use it to launch model rockets. Even Scheele’s, I’ve seen it at Scheele’s and Gallisons’s, down at Cabela’s, they’ve got it, but the easiest place to find it is at the Hobby stores, you can buy about 10 feet for a buck or a 1.50$. Easy to find.

00:05:50- Ryan Minor: So you’ve got the fuse, you’ve got your pyrodex, which is your gun powder, basically.

00:05:55- Less: Yeah. And a simple golf ball.

00:05:58- Ryan Minor: Obviously, golf balls are disposable so we can get those any time we want.

00:06:00- Less: If you don’t wanna shoot a projectile, then you can load it with paper and pack it in real tightly. You’ll have to watch for fires, then, because sometimes it’ll come out and catch on fire.

00:06:10- Ryan Minor: If you do it that way, does it make as loud a boom, or not as loud?

00:06:17- Less: Not as loud, if you get a good projectile in there that’s nice and tight, a better boom.

00:06:23- Ryan Minor: Okay, and we obviously don’t need that golf ball anymore, that’s why we’re shooting it out.

00:06:26- Less: Exactly.

00:06:28- Ryan Minor: All right! Let’s go ahead and get started! Let’s look and see what it take to get this thing rolling.

00:06:35- Dennis Duce: Hopefully here in just a few minutes.

00:06:37- Ryan Minor: Hopefully here in a few minutes, we can shoot this things off, so. Let’s do it.

00:06:43- Less: What happened to those pliers?

00:06:44- Dennis Duce: They’re in my back pocket.

00:06:45- By the back hoof.

*Talking about lighting the cannon*

00:06:56- Ryan Minor: So, 3 inches long, how fast does that burn?

00:07:02- Less: It’d give ya probably, I dunno, 3 or 4 seconds? Either way, you don’t wanna be holding it in your hand or standing close to it. There’s a lot of boom.

00:07:16- Ryan Minor: So we are throwing that pyrodex in there. How many grains of that do you think it uses?

00:07:24- Less: About 300 grains. It’s quite a bit, a couple of tablespoons.

00:07:28- Ryan Minor: Okay. Can you overload it?

00:07:35- Less: You could overload it. I wouldn’t go more than 400 grains of the pyrodex. It’s a lot of powder, so, just stick with it.

00:07:46- Ryan Minor: We wanna make sure we’re economical when we blow these things, so we don’t use too much.

00:07:55- Ryan Minor: now, is it difficult to fit that golf ball in completely, or is it tight?

00:08:00- Less: I like to have them going pretty tight. If you get them to go in tight, you get a better boom.

00:08:13- Ryan Minor: We are in a kind of undeveloped residential area. So, if we have neighbors coming over with pitchforks, and the torches.

00:08:31- Less: Hopefully we won’t get anyone mad at us.

00:08:39- Ryan Minor: You use the paper for packing?

00:08:40- Less: Yes, you gotta make that golfball firm.

00:08:50- Ryan Minor: You’re poundin’ that down!


00:09:02- Less: That’s about it.

00:09:04- So, it’s pretty easy? It’s pretty easy, and *MUMBLING*

00:09:11- Less: He’s got a lighter.

00:09:14- Ryan Minor: We might have a lighter in our car. Do not forget a lighter! You need fire for this, of some sort, so *MUMBLING*

00:09:28- Dennis Duce: Didn’t you realize that none of us are smokers?

00:09:31- Ryan Minor: Cars don’t come with cigarette lighters anymore.

00:09:34- Dennis Duce: I know! Mine doesn’t have one! It’s just powering all my devices!

00:09:40- Ryan Minor: Dude, I still can’t get over that deer leg.

00:09:41- Dennis Duce: I know! Isn’t that crazy or what?

00:09:42- Ryan Minor: It keeps catching my eye.

00:09:44- Dennis Duce: Well it’s just sitting there on the ground! I’m like- we’re setting up- and I’m like what is that? It was half buried in snow.

00:09:52- Ryan Minor: But, you know, it looks like it’s been gnawed off by a coyote, I think that’s probably what it was. There’s coyote’s everywhere. There’s cougars up here, there’s elk, there’s coyotes, so yeah.

00:10:11- Dennis Duce: Okay, while he’s setting up out there, let’s talk sunglasses.

00:10:18- Ryan Minor: We have, we have matching sunglasses.

00:10:20- Dennis Duce: We do today.

00:10:21- Ryan Minor: These are great, these are Oakley’s. I think they’re the Jupiter models. And, he has got the red ‘O’ Oakley on the side of that, and I am wearing the ones that have the silver ones. These are really cool sunglasses. Comfortable?

00:10:39- Dennis Duce: Very comfortable.

00:10:40- Ryan Minor: They are sleek looking.

00:10:42- Dennis Duce: Really light. A lot lighter than the glasses we’re normally wearing each week.

00:10:46- Ryan Minor: Yours are polarized, these are not.

00:10:49- Dennis Duce: Yes, these are polarized. I’ve been noticing that I keep having to take them off to look at the computer screens.

00:10:53- Ryan Minor: Yes.

00:10:54- Dennis Duce: Definitely polarized.

00:10:55- Ryan Minor: So, just another example of, or another style, of sunglasses that you can find.

00:11:01- Dennis Duce: We’re all about sunglasses.

00:11:02- Ryan Minor: Love ‘em.

00:11:03- Dennis Duce: The thing that’s nice about these is they’ve got, like, rubber ends right here, so these are the kind that’ll stay on your head when you’re out running.

00:11:11- Ryan Minor: Well, they’re made for sports. But, fashionable at the same time.

00:11:15- Dennis Duce: Yeah, they’re not like, you know, I got a pair of sport ones that I won’t wear for anything but sports. They’re dayglow blue, and overly wrapped style, you know, but these are a little more fashionable that work for-

00:11:27- Ryan Minor: I like them, I like them. They’re nice.

00:11:30- Dennis Duce: What are we looking at price-wise?

00:11:31- Ryan Minor: Um, you could expect to pay 80-90$ for these. They are brand new. I take it back, I’ve worn these ones once and I think I’ve worn these ones once.

00:11:44- Dennis Duce: That makes twice.

00:11:45- Ryan Minor: Yeah.


00:11:53- Less: Alright! We are… I think we’re ready.

00:11:54- Dennis Duce: Oh! OH OH OH OH!

00:11:56- Ryan Minor: Is this something we’re gonna have to plug our ears for?

00:12:00- Less: You might wanna plug your ears.

00:12:00- Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:12:03- Dennis Duce: That’s quite a shot there, Less.


00:12:19- Dennis Duce: Woah baby!

00:12:24- Ryan Minor: Did you see the golf ball?

00:12:27- Dennis Duce: Look how close up we were on that thing we were right there man! No, I have no idea where the golf ball went but I will- oh wow! That just…

00:12:37- Ryan Minor: It looks like something… that’s pretty easy to set up.


00:12:59- Less: It’s not too big a deal, you use a bit of common sense, for the most part, if anything. You don’t wanna aim at anything, you don’t wanna stand in front of it, you don’t wanna hold it, that was a pretty light load, actually. They get a lot louder than that.

00:13:11- Ryan Minor: Fun. So, it’s something that anyone can do.


00:13:21- Dennis Duce: Yeah! I was showing all of the black over there in the snow.

00:13:25- Ryan Minor: Do you wanna fire another one off?

00:13:30- Dennis Duce: I think it’d be fun! What do you guys think? Let’s do one more? Yeah! That was fun! Let me get back on the right camera here.

00:13:41- Ryan Minor: I think we gotta title this program deer hooves and cannons.

00:13:46- Dennis Duce: Deer hooves and cannons. I like it.

00:13:56- Ryan Minor: So, you put the fuse in first,


00:14:48- Ryan Minor: I am officially at the point where I can’t feel my feet.

00:14:53- Dennis Duce: This’ll be the end?

00:15:06- Ryan Minor: That thing just looks cool sitting there.

00:15:09- Dennis Duce: It really does.

00:15:19- Ryan Minor: I’ve seen the polished ones he’s done,and they are so cool looking. They’re a great decorative piece.

00:15:24- Dennis Duce: Yeah. This one’s not as shiny as the other ones.

00:15:29- Less: It’s shot a lot.

00:15:31- Ryan Minor: It’s got some…

00:15:33- Dennis Duce: Character.

00:15:33- Ryan Minor: Character, that is a great word for it.

00:15:36- Dennis Duce: Character. Definitely has character.

00:16:02- Ryan Minor: Alright, here we go! One more time! *BOOM* That was a bigger boom. That was a good one.

00:16:22- Dennis Duce: You know, the- did you hear the sewer? Down here?

00:16:27- Ryan Minor: Did it-

00:16:28- Dennis Duce: It totally echoed. It was like this aftershock going on down there.

00:16:37- Ryan Minor: So, once again, let’s get Less back over here again so we can talk a bit. If anybody’s interested in buying one of these cannons, they can contact me at Lightning Pawn, and we can get you set up. What is the price range again?

00:16:56- Less: The price range is from 200-275$. You can get what you want, how custom you want, how polished.

00:17:03- Ryan Minor: I mean, why not have one for dual purpose?

00:17:06- Less: Exactly.

00:17:06- Ryan Minor: You know, we could have one to set on your-

00:17:08- Dennis Duce: Does that thing even get hot?

00:17:09- Less: No, it doesn’t get hot. It’s probably pretty cold sitting in the snow.

00:17:19- Dennis Duce: And, you know, you shoot it off, it gets a little character too.

00:17:24- Ryan Minor: Less owns and operates a machine shop and builds these right in his machine shop. How many years have you been a machinist.

00:17:34- Less: I’ve had the shop about 10 years now.

00:17:37- Ryan MInor: So, you’re a machinist.

00:17:39- Less: I did a lot of machine work before that. This is something I just tried, mostly because it’s fun. I’ve just built different types of cannons as long as I could.

00:17:50- Ryan Minor: So they can get bigger than this?

00:17:51- Less: Oh yes. Yup. I built a couple custom ones, I built one for a guy in california who saw some on the internet and he sent me some pictures, it had a lot of nice machine work in it, and it was pretty expensive when you do the math. He designed it to shoot tennis balls. Tennis balls, I don’t like to shoot. You don’t get the percussion out of them.

00:18:11- Ryan Minor: Does it rip the tennis balls up?

00:18:12- Less: It rips the tennis balls up and then you don’t have the back pressure. You can shoot it, but it wouldn’t be as loud, and that’s what I like. I like the noise, to feel the percussion.

00:18:23- Dennis Duce: yeah, you just feel it through your chest.

00:18:26- Ryan Minor: We don’t have any angry neighbors, so that’s good.

00:18:27- Less: Yeah, we’re doing alright.

00:18:28- Dennis Duce: Hey neighbors!

00:18:30- Ryan Minor: Now, you’ve built anything from motorcycles, to cannons, to-

00:18:37- Less: Yeah. I’ve done gunwork, just about anything that’s fun.

00:18:43- Ryan Minor: I saw that custom chopper you did, that was fantastic.

00:18:46- Less: I’ve done a lot of work with some custom choppers.

00:18:48- Dennis Duce: Now, what was the name of your shop?

00:18:50- Less: The shop is Progressive Machine. I’m located in Salt Lake City, just off of 13th South, and maybe 3800 west. I’m in the phone book.

00:19:04- Ryan Minor: Get a hold of me, we can set you up, you can custom order these things, you can custom order how you want them to look, color wise?

00:19:12- Less: Color wise, you can even do some anodizing. I’ve seen some guys who take them and make blue bases or red bases and different things like that, it’s easy to do, and much more expensive than polishing.

00:19:23- Ryan Minor: You can get yourself a patriotic cannon.

00:19:24- Less: Exactly.

00:19:25- Dennis Duce: Red, white, and blue. Blow it off while you listen to (?)

00:19:33- Less: Make that fireworks, 4th of July experience more patriotic.

00:19:37- Ryan Minor: And again, I’m kind of baffled by how easy it is.

00:19:40- Less: Yeah, it’s not a big deal. All common sense, you can set them up, shoot them without any property damaging, just use your brain, that’s about it, there’s not a lot of danger involved.

00:19:52- Dennis Duce: What are you thinking a single charge is gonna cost?

00:19:55- Less: What do you get a bag of golf balls for? Used golf balls?

00:19:58- Ryan Minor: As you come into my store, I’ll give you a golf ball for free.

00:20:02- Dennis Duce: You buy a cannon, you get a golf ball for free.

00:20:04- Less: A pound of pyrodex like that is about 15-17$. You can probably get, I dunno, about 50 shots, from the pound of pyrodex.

00:20:12- Dennis Duce: So you’re under a buck and a quarter for sure.

00:20:14- Less: It’s cheaper than shooting guns, absolutely.

00:20:16- Ryan Minor: And more fun, I think.

00:20:18- And a whole lot cheaper than fireworks.

00:20:20- Less: Absolutely.

00:20:21- Dennis Duce: You wanna really be the man in your neighborhood,  blow these things off on the 4th of July.

00:20:27- Ryan Minor: 4th of July, New years eve, or any time you want.

00:20:32- Dennis Duce: And you don’t have to go drop 200. You buy one cannon for what you would spend on fireworks, and you’re gonna be the neighborhood superhero, and you keep getting to use it. Talk about an economical way to celebrate.

00:20:45- Ryan Minor: Well, also, you could justify it to the wife because it’s a decorative piece, right?

00:20:48- Less: Exactly.

00:20:49- Dennis Duce: And they’re always looking for something pretty.

00:20:52- Ryan Minor: Sell it. Sell it! That’s what I’m saying, so. Thanks for coming Less!

00:20:56- Less: You’re welcome, happy to be here.

00:20:58- Ryan Minor: We appreciate your time, do you have anything else Dennis?

00:21:02- Dennis Duce: Do we have somebody for next week yet?

00:21:03- Ryan Minor: You know what? I’ve been trying to get the owner of Moochie’s Restaurant, since it’s right down the street from me, to come out, and he’s got a little bit of a time constraint since he’s running 2 restaurants, so he says that he will make it out some time. Hopefully it’ll be next week.

00:21:20- Dennis Duce: I also noticed that just down the street from you is All About Socks, and I’m all about socks, anyone who knows me, I’m like into this whole wild socks thing.

00:21:29- Ryan Minor: I don’t know that place, where’s that?

00:21:32- Dennis Duce: They’re like about 4 blocks south of you, 5 blocks south of you. Still on State Street, but on the other side of the street. Thats’ just their marketing office, they’ve got different locations.

00:21:45- Ryan Minor: Awesome socks, purple socks

00:21:47- Dennis Duce: I can sing my song. I’ve got a song about socks. You ready? Take you back to the 80’s! *SINGING* Some people mismatch them and some people don’t. There’s some that stay up, and some that just won’t. There’s those that are plain and those that are plaid. You put ‘em in the wash and you get one out, you lost your best pair, and that’s just too bad.

00:22:14- Ryan Minor: I’m not gonna attempt that.

00:22:15- Dennis Duce: *SINGING*  I want your socks. I want 2. I want your socks.*DONE* Sorry George, I probably slaughtered your song, but I think my lyrics are more entertaining.

00:22:25- Ryan Minor: I hope that we can get them to come out. You’ll have to sing that again, you know.

00:22:27- Dennis Duce: George? You think we can get George Michael on the show?

00:22:31- Ryan Minor: I dunno. He’s in England right now, so.

00:22:32- Dennis Duce: Hey! But we can reach him.

00:22:35- Ryan Minor: Worldwide.

00:22:36- Dennis Duce: Live.

00:22:37- Ryan Minor: Yeah, that’s world wide, so.

00:22:38- Dennis Duce: So George! If you saw that, come on Pawn Boys, we’d love to have ya.

00:22:41- Ryan Minor: That’d be awesome. You’re gonna have to sing some of the old stuff though.

00:22:45- Dennis Duce: Yeah, some of the Wham stuff.

00:22:48- Ryan Minor: The old Wham stuff, yup.

00:22:49- Dennis Duce: Wham stuff. Who’s that other guy? I don’t think he has a name, does he?

00:22:54- Ryan Minor: Yeah, I dunno.

00:22:55- Dennis Duce: Your partner guy.

00:22:56- Ryan Minor: You, you made that band, George, you made it.

00:23:03- Dennis Duce: So, until next week. Oh! We’ll be here next week whether we’ll have a guest or not.

00:23:06- Ryan Minor: Fun stuff.

00:23:07- Dennis Duce: Electrical wheelchair in the parking lot, this is the funnest hangout on air anywhere. Speaking of hangouts on air, we’ve got helicopters, get a load of that! We are the hangout on air, thanks for tuning in, we’ll see you next week.


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