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Pawn Boys: Live Pawn Utah Style

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Each week we highlight items that have been pawned or sold to Lighting Panw in Midvale Utah, Ryan Minor is the Host of this weekly HOA and tells us interesting stories of strange things that he has seen pawned in the 12 years he has been in the business.

Dennis N. Duce is the Executive Producer, Co-Host and owner of

Come learn about the real behind the scenes  life of a Pawn Shop Owner.

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00:04:14- Ryan Minor: -all walks of life. One of the stories I’ll tell you is- somebody once taught me in this business, they taught that everybody who comes through that door wants something from you. Now that’s not a bad thing, no. They want a deal on the item that they’re looking for. They wanna pawn something, they want X amount of dollars for their item, they wanna steal- you know, something! They want something. Well, I had a customer at the time who I would have classified as a good customer. Well he pawned with me all the time, he usually pawned an XBOX or some sort of video game equipment. Well, he had this XBOX-in and out, in and out pawn. It’d leave it in for a month, then come pick it back up, bring it back, same old stuff. He brings it in one day, I was busy, so he got it rung up, generally I’ll check, I’m pretty religious about checking my items. So he brings it in, I get it written up, sign the paper, he takes off, I put it in the back, and this guy would usually be back after a week or so to pick up his stuff. He was one of those guys who couldn’t go very long without his video game stuff. So he comes back, he would come back pretty often to pick this thing up. Well, a month goes by, 2 months go by, and I’m think ‘What happened to this guy?’ And so I finally got to the point where I had to pull this thing out to put it out for sale. I was not gonna wait for him anymore. So I opened it up, and lo and behold, instead of an XBOX machine in there, I found books. Books! Equaling about the same weight as the XBOX. And so, obviously not on purpose.

00:06:17- Dennis Duce: Yeah, wow.

00:06:19- Ryan Minor: Yeah, so, believe it or not, it’s not super common that people try to do that, but every once in awhile you’ll have something like that happen, where people are trying to do it. And I obviously never saw the guy’s (?). And I’ve had people bring in golf clubs with the golf cover over them and stuff that they’ve brought in before, they didn’t think I would check, I ended up pulling it off, and they were cheap golf clubs, stuff like that. Now, that is definitely the exception. Most people are super honest, most people are right up front with ya, but every once in awhile you get that person that wants to get over on ya somehow. That was one of the things I was thinking about this week.

00:07:12- Dennis Duce: That’s a crazy story man!

00:07:15- Ryan Minor: Hey, do you mind if- I’ve taken in some cool/weird/interesting items, mind if I hand some of those out?

00:07:24- Dennis Duce: No.

00:07:26- Ryan Minor: Let’s do it. So, one of the things I took in this week- I always say in this business, if you- *TAKES OFF SUNGLASSES* These are so comfortable that I forgot that I had them on.

00:07:38- Dennis Duce: Hey dude you looked awfully cool.

00:07:41- Ryan Minor: If you stay in this business long enough, you’re gonna eventually see everything. That’s just the way it is. This last week, I took in a forensics- one of those slides that they use for like fingerprints or blood.

00:08:02- Dennis Duce: Like on those…

00:08:04- Ryan Minor: CSI, whatever. So, yeah, I took in one of these things, so anybody looking to start up their own CSI at home, they can come in and get this thing. Now on a more practical standpoint you can come in and buy this thing. That’s what this is, so it’s a- do I hold it up here or hold it up there?

00:08:33- Dennis Duce: I got your back buddy, there ya go.

00:08:35- Ryan Minor: Anyway, it’s just a little light. I dunno if you can see that,

00:08:42- Dennis Duce: Woah, that’s really cool!

00:08:45- Ryan Minor: Anyway, on a more practical standpoint, if you wanted to come get this thing and take it with you when you’re on vacation, you know, when you’re in the hotel room?

00:08:55- Dennis Duce: Yeah. Check out if it’s clean or not.

00:08:59- Ryan Minor: You know how they do on the date line or whatever.

00:09:01- Dennis Duce: I like that cool effect on this other camera over here.

00:09:05- Ryan Minor: Can you see that?

00:09:07- Dennis Duce: I might have to use it just to make cool videos.

00:09:10- Ryan Minor: Yeah. I guess this one comes with a couple of different types of lenses. See? You can put them on this thing, and they’re supposed to make different effects to find different things, fingerprints or blood. But don’t ever say that you won’t eventually find it here at Lightning Pawn, because I never even thought stuff like this would come in. I knew they existed, but… 1500$ for these things. Right now.

00:09:47- Dennis Duce: Crazy.

00:09:47- Ryan Minor: So, anyway, that’s one of the things I-

00:09:50- Dennis Duce: And what are you asking for it?

00:09:52- Ryan Minor: It’s not officially out of pawn yet, but I dunno, I’d probably be happy with 500$ or something like that.

00:10:02- Dennis Duce: You know, I know a particular goth lady.

00:10:09- Ryan Minor: Goth lady, there you go. This is your tool right here. Your home CSI thing, or whatever she may be using it for.

00:10:20- Dennis Duce: Well, I can’t even remember her name. She’s on one of those other T.V shows.

00:10:23- Ryan Minor: Oh, I know who you’re talking about.

00:10:25- Dennis Duce: Quirky girl that sleeps in a coffin.

00:10:29- Ryan Minor: I know Nixon is a popular brand. This is the-

00:10:33- Dennis Duce: Swing around to that other camera, get even closer on it.

00:10:35- Ryan Minor: This is the 51-30 model,

00:10:40- Dennis Duce: There ya go!

00:10:41- Ryan Minor: There we go. 51-30 model. Very popular style right now. This watch is huge, feel that thing!

00:10:47- Dennis Duce: That thing is massive, I mean, holy cow, this is kinda nuts.

00:10:53- Ryan Minor: Yeah. There you go. So, big is in right now. Big watch look is in, the big bulky watch.

00:10:59- Dennis Duce: It is.

00:11:00- Ryan Minor: So…

00:11:01- Dennis Duce: But, like, check how big that thing is! Like… WHAAAAAAA.

00:11:06- Ryan Minor: Dennis, those things are about- you could expect to pay 500$ if you go into, like, a Nixon dealer. Not here. And it’s in- I mean look at that thing.

00:11:19- Dennis Duce: It’s in perfect condition. I mean, from my imperfect knowledge this thing is basically perfect.

00:11:26- Ryan Minor: Yeah, it is nice, it has all it’s links, 200$ here. That’s what I’ve got that one down as.

00:11:31- Dennis Duce: Come on down and get yourself a Nixon.

00:11:33- Ryan Minor: I also took in a couple- a lot of people like these- Victa watch. Again, it’s the big, bulky-

00:11:40- Dennis Duce: I like that white one.

00:11:41- Ryan Minor: Yeah, so the bulky look. Now, these watches are, like- if you want a good movement, a good, decent, entry-level, not too expensive watch, these are watches are great, because they’ve got a good look to them, they’re fairly sturdy. Now, I sell these for less than 100$, and they are usually at least double or triple that if you buy them new. That’s cool, isn’t it? It’s a cool watch.

00:12:16- Dennis Duce: That’s a cool watch. I like this white one.

00:12:17- Ryan Minor: Yeah, it’s-

00:12:18- Dennis Duce: Forget about the idea of having your sleeve roll over your watch though. That is not happening. This you know, that Nixon was big, but this one is thick!

00:12:29- Ryan Minor: Yeah, that’s a cool watch.

00:12:31- Dennis Duce: You gotta see how much thicker this is than the Nixon.

00:12:34- Ryan Minor: Yeah.

00:12:35- Dennis Duce: Check that. I mean this is one, thick, bad boy watch.

00:12:40- Ryan Minor: It is, it is. Neat watches! Yeah, I was excited when those came in. (?) Now, I didn’t wanna pack it over here, but I actually took a jackhammer, you know? One of those big things that you see when

00:12:57- Dennis Duce: Pneumatic or electric?

00:12:58- Ryan Minor: It’s an electric one, it’s made by Bosch. It’s something you just don’t see very often. It came into my shop, and… it’s not for sale yet, but it will be. I think they sold it to me, so it will be for sale in, well, 10 days or so. Vista! Construction tools, jewelry, antiques, musical instruments, I mean, I’ve seen literally everything, so. That’s just an example of a few things I took in this week, so. I took in much much more.

00:13:31- Dennis Duce: I was wondering around the store, looking at things. Anyone who knows me well knows I don’t really care about team sports. Honestly, I barely even know who the teams are, let alone the people, but I thought these were cool, nonetheless, not that I’m into dolls either.

00:13:47- Ryan Minor: Well, if you’re like a sports enthusiast and a collector, and you like that type of stuff-

00:13:51- Dennis Duce: I mean this thing’s still in the box.

00:13:53- Ryan Minor: I’ve got a Michael Jordan one like that too, it’s actually pretty freaky.

00:13:56- Dennis Duce: You know what, I’ve been in his house, so SHHHHH

00:14:00- Ryan Minor: He’s busy on a house up here?

00:14:02- Dennis Duce: Yeah. Back when I was a roofer he had a roof leak.

00:14:05- Ryan Minor: Is that right?

00:14:06- Dennis Duce: Yeah.

00:14:07- Ryan Minor: What if he’s still up there? It’s still on that?

00:14:09- Dennis Duce: Oh, I’m sure he still owns the house. It was pretty cool, there was awards, and he had like an award room thing. He had all these different things he got, so yeah.

00:14:18- Ryan Minor: Anyway, so that’s-

00:14:19- Dennis Duce: See I actually know who he is.

00:14:20- Ryan Minor: Did you meet him?

00:14:22- Dennis Duce: I did not, I met the guy who manages his all his property all over the globe.

00:14:33- Ryan Minor: You know, when you have a guy managing your properties…

00:14:36- Dennis Duce: Yeah, like, that’s not local. You know how many local companies there are in Park City that could have managed his money? No, he’s got a manager to manage the properties.


00:14:50- Ryan Minor: I need one of those guys. Wait a minute, I only have one house.

00:14:54- Dennis Duce: I’ll manage your house, you can fly me over there.

00:14:56- Ryan Minor: There ya go. On my hangglider?

00:15:00- Dennis Duce: Yeah! You’ve probably taken one in, have you ever taken in a hang glider?

00:15:03- Ryan Minor: I have not taken in a hang glider but I have taken in a parasol. You know, you know, the stuff you see floating down the mountain.

00:15:09- Dennis Duce: Is that sitting there-

00:15:10- Ryan Minor: Now those are windsurfer sails.

00:15:15- Dennis Duce: Okay.

00:15:16- Ryan Minor: But I have taken a parasol. It’s kinda risky, I mean, they are expensive. I did sell it, but, I mean it’s all packed up in a bag. You never know what’s broken, missing, that kind of stuff, so it’s a little risky there. But it’s a little cool, so I took it in, gave him a nod and a loan on it. He didn’t come back, I pulled it out, had somebody come take a look at it who knew about it, it was perfect, so I ended up selling it to someone. They’re expensive man, I had no idea. You know the stuff flyin’ around off the point of the mountain and stuff. Just flying around there, I’ve seen them a couple times. But no hang gliders yet.

00:15:50- Dennis Duce: For the next thing that I want to show off, I’m gonna use the phrase that fits. ‘Skate or die, dude, skate or die.’

00:15:58- Ryan Minor: Oh man, this thing is so cool. I bought this thing.

00:16:03- Dennis Duce: This thing is freakin’ sick, check it.This is a Tony Hawk-

00:16:10- Ryan Minor: Original 1983.

00:16:13- Dennis Duce: This thing’s so cool, it’s got Tony Hawk trucks, check it, check it. Now, I  mean-

00:16:20- Ryan Minor: If anybody that’s our age, being old I guess.

00:16:25- Dennis Duce: Yeah. It’s barely been used either, I mean-

00:16:29- Ryan Minor: That’s why these things are so rare. Because, what do you think happened to them? People beat the heck out of them.

00:16:38- Dennis Duce: Most of the damage on this thing is from weathering. Check this tail out right here. That’s like 20 kick turns. I mean, I’m a skater. It’s never slid on it’s rails, ever. He’s probably grinded the front about 4 or 5 times and the back 6 to 10. This is crazy.

00:17:02- Ryan MInor: This is a piece of skateboarding history, This is worth skateboarding to (?) right here, an upper alto Tony Hawk(?), I mean.

00:17:15- Dennis Duce: This thing’s beautiful.

00:17:17- Ryan Minor: Side ball wheels, that is some neat neat stuff. You know how much those things are going for online?

00:17:26- Dennis Duce: Oh, I can only imagine.

00:17:27- Ryan Minor: Anywhere from 300-600$. And depending on condition. That was a pretty sweet shave.

00:17:34- Dennis Duce: Yeah.

00:17:34- Ryan Minor: I had to have it when it came in. Had to have it.

00:17:36- Dennis Duce: Are ya keeping it?

00:17:37- Ryan Minor: You know I wanna put it up on the wall for a bit. Everything’s eventually for sale.

00:17:41- Dennis Duce: You know, I know this is a collectors item and all, but, can I sakte it next week?

00:17:47- Ryan Minor: Sure.

00:17:49- Dennis Duce: I’ve got the wrong shoes to skate, so I’m gonna go 80’s throwback next week. Is that alright?

00:17:53- Ryan Minor: That would be sweet.

00:17:54- Dennis Duce: And I’m gonna ride this. I’m also gonna pull out one of your BMX bikes and I will promise you I am gonna bunny hop a camera, live.

00:18:06- Ryan Minor: Okay. Okay, I wanna see that.

00:18:10- Dennis Duce: I will bunnyhop a camera next week without-

00:18:12- Ryan Minor: Now, without breaking the camera?

00:18:14- Dennis Duce: Without breaking the camera. I don’t promise that I won’t break myself.

00:18:18- Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:18:19- Dennis Duce: But I will wear a helmet.

00:18:20- Ryan Minor: Live on TV.

00:18:21- Dennis Duce: Live on TV. Or hangout on air.

00:18:24- Ryan Minor: Hangout on air.

00:18:25- Dennis Duce: So, yeah. Check it next week, we’re gonna go 80’s throwback.

00:18:30- Ryan Minor: I love that skateboard.

00:18:31- Dennis Duce: Ah! I love this thing too. This is gonna be crazy. And I’ll even pull out my own deck, I used to skate one of these, it’s in the back of my car. In fact, I’ll pull it out when we’re out there doing the… wheelchair.

00:18:43- Ryan Minor: Are you good enough to ollie over a-

00:18:45- Dennis Duce: I’m not really an ollie guy.

00:18:47- Ryan Minor: No?

00:18:48- Dennis Duce: I’m a carber.

00:18:49- Ryan Minor: Okay. So you’re the more longboarder type.

00:18:50- Dennis Duce: Well, no, I skate at parks, back in the 80’s, and so I can get on a deck, and I can ride for about 5 minutes, without ever touching the ground again.

00:19:05- Ryan Minor: So are these clothes the actual clothes you wore back in the 80’s?

00:19:07- Dennis Duce: I dunno if I could find any of those clothes, I’ll try, and even dress 80’s for you.

00:19:16- Ryan Minor: If you can still fit into clothes from-  I mean I can’t fit in my clothes that I wore back in the 80’s. I don’t have any.

00:19:20- Dennis Duce: I don’t have any of them. I might go over to the DI.

00:19:24- Ryan Minor: You could find something.

00:19:25- Dennis Duce: I can definitely tuck in my jeans,

00:19:27- Ryan Minor: You wanna wear my checkered Vans?

00:19:29- Dennis Duce: That would be cool. Alright, so, that’s the plan for next week.

00:19:35- Ryan Minor: Let’s do it. I’m excited about that, that’s neat.

00:19:38- Dennis Duce: We’re gonna go 80’s retro, it’s gonna be fun. We’d play music, except we’d run into liability issues.

00:19:45- Ryan Minor: Why is that?

00:19:46- Dennis Duce: Because, like, copyright.

00:19:49- Ryan Minor: Copyright stuff, right.

00:19:51- Dennis Duce: But maybe I’ll sing again.

00:19:53- Ryan Minor: That would be good. I’m not singing. You’ll never hear me singing open this program. You can mark my word on that. Never.

00:20:00- Dennis Duce: So, let’s let’s go grab that wheelchair. I’ve been excited about this for awhile.

00:20:04- Ryan Minor: Now, this thing is a- have you ever seen those jazzy commercials, scooter commercials, for you know, electric wheelchair commercials. That’s what it is. Fully charged. Sweet.

00:20:19- Dennis Duce: So I’m gonna swap mics from one camera to the other, and we’re gonna head outside to the parking lot to have some fun.


00:21:57- Ryan Minor: So, when people buy these things new, they’re usually, I dunno, 45, 50 grand?


00:22:10- Dennis Duce: Wow.

00:22:13- Ryan Minor: Does that surprise you?

00:22:14- Dennis Duce: Yeah, it does. Here, let’s take you for a ride. We’re gonna take the world for a ride.

00:22:34- Dennis Duce: That’s an interesting shot, I’m sure. Okay, go for it!


00:23:20- Dennis Duce: Just a second, I don’t think we’re showing it. Yeah we are. Oo, what are we showing here? There we go! What are you asking for that beast? *CAN’T HEAR ANSWER* Will it start?*CAN’T HEAR ANSWER* We’re gonna have to drive that one on an upcoming show. What year is it?

00:23:39- Ryan Minor: ‘86.

00:23:40- Dennis Duce: Oh, it’s definitely gonna be part of the 80’s show. *CAN’T UNDERSTAND*

00:24:05- Dennis Duce: Hey that would be fun. You gotta get that set up.

00:24:17- Ryan Minor: Anyways, 250$, and *CAN’T UNDERSTAND*

00:24:36- Customer: Oh, I was just gonna pay an extension.

00:24:37- Ryan Minor: Okay.

00:25:13- Dennis Duce: Alright, so while we’re waiting for him to come back on, I might as well show off this thing. This thing’s pretty cool, *Can’t understand most parts due to echo*

00:29:25- Dennis Duce: Alright, so next week we are going to do an 80’s week.


00:31:09- Dennis Duce: Until next week!:

00:31:10- Ryan Minor: Join us on Pawn Boys, don’t be late like we were today.

*CAN’T Understand due to echo*


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