Sheila B. Dubois of Later-day Saints (Mormons) G+ Community

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LDS Community Goes Viral on G+

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Last Weeks How To Tie a Fancy Derss Knot Four in Hand

**This Week +Sheila B. DuBois Will Tell Us About Her G+ Communitee**

We are exited to have Shiela tell us about her passion for Google+ as a tool for good and her insperation and involvement in starting one of the largest LDS Communities on Google+

Join Us Each Week as we talk about Missionary Work from every perspective. If you have questions for our guest just let us know we will be happy to answer those.

Our Host for this weekly Hangout On AIr is +David Chappuis owner of Missionary Depot. Check out the Episode on our Web SIte.

Co Host and Executive Producer is +DENNIS N. DUCE owner of +GomBoc.Me HOA Productions. Check out this weeks post

00:00:02- Dennis Duce: Alright, welcome to Jerks Corner, no, Missionary Depot.

00:00:05- David Chapoui: Missionary Depot.

00:00:06- Dennis Duce: It’s been one of those days.

00:00:08- David Chapoui: Yup.

00:00:09- Dennis Duce: So, our guest this week, is Sheila B. Dubois, and I have no idea where she is. I know she’s commenting on the threads. If you’re watching right now Sheila, join us, please. Sent out a couple invites, and we would love to have you in our show, because today’s show is all about you. Alright, while we’re waiting for her, let’s talk a little bit about today’s knot. So, I wanna get up close and show you what I did here. This is a beautiful knot this week, it’s called a cape knot, it is a reversed variant. Now, you want to wear this with a vest, and let me show you why. It looks really cool with a vest, but, TADA! The tie is actually backwards. So, that being the case, you don’t wanna wear it.

00:01:13- David Chapoui: No. When you first showed me that knot, and I looked at it, I said Oh that is very impressive. And then you undid your vest and I was like Okay, well I guess that rules out me being able to tie that vest, or tie that knot, because I don’t have a vest.

00:01:29- Dennis Duce: Yeah. You gotta have a vest to do this knot, that’s for sure. So, alright, Shelia Sheila Sheila, please join us, because you’re the whole reason we’re on the show today. We are hoping to- I didn’t wanna open that file from here, halfway across the room- we are hoping to talk about the community that she’s created on Google+, some of her reason for creating that community. That community is Latter-Day Saints and in brackets Mormons, [Mormons]. It’s about 3, 3500 people strong.

00:02:13- David Chapoui: Wonderful.

00:02:14- Dennis Duce: Yeah, it’s a pretty good community, there’s a lot of engagement. I put some pictures up there of the Salt Lake Temple and a couple of other things that were really really cool, and had some great reactions from people, you know? Some quotes from prophets, a couple of different things like that that I put up there. So, yeah.

00:02:35- David Chapoui- Wonderful. Yeah, um, you know, I’m kind of new to the Google+ arena here. I’ve been on facebook for a couple of years, but never really did anything with it, so I’m excited to see what’s out there on Google+, and of course, you know, with this business being a missionary supply shop, where we have a lot of the essentials, shirts, shoes, things like that, it’s always nice to be able to get in touch with these types of communities, so, I’m excited to hear from her, and we’ll find out what her communities all about, and get some good info.

00:03:19- Dennis Duce: Yeah. Um, boy.

00:03:27- David Chapoui: But, until she gets on, I guess it’s…

00:03:30- Dennis Duce: So, I’m gonna keep trying to get her on. Do you wanna tell us a story from your mission?

00:03:36- David Chapoui: Yeah, you bet!

00:03:37- Dennis Duce: Let’s go ahead and give you some time so that I can focus for a little bit on trying to figure out where she’s gone to, okay? So, tell us a missionary story, elder!

00:03:49- David Chapoui: I’ll give you my first experience. I served my mission in Taiwan, Taipei mission. In the MTC, now I don’t know if it’s still the same way, nowadays, but they basically assign a travel leader for your group of missionaries, and they assigned me to be the travel leader. Our basic responsibilities were to make sure that all the missionaries in our group had their stuff ready, then throughout the duration of the trip, you know, flights, airports, layovers, things like that, you were in charge of the other missionaries. So, I was the travel leader. Well, our flight to Portland worked great, and our flight to Korea worked great, and while we were in Korea we found out there was a massive typhoon going through Taiwan, and we were not going to be able to make it the rest of the way that night. So, they bused us all into Seoul Korea, we stayed at a nice hotel, each companionship got their own rooms, which was awesome, I was scared to death that we were gonna miss the taxi,

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